BROhemoth Wins Abby, Bubba Withstands Herculean Challenge That Includes Crane And Steele, Gregory Gets By Napier

March 31, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament can make winners into stars. The win can propel the tournament winner to the stratosphere of Independent Wrestling in Pittsburgh. The Abby Tournament also signifies the yearly Hall of Fame night. Some three new members were added to the already-stellar collection of 30 professional wrestling difference makers. In addition, the most coveted championship in the Commonwealth was on the line, and the 5-Star Champion survived a Herculean challenge. Nearly 300 Krazies were on hand to see all of the action.

Super Ginger v. Sly Scarpone

Before things even got started, those who arrived early were treated to a bonus contest. The bell rings and Super Ginger and Sly Scarpone circle the ring, after one another. The action is petty quick for the returning Ginger and Scarpone. In fact, Ginger gets Scarpone down for a near pin fall. Ginger gets Scarpone in a headlock and shoulder blocks his opponent down. Scarpone scoop slams Ginger and gets a two count. Scarpone gets Ginger into the corner for a series of running forearms. The third is interrupted by Scarpone who gets Ginger into an off-the-shoulder cutter for the win. 3:07. The two former 5-Star Champions lock hands and end the match as friends.

The 12th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Semi-Final #1: Martin v. BROhemoth

Lou Martin is in the ring, ready for the Bronamaly, BROhemoth! The bell rings and the two veterans prepare to lock up. Martin immediately dives into the ropes to stall as much as he can. Martin successfully drops BROhemoth with a clothesline. Martin follows up with a slap to the face. BRO is in the corner for a series of shoulder blocks. BRO continues to be overmatched as he is in the corner for offense, including a Martin boot to the throat. BRO is settled into the ropes for a double-leg smash that has become a trademark for the Face of Pittsburgh. Martin continues to keep BRO down. There’s a punch to the head that keeps BRO on the mat. Martin digs at BRO’s face. BRO rallies and tosses Martin into the corner. A over the head suplex sends Martin across the ring. There’s a one count. A Bowser Bomb is next and BRO goes for the cover and gets two. BRO picks Lou up bodyslams him down. He misses with another Bowser Bomb and Martin springs up. There are some boots to BRO’s head and Martin picks him up. Martin goes for the Death Certificate. A World’s Largest Slam out of nowhere is next. BROhemoth wins and advances. 5:54

The 12th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Semi-Final #1: David Lawless v. Yinza

Lawless gets a decent amount of cheers from the Krazies. Jimmy James calls for the bell and Lawless extends his hand to Yinza. The Pittsburgh Luchadore accepts. They engage with Lawless grabbing Yinza by the wrist. They trade those maneuvers. Lawless gets Yinza into a headlock. Lawless runs the ropes and Yinza hip tosses him over. Yinza gets Lawless down and goes for a pin and gets a two-count. Lawless hits a flawless drop kick on Yinza and knocks the Luchadore down. There’s more offense a big kick to Yinza’s face. Jimmy James counts to two. Yinza gets Lawless down for a two count. There’s a back slide into a pin attempt for two. They collide in the corner and Yinza German Suplexes the Gavel out. Yinza slams Lawless’ head into the four corner turnbuckles. Yinza hit a Rolling Thunder move he calls the Pierogi Roll. Lawless posts Yinza on the top rope and punches him in the head. A drop kick sends Yinza out to the floor. A neck breaker is next and Yinza kicks up at two. Lawless hits Yinza with a spinning neck breaker but only got two. Yinza shakes off the cop webs and hits Lawless with an elbow. Yinza hit Lawless with a spinning DDT and both Megastars are down. Lawless elbows Yinza and spins him out of the corner. There’s a monkey flip on Lawless and a two count. Yinza tosses Lawless across the ring, he bails to the outside and comes back in on fire. He drops Yinza and gets a two and a half count. Lawless posts Yinza on the top turnbuckle. There’s a superplex attempt. Yinza blocks it. And face-first, Lawless goes into the mat. A big elbow from Yinza is next. A two and three quarters count. The two trade moves, Lawless flips Yinza down. Lawless picks Yinza up, slams him down on his knees and gets the pin. 9:40

Grudge Match: Jack Massacre and Big Country Matt McGraw

Two of the most gigantic Megastars lock up. Massacre goes for McGraw’s eyes. The two trade punches until McGraw gets some advantage on the giant. Massacre gets a boot up for the charging McGraw. Massacre clotheslines McGraw down and keeps him grounded. Massacre gets McGraw ready for a power slam, but McGraw breaks out. That doesn’t mean; however, that Massacre is impressed. He keeps the pressure on Imperial’s finest. There’s a suplex from Massacre on McGraw that makes ring boards crack. He posts McGraw on the bottom rope for offense from Mayor Mystery. Mystery uses his cane to choke McGraw. Massacre forearms McGraw down. Massacre steps all over Big Country and keeps him crawling on the mat. McGraw is whipped into the corner. Massacre meets him with a splash. There’s a big splash on Big Country. McGraw peppers Massacre in the midsection with rights and lefts. Massacre fights an Irish Whip attempt. There’s a big shoulder block in which neither big man falls. Then there are others. A flying shoulder block sends Massacre down. McGraw puts the boots to Massacre’s midsection. Mystery is on the ropes. He hits McGraw with powder. McGraw falls into a powerslam for the win. 6:28

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Justin Sane and The Jester v. Faime and Blanchard

The two veteran teams are ready to go. Blanchard and Sane, who have seemingly had 5,000 matches featuring one another, are set to begin. Sane, who looks peppy and ready for action, locks up with the future KSWA Hall of Famer. Blanchard is down to one knee. Sane wrenches Blanchard’s arm several times and then climbs the corner post. He goes “old school” and drops Blanchard to the mat. Blanchard scoots to his corner and tags in Faime who says “I got this.” The Jester is also tagged in and ready for his shenanigans. He cartwheels and pretty much has Faime off center. Jester slaps Faime in the tush and gets the Krazies behind him. They lock up and The Jester gets in front of Faime and grinds his butt into his opponent’s front. He slaps Blanchard in the but, gets Faime down and rides him like a pony. He bites Faime in the dairy aire and tags in Sane. The fans are firmly behind the always-unpredictable Jester. Faime tries to roll up Sane but only gets two. He is able to tag Blanchard in. The former 6-time KSWA Champion punches Sane and grinds at his head. Sane is in the ropes for some extracurricular action from Faime. Blanchard gets Sane in a seated position and grinds at the former tag team champion. Sane is Spine Buster’d down by Blanchard for a two-count. Faime is back in. Faime gets Sane down for a two count. Faime sucker punches The Jester on the apron. The VIPs double team Sane with a kick to the crotch. Blanchard pinches Sane in the trapezius muscles. The fans chant for Justin. Sane is down to one knee. Sane sneaks away and gets to the Jester, but the referee doesn’t see it. James ushers The Jester back and the VIPs double team. There’s a big slam on Sane by Faime but he doesn’t go for the pin. Faime picks him up again. Sane takes that opportunity for a Sunset Flip. He gets Faime down but doesn’t get to the Jester. Faime drops Sane and tags in Blanchard. Blanchard hits Justin in the head with an elbow. Blanchard punches Sane in the gut and kicked Sane in the groin with a kick. Faime is tagged back in. Sane hits a double clothesline and tags in The Jester. He drops both opponents and goes for the Frog Splash. Blanchard moves. Faime picks up the pieces, aka Jester and Blanchard hits him with a clothesline for the win. 10:35.

Five Star Gauntlet Match:

Opponent One: Bubba the Bulldog v. Lucio Deveer

Bubba the Bulldog is angered to “realize” that the Gauntlet Match was indeed a championship contest. Nevertheless, he had to defend the title. The bell rings and Bubba avoids a lock up with Lucio Deveer. Bubba continues to beef with the Krazies. Deveer, who has noticeably trimmed up, scare Bubba to the outside. Bubba takes his time getting back in and Lucio wrist locks Bubba down to one knee. Lucio continues to get away from Lucio by spinning to the outside. Bubba grabs his belt and threatens to leave. Lucio chases him down. Deveer slams Bubba’s head into the ring side table. Deveer hits a back elbow. And nearly gets a two count on Bubba. Deveer hits Bubba and Irish whips him across the ring. There’s a clothesline and near pin fall. Bubba gets to his feet and goes for Lucio’s eyes. Bubba digs at Deveer, and then so does Mayor Mystery when the referee is distracted. Bubba keeps Deveer down. Deveer gets him into his finishing maneuver, the Death Valley Driver but only gets two. Deveer goes to the top rope and Bubba is ready for a Frog Splash. He misses. Bubba rolls him up with and with his boots on the ropes, gets the win. 6:48. Bubba retains.

Opponent Two: Trick McSorley

McSorley answered Bubba’s Open Challenge last month. Bubba the Bulldog gets into Hall of Famer Preston Steele’s face, screaming about how Preston is washed up. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Bubba the Bulldog takes his time getting back into the ring. Bubba says he will “beat the snot” out of McSorley. The challenger pushes the champion into a corner. Bubba says that Trick is “stronger than I thought” and the two lock up again. Bubba kicks McSorley down and pushes him into the ropes, nearest Preston Steele. Bubba, who has wrestled Preston many times over the years, says “This is for you” as he punches McSorley down. There’s a kick to the face and an elbow. He misses with a splash and McSorley hit a Russian Leg Sweep to knock the champion down. A suplex is next. A pin attempt ends at two and a half. McSorley gets to his feet and the Krazies start to cheer for him. There’s an attempt for a move, but Bubba hits him with a shoulder block. McSorley is down. There’s a boot off of a whip and a Rock Bottom for the win. 4:19. Bubba retains.

Opponent Three: “Nasty” Nick Crane

Next up is a surprise entrant. The Krazies explode for KSWA Hall of Famer, Class of 2019 “Nasty” Nick Crane! Crane comes to the ring rested and ready to go. Bubba says that Crane is not an “active” member of the roster. KSWA Owner Bobby O comes out and with a “handshake deal,” adds Crane back to the active roster. Crane pulls Bubba out of the corner and drops a leg into his midsection and below. Bubba tries to run away but falls to the mat. Crane boots Bubba and uses Mayor Mystery’s cane as the referee is distracted. Crane digs at Bubba in the ropes. Crane lands a sleeper hold. Mayor Mystery climbs the apron and clubs Nick to break the hold. Bubba slams Crane into the corner and drops an elbow. Bubba pins Crane for the win. Bubba retains. 3:14

Opponent Four: Kris Kash

Kash races in and nearly rolls Bubba up. The fans explode for that. Kash has the fans in the palm of his hand as Bubba falls to the floor and the arms of Mayor Mystery. Kash runs the ropes and dives over them onto Bubba. Kash takes a victory lap with the crowd before rolling Bubba back in. Kash picks up the 5-Star Champion and runs to the ropes. Bubba hits Kash with a clothesline and then a double sledge. Mystery uses the ropes and his cane against Kash as Bubba distracts the referee. Bubba is on the outside and he continues to assail Kash. Bubba picks up Mayor Mystery’s brief case and smashes Kash in the back with it. Bubba clotheslines Kash and goes a pin but that ends at two. A double clothesline falls both Megastars. Kash is the first to his feet, followed by Bubba. The two trade blows. Kash hits Bubba with a Stunner and crawls over for a pin. Bubba gets to the ropes with his right hand. Bubba gets to his knees. Kash is tossed into the corner and he goes over the top and onto the floor. Bubba slams Kash right into Mayor Mystery’s cane. Mayor Mystery has Patrick distracted. Kash goes for the flip out of the corner and Bubba misses it. There’s a spinning Rock Bottom for the win. 7:14. Mayor Mystery and Bubba celebrate. Sly Scarpone rushes in and chases Bubba out of the ring. Preston Steele gets up and punches Bubba while Nick Crane takes care of Mayor Mystery. The fans cheer heartily for Scarpone, and the Hall of Famers.

6-Man tag team action: Harley T. Morris, King Del Douglas and Lou Martin v. Shane Starr, Zak Hunter and Beastman

The Beastman chases all of his opponents away. The Beastman smacks his bone off of the ring post and it snaps in half. He doesn’t know what to do. He takes both pieces and chases all three opponents around the ring. Once the action starts, Zak Hunter is all over Harley T. Morris. The trio pounds on Morris before tagging in Shane Star for a tremendous standing suplex. Hunter is tagged back in and they double back elbow Morris. Hunter tags in Beastman who reverse knife edge chops Morris. There’s a cross body block and Morris, somehow, kicks out. Starr is in and he continues to assail Morris. Starr bodyslams him down. Starr gets Morris in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Morris, somehow, musters superhuman strength to German Suplex Starr. He makes it to his corner and tags in “King” Del Douglas. Douglas wanders toward Beastman and then backs off. Douglas hits the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Martin is tagged in and he clotheslines Starr off of the whip. The ref is distracted as Martin kicks Starr in the crotch. There’s a side slam and two count on Starr. Morris is tagged back in. Starr battles out until Morris grabs Starr’s hair and tosses him down. Beastman thinks he is tagged in and Jimmy James holds him off. Douglas is back in and he drives Starr’s head into the top turnbuckle. Two count. Starr buries his shoulder into Douglas. Douglas teams battles him off and then Morris is tagged back in. Starr takes some offense, including a drop kick. Starr tries to get to his corner. He kicks Morris in the head and Beastman stomps on the apron. Starr gets to his corner and tags in Beastman who levels all of his opponents. Beastman goes to spear Morris and Douglas but they drop him over the top rope. Morris and Hunter battle in the center of the ring. Douglas drops Hunter like it’s hot. Beastman spears Douglas. Martin is back in for a Codebreaker. He goes for another but Beastman catches him. He drops Martin down and gets the win. 9:32.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru v. Double A

J-Ru is accompanied to the ring by his brand-new manager, a novice to the KSWA, Tobias Shadows. Anthony Alexander makes his way to the ring with the Golden Triangle Championship. Referee Shawn Patrick holds up the championship and then calls for the bell. The Krazies shout for Double-A as J-Ru, back to the KSWA for the first time in a while, looks svelte and ready for the challenge. Double A misses with the clothesline and J-Ru quickly bails to the outside. Alexander, tired of the tardiness, goes to the outside. J-Ru gets in his face, AA crumples J-Ru’s glasses and clobbers Shadows after The Artist ducked the fist. J-Ru charges the GT champion and misses. He goes shoulder-first into the corner post. AA is met once again on the outside by Shadows, who once again meets a right hand. Shadows, he is impervious to pain, attacks Alexander on the outside by using the ropes against his throat. AA punches away at J-Ru and then J-Ru somehow knocks Alexander to the mat. Alexander catches J-Ru with a spinebuster. Shadows, once again interferes by grabbing Alexander by the ankle. J-Ru taunts a Prime-Time Cancellation for AA, but instead he is hit with one for the win and retention. 6:29

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Mitch Napier v. Dennis Gregory

Gregory attacks Napier right off the bat, Napier spears Gregory…all before the bell rings. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match is officially underway. Gregory complains that the match is already out of control before it starts. The Krazies chant “Mitch don’t quit” as Gregory is finally ready. The two lock up and Gregory gets behind Napier. Napier gets behind and then so does Gregory. A fireman’s carry puts Gregory on the mat. Gregory gets to the rope and Napier breaks the hold. The two lock up and can’t immediately find an advantage. Gregory gets Napier down but the two continue to hold onto one another. Gregory gets Napier in a headlock. Gregory shoulder blocks Napier down and pulls the challenger down onto the mat. The two athletes roll around on the mat. Gregory shouts at the referee after complaining about Napier “pulling my hair.” Napier gets Gregory down. Gregory follows with a firm right hand to the head. Mayor Mystery claims that Napier gave up, but he did not. Napier slingshots Gregory into the corner and gets him down into a twisted, seated position. There’s a one-count. Napier punches Gregory and whips him into the ropes. Gregory catches an attempt at the Lou Thesz Press. He slams Napier down. Gregory goes right back at it. Two count on Napier. Napier recovers and gets Gregory into an ankle lock. Gregory is on the doorstep of a title change when he gets into the ropes. The hold is broken. Gregory tries to roll him up but that gets him into a version of the Boston Crab. Napier inches his way to the bottom rope. Mayor Mystery tries to pull the cable further away. Referee Jimmy James tosses Mayor Mystery and his tambourine. Bobby O escorts Mystery out. Napier slams Gregory down and goes to the top rope for a flying head butt. There’s a two count. Gregory catches a cross body block and slams Napier down. He only gets a two count. Napier rushes out of an Irish whip and DDT’s Gregory in the center of the ring. Two count. Napier goes to the corner again. He goes to the top. A cross body block. Gregory catches him and rolls him up for a pin attempt. Napier kicks out even though Gregory has his boots on the ropes. Napier picks Gregory up for a Sioux Falls Slam. They wreck into Jimmy James. Mayor Mystery races to the ring and plasters Napier with the tambourine. At two and three quarters, Napier gets his shoulder up. Napier hits Gregory with the Sioux Falls Slam again and Mystery puts Gregory’s boot on the bottom rope. Gregory launches himself onto Napier’s shoulders and drives him down for the pin. 11:45

Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Finals: Lawless v. BROhemoth

The two opponents shake hands in a show of respect. They lock up and BROhemoth tosses Lawless across the ring. Lawless pumps up the muscles, but BROhemoth tosses him aside again. The SRO crowd, who have stuck around for the contest, are behind the BROnamaly. Lawless dashes outside and is then chased by BROhemoth. Lawless gets back in and tries for an elbow drop but BROhemoth dodges it. BRO tosses Lawless over his head and across the ring. BRO gets Lawless in the corner but his punches to the head falls short at three. BRO is tied up in the ropes and Lawless dives on him ala Lou Martin. Lawless continue to beat on BRO in the corner. Lawless fights BRO into a bulldog. There’s a standing leg drop on BRO but only a two count. Both men get to their feet. BRO fights out and Lawless kicks him in the gut. A DDT from the knees is next. A body splash follows. BROhemoth kicks out of the pin attempt. BROhemoth punches out but falls into a neck breaker. A flying leg drop attempt is next. BRO gets out of the way. Both men are down. BRO is the more vehement of the two. Clothesline on Lawless and then another. He collides with Lawless again and gets a two count. BRO picks Lawless up. Lawless goes low and chop blocks BRO. A two count. Lawless is up and ready. BRO is spent. He lands a back elbow. Lawless kicks BRO a sitting DDT from the corner. Lawless makes the cover but BRO gets a shoulder up. A power bomb on Lawless is next. Lawless gets a shoulder up at two. BRO calls for a Bowser Bomb. Lawless trips him up. A neck breaker. At the very last second, BRO gets his boot on the bottom rope as Shawn Patrick slaps the mat three times. It’s understandable that Lawless thinks he wins, and demands for his hand to be raised. Patrick refuses. BRO gets back up. BRO hits Lawless with an F-Five and gets the win. 9:52

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