Commentary--What Does KSWA Owner Bobby O Have To Do To Get Upper Hand In Feud With Faime?

June 3, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The biggest surprise of the Memorial Day weekend in Pittsburgh had to be “Spear Asylum” capturing the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Tag Team Championships, even without the benefit of Mayor Mystery at or near ringside. Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone walked off with the tag team belts after Jay Flash knocked Kris Kash off of the apron and took him out of the match’s conclusion.

The whole night seemed to benefit KSWA Owner Tommy Faime. He fired “Ice Man” Tony Johnson (on his birthday, no less) and Faime’s #1 Megastar, Jay Flash, helped dethrone the Lost Boys from Pennsylvania tag team wrestling’s top perch.

Fortunes have been sweet for Faime in recent months. With Flash now focusing on KSWA World Champion Kash, VIP anchor Lou Martin successfully holding down the Golden Triangle Championship, and Spear Asylum brandishing tag team gold, has Tommy Faime’s momentum proved unstoppable?

What, exactly, does KSWA Owner Bobby O have to do to get a little mojo back? Are the odds stacked against him insurmountable?

Kash, holder of the Commonwealth’s most prestigious Single’s Title, is rattled following the stunning tag team defeat. If there is good news, Kash can now concentrate on defending the KSWA World Title. Kash has defended the title against Blanchard in a rematch, as well as long-time foe Del Douglas. The Lost Boys defended the tag belts against Blanchard and Martin, as well as against Badfingers and Stone in April. The “Spear Asylum” clobbered Starr after the loss, so the Lost Boys wanted retribution. They almost got it before Flash got involved.

Kash has been the most important champion in independent professional wrestling a short time. Unlike most “regional” champions, Kash didn’t have immediate success with the biggest prize. Urban legend has it that one very young, talented big man from the general area once wept openly because he didn’t win a title in his first match. Kash, conversely, won his title after a full decade of attempts. A two-time Golden Triangle, various tournaments winner, as well as now-former tag team champion, Kash has had a stellar career since his debut in 2005 at the ripe old age of 18. More than ever, it’s time for Kash to stand up for the principals that make the KSWA the Commonwealth’s premier professional wrestling organization.

Flash is at the top of his game. His agitation of the giants of the KSWA has been long-standing and epic. Flash escaped a match with three giants at once. He even eliminated Jack Massacre and T-Rantula in one swoop during Battle Bowl in January. He has battled “Big” Mike Malachi tooth and nail; however, Flash now feels that he’s “vanquished” the giants and plans to “go after the biggest giant of them all” and KSWA World Champion Kris Kash.

All of this really leaves KSWA Owner Bobby O in a bind for power. He’s always had it out with the VIPs—Blanchard and Martin—he’s even lost ownership of the company to “Pittsburgh’s Greatest Sports Attraction.” Getting the company back also left a door open for Tommy Faime to sneak back in with 50-percent of the power.

Bobby O can’t really rely on 5-Star Champion Mitch Napier to help settle a score. Napier’s readying for the final match in the “Best of Five” for the 5-Star belt against Kaida. The showdown has reinvigorated Kaida, who was actually absent for a lot of the last six months of 2015. Kaida does enjoy the adulation of the Krazies, but he’s been a reluctant hero.

Who knows what The Latin Assassin can bring to the competitive table. Latin will always battle the VIPs, but he’ll do it sparingly. Bobby O needs a heavy hitter who will stand by his side. In addition to Kash, he does have “The Sharpsburg Shooter,” “The Future” Shane Starr. Starr loses even more than Kash with the tag team defeat. Surely, Kash and Starr will get a rematch against “Spear Asylum,” but Faime could easily pick Mayor Mystery’s other squad, the Mercenaries, for their rematch. An arrangement could conceivably be made and Mayor Mystery’s Union of Parts “Unknowners” could rule the tag team division indefinitely.

Might this be a time for Party Gras—Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane—to get back into serious tag team contention?

That’s a lot of “ifs.” Faime can call Harley T. Morris and “Mad Genius” David Marbell allies. The West Virginia duo, alongside Pittsburgh actor-turned-wrestler Curt Wootton, recently assembled the “West Virginia Empire” and almost immediately vanished. The Empire will once again rise, according to Marbell, but that doesn’t help Bobby O’s cause.

Might Bobby O rally the troops and have veteran leaders like Starr, Mike Malachi and youngsters like The Jester form a modern-day “O’s Army?”

Much remains unclear and undecided. The KSWA recently came off of an unprecedented run of popularity. For four events in a row, more than 400 Krazies packed the Teamster Temple. This year’s Joe Abby Tournament was the most highly-attended of all time. The event, which also served as the organization’s 200th in its 16 year history, was followed by another big crowd in April. On Memorial Day weekend, the promotion pulled in a respectable crowd at the former KSWA Arena, now called Spirit Lounge.

The KSWA comes back to the Teamster Temple in a few weeks, on June 18. The summer months also pick up with returns to Arsenal Park, Homestead for “Brawl Under The Bridge II” and “Brawl in Beechview.” It’s now or never for Bobby O to get his ownership shares in check, because Tommy Faime is turning up the competitive heat, perhaps like never before in Pittsburgh independent wrestling.

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