Wrestle War Breaks Down, Gregory And Alexander Retain, Douglas Surprises, Sly Surges, T-Rantula Gets Revenge In Sheraden

April 7, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the Sheraden neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh for Wrestle War and at times the place broke down into chaos.

This “bonus match” for the fans who are in their seats before the 7 p.m. bell time. McSorley arrives to the ring, ready to go. Joey Quervo comes in, his usual, stagger-heavy self. Referee Jimmy James checks both wrestlers and calls for the bell. Quervo grabs McSorley’s wrist and wrenches it. McSorley looks for a way out and he gets it with a whip into the ropes and a clothesline. A two count is registered. A suplex by McSorley plants Quervo. There’s a sleeper hold next on the Drunken Luchadore. Quervo fights to his feet and plants some elbows into McSorley’s midsection. McSorley whips Quervo down and gets another two count. James checks on Quervo, who refuses to give up. McSorley goes for another maneuver, but the veteran blocks it and face-first DDT’s Trick down. Quervo misses with a dive. McSorley hits a Perfect Plex for the 1, 2, and 3. 2:49


Harley T. Morris v. Sly Scarpone

Sly Scarpone gets Harley T. Morris down as Shawn Patrick slaps the mat. Scarpone is hot on the heels of the KSWA’s 5-Star Championship and Harley T. Morris has been at the top of that mountain. Scarpone is a favorite with the fans and Morris is ready to get back into championship contention. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two lock up. Morris gets Scarpone down but not for long. The powerhouse that is Scarpone gets Morris down. They are soon back to a collar and elbow. Morris is deceptively strong compared to the larger Scarpone. Morris pops Scarpone when Sly breaks the hold. The two mix it up and Sly is tossed shoulder-first into a ring post. A back breaker from Morris follows. Morris kicks Scarpone repeatedly in the arm. He targets the appendage and uses the ring ropes to his advantage. Morris chops Scarpone in the chest twice, with each resonating louder in the Legion than the one before it. Morris continues to dig Scarpone into the middle rope. Morris breaks the hold but immediately goes back to the attack. Morris kicks away at Sly and then gets him into the ropes again. Morris viciously uses the middle rope against Scarpone’s arm. Sly tries to break out but that only brings on more from Morris. Morris tosses Sly over the top rope and onto the floor. Scarpone uses that break to power up. There’s a power slam and a two and a half count on a floored Morris. Scarpone gets Morris up but he fights out of it. There’s a 5-Five for the win. 6:34.

Golden Triangle Championship: “Rev” Ron Hunt v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The Rev jaws with the Krazies in Sheraden before Alexander even makes his way out of the locker room. Shawn Patrick checks both combatants. Hunt is a warrior, excited and eager to make an impact in Pittsburgh. Hunt get a clap started with the fans, and then immediately turns his back on them. Alexander gets Hunt in a head lock and threatens to “rip his head off.” Hunt battles out of it and catches a shoulder block from the champion. Hunt hip tosses Alexander down and hits a second move to keep him on the mat. Hunt gets Alexander in the arm bar. Hunt talks a lot of garbage on Alexander before the GT champ gets up. Hunt stuns AA with a slap to the face and boot to the throat. A boot is next. There’s a flying body press that AA turns into a slam and two count. AA’s straight right fist is next. There’s another that has Hunt reeling. In the corner, Alexander goes for the punches to the head. He lands and Hunt is out of it. He falls face-first on the mat and Alexander takes the opportunity to catch his breath. Alexander picks Hunt up and whips him in the ropes for a back elbow. Two count. Both men are spent. Alexander picks Hunt up but The Rev pokes AA in the eye. Alexander gets attacked in the ropes and The Rev buries a boot into Alexander’s throat. Hunt lands some forearms that batters AA. A hip toss is next and a boot to the back. Hunt runs the ropes and then grabs Alexander into a sleeper hold. Alexander asks for the Krazies’ support. The fans start to chant. The Rev gets Alexander down. Hunt smells gold. Patrick check’s Alexander’s arm. The fans chant for AA louder. On the third hand drop, Alexander gets up. He buries an elbow into Hunt’s midsection but that doesn’t stop Hunt from nearly getting a pin fall. Alexander is in a sleeper for a second time but he powers out and drops Hunt with a side suplex. Patrick starts to count both men out. Alexander is the first to get into a seated position. The two trade blows while still on their knees. Alexander gets to his feet but Hunt lands a stunner. Alexander lands the Spine Buster and some clotheslines and a body slam. The fans are behind Alexander. Alexander whips Hunt into the ropes and lands a big boot. Hunt retreats to the apron. Alexander goes after him but Hunt is waiting. A super kick drops the Golden Triangle Champ for a two and three quarters count. Hunt can’t believe it. He climbs to the top ropes and misses a dive. Out of nowhere, Alexander lands a Prime-Time Cancellation for the win. 10:16

Lucio Deveer v. Zak Hunter

The two veterans go to it right away. They trade moves and hip tosses. The duo shows mutual respect for one another before locking up with a test of strength. Deveer drops Hunter with a back elbow and a body slam. Deveer, who is sporting a leaner look, cannonballs Hunter and gets a two count. Deveer locks Hunter in for a Rock Bottom but Zak blocks it. Deveer gets Hunter into the ropes for a chop and a side suplex. A One count on Hunter is recorded. Deveer punches Hunter in the head and continues on the offense in the corner. Deveer fights Hunter off and drops him down with a suplex. Deveer clotheslines Hunter and gets a two count. Deveer waits for Hunter to get up and misses with a front kick. Hunter takes over and drops Deveer for a two-count. Both men are fan favorites, so they don’t have a particular favorite in this contest. Hunter face first DDT’s Deveer into the mat and gets a two count. His counter offense is blocked, Deveer chops Hunter in the chest. Hunter is posted on the top turnbuckle. Hunter fights Deveer’s attempt at a superplex. Deveer is dropped to the mat and Hunter hits an elbow. Two count is next. Deveer boots Hunter and drops him to the mat. Hunter gets a foot on the ropes during the pin attempt. Hunter grabs Deveer and slams him with a power slam for the win. 7:06 Post match the two shake hands, hug and leave as friends.

VIPs v. Kash, Starr and Yinza

The Special Guest Referee for this match is KSWA Owner Bobby O. The VIPs grab some masks from the concession stand and try to unsettle their opponents. It doesn’t work. Bobby O calls for the bell to ring and the match officially begins. Kash and Blanchard start off. The “Garbage Pants” chant starts early. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object in his hand as children near ringside shout their opposition. Kash gets the kids riled up. Blanchard drops Kash with the assistance of a hair pull. Kash gets Blanchard by the wrist. He eventually goes Old School and whips Blanchard across the ring. When the other VIPs rush in, they are dispatched by Kash. They go to the outside and try to recoup, but Kash simply dives on them. The Legion hall goes crazy. Kash brings Blanchard in the “hard way” and tags in Starr who chases Blanchard into the corner. Starr gets the offense going even though Blanchard is able to tag in Faime. Yinza is tagged in and he Monkey Flips Faime out of the corner. A pin attempt is foiled by Martin. Kash is tagged in and he drop kicks Faime. Soon, the VIPs are all over Bobby O. The KSWA owner shoves Blanchard and Martin down. His argument with Faime allows for the VIPs to attack Kash. Suddenly everyone it down. Bobby O calls for the bell. 6:42. He calls for a Sheraden Street Fight and restarts the match. There are chair shots and attacks with objects all over the Legion. Referees Patrick and James race out. Action is everywhere. Martin and Kash return to the ring. Kash plants Martin with a beer. There’s a pin attempt but no referee. Martin slams Kash’s head into the turnbuckle. Martin slams Kash onto a steel chair in the center of the ring. Blanchard is in. There are chairs being thrown in from all directions. Yinza slams Martin’s head into a wall. Blanchard is tossed into a chair that is posted in the corner. Blanchard spears Kash, who is folded in half. Blanchard and Kash continue to go at it. It’s total bedlam as the action is everywhere. Faime slams Kash into the ring post. Blanchard brings Starr back. Faime rolls Kash into the ring. Martin and Yinza are fighting in the crowd. Kash and Blanchard are the ring. Blanchard hits Kash with a low blow. There’s a pile driver on a steel chair. Kash is pinned. 7:45. Post-match: Shawn Blanchard grabs the microphone and runs down the crowd.

Del Douglas v. The Jester

Referee Jimmy James has his hands full with this match. Douglas has been in a mood in recent months and the Jester has been ready for all kinds of shenanigans. The Jester intimidates his former tag team partner by executing a perfect cartwheel. Jester slaps Douglas’ rear end and then bites hit. He drops Douglas and gets a two-count pin attempt. There’s a clothesline on his seated opponent and another two-count. Douglas rakes Jester’s eyes and gets him in the corner for a number of shoulder blocks. He drops The Jester with a clothesline and gets a two count. Douglas gets Jester in the corner for some boots to the throat. Douglas uses the ropes on Jester’s throat. Douglas shouts at the fans and distracts the referee enough to attack The Jester enough to wrap wrist tape around his throat. Douglas whips The Jester in the corner and follows with a clothesline. He hits The Jester with the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states” and gets a two count. Jester gets up and chops Douglas. The two trade blows. Douglas grabs Jester by the crotch and chops him to the mat. Douglas goes for a sunset flip but Jester fights it off and drops his hefty back end on Douglas’ chest. The Jester gets to his feet as Douglas is on his knees. Jester delivers a bodyslam and cannonball. Jester makes the cover and gets two. The Jester climbs to the top for a Frog Splash. He misses as Douglas gets out of the way. Douglas rolls the Jester up and with the help of a handful of tights, gets the pin. 6:36

Officer Dan Murphy and Big Mike Malachi v. Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula

Malachi and the absent Jack Massacre attacked T-Rantula a few weeks ago, prohibiting the KSWA Hall of Famer from attending the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament. T-Rantula asked Big Country for help and he got it against Malachi and another huge Megastar in Dan Murphy. McGraw starts off with Malachi and pushes him into a corner. Malachi argues about it, connects with McGraw and drives him into a corner for a right hand to the face. Malachi snap suplexes McGraw not once but twice. Malachi uses his boot straps across McGraw’s eyes. Malachi punches away at Big Country and then slaps him in the face. Murphy is tagged in and he elbows McGraw. Murphy and Malachi double back elbow McGraw and keep him down. Murphy elbows McGraw in the back and pushes him into the corner with Malachi. With the referee distracted, Malachi lays in some forearms onto McGraw. Murphy puts some boots into McGraw. Dan continues the attack on McGraw until T-Rantula races in to make the save. McGraw gets up and delivers some punches to Murphy’s gut. McGraw tosses Murphy into the corner and delivers a series of right hands. McGraw hip tosses Murphy out. T-Rantula is in for the first time. He delivers a big boot to Murphy and tosses him into the corner with McGraw. T-Rantula delivers a skillet-sized over the hand chop to Murphy and then a punch and another chop. Murphy fights out of it and tosses the Hall of Famer into a corner. A splash follows and Malachi is tagged back in. There’s a double clothesline on T-Rantula and T kicks out of a pin attempt. T-Rantula is seat in the center of the ring and Malachi bends his arms back. McGraw launches a parade of cheers for T and the fans follow. Meanwhile, Malachi bodyslams T-Rantula and puts in some boots to T. He knocks McGraw in and tags Murphy back in. T is on his knees. T-Rantula battles back and knocks Murphy down. T brings Murphy into his corner and tags in McGraw. That pleases the fans. He clotheslines Murphy and hits an impressive suplex of his own. Patrick slaps his hand twice on the mat before Murphy gets a shoulder up. Murphy continues to blow on his omnipresent cop whistle. Malachi breaks McGraw’s hold on Murphy. McGraw is on the outside. Murphy wants the referee to count him out. McGraw gets knocked off the apron a second time. McGraw is back in at 6. He tags T and Murphy gets to Malachi. Malachi is all over T with shoulders to the gut. Malachi forces T into the corner with Murphy. They trade off and Murphy comes in with boots. Murphy taunts McGraw and T rallies with a massive clothesline that drops Murphy in the center of the ring. There’s a big elbow from T and he makes the cover. Murphy kicks up at two. T stills Murphy’s whistle and blows it in his face. T-Rantula blasts Murphy with a fist and tags in Big Country. He whistles away as he kicks at Murphy. McGraw side suplexes Murphy. Patrick counts to two as Malachi makes the save. McGraw tosses Murphy to the outside. Now all four Megastars are there. T-Rantula blasts Murphy with a plate of nachos. Malachi and T battle on the outside. McGraw readies for a spear. He hits Murphy with it and tags in T-Rantula. T is ready for the choke slam. The fans go crazy. He lands it and gets the pin. 13:55

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: BROhemoth v. Dennis Gregory (champion) w/Mayor Mystery

Dennis Gregory grabs the microphone and runs down the veterans in attendance by saying that it’s “not Veterans’ Day” but “Gregory Day.” Mayor Mystery has a tambourine just like last week. The fans start to chant “Dingle Berry” toward the KSWA World Heavyweight Champion. Special Guest Referee Bobby O holds up the Most Coveted Championship in the Commonwealth. Bobby O calls for the bell and the two collide. Gregory punches away at BROhemoth, who fights back. Gregory is reeling in the early going. BROhemoth drops him with a series of shoulder blocks and body slams. Gregory races to the outside to regroup. Mystery slaps his tambourine in BROhemoth’s face. BRO tosses Gregory over the top rope. He skins the cat back in and into BRO’s awaiting arms. He suplexes Gregory down. Gregory gets back up and Mayor Mystery attacks BRO in the ropes. BRO stops the offense and challenges Mystery, until Gregory hops the rope and leg drops BROhemoth enough to have him let go of the hold. Mayor Mystery continues to add advantage in Gregory’s favor enough as he attacks. Bobby O is distracted. BROhemoth battles out of it and whips Gregory into the corner. Gregory hits BRO with a neck breaker. BROhemoth gets a shoulder up at two. Gregory uses wrist tape to choke BROhemoth as Bobby O misses the infraction. BRO battles out, only to be knocked outside by the champion. That’s where Mayor Mystery awaits. Bobby O counts to eight and then nine to BROhemoth before he gets back in. Gregory awaits with offense. When Bobby O admonishes Gregory, Mystery goes to work on BROhemoth. Gregory tries to suplex BROhemoth off the apron and into the ring but that’s blocked. Gregory knocks BROhemoth down. Gregory grabs a chair, but Bobby O takes it from him. Gregory yells at Bobby O. Once back inside, BRO hustles to suplex Gregory across the ring. Both Megastars are down. Bobby O starts to count both men out. He gets to six and then seven before BRO gets to one knee. BROhemoth clotheslines Gregory down no less than three times. BRO makes the pin and Gregory gets a shoulder up at two. Bobby O says over and over again that Gregory got it up at two. BRO picks up Gregory but he slides into a sleeper hold. The Krazies go nuts for BROhemoth. BRO fights out of it and lands an F-5. Gregory is down. Mayor Mystery is on the apron. Bobby goes to face him. BRO goes after Mayor Mystery. BROhemoth choke slams Mayor Mystery in the center of the ring. Gregory grabs the tambourine and hits BRO low. He clobbers him with the tambourine. Gregory climbs the top rope and jumps on BROhemoth from behind, riding him from the shoulders down into the mat. Gregory retains. 11:14

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