J-Ru Can't Upseat Gregory, VIPs Get By Old Foes, Beastman Makes Splash, Lawless & Order Battle Best BROs

April 27, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

King Del Douglas and Rev Ron Hunt v. Justin Sane and Lucio Deveer from Pittsburgh for Springdale Slam 2, a fundraiser for the high school’s junior and senior band. Two of the promotion’s richest prizes, the KSWA Tag Team and Heavyweight Championships were defended. In addition, Springdale was introduced to the Stone Age Savage and “The Best BRO’s Around” showed their metal.

Rev Ron Hunt and Del Douglas v. Justin Sane and Lucio Deveer

The Rev and the King arrive, guaranteeing victory against the team of Sane and Deveer. The trimmed-down Deveer and Hunt start things off. The King shouts, “You Got This Rev,” as Deveer gains temporary control. Once Hunt gets away and gets his own offense, Douglas is the first to shout encouragement. Deveer chops Hunt in the chest several times and whips him across the ropes. A big monkey flip follows and Deveer rains punches and boots onto Hunt. A diving cannonball is next and a one-count. Hunt tags in Douglas and Deveer gets to Sane. It’s all Justin who drops Douglas’ arm over the top rope before tagging The Enigma back in. Deveer drops an elbow and goes for a pin. Douglas makes the save. Deveer chops away at a seated Douglas. There are reverse knife edge chops and Deveer hits two running clotheslines. There’s a two count and Hunt breaks up the pin attempt. Sane is tagged back in. He grabs Douglas’ wrist and Justin goes “old school. He lays a forearm on Douglas and it’s all Sane. Douglas goes low and hits Sane in the jewels. This distracts everyone enough for Hunt to take some liberties with Sane. Douglas makes the count and Referee Shawn Patrick slaps the hand down twice. Hunt buries knees in Sane and then gets him into a sleeper. Deveer stomps on the apron for support. Hunt misses with some clotheslines and the veteran Sane rolls him over for a two count. Hunt gets Sane down for a two count. Hunt angrily believes it was three. Douglas buries knees in Sane’s gut. Sane is down. Douglas bodyslams Sane and goes to the top. The fist that’s “banned in 49 out of 50 states” is laid down on Sane. Two count. Douglas asks Deveer if he “wants some.” Douglas grabs Sane’s crotch and chops him down. Two count. Hunt is all over the referee. There’s a double clothesline. Both Megastars are down. Patrick calls the 6 before a double tag is made. Deveer drops Hunt and then Douglas. And then Douglas and Hunt again. Deveer clotheslines both of his opponents in opposing corners. There’s a double noggin knocker and Deveer hits Douglas with a Death Valley Driver. Hunt drops Deveer. Sane drops Hunt and hits the Frog Splash on Hunt for the victory. 10:22

Harley T. Morris v. Super Ginger

In a battle of former 5-Star Champions, Harley T. Morris takes on Super Ginger. Referee Jimmy James checks both combatants and Gentleman Joe Perri rings the bell. Super Ginger “blows up his muscles” by blowing into his thumb, just like NWA Champion Nick Aldis bulked up at KSWA FanFest. Harley T. Morris doesn’t like the fanfare, but Super Ginger takes advantage with hip tosses. Morris hits some of his own and then Super Ginger does as well. Morris gets a headlock on Ginger and digs in. Morris gets Ginger in the corner and doesn’t break the hold. Jimmy James admonishes him and Ginger returns the favor by pulling Morris’ ample beard. Ginger clamps in a headlock and Morris drives him in the corner. It’s all Morris now as Super Ginger is on the mat. Morris kicks him in the back and back of the head. Morris lashes out at the crowd. Morris gets Ginger into a submission hold. Ginger will not give up. Ginger is positioned in the ropes for punishment. Morris kicks away. Morris gives Ginger a back breaker from the corner and goes for a pin but that ends at two. Ginger rolls Morris up but only gets a two count. Morris gets Ginger into a back-to-back submission hold. He eventually drops him and the action continues. Morris drives Ginger’s head into the mat in a version of the DDT and gets the win. 6:31

Tag Team Championship: AA and Kash v. VIPs Blanchard and Faime

Kris Kash and Anthony Alexander have tagged together many times over their KSWA career. Alexander is the reigning KSWA Golden Triangle Champion and all four men have held the tag team and heavyweight championships. Shawn Patrick holds up the belts and Shawn Blanchard calls the friends disrespectful. The bell rings and Kash v. Blanchard is about to commence. Kash talks things over with Patrick and the veteran Hall of Famer checks Blanchard for an illegal object. Kash backs Blanchard into a corner but the Enforcer comes out and bodyslams Kash. They lock up and Kash gets the wrist lock on Blanchard. Kash goes to the outside and dives off the top, whipping Blanchard across the ring with a hip toss. Blanchard gets into the corner tags in Faime, who asks if he’s ready “for the big guy.” Kash tags in Double-A and it’s now a showdown between two of the KSWA’s most veteran giants. Faime taunts Double A and they lock up. Double A nearly gets Faime into a Full Nelson. Faime gets to a corner and Double A breaks the hold. The VIPs take a time out of sorts and talk things over. Double A pumps up the crowd. Faime gets Alexander in the corner and goes for a clothesline. Double A ducks and Faime hits Blanchard off the apron. Alexander clotheslines Faime down from the top rope. Alexander knocks Blanchard down off the apron. Kash is tagged in and he dives onto Faime’s outstretched arm. A drop kick follows and a two count on Faime. Kash gets Faime up and whips him across the ring. Kash drop kicks Faime in the corner and pulls him out. The tag is made to Alexander. He takes control and whips Faime off the ropes and into a back elbow. Double A picks up Faime and puts a boot into his neck. Kash whips Faime into the ropes and Faime meets him with a quick hip toss to the mat. Blanchard is tagged in and he goes to work on Kash and distracts the ref by taunting Alexander. Blanchard goes low on Kash and drops him to the mat. Blanchard knees Kash in the jewels while the ref is turned the other way. Blanchard sits Kash down and digs at his face. Patrick enforces the rules and Blanchard complains about it. Kash battles out but right into a Spinebuster. There’s a two count before Kash gets a shoulder up. Blanchard slaps at Alexander and Faime comes in on a fake tag. Faime bures Kash with a power slam but he strongly kicks up at two. Kash is whipped into a corner and Faime drives him to the mat. Blanchard is tagged back in. The distraction of the ref continues and the VIPs beat on Kash. Blanchard sleeks over to Kash, picks him up and drops some chops onto his head and neck. Pincher holds are next for Kash’s shoulders. The fans rally for Kash, who beats his way up. Kash gets to Double A but the referee doesn’t see it. He guides Alexander back to his corner while the VIPs double team Kash. Faime goes to the apron and wraps Kash’s leg into that cable. Kash holds his knee. Faime tags in Blanchard who goes to work on Kash. Kash is whipped into the corner, where he flips out onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are down. Blanchard gets to Faime and he knocks Alexander off the apron. Alexander gets back in and soon all four men are inside. Blanchard and Alexander spill to the outside. Faime hits Kash with a piledriver for the victory. 11:09

Lou Martin v. the Beastman

Lou Martin looks Pittsburgh Perfect as he makes his way to the ring. His opponent, the always intimidating 400-pound Stone Age Savage, makes his way to an unsuspecting crowd. Instead of the real thing, Beastman has a Styrofoam toy bone that he gives to a kid. The Beastman retrieves a big dinosaur bone from under the ring. He proceeds to chase Martin throughout the arena. Martin gets back into the ring. The action starts with Martin punching Beastman in the head. That doesn’t excite the behemoth, who punches and chops Martin and elbows him down to the hardwood. Beastman grabs the ring bell and chases Martin around. They both roll back in and the veteran Martin goes to work on Beastman before the brute can get to his feet. Beastman doesn’t stay dormant, as he grabs a hold of Martin’s head. He drops Martin down and drops an elbow for emphasis. A one count is all he can get in the early going. Beast slams Martin’s head into the corner post ten times before the former two-time KSWA Champion falls back-first onto the mat. Beastman slams Martin’s head into the corner. He follows with a splash and another splash in the other corner. Beastman misses with a shoulder tackle and crumples to the floor. Martin follows and the two wrestlers brawl on the outside. Martin double ax handles Beastman and continues the beating as they once again go into the bleachers. They chop each other hard and Beastman tosses Martin in. He answers with a baseball slide drop kick that keeps Beastman on the outside. Beastman recovers and head butts Martin down. The count is on by referee James. Beastman suplexes Martin and then goes to the top. Martin shoves the ref into the ropes and that knocks the Beastman down. Martin curb stomps the Beastman into the canvas. Martin digs at the injured face. Martin taunts the crowd and kicks Beastman in the forehead. Martin dives on Beastman in the ropes not once but twice. And then a third time. The crowd chants for “Beast.” Martin gets Beastman into the ropes on the other side and dives on him three more times. Martin kicks him in the head. Martin covers and makes the pin but it ends at two. Martin gets Beastman in the rear chin lock. On the third hand drop attempt, Beastman springs back to life. He gets to his feet and clobbers Martin down with clotheslines. A cross body block falls Martin but the count doesn’t go to three. Beastman tries to slam Martin, but that doesn’t work. Martin hits a Codebreaker and tries for another but that fails. A DDT drops Beastman for a pin attempt that ends at two. Martin goes to the top and Beastman gets to his feet. He catches Martin and hits him with a seated slam for the win. 11:52

Lawless and Order v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

Napier starts out and gets his old foe Lawless in the corner. Shawn Patrick calls for the break and the two lock up again. Officer Dan Murphy shouts endless encouragement to his tag team partner. The Gavel forces Napier into the corner and then gets the former two-time KSWA Champion a wrist lock. Napier gets out of it. They share wrist locks and spin out of them. The two shove each other and trade hip tosses and drop kicks. Napier leg scissors the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion down and then lands two German suplexes. Lawless rests in the corner for a few heart beats before Napier goes after him. The Gavel dodges the charge and tags in Murphy. Napier tags in BROhemoth. The two giants test each other out with power moves. BRO clotheslines Murphy over the top rope and onto the floor below. Murphy hits BRO and gets back in the ring. BROhemoth kicks Murphy down and gets to his corner. Napier is tagged in and whipped, shoulder first, into Murphy. Napier has Murphy down. He tosses the lawman into the corner posts and then outside. Lawless attacks Napier from behind. Murphy is back in and Napier is compromised. Murphy side suplexes Napier down and Lawless drops a leg from the middle rope. Two count. A bodyslam on Napier is next. There’s a standing leg drop and two count. Murphy is in and kicks Napier in the side. Napier is slow in getting gup. Murphy drops an elbow and Patrick makes a two count. Murphy keeps Napier down. Lawless is tagged in. He side suplexes Napier down, or simply tosses him hard (depending on the vantage point) onto the mat. He synchs in a neckbreaker and slides onto the mat, keeping Napier down. A dive onto Napier’s back is next. Murphy is tagged in. Murphy lands a right hand into Napier’s side. A thunderous side suplex is next. Murphy side slams Napier and tosses him hard into the corner. Murphy tags in Lawless. He’s whipped into Napier but the Sioux Falls Warrior attacks. He tags in BROhemoth and he races from corner to corner, splashing his opponents. They fall outside. BROhemoth picks up Napier and launches him onto their opponents. Napier gets back into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Lawless is tossed in. Napier is tagged. Before he can jump, Murphy bounces him from the top. The two drop Napier hard in the center of the ring but he kicks out at two. All four men are in the ring. Napier picks up Lawless. Murphy misses a clothesline. BRO picks him up. BRO and Napier look at each other, Napier nods and the two drop their opponents in the center of the ring and get the win. 12:11

Big Mike Malachi v. Big Country Matt McGraw

Two of the KSWA’s biggest and brawniest Megastars battle it out in this contest. The 6’5”, 293-veteran Malachi v. the 6’4”, 286-pound McGraw. The veteran Malachi has the edge when it comes to experience, but McGraw might just be stronger. Malachi forces McGraw into the corner and scrapes at his eyes. McGraw forces Malachi into the corner and makes a clean break. Malachi sizes up his opponent. They paint brush each other and Malachi gets an advantage by kneeing McGraw low. They collide next with a clothesline that puts Malachi down. Another power move forces Malachi to the outside. Malachi is slow getting back into the squared circle. Referee Jimmy James gets to eight before Malachi climbs back in. He is immediately met with an offensive barrage from McGraw that concludes with a hip toss and position where McGraw pulls Malachi’s arms back. The hold is broken and McGraw kicks him in the ribs. The two collide again. Malachi is down and McGraw makes the pin attempt. It’s only good for two. The two get close and Malachi gets McGraw down. Malachi steps on McGraw’s hand and that causes controversy with the referee. Malachi digs at McGraw’s eyes. Malachi keeps McGraw down. Malachi, which incredible feats of strength, suplexes McGraw not once but twice. A pin attempt ends at two before McGraw gets a shoulder up. Malachi side suplexes McGraw down hard. Two count. Malachi has McGraw in a front face lock. He will not submit. Malachi knees McGraw in the gut and onto the floor. McGraw catches a breather as the referee argues with Malachi. McGraw climbs back in and Malachi climbs on his back. Malachi gets McGraw in a Texas Cloverleaf. He will not give in. In fact, he is able to kick Big Mike off. Malachi forces McGraw into a corner. He chokes McGraw in the corner. Malachi and the ref argue some more. Malachi lays in some fists. Malachi tries a bodyslam. McGraw breaks out of it. He spears Malachi and gets the win. 9:12.

Main Event: J-Ru v. Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery)

Mayor Mystery raises the dander of Referee Shawn Patrick by reminding fans that last year in Springdale, Gregory attacked the senior official. The bell rings and Gregory waits about 30 seconds before tearing into J-Ru. He keeps the Charleroi-born, now Frenchman down. Gregory punches away and Mayor Mystery dances in glee at ringside. Gregory shoulder blocks J-Ru down and stomps him as he tries to get up. Gregory drops an elbow and grabs a hold of a front face lock. Gregory shoulder blocks J-Ru off of a headlock. J-Ru trips Gregory up and clotheslines the champion down. Gregory avoids further offense by dodging to the basketball floor. Gregory tries to catch his breath but J-Ru chases after him. Gregory gets back in, Mayor Mystery grabs J-Ru’s boot. Gregory drops a leg drop while Mystery shakes his tambourine. Gregory chokes J-Ru on the bottom rope. When the referee interferes, Mystery does the dirty work from the outside. Gregory chokes J-Ru with wrist tape and kicks him in the back of the head. Gregory pump handle suplexes J-Ru down for a Champ Slam. Gregory talks with Mystery. Mystery hands him something and Gregory punches J-Ru down. Gregory slides the object back to his manager. A pin attempt ends at two. Gregory says “this is pretty much a day off for me” and J-Ru gets in some short-lived offense. A neck breaker lands J-Ru down in the center of the canvas. The referee counts to two and a half before J-Ru can get a shoulder up. J-Ru is posted on the top turnbuckle. Gregory counters any offense and drives J-Ru down hard. Out of nowhere, J-Ru lands a DDT and gets a two and a half count. That was J-Ru’s best and most effective move of the match. He tries to follow up and Mayor Mystery stops him from the apron. Gregory jumps on J-Ru’s shoulders and drives him down, face first into the mat for the win. 9:42.

Post-Match: Mayor Mystery gets in Referee Shawn Patrick’s face. Patrick exacts revenge on Mystery for Dennis Gregory choking him out at last year’s event. A punch to the face and sleeper hold leaves the Manager of Champions out in the center of the ring.

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