Best BROs Around Make Most Of Opportunity, Raise The Ire Of The VIPs

May 7, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

When BROhemoth marched toward Mitch Napier’s Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion, the Krazies took notice.

On February 18, 2017, BROhemoth and his then-frequent tag team partner Zak Hunter, collectively known as the Big Game Hunters, were tossed into a tag team title match against then title holders T-Rantula and the Jester. Many in Pittsburgh professional wrestling, as well as Krazies alike wondered what justified such a momentous debut. And while the team was not successful, their entrance into the city’s promotion was already taking root.

What solidified BROhemoth with the KSWA Championship Committee was his challenge of the top prize in the Commonwealth at Brawl Under The Bridge 3 on July 22, 2017. Although Napier retained by hoisting the challenger up onto his shoulders, all to the audible gasps of the electric crowd, BROhemoth’s star continued to rise.

On October 7, BROhemoth had left his Big Game Hunter partner behind and tagged with the talented Marcus Knight against Kris Kash and Shane Starr at the first Spirit Hall parking lot event. The Lost Boyz were victorious, but BROhemoth returned to the ring later that night and attacked Napier in a tag team match that saw Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin target “Big Country” Matt McGraw. With FanFest right around the corner, BROhemoth wanted his opportunity. Napier was willing to give it to him.

Leading up to FanFest, BROhemoth made incredibly short work of Gino Slice in Sharpsburg while Napier took on the borough’s favorite son, Shane Starr. At the conclusion of the evening, Napier defeated Starr but remained friends. BROhemoth clobbered both men and staked his claim for FanFest.

At the biggest professional wrestling event of its type on the East Coast, BROhemoth faced off against Mitch Napier in the Main Event in front of a record-breaking crowd. Against all odds, Napier once again heaved BROhemoth high into the Pittsburgh night and dropped him for a Sioux Falls Slam. Napier retained.

But things were beginning to change for the BROnamoly. He faced Joey Quervo and then T-Rantula, but the Krazies were starting to take to him. Then on February 24, 2018, Napier defended against Officer Dan Murphy. When that match came to an end, Murphy and “The Gavel” David Lawless attacked Napier. BROhemoth charged to the ring. Everyone thought that he was there to help decimate Napier. Instead, BROhemoth cold-cocked Murphy and came to Napier’s aid.

BROhemoth immediately became a fan favorite. On March 24, Napier and BROhemoth, still wary of one another, tagged against the Murphy and Lawless tandem known as “Lawless and Order.” The Gavel and the Law Man were victorious. On May 5, 2018, Lawless and Order faced BROhemoth in a Handicap Match. BRO scored the win and Napier helped him celebrate.

On August 11, BROhemoth, Napier and Yinza teamed against all three VIPs in a Street Fight. The new trio defeated the VIPs in a heckuva contest. However, after the match, the VIPs helped Lawless defeat Napier for the KSWA Championship with a beat down. Lawless cashed in his Battle Bowl contract and picked up the relatively easy win.

On August 25, BROhemoth defeated Lou Martin in an ambulance match at Cribbs Field in Verona. The match received mainstream coverage in that area and helped anchor a relationship with the Lower Valley Athletic Foundation.

On February 30 at Fam Con, Napier, BROhemoth, McGraw and Justin Sane competed in an eight-man tag against Murphy, King Del Douglas and Team 12 Gauge—Zak Hunter and Harley T. Morris. By this time, the former foes were now bordering on the best of friends.

A year after attacking Napier at the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament, BROhemoth tagged with Napier to take on Hunter and Morris. Both Napier and BROhemoth have had opportunities for KSWA gold. BRO most recently fell to Dennis Gregory’s hand in another Main Event match.

This year, BROhemoth won the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and Napier feuded with Lawless for another crack at Gregory’s gold. In addition, Napier and BROhemoth recently teamed to defeat Lawless and Order again.

BROhemoth and Hunter tagged up for the first time in ages at Cinco de Mayhem. They bested “The Artist” J-Ru and Harley T. Morris. After intermission, when the reigning tag team champions—Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime (who weren’t even advertised for having a match)—angrily called out the locker room. The Best Around, Napier appeared solo. And while the former two-time champion handled himself mightily, the veteran grapplers held their own. Suddenly and with great Krazy celebration, BROhemoth talked to the apron and extended a hand. When Napier got to him, the engaged crowd exploded. When BROhemoth beat upon the VIPs, a change was in the air. And when BROhemoth pinned Shawn Blanchard for the win, the Krazies, screamed, shouted, jumped up and down in euphoria!!

Now, the “Best Bros Around” are at the top of the Commonwealth’s tag team division. And the VIPs—Blanchard, Faime and assuredly Martin—are snake bit. In 20 years (19 leading Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh’s KSWA), the VIPs have never been better. Faime in rejuvenated, Blanchard is as cantankerous as ever, and Martin remains the unrivaled “Face of Pittsburgh.”

Not only the VIPs, but the KSWA tag team division is always moving forward.

Mitch Napier and BROhemoth have quite the summer ahead of them.

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