T-Rantula Takes Air In Tables Match, Bubba Retains Against Morris, Alexander Fends Off Face Of Pittsburgh

May 19, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It’s not often that giants fly, but when they do, they take big air. Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Hall of Famer T-Rantula did the unthinkable Saturday night at MJ’s Steel City Saloon in North Fayette. In an attempt to break a table that was holding KSWA’s original big man, Mike Malachi, T-Rantula took flight. But before that happened, the Krazies enjoyed a number of fantastic matches.

Shawn Blanchard v. Shane Starr

It’s a sunny and perfect 81 degrees at MJ’s Steel City Saloon as things kick off between two veteran foes in Shawn Blanchard and Shane Starr. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both combatants. Patrick checks Blanchard a second time. The two 14-year rivals lock up and Starr floors Blanchard with a headlock tack down. Blanchard fights the move and tosses Starr across the ropes and is floored with a shoulder block. Blanchard pokes Starr in the eyes and Blanchard follows that up with a right hand to the head. With Starr down, Blanchard mocks him. A double leg take-down floors Starr for a kick to the lower region. Blanchard puts Starr in the middle rope for some offense. A knee follows to Starr’s lower region. Blanchard sits Starr in the center of the ring. He starts to dig and gouge at Starr’s face. Blanchard kicks Starr in the forehead. Starr recovers and gets Blanchard in the corner for a series of strikes to the head. A clothesline follows. And another clothesline. Blanchard drops Starr with a back elbow. Blanchard is up top. Starr meets him there and tosses him off the top and into the center of the ring. Two count on Blanchard. Starr gets the crowd to cheer. Starr blocks a back body drop and goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Blanchard crawls for the ropes, but it ends up being too much. Blanchard taps out. 7:27

Big Game Hunters 2.0 (Napier and Hunter) v. Lawless and Order (Lawless and Murphy)

David Lawless and Mitch Napier, two former World Champions, lock up. Lawless drops Napier with a waist lock throw down. Lawless preens to the crowd. Napier does the same thing to Lawless and keeps The Gavel down. Lawless shouts that Napier “pulled my hair.” They trade a series of arm drags. Then a stalemate drop kick. They continue the offense and Lawless flying leg scissors Napier down. He’s now in the corner. Napier recovers and does the same to Lawless, leaving him in the corner. Napier continues with the offense with a belly-to-back suplex. Napier tags Hunter who gets a couple of headbutts in and a near pin fall. Lawless gets to Murphy. Murphy leg whips Hunter and taunts him. Again, Murphy punks Hunter. The third time, Hunter superkicks Murphy. A DDT and two count follow. Napier tagged in. They double leg whip Murphy. Murphy boots Napier in the head. Bodyslam is next on Napier. Two count on the former two-time champion. Lawless is tagged back in. Murphy is back. Sidewalk slam and leg drop on Napier. Two count. Chin lock on Napier by Lawless. Napier powers out with elbows but Lawless hits a drop kick. Murphy tagged in. He continues to beat on Napier. Murphy chokes Napier with the bottom rope. An elbow drop is next. Another. Two count by the referee. Hunter encourages Napier from the apron. Snakes eyes in the corner. Lawless is tagged in. Lawless drops Hunter off the apron. A neck breaker on Napier. Rolling Thunder on Napier. A two count is registered. Murphy is tagged in. Napier is tossed in the ropes by Lawless and Order and hits with a double back elbow. Two count is on Napier. Murphy is tossed in the ropes; Napier misses the drop kick. Murphy picks Napier up for a side suplex into the knee. Lawless runs the ropes and locks in a rear chin lock on Napier. A tag on Murphy. Napier is in the corner. Napier rolls out of the offense by Murphy. Hunter is tagged in for clotheslines and punches. A bulldog by Hunter onto Lawless. A tag to Napier. All four guys are in the ring. A suplex. Murphy makes the save. Napier Missile Drop Kicks Murphy. The action is hectic. Murphy bull dogs Hunter. All four men are down. The referee makes the call. Chaos. A double Sioux Falls Slam is next. They pin their opponents. 13:03. Hunter and Napier get the win.

A 10-minute rain delay

Golden Triangle Championship: Lou Martin v. Anthony Alexander

Referee Shawn Patrick checks both combatants and we are underway. Martin taunts Alexander and then the fans. The two long-time foes square off. Alexander tosses Martin across the ring. Patrick checks on Martin. The “Face of Pittsburgh” gets Alexander into a head lock. Alexander picks Martin up and posts him on the top turnbuckle. Martin claims he is the “strongest in the KSWA.” Martin fakes him out with the Test of Strength but Alexander simply knocks him down. Alexander clubs away at Martin in the corner for 10-punches. Martin tries to shake it off but another right hand drops him. Martin begs off Alexander. Martin extends a handle and Alexander picks him up, only to boot him in the gut. Martin is still reeling. Alexander picks Martin up and tosses him over his head with a fall away slam. Alexander puts the boots to Martin. Alexander picks Martin up and tosses him across the ring. Alexander misses with a boot and falls to the mat. It’s all Martin now. Martin kicks away at Alexander’s leg. Alexander is posted on the middle rope for a series of splashes from Martin. Martin continues to work on the leg. Martin continues to assail the left knee. Martin exposes Alexander’s knee. Now he goes into overdrive on Alexander’s leg. Martin pulls Double A out and drops a low blow elbow into Alexander’s cross hairs. A half Boston crab, a new move for Martin, is applied. He slams Alexander’s knee down. Martin finds toy num-chuks and hits Alexander with them. A spinebuster on Martin is out of nowhere. Both Megastars are down. Both men are up at six, Alexander favors the left knee. Martin pounds away on Alexander, the champ blocks and goes on his own for times. Martin knees Alexander and goes for the Death Certificate. Alexander blocks it and hits the Prime-Time Cancellation. 11:05

5-Star Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Bubba the Bulldog

Jimmy James calls for the bell and the action is on. Bubba chastises the crowd for not being behind him. Harley, in the rare position of being almost a fan-favorite, prepares. Bubba gets Harley in an arm bar. Harley gets Bubba in a headlock and holds on. The two continue to battle it out. Bubba gets Harley down and into the bottom rope. It’s still all Bubba on Morris. Morris catches a kick attempt but Bubba kicks him with the other foot anyway. Referee James makes counts as Bubba continues to beat on Bubba in the ropes. Bubba suplexes Morris and taunts the crowd as a way of following up. “Bubba Sucks” chants fill the air. Double clothesline He goes leaves both wrestlers on the mat. They both work on getting up. At six, Morris is up. He splashes Bubba and elbows him. A drop kick on Bubba is next. Another drop kick on a seated Bubba. Two count. Harley announces to the crowd that the match is over. For Bubba ducks Morris’ move and drops Harley with a Dawg Pound Rock Bottom. Bubba is the winner and retains in 7:45

Yinza v. Del Douglas

Referee Shawn Patrick can barely contain Douglas before the bell rings. Yinza waits patiently. The bell rings and Douglas continues to mouth off against the Krazies. Yinza gets a better reception from the fans. Yinza body slams Douglas and he is irate. Yinza says that didn’t happen. Douglas shouts for the referee to “call it down the middle.” Douglas gets Yinza in a head lock. He tosses Douglas into the ropes. Douglas runs the ropes about 30 times before Yinza clotheslines The King. The Pittsburgh Luchadore pounds Douglas’ head about 10 times. Douglas falls but gets a shoulder up at two. Yinza continues to take command. Yinza bashes Douglas’ head into the top turnbuckle and measures for a splash. He hits in and Douglas but misses the second. Now it’s Douglas time. He double ax handles Yinza and gets him down. Douglas takes time to chew out the crowd. There’s an elbow and two count you Yinza. Douglas goes for the fist that’s banned in “49 of the 50 states.” Yinza gets a shoulder up at two. Royal Crab time on Yinza. Yinza crawls to the ropes. Patrick forces the break. Douglas pushes the referee in frustration. Douglas hits a leg drop on Yinza and that keeps Yinza down. The Luchadore punches out for some offense. Douglas is whipped into the ropes. Yinza drops him. Yinza calls for the big elbow and he lands it. Yinza rallies the fans and hits Douglas with the Yinza to Belly. 9:43.

Big Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre v. T-Rantula and Big Country Matt McGraw

The Main Event, Tables Match, is underway. T-Rantula gets Massacre in the corner for a huge overhand chop. McGraw is tagged in and he goes to work on Massacre’s midsection. Massacre is whipped into the corner and Malachi is tagged in. McGraw, excited because of his hometown crew, goes to work on Malachi. The veteran recovers and suplexes McGraw. A gut wrench suplex is next on McGraw. Malachi has McGraw down for a couple of overhead punches. Massacre is tagged back in and he continues on McGraw. T is tagged in and he goes toe-to-toe with Massacre and the 7-footer doesn’t budge. Malachi takes some cheap shots on Massacre. McGraw races over to help. Soon all four Megastars are on the outside. McGraw bashes Massacre with a beer. Malachi goes to Nacho City. Massacre goes for a table. He tosses it inside the ring. The action breaks into the second row. T hits Massacre with a chair. McGraw does the same to Malachi. McGraw takes a wooden chair to the back. T tosses Massacre into the ring. T sets up a table in the corner, then goes back outside. All of the action is now deep into the crowd. After a while, the action returns to ringside. T pounds Massacre on the back. Malachi and McGraw are later arriving back to the ring. Malachi slides to the ring, followed by a smiling McGraw. T climbs the stairs and is back in. Malachi was tossed in. T wants to know if the Krazies want him to go for the table. Malachi fights out of the move. T goes low and then slams Malachi onto the chair. It doesn’t break. Incredibly, T takes flight and dives onto Malachi but the table won’t give. Massacre is in and he goes for T. T breaks the move and McGraw pounces with a spear and sends Massacre through a chair with incredible force. The winners, T-Rantula and Big Country Matt McGraw. 12:10

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