Chapter Two: A Champ Of A Different Color--Anthony Alexander Was A Golden Triangle VIP

May 23, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

[This is the second part of a series looking at Anthony Alexander’s three reigns as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Golden Triangle Championship.]

When Anthony Alexander lost the KSWA Golden Triangle Championship, he immediately transitioned into a rivalry with then-KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard. One of the most famous rivalries in KSWA history continued until FanFest 2007 when Alexander defeated Blanchard for the richest prize in the Commonwealth. Alexander held onto the KSWA Heavyweight Championship for an impressive 588 days.

Meanwhile, the KSWA’s Golden Triangle Championship changed 10 times in 1,303 days between Alexander controls. A venerable “Who’s Who” of KSWA Megastars, including La Lucha, Ali Kaida, Mike Malachi, Kris Kash and Del Douglas held the straps during that time. Douglas and Kash had a summer feud in which the belt changed hands a couple of times, and even “Mr. 8x10” Michael Cruz won the title from Sane during that time. Cruz was stripped of the strap due to conduct dishonorable to a champion and was never heard from in professional wrestling again.

On July 11, 2009, Blanchard defeated Alexander at Summertime Bruise for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship (Blanchard’s fifth time as champion). Alexander took on all comers, including Shane Starr and a rookie Mitch Napier. At FanFest 2009, Alexander shocked the Pittsburgh wrestling world when he turned on The Latin Assassin and helped Blanchard keep his championship. Double-A was a VIP.

On September 10, 2010 at Millvale Community Days, Alexander pinned former friend Justin Sane for the Golden Triangle Championship. This is the only Golden Triangle Championship title change outside the city of Pittsburgh in KSWA history.

A now villainous Alexander was rampaging as the Golden Triangle Champion, Pittsburgh’s champion. The Krazies took to bringing newspapers to the KSWA Arena, just so they could turn their backs on their former hero and read the day's events.

At FanFest The Prime Time Player defeated Mike Malachi. He would go on to defeat Kris Kash, Bobby Badfingers and a trio of competitors—Alex Arcadian, Vinnie Stone and Bob Badfingers—in a Fatal Four way at the 4th annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament on March 26, 2011. But during that match, Double-A tweaked a shoulder. The injury ended up being worse than originally suspected and he would need to vacate the title only 231 days after winning the belt.

A match would be scheduled to determine a new Golden Triangle Champion; however, issues would become more dire for the Hollywood, California Juggernaut. Some 10 different Megastars would hold onto the Golden Triangle Championship over the next 2,633 days.

Anthony Alexander would not appear in a wrestling ring again for six years.

[Next time…Double-A returns with a Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere.]

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