Chapter 3: The Prime-Time Player Comes Home For His Third Golden Triangle Championship

May 25, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It was nearly six years to the day when Double-A, Anthony Alexander returned to professional wrestling. A sudden shoulder injury sidelined the then-two-time Golden Triangle Champion. Once that healed and life got in the way.

Meanwhile, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) kept moving forward. The promotion’s home base moved from the KSWA Arena on 52nd Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh to the Teamster Temple a few blocks away on Butler Street. Accolades and recognition boosted the KSWA to the top of the Commonwealth, as well as beyond. Over the years, the KSWA has been honored by Pittsburgh City Council, Mayor Bill Peduto, Allegheny County Council, The PA State House, and Governor Tom Wolf’s Office. The KSWA also became the first Independent Professional Wrestling Organization in the industry to grace the cover of the Wall Street Journal. After a respite, the organization returned home to the now-former Moose Lodge, which became a flourishing and privately-owned Spirit Hall.

All this time, former Studio Wrestling stalwart Frank Durso won the Golden Triangle Championship (for five minutes), as did Bobby Badfingers, Bulldozer, Lou Martin and others for vastly different periods of time. Shane Starr won the belt and relinquished the city’s top prize because he won the state’s most prestigious championship.

And Shawn Blanchard, who once welcomed Alexander into the VIPs, continually stomped his way around the KSWA, winning championships along the way. When he went into the 10th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, Blanchard was boastful. He had won the first Abby Trophy. In the interim, KSWA Owner Bobby O had something up his sleeve. The Owner had announced that Blanchard would face a surprise opponent in the semi finals of the tournament named for Studio Wrestling hero Joe Abby. The KSWA offices were abuzz with speculation as to who might be Blanchard’s foe. Names of Megastars passed and Independent wrestlers of the modern day were bandied about. Not one soul expected Anthony Alexander to step through the curtain and back into Pittsburgh professional wrestling.

A shocked Blanchard couldn’t believe it. Was Alexander still on his side? Was he still a VIP? The answer came soon as the two veterans locked up and Double-A proved to the Krazies that he was back, perhaps better than ever. He defeated Blanchard in the semi-finals and then Jay Flash in the finals.

Anthony Alexander, the Prime-Time Player, was back.

“Mr. Tenacity,” Tommy Faime, who had celebrated his own in-ring return after a lengthy absence, was the reigning Golden Triangle Champion. Alexander was serious about his return. He defeated “Big” Mike Malachi, who also had a lengthy four-year KSWA absence from 2010-2014 before returning to prominence. Success continued for Alexander as he would team with Ice Machine and Jack Massacre and defeat Lucio Deveer, Harley T. Morris and the Golden Triangle title holder, Faime. It was clear what Alexander was angling for in the next few months. Faime defeated Alexander in their first one-on-one title match.

Alexander did step back and enjoyed a six-man tag team division run with Kris Kash and Shane Starr. While no category was ever established, the KSWA Championship Committee did at least look at matches based on the fun AA/SS/KK had.

When Faime and AA faced off, Faime had the upper hand. In Millvale on September 16, 2017, Alexander defeated Faime, albeit by DQ, nearly 7 years to the day after besting Justin Sane in his last GT title win. On October 7, Alexander defeated Faime and Malachi in a title match that didn’t end without controversy. It was a “Last Chance” for Alexander for the city’s top prize. Alexander won and Bobby O announced that Alexander’s final opportunity would come at FanFest in two months.

Anthony Alexander faced off against Tommy Faime in front of the largest crowd in KSWA FanFest history and defeated Mr. Tenacity for his third Golden Triangle Championship.

His first title defense, of course, was against Shawn Blanchard. Malachi and newcomer for Anthony Alexander, BROhemoth were the next to fall. Harley T. Morris, a strong competitor, in a couple of highly-competitive contests; one was even a Tables Match.

Alexander faced Officer Dan Murphy, another new Megastar and a rare competitor who is larger than the Golden Triangle Champion. Alexander bested old foe “King” Del Douglas and teamed with long-time friend Justin Sane to take on Blanchard and Lou Martin in tag team competition. Blanchard and Malachi received return matches and both fell victim to the Prime-Time Cancellation.

Del Douglas received another opportunity, and another newer Megastar, Zak Hunter, was not intimidated by the Golden Triangle Champion. In one of his most daunting challenges, Alexander took on both members of “Big and Bigger” Malachi and Jack Massacre.

This was turning into one of Alexander’s most notable runs with the Golden Triangle championship. The KSWA Championship Committee tossed all three VIPs at him during consecutive outings.

On December 1, 2018 at FanFest, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Championship, held by Nick Aldis, was up for grabs against the Brit’s most unorthodox and old school challenger to date, Shawn Blanchard. However, later in the evening, Alexander took on Pittsburgh born-and-bred “World’s Hottest Heel” Sam Adonis in a grueling contest. Alexander won by disqualification when Adonis was counted out. Adonis, one of the industry’s most traveled independents, wasn’t able to upset Alexander.

Alexander continued to set a high bar when he defended against another fan favorite in Lucio Deveer. But then “The Rev” Ron Hunt descended on the scene. Made “by the Great God Almighty Himself,” Hunt is a young star who has held regional championships and has made inroads in national touring companies. But he wanted an opportunity at Anthony Alexander and that precious title.

Murphy and a returning J-Ru were the next to fall before Hunt had another go-round. Another rough and tumble challenger was “The Gavel” David Lawless, like Alexander a former KSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Most recently, Alexander has successfully defeated Lou Martin once again. The wins keep coming for the Golden Triangle Champion who is now in his early 40’s. However, with the KSWA boasting event and attendance records, more and more of the best talent in the region look for their chance to wrestle before the Krazies.

And a top-of-his-game Anthony Alexander is ready.

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