Bulldog Is Now "Bubba Two Belts" As He Bests Alexander, Mayor Mystery's Stable Of Mayhem Runs The Table, Faime Calls It A Day

June 23, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Anthony Alexander was 569 days as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Golden Triangle Championship when he faced off against the reigning two-time 5-Star Champion Bubba the Bulldog. Little did he know that his title versus title defense of the city's championship was going to be a handicap match, or a three-on-one ride in the long run.

Giants T-Rantula and the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre continued their rivalry with a special Bodyslam Match, and long-time VIP, "Mr. Tenacity" Tommy Faime decided to once again call it a day as one of the most respected Megastars in KSWA history.

Harley T. Morris v. Big Country Matt McGraw

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and both men feel each other out. Harley grabs McGraw from behind. Instead of breaking the hold, McGraw simply hip tosses Morris across the ring. They lock up again and McGraw sends Morris flying again. A third time they lock up and Morris is forced in the corner. He swings and slaps McGraw. That fires up Big Country. McGraw is met with a boot to the face. Morris gets away from Morris but then misses his opponent with a spear in the corner. Morris takes advantage and gets McGraw face-down on the mat. Morris works on McGraw’s arm and shoulder. He kicks the big guy and grabs him by the wrist. McGraw clotheslines Morris down and settles the momentum. The two scrum together and McGraw gets drop kicked down. Morris uses the ropes to gain advantage on Big Country. Morris keeps McGraw down and keeps the pressure on the arm and shoulder. McGraw to stay down on the mat. The Krazies start to chant for him. Country tries to get an advantage, but that doesn’t work. McGraw finally breaks the hold and gets to his feet. Two clotheslines from the big guy follow. He whips Morris into the corner and hip tosses him across the ring. Morris staggers. A scoop slam follows. Morris drops out of the move and kicks Matt down. There’s a pin attempt on McGraw that ends at two. Morris drops his knee pad for a kick. He runs off the ropes and is met with McGraw’s spear. McGraw gets the win. 7:22

VIPs v. Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Yinza

The team of Kash, Starr and Yinza attack the VIPs before the bell rings. They send all three Megastars into one another in the center of the ring. Blanchard, Martin and Faime then fall to the outside. The Krazies are firmly behind Kash, Starr and Yinza. Blanchard was going to hit Starr, who was held by Martin, but Starr ducked and Martin was sent to the hard floor belong. Yinza was tagged in and he takes immediate control of Blanchard’s wrist. He flips Blanchard down and nearly collects a quick pin. The VIPs get Yinza into the corner and all take turns blasting away at him. Martin is tagged in and Yinza gets him down. Yinza gets Martin into the corner for a splash. Yinza gets Martin down and gets a one count. Starr is tagged back in and his vertical suplexes Martin down. A leg drop is next. Then a body slam. The tag is made to Kash, who dives on Martin’s arm. Faime is tagged in and he goes to work on Kash. There’s a body slam and Blanchard is tagged in. They “make a wish” with Kash’s legs and Blanchard positions Kash in the ropes. Faime takes control on the outside. Bobby O tries to keep Starr and Yinza at bay. Blanchard rakes Kash’s eyes. Blanchard grasps Kash’s nose, and Bobby O swats the hand away, sending pain down Kash’s face. Martin is back in and he grinds away at Kash. Faime is back in and he hip tosses Kash. He gets only two and Faime goes nuts on Bobby O. Blanchard and Martin go to work on Kash in the corner and Yinza is knocked off the apron. Bobby O argues with Starr and Yinza while the VIPs take many liberties on a laid out Kash. Blanchard is in and he gets Kash into a sleeper hold. Kash is dropped to the seat of his pants. Kash starts to battle out, but is immediately met with a spine buster. Kash kicks out at two. Kash stuns Blanchard and gets to Starr, who is a house a fire against Blanchard. The two run the ropes and ultimately meet in the center of the ring with a double clothesline. The fans are chanting for Starr. Starr gets to Kash who comes back in and so does Yinza. Kash meets with the Whisper in the Wind. Faime picks Kash up and hits him with a power slam for the victory. 12:11.

Post-Match: the VIPs dispatch of their opponents and meet in the center of the ring. The three embrace and Blanchard and Martin leave. Faime takes off his wrestling boots and places them in the center of the ring. Faime then leaves the KSWA…perhaps temporarily.

Body Slam Match: Jack Massacre v. T-Rantula

Originally scheduled as a "Grudge Match," this contest was changed by the KSWA Championship Committee to a beefy Body Slam Match. There’s nearly 800 pounds in the ring as the two giants of the KSWA lock up. There’s a go-behind, and Jack Massacre surprises T with a series of clotheslines that send the big man to the outside. The two battle around the ring, onto the ringside table and all over the place. Once back inside the two big men crash into one another again. T-Rantula back elbows Jack and then finally gets him down with a clothesline. Referee Jimmy James admonishes T for choking Jack, but T says the 7-footer did it to him first. Massacre gets T in the corner and stands on his neck. Massacre continues to assail T. Out of desperation, T goes low on Massacre. Both giants are spent. T misses with a splash attempt. Massacre punches T into the corner and uses the top rope as a weapon. At one point the building creeks due to the power in the ring. T goes for a bodyslam, but Massacre fights it off. T is down and Massacre stands on his back. Massacre whips T into the corner and Massacre misses the splash. Mayor Mystery clobbers T with his cane. T steps right into Massacre’s body slam for the win. 7:35. Post-Match: Big Country rushes in and chases Jack and Mystery away.

Fatal Four-Way to Determine #1 Contender for the 5-Star Championship: Murphy v. Sane v. Lawless v. Scarpone

Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this quartet. The bell rings and all Four Megastars start going after one another. Sly and Sane work well together having Lawless and Order knock into each other and both are spilled to the outside. Then, Scarpone and Sane go at it. Sly tries to gorilla press Sane but Sane breaks the move and throws Scarpone over. He “skins the cat” back in and they continue to wage individual war. Sly slams Sane and nearly gets a pin but Murphy races back in. Sly and Murphy go at it and the Officer is sent outside. Lawless drops Scarpone down and hits him with a leg drop but only gets two. The action is fast and furious between these four. Sane drop kicks Lawless out of his boots. Murphy attacks Scarpone and pulls him outside. Lawless and Sane go at it. Sane gets Lawless down and then he goes for the Frog Splash. He lands but only gets two. Murphy tosses Sane outside. Lawless and Order hug before the attorney small packages his partner for a near pinfall. Murphy misses with a splash in the corner. Lawless drops Murphy and goes for a splash from the corner. He’s met there by Scarpone who head-scissors him from the top. Sane hits Scarpone with a flying cross body block. Two count on Scarpone. Murphy tosses Sane over his head and across the ring. Scarpone side suplexes Murphy. Patrick makes the count before Lawless breaks up the pin on Murphy. Lawless drops Scarpone with an impressive move. He can’t get the three count before Sane breaks it up. Sane goes for a pin and nearly gets Lawless. Scarpone punches Murphy. Lawless is dropped by Sane. Soon all four combatants are resting comfortably in all four corners of the ring. Murphy DDT’s Sane, who rolls out. Scarpone punches Murphy down. Scarpone and Lawless try to get each other into a finishing move. Lawless gets Scarpone to fall in a Final Order neck breaker for the win. 8:24

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Beastman v. Dennis Gregory

Dennis tries to taunt Beastman. Mayor Mystery clobbers Beastman with a cane, but that just fires up the big man. The bell rings and the two meet in the center of the ring. Beastman, a true heavyweight, drops Gregory hard to the mat with a shoulder block. Gregory gets up and digs at the big man’s face and gets him down in the corner, where Mayor Mystery is ready for some offense. Gregory pounds away at Beastman in the corner; however, that only means that the caveman pulls Gregory out harder. He splashes the champion in the corner and one-hand scoop slams the champion. Gregory takes an elbow and kicks out at two. Gregory battles back and sends the Beastman out to the floor. Gregory follows. Gregory tosses Beastman into the corner where he collides head-first. Bubba the Bulldog, who came out with Gregory has a watchful eye as Beastman is sent into another corner post on the outside. Gregory hits Beastman in the head with a merchandise bucket. Gregory goes for a pin but Beastman tosses him across the ring. Beastman climbs into the ropes, where Gregory meets him for offense. Bubba takes a cheap shot on Beastman. Gregory drops Beastman down, perhaps with the aid of an offensive object. Gregory pulls a chain out of his shorts and wraps it around his fist. He punches Beastman straight down with the weapon. Gregory kicks the Beastman while he’s down. The referee is distracted by both Mayor Mystery and Bubba the Bulldog. Gregory goes for a pin but Beastman gets his shoulder up at two. Gregory hits Beastman in the head with a light sabre he found at ringside, or perhaps in Mayor Mystery’s briefcase. That doesn’t phase the big man, who grabs Dennis by the forehead and slams him directly into the mat. A Caveman Drop on Gregory is next. There’s a two and 7/8th count on Gregory, the closest he has been to losing the KSWA belt. Gregory fights out of a potential slam and gets Beastman down. Gregory tries to pin the Beastman but that ends at two. There’s a power slam on Gregory and a clothesline. Beastman pins Dennis but Mayor Mystery hits Beastman with his briefcase. Bubba tries to move a corner post. Gregory then tries after knocking Beastman down. Gregory drops Beastman in the center of the ring and gets the win. 14:13

Post-Match: Dennis gloats until Beastman literally goes for his throat.

KSWA tag team championship: Holy Kingdom v. Best Bros Around

The bell rings and the Krazies are deafeningly behind the Best Bros Around. The Rev decides to dive out to the floor, instead of facing BROhemoth. BRO fights off Del, who tries to take advantage of the distraction. BROhemoth tags in Napier and the Best Bros double back elbow Hunt to the outside. Del Douglas is tagged in on Hunt’s way out. Napier tags in BRO. BRO tags in Napier, who tosses BRO into Douglas. There’s Bowser Bomb on Douglas. Napier dives onto The King next but no pin attempt is successful. Rev kicks Napier in the back as he is whipped into the ropes. Referee James catches BROhemoth trying to enter the ring. Douglas has Napier in the corner for a moment of boots to the throat. Douglas body slams Napier and tags in Hunt, who goes right after Mitch with boots of his own. Hunt keeps the offense on Napier. He tags in Douglas and they double team suplex Napier. Douglas hits Napier with the fist from the corner post. Douglas hits Napier with a series of knees to the gut. Hunt is tagged back in. He drops Napier and goads BROhemoth into the ring. Douglas and Hunt have Napier in their corner. BROhemoth breaks up the pin attempt on Napier by Douglas. Douglas tosses Napier into Hunt’s clutches. Hunt clobbers Napier with a right hand. Napier is in the corner for a series of shoulders from Hunt. Hunt tunes up the boot. Napier tosses him over the top rope. Hunt and Napier go for the next offensive move and Hunt gets the upper hand. There’s a running back elbow. Hunt tries to follow up but Napier boots him in the chin. They trade moves until Napier hits Hunt with a side suplex and bounces the ring. Both Megastars are spent. The count is on. Napier gets to BROhemoth and Hunt gets to Douglas. BRO bodyslams Douglas in the center of the ring. Hunt jumps on his back. BRO splashes Douglas but Hunt hits him with a boot. Douglas drops BROhemoth down. Douglas and Napier battle on the outside. Hunt climbs to the top rope with BRO down in the center of the ring. A Frog Splash is next. BROhemoth kicks out at two. BROhemoth fights out of a double clothesline and clobbers both with one of his own. BROhemoth sets both men up for a splash. Hunt moves, Douglas gets it. BROhemoth spears Hunt. BROhemoth hits Hunt with the World’s Strongest Slam and Napier hits Douglas with the Sioux Falls Slam for the double pin and retention. 11:21

Golden Triangle v. 5-Star Champion: Double A v. Bubba the Bulldog

After an eternity of game-playing by Bubba and Dennis Gregory, the bell rings. Bubba immediately dives to the outside. Once back inside, the two veterans lock up. Alexander tosses Bubba into a corner. There he gets comfort from Dennis and Mayor Mystery. They lock up again and the result is identical: Bubba finds himself tossed across the ring. The “Bubba Sucks” chant is loud and ceaseless. Alexander gets Bubba in a headlock. He shoulder blocks Bubba down to the mat. He scrambles to the outside. Bubba takes his time getting back in the ring. Gregory shouts encouragement from the outside. Bubba bites Double-A’s fingers. Bubba goes to work on Alexander’s elbow. Alexander is tossed into the ropes and he catches himself there. Alexander hits Bubba with a series of right hands. Bubba is dropped with a back elbow. Alexander rams Bubba’s head into all four corner posts. Bubba falls face-first down in the center of the ring. Gregory gets into KSWA Owner Bobby O’s face. Alexander body slams Bubba in the center of the ring. The fans chant “Double A” with gusto. Alexander slams Bubba and posts him into the top corner post. Gregory tries to slide a chair in. Bubba kicks Alexander down in the center of the ring. Bubba clotheslines Double A over the top rope and goes with him to the outside. Bubba puts the boots to Alexander on the outside. With the referee distracted, Bubba uses Mayor Mystery’s cane to good use on Alexander. Gregory is tossed back inside. Bubba slams Anthony’s leg into the corner post. The fans start to chant for Double A. Bubba climbs back into the ring and Double A tries to regroup. Gregory goes after Anthony’s leg as the referee is once again distracted. Bubba gives Alexander a step over toe hold and then drops down. He drops a leg on Alexander’s leg. Bubba goes for the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Mayor Mystery uses his cane to pull Bubba away from Alexander, adding more pressure. Double-A asks for the fans’ support and they respond loudly. Gregory climbs the apron but Alexander is able to reverse the Figure Four. Mystery is on the apron. The hold is broken. Bubba hits Alexander with a flying forearm. Two count on the Prime-Time Player. Double A is in a bad way. Bubba splashes him in the corner. Bubba is met with “Bubba Sucks” chants. There’s a bulldog on Alexander and a two count. Bubba is still ready for the next move. Alexander gets up. Out of nowhere the Prime-Time Cancellation. Alexander drops Mystery from the apron. Gregory wallops Alexander with the KSWA Championship Committee Hotline phone. Alexander is down for the count. 13:47. Bubba the Bulldog is now both the 5-Star Champion and the Golden Triangle Champion.

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