The New John "Baldy" McGrane Sr. Memorial Battle Royal, Tag Team Title Match, 6-Man Spectacular Highlight Annual Outing

June 25, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Now in its 75th year, the annual Fireworks Celebration in Lawrenceville is an institution, and since 2008 the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has been an integral part of the fun. This year, the KSWA Championship Committee has decided to make the event even more important.

John “Baldy” McGrane, Sr. was a hometown leader who worked diligently to make sure that kids in Lawrenceville could play ball. McGrane, who passed away in 2005, was inducted into the Pennsylvania American Legion Sports Hall of Fame in 1969 and the Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1985. The KSWA will name its first “John ‘Baldy’ McGrane, Sr. Memorial Battle Royal this Saturday in Arsenal Park. A prize of $5,000 will go to the winner of the over-the-top-rope extravaganza.

Also, for the first time, the team of KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory will team with the Megastar who he defeated for the title, “The Gavel” David Lawless, Esquire, and his long-time tag team partner Officer Dan Murphy. In six-man competition they will face off against “Big Country” Matt McGraw, T-Rantula and the now-former Golden Triangle Champion, “Double-A” Anthony Alexander. This is a tag team match that could headline any venue in Independent wrestling, and the Krazies are going to get it free of charge during the Independence Day Celebration. Gregory is riding high after defeating Beastman this last Saturday evening, and Alexander is still feeling the sting of losing the vaunted and valued Golden Triangle Championship to Bubba the Bulldog. Might there be tension between Gregory and Lawless? There’s only one way to find out.

The KSWA tag team championships are on the line as the Best Bros Around—Mitch Napier and BROhemoth—take on expert opponents the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. Napier and BROhemoth defeated another version of the VIPs—Blanchard and Tommy Faime—for the most prized tag team titles in the Commonwealth. The Best BROs Around are certainly looking good in the early stages of their championship run; however, no one on the KSWA roster is more eager to add to their expansive trophy chests than the VIPs.

The always energetic Pittsburgh Luchadore, Yinza, is set to take on the perpetually grumpy “King” Del Douglas. Regardless of their general attitudes, the showdown will be a physical and intense affair. Few Megastars are as ready for any challenge or challenger, and Yinza continues to move up the competitive ladder.

Meanwhile, veteran and multi-time champion Justin Sane will face an old foe in Harley T. Morris. The two Megastars have battled many times over the years, and no victor has been definitive. From Flag Matches to tag team contests with experienced partners, Sane and Morris have tangled often, but not recently mano-a-mano. It will be interesting to see how these successful wrestlers prepare for each other this Saturday.

A battle between two young and aspiring Megastars, the “Rev” Ron Hunt and Zak Hunter will heat up on what promises to be a high temperate afternoon. Both Hunt and Hunter have had success in singles as well as tag team competition, and the KSWA Championship Committee will be watching this matchup intently as Pittsburgh professional wrestling officially enters the second-half of the competitive year.

Bell time is 4:00 p.m. on Saturday June 29, 2019. Arsenal Park is located along 40th Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh, 15201. The event is free. Call 412-726-1762 for more information. Card is subject to change

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