King "Checks" Battle Royal Win, Best Bros Hold On, Hunter, Sane Victorious At Lawrenceville Independence Day Celebration

June 30, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to the Arsenal Park for the 12th time, date back to 2008 on Saturday, June 29. The organization introduced a new Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal Memorial match, and it has Royal Results.

John “Baldy” McGrane Sr. Memorial Battle Royal

The bell rings and Dennis Gregory was immediately eliminated, as was Mayor Mystery. Lawless, McGraw, Morris, T-Rantula all go by the wayside. Zach Hunter is out next. Shane Starr is dumped next. Murphy is next, leaving Yinza, Lou Martin and Del Douglas. Yinza dumps Martin and Douglas races in and dumps Yinza. “King” Del Douglas walks off with the $5,000 prize. 5:41

Six-Man Tag Team: Dennis Gregory and Lawless & Order versus McGraw, T-Rantula and Alexander

Gregory takes his time getting into the ring as the team of T-Rantula, Big Country and Double-A settle is as a more cohesive unit. T-Rantula starts off with Lawless. Before they could even lock up, Lawless races to his corner and tags in the KSWA Champion, Gregory. The two veterans lock up and Gregory gets T in the corner for a shot. T-Rantula charges out and knocks the Champ to the grass outside. Officer Murphy is then tagged in and he is thrown down by T-Rantula. The close-cropped Murphy complains that T-Rantula “grabbed his hair.” Referee Bobby O was not impressed. T chops Murphy not once but twice with open hand chops that drop the lawman to the hot mat. T clotheslines Murphy down and hits him with a huge boot to the chin. T distracts the referee and kicks Murphy low. Murphy is tossed over the top ropes for the second time this afternoon. T grabs Murphy’s whistle and taunts him with it. T rakes Murphy’s back. The continues the onslaught before tagging in Double-A. Alexander drops Murphy with a nice back elbow. Alexander next scores with a big right hand. However, Murphy rebounds and gets the former Golden Triangle Champion in the opponents’ corner. He breaks out of it and bodyslams Lawless. McGraw is tagged in and he hip tosses Lawless down. McGraw hits a side slam on Lawless and picks him up. McGraw beats Lawless down and into the ropes. He slugs Murphy. McGraw gets tied up in the opponents’ corner and Murphy takes over. McGraw gets to his corner and tags in McGraw but Bobby O doesn’t see it. The team takes advantage of McGraw in the ropes. Gregory drops a leg and McGraw while on the apron. Murphy goes for a pin but McGraw gets to the ropes. Gregory double ax handles McGraw down. Gregory, the veteran, taunts T and Alexander. That’s enough to fire those guys up and allows the others to beat on McGraw. Gregory drops McGraw with a punch and poses. There’s a front face lock on McGraw and the big guy battles out of it. Gregory misses with a clothesline and McGraw hits him with a fall away slam. McGraw tries to suplex Gregory, but he fights out of it. A low blow drops McGraw. Murphy elbows McGraw and keeps Big Country in their corner. Murphy misses with a splash but the others race in. T is tagged in and he cleans Lawless and Order out of the ring. Alexander chases Dennis. Alexander hits Lawless with the Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the win. 12:42

KSWA tag team championship: VIPs v Best Bros Around

As usual, the VIPs make friends with the fans at ringside while the Bronamaly BROhemoth and Mitch Napier conserve their energy in the ring. A kid at ringside urges the VIPs “to get in the ring.” Shawn Blanchard is ready to take on Napier. The VIPs get Napier into a compromising position along the ropes, but when Blanchard goes to hit Napier, the Best Around gets out of the way and Martin is punched to the grass. Blanchard locks up again with Napier and taunts BROhemoth. BRO is whipped into the ropes but Napier moves and Martin once again is knocked from the apron and onto the Lawrenceville lawn. After a few moments, Blanchard tags in BROhemoth. Martin says he doesn’t want Napier, but instead he wants the Bronamaly. Martin grabs a wrist lock and works on BROhemoth’s arm and shoulder. Once in the ropes, Blanchard uses some dirty tactics on BRO. Blanchard pumps BROhemoth’s arm over the top rope and then BRO switches to Martin. Blanchard pump handles Martin about 30 times before Blanchard watches BRO and Mitch watching him. Napier is tagged in and they do a number on Martin before Napier lands the head butt from the top rope. Napier swings Martin gets a two count. BROhemoth is tagged in and he lays one in to Martin. BRO sets up Martin for a splash, the veteran gets out of the way. BRO hits the steel and Martin gets to Blanchard for the tag. Blanchard gets BRO in the ropes and tags in Martin for a splash. BRO and Martin trade shots in the center of the ring. BRO tags in Napier, who kicks away at Martin. Napier gets for a flying head scissors but Martin catches him and drops the fan favorite down with a power slam. Blanchard is tagged in and he kicks Napier low with the referee distracted. Blanchard punches Napier down and taunts BROhemoth. Martin attacks Napier and the 100 kids at ringside scream at the top of their lungs. The VIPs back elbow Napier and continue their assault. BRO gets the fans chanting for Mitch. Martin misses a clothesline but theirs’s a double clothesline that floors both competitors. BRO and Blanchard are each tagged in. Soon, all four men are in the center of the ring. Napier on Martin, BROhemoth on Blanchard. The VIPs focus on Napier while BRO shakes off some cobwebs. A “Garbage Pants” chant starts. There’ a Worlds’ Strongest Slam on Blanchard and the win. 11:42.

Zak Hunter v. Shane Starr

Zak Hunter and Shane Starr, two still-young veterans, shake hands before the matchup. Referee Bobby O calls for the bell and the two lock up. Hunter gets the upper hand and forces Starr in the corner. There’s a clean break. They lock up and Starr gets Hunter into the corner. Another clean break. Starr grabs a wrist lock and threatens to “break off” Hunter’s arm. Starr gets Hunter into a headlock and the two duck clotheslines and stop when they try to superkick one another. Hunter gets a go-behind and Starr follows that up with a drop kick. Starr body slams the deceptively big Hunter. There’s a suplex and pin attempt that ends at two. Starr gets up and goes right back at Hunter, who drops in a couple of right hands. There’s a knee to Starr who is posted and sitting in the corner. A pin attempt on Starr ends at two. The two continue with Hunter getting some momentum. Starr is whipped into a corner, but he battles out. He posts Hunter in the top turnbuckle. Hunter fights it off and Starr drops down on the mat. Hunter drops an elbow and there’s a two-count. A pin attempt on Starr ends at two. Hunter’s kick attempt fails but the two tangle and both men land shots to drop each other. Starr lands a couple of clotheslines. The third misses. Hunter boots and suplexes Starr. The pin attempt ends at two. Both Megastars have gone hard all match. Hunter slaps Starr and tries to pick him up. Starr sends him into the ropes and into a Whisper In the Wind attempt. Hunter breaks it and drops Starr with a DDT for the win. 6:32. Post-Match, the two once again shake hands in mutual respect.

Del Douglas v. Yinza

The King comes to the ring with his $5,000 winner’s check for the inaugural John “Baldy” McGrane Over the Top Rope Battle Royal. The Krazies are clearly behind Yinza in the “cheer off” between the two. The King takes the early advantage with a headlock and plenty of screaming. Yinza does his best to battle out of it. The two run the ropes a bunch of times, with Yinza bailing and letting the King tire himself out early on. Douglas is down and Yinza gets a two count on the pin attempt. Yinza wants a “Test of Strength” between the two. Douglas is ready. He flexes for the crowd and Yinza chops him in the back to get him back into the match. They end up dancing together before Yinza clotheslines Douglas down. Yinza smashes The King’s head into the top turnbuckle of two corners and gets him down for a pin attempt. That ends two a two. Yinza gets Douglas in the corner for 10 punches, however, the veteran fights out and drops Yinza. He may have hit a low blow. Yinza was down but got his shoulder up at two. The banned fist from the top is next. The fans rally for Yinza, but he is bodyslammed down. The two continue to battle on. Yinza gets to his feet as Douglas argues with the crowd. He unwraps wrist tape and goes after Yinza’s throat. That’s enough to keep the Luchadore down. Yinza is posted in the ropes. Yinza is then settled in the corner for some boots. Yinza recovers and Monkey Flips Douglas. A clothesline is next. Yinza goes to the top and drops a big elbow for the win. 7:33

Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The is a matchup between old foes. Morris hits the scene first and then Sane. The two ago round and round with wrist locks and position moves before Morris is tossed outside. Sane follows, clobbers Morris, and tosses him back in. Sane “goes old school” and lands a fist from the top rope. Sane tries again but Morris meets him with a big knee and clothesline. Morris drops an elbow on Sane’s outstretched arm. Morris then takes time out to shout and kids ringside. Morris keeps Sane down and argues more with those fans enjoying the festivities. Sane sunset flips Morris out of nowhere and then Morris a belly-to-belly for a near pinfall. Morris lands a leg drop and Sane kicks up at two. There’s a reverse Boston Crab on sorts on Sane but Justin won’t submit. Harley can’t hold it forever and drops his opponent. There’s a boot to Sane from Morris and some taunting of the referee as he continues to put the boot to Sane. Morris fires in some rights. Sane rallies with some clotheslines and a cross-body block. He falls Morris and climbs to the top rope. Morris jumps up and kicks him in the head. Harley follows that up with a chop. Kids at ringside are loudly chanting for “Justin” as he fights Harley off and hits a Frog Splash for the win. 7:11

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