As Brawl Under The Bridge V Approaches, Megastars Review First Half Of 2019, Gear Up For Busiest Time Of Year

July 1, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

With Brawl Under the Bridge V less than a month away, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) and the Championship Committee will soon be looking forward to December’s FanFest. And with half a year already in the competitive can, we can look at who is thriving in 2019 and who might to redirect momentum going into the second half of the year.

It would be difficult to earmark a Megastar with a better 6 months than Bubba the Bulldog. A finalist in January’s Battle Bowl, the 5-Star Champion earned an opportunity at that very title had it been up for grabs. As luck would have it, the very next month Bubba would issue an open challenge. One-time start up Trick McSorley answered and was quickly dispatched. Full of vim and vigor, Mayor Mystery’s man re-opened the challenge on the spot. Suddenly, Sly Scarpone entered the scene. In one of the most remarkable moments in recent KSWA history, Scarpone defeated Bubba for the belt and the KSWA Arena at Spirit Hall went insane. But before Scarpone could truly enjoy his largess, Bubba sneak attacked the new champion, cashed in his Battle Bowl contract, and defeated his clobbered opponent. Hence, Bubba quickly became a two-time Five-Star Champion. Add to that his defeat of 569-day Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander, and Bubba becomes the KSWA’s very first Five-Star AND Golden Triangle Champion. “Bubba Two Belts” is securely on his way.

Meanwhile, Scarpone has won a couple of one-on-one contests with Super Ginger and Harley T. Morris, but injury has kept him away from Pittsburgh’s squared circle. And once he came back from extended leave, Scarpone was not able to capitalize on a Fatal Four-way to determine the next Number One Contender for the 5-Star Champion. That went to “The Gavel” David Lawless, Esquire, some would say in an upset. Sly will need to get over some health issues and earn the contract he has been clamoring for on social media. Scarpone’s KSWA future can be bright.

The KSWA Championship Committee continues to be very high on former KSWA Heavyweight Champion David Lawless. Lawless and Napier were initially co-winners of this year’s Battle Bowl, as no clear winner of the over-the-top-rope extravaganza could be immediately determined. Lawless had lost to Champion Dennis Gregory in a one-on-one rematch from last year’s FanFest, but “The Gavel” always continues to be in the top of the combative ladder. Lawless has only lost to Megastars also at the top of the market with BROhemoth and Mitch Napier. His Golden Triangle challenge to Anthony Alexander was top notch, and he and his “Lawless and Order” tag team partner Officer Dan Murphy have had unsuccessful opportunities at the KSWA tag team championship. And as noted earlier, he is the Number One contender for the Five-Star Championship.

Officer Dan Murphy continues to find his footing in the KSWA landscape. The lawman from Suffolk, Virginia is 6’8” and 302 pounds and has been a favorite of the Championship Committee. He’s been entered into the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and had several chances at the Golden Triangle Championship; however, the big score has eluded the big lawman. One of the highlights of his year was a Fatal Four way that featured him and tag team partner Lawless battle each other in the center of the ring. Murphy has missed some of the KSWA’s highest-profile events in 2019 but his presence has improved considerably since 2018.

Now former Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander is rebounding from his loss to Bubba the Bulldog. If his match at Arsenal Park on June 29 is any indication, the veteran from Hollywood has not lost a step and will be back in the championship chase sooner rather than later. He, Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula looked good against a more dysfunctional David Lawless, Dan Murphy and Dennis Gregory. Alexander has always been a fighting champion and there’s no indication that his skills have dulled. In fact, he appears to be as fit and determined as ever. He has a rematch clause against Bubba or whoever holds the Golden Triangle Championship will be cashed in, and look for Alexander to be in a top spot for as long as he wants.

Shane Starr is one of the KSWA’s most decorated champions. Starr is a former KSWA Champion, a two-time Golden Triangle Champion, and four-time tag team title holder. He has defeated long-time foe Shawn Blanchard in singles competition this year, but he has fallen to others like 5-Star Champion Bubba the Bulldog and most recently, Zak Hunter. A good showing at Brawl Under the Bridge V could re-enter Starr into the Heavyweight sweepstakes currently run by Gregory. Starr has been a strong foil to Gregory’s athletic shenanigans, and “Sharpsburg’s Starr Citizen” could once again find himself at the top of Pennsylvania’s championship hierarchy.

Harley T. Morris continues with solid in-ring competition, even though his individual win-loss record has been lacking. “The West Virginia Hammer” is a compact striker and his technical skills continue to excel (he gave Mitch Napier serious challenges during that champion’s run) and he has boasted victories over former tag team partner Zak Hunter and the oft-put upon former one-time 5-Star Champion Super Ginger. Morris’s work in the ring did earn him an opportunity against fellow fan foil Bubba the Bulldog and his 5-Star Championship, but Bubba was victorious. Morris most recently lost to Justin Sane in the Independence Day Main Event, and his rivalry with Zak Hunter continues at Brawl Under the Bridge. Morris always finds himself in the KSWA mix.

The year 2019 has been a mixed bag for Zak Hunter. Early on he lost important matchups to Morris and a 5-Star Championship opportunity to Bubba the Bulldog; however, he has recovered nicely in more recent times. He has teamed with Beastman and Shane Starr to success and bested Lucio Deveer. He re-teamed with his “Big Game Hunters” partner BROhemoth and defeated J-Ru and Harley T. Morris and tagged with another “Best Bro Around” Napier in another win over Lawless and Order. Most recently, Hunter pinned Shane Starr at the Lawrenceville Independence Day celebration. He and Morris re-tangle after dominating the Ladder Match at last year’s Brawl Under the Bridge ladder match.

Another Megastar in the early stages of a Championship Committee review is “The Rev” Ron Hunt. A successful regional player everywhere he goes, “The Higher Power’s Gift To Wrestling” first entered the KSWA in Battle Bowl and impressed. He immediately had an opportunity at Anthony Alexander’s Golden Triangle Championship but came up empty. Since that time, he has entered into a potentially high-powered team with “King” Del Douglas. “The Holy Kingdom” debuted and defeated The Jester and Justin Sane on March 2, but lost to Justin Sane and Lucio Deveer in April at Springdale. Also, in April Hunt had another chance to best Alexander, and wasn’t able to score a win. Most recently, the Holy Kingdom were not able to unseat tag team champions BROhemoth and Mitch Napier. If Hunt becomes a constant locker room presence, the KSWA Championship Committee will position “The Rev” in more high-profile singles opportunities. Based on Douglas’ concrete-sturdy dependability, “Holy Kingdom” gets another shot at the Best Bros Around at Brawl Under the Bridge V in what promises to be a highlight of the Summer’s premier exhibition.

There are also other wild-cards such as Beastman, Lucio Deveer and even veterans like “Big” Mike Malachi who haven’t had enough of a sample size in 2019 to gauge what the rest of the year will hold in Pittsburgh professional wrestling.

The KSWA’s highly-aggressive and more intense “second half” officially begins on Saturday, July 20 at Brawl Under the Bridge V. Much more about that summertime institution in the days and weeks to come.

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