Tables And Chairs Added To Ladders Match, Scarpone Shocks Bubba, Gregory Bests Beastman, J.J. Recognized

July 21, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Owner Bobby O had all he could take from Bubba the Bulldog at Brawl Under the Bridge 5 so he surprised the Golden Triangle Champion. In addition, the leader of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh decided to add some flair to an already-competitive Ladder Match. Legendary manager James J. Dillon returned to once again consult the VIPs, and he received something for his efforts.

Bonus Match: Officer Dan Murphy v. Sly Scarpone

The early attendees were treated to a match between the 303-pound Murphy and 235-pound fan favorite Sly Scarpone. Referee Jimmy James checks both opponents and the match begins. The two power house members of the roster lock up and Scarpone gets Murphy down and then into a headlock. There’s a shoulder block that does little to rock both men. They slug it out before Sly lands a couple of forearms. Murphy drops Scarpone and gets a one count on the pin attempt. Murphy beats on Scarpone’s back. Soon, Scarpone is forced into the ropes for a boot. Scarpone has trouble getting up after that. Scarpone is forced into the corner for offense. Scarpone is whipped into the corner and then to another. Murphy does it again. Scarpone races out and tries for a sunset flip but Murphy blocks it. There’s a belly to belly on Scarpone and a two count. Murphy gets Scarpone in a submission move before slamming him down to the mat. Murphy keeps Sly down for more offense. Murphy puts the boots to Scarpone and then body slams him. Murphy back elbows Scarpone and keeps him down with a series of boots. Murphy climbs to the middle rope, where Scarpone meets him with a fist. Murphy powerbombs Scarpone but somehow the action star rolls Murphy up for the win! 5:05

Harley T. Morris v. Zak Hunter

The two former tag team partners, now foes, go to shake hands. Morris initiated and tried to pull a fast one, but Hunter caught on. With quick offense, Hunter had Morris reeling after that. Morris is down in the corner and the fans cheer for Hunter. Morris gets up and Hunter kicks him in the gut and gives him a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Morris gets some momentum and gets a two count on Hunter. It’s all Morris now with fists to Hunter’s jaw. The fans chant “Hunter.” Morris delivers a knee into Hunter’s face. There’s a pin attempt at two. Hunter won’t give up on an arm and elbow leverage move. Morris delivers a knee lift and clothesline for a two count. A low drop kick off the ropes keeps Hunter down. Morris returns to the elbow. Hunter fights up. Hunter pulls him down from the back of the hair. There’s a leg drop and two count on Hunter. Hunter gets support from the crowd. Morris goes to pick him up for a slam but only gets two. A tilt a whirl slam on Hunter is next. Two count. Morris drives Hunter into the corner and lays in some elbows. Morris puts a boot to Hunter’s throat. He breaks the illegal move at four. Hunter is on his knees. Morris grabs him from behind with a move similar to a cobra clutch. Not locked in well. Hunter recovers enough to flip Morris over the top rope and onto the brick road below. Hunter delivers a big elbow and another and a boot. Morris goes for a stunner. Hunter drops him down for the pin. 7:08

Justin Sane v. Shawn Blanchard (w/James J. Dillon)

Blanchard emerges from the tent and has the DJ cut his music. Instead, Tim Steiner plays the theme for J.J. Dillon who comes to the ring with Blanchard. Once inside, the bell rings and Shawn Blanchard extends his hand in friendship to Sane. Sane says he doesn’t “trust” Blanchard. Blanchard shakes hands with a glad Dillon on the outside. Blanchard slaps Sane on the head “Benny Hill style.” They lock up and Blanchard gets Sane in a headlock and gets him down. The two lock up again after Blanchard preens. Sane gets the wrist lock on Blanchard and works the arm. Sane drops Blanchard’s arm over the top rope. Sane gets the wrist again and goes “old school” on the top rope. Dillon tries to warn Blanchard but that doesn’t work. Sane talks to Dillon on the outside. Sane bites Blanchard’s hand. Sane puts a knee on Blanchard. Sane goes back to the wrist and works the entire arm. Blanchard gets some momentum and bites Sane’s hand while the referee is distracted by Dillon. Sane grabs the arm and drops Blanchard. He hits a leg drop and gets a two count. Blanchard reacts by poking Sane in the eye. Blanchard kicks Sane low as the referee is distracted. Blanchard picks him up and hits a standing suplex. The crowd appreciates the effort. Knee drop. Two count and Blanchard goes after the trapezius muscles. Sane is trying to regain his faculties. Blanchard shouts “He’s done.” Sane claps, looking for the Krazies’ approval. Sane fights out with elbows but Blanchard hits a Spinebuster. There’s a two and a half count. Sane kicks out. Blanchard cannot believe it. Dillon gives it to the referee. Blanchard goes to work on Sane and knocks him down. Blanchard has Sane in the ropes and Shawn Patrick is distracted by the referee. Dillon walks over and pokes Sane in the eye to a huge response from the crowd. Blanchard pounds Sane’s head into the turnbuckle but Sane shakes it off. Sane drops Blanchard with a knee. Sane climbs the ropes for Frog Splash and gets it in the gut. Blanchard pile drives Sane for the win. 8:58

Post-Match: KSWA Owner Bobby O and the VIPs present James J. Dillon with a proclamation from Allegheny County Council and President “Jumpin’” Johnny Defazio regarding the legendary wrestler and manager’s 50 years since his first match in Pittsburgh.

Tag Team Title Match: Hunt and Douglas v. BROhemoth and Napier (champions)

The action starts before the bell as The Rev and Del Douglas attack BROhemoth and Mitch Napier before the bell. BROhemoth threw Napier into Del for a cross body block. Both challengers are on the outside. Hunt screams at the crowd. BROhemoth gets the crowd fired up. BRO gets Douglas in a headlock and whips him across the ring and off the ropes. BRO tags in Napier. BRO bodyslams Douglas and aided Napier with a splash onto Douglas for a two count. Napier is in the ropes. Hunt races on the outside and slaps Napier in the ropes. Hunt continues the assault. Napier recovers and tosses Hunt into his corner. BRO is tagged before a swing and BRO hits a Bowser Bomb on Hunt. BRO misses a splash and Hunter clips his knee. BRO is down for a two count. Hunt digs into BROhemoth. Douglas is tagged in and he delivers knees to BROhemoth’s gut. There’s a two count on BROhemoth. Napier is taunted in. Hunt stomps on BRO as Patrick attends to Napier. Hunt gets BRO into the ropes. BRO recovers, but Hunt delivers a clothesline. Two count on the big man. Hunt is to his feet. He pulls away at BRO’s leg. He stomps on the knee. Douglas shouts to “break his leg.” Hunt wrenches BROhemoth’s leg back. The Krazies chant “You Still Suck” to Hunt. Hunt readies for a move, but BRO picks him up, launches him into the sky and drops him with a Samoan Drop. Napier hops on the apron in anticipation of a tag. He gets to the former KSWA champion. Napier hits Hunt with a flying DDT from the corner. Napier drop kicks Hunt and delivers forearms. Hunt goes for a shoulder in the corner but Napier dives out of the way. A dramatic and fantastic Coast-to-Coast is next. Napier goes Coast-to-Coast on the outside and kicks Hunt in the head. BRO gives Hunt an F-5 for win. 9:19

Beastman v. Dennis Gregory

Gregory grabs the microphone to address the overflow crowd. Gregory attacks Beastman from the outset, ending with a big body slam. The crowd went insane for all of that early action. There’s an elbow and just like that it could have been over. Gregory pokes Beastman in the eye and gets some advantage. Beastman gets some offense but Bubba pulls his leg from the outside. Gregory puts a boot to Beastman and follow up with a series of lefts and rights. Gregory knees the big challenger and Beastman grabs his foot. Beastman gnaws on the champion’s ankle. He gets free and rolls to the outside. Bubba hands Gregory a chain on the outside. Beastman goes to the outside and confronts Bubba. He’s about to punch him with Gregory races in and clobbers the challenger. Bubba continues to antagonize Beastman on the outside. The referee is distracted by Gregory. Bubba climbs the apron to distract Jimmy James and Gregory punches Beastman square in the jaw. Gregory pulls the chain out of his trunks and bashes Beastman with it. Beastman goes down. Gregory claims no illegal activities. Bubba climbs the apron. Gregory once again punches Beastman down. There’s a lazy pin attempt and Beastman kicks up at one. The Krazies chant “Husk!” Gregory knocks him down again. Beastman is on the apron. Gregory jumps over and tries to power bomb him onto the bricks. Beastman slams down onto Gregory instead. Gregory is rolled in. Beastman climbs the ropes. He pulls Bubba up. That distraction allows Gregory to hit him from behind and drop him to the apron. Gregory tosses in a chair but the referee tosses it aside. Beastman recovers for a side suplex and drops Gregory in the center of the ring. The ring bounced six inches off of the ground. Both Megastars are spent. Beastman is up. Gregory is up. Beastman chops Gregory and hits him with an enormous Samoan Drop. There was a two and a half count that fans couldn’t believe. Beastman rushes in and Gregory hits him with a superkick. Gregory goes for a cover. Two count as Beastman kicks up. The “Husk” chant reverberates through Homestead. Gregory knees Beastman. Gregory gets him up and in the corner. Gregory punches Beastman in the head. A sitdown powerbomb on Gregory shakes the earth. There’s a pin that somehow, Gregory gets a shoulder up. Gregory is in the corner. Bubba races in and misses with his Golden Triangle belt. Beastman misses with a splash in the corner. He hits his head. Gregory races and drives Beastman, face first into the mat from behind with both knees. The winner and still the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Dennis Gregory. 12:45.

Golden Triangle Championship: Anthony Alexander v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion)

Bubba takes the microphone and runs down the crowd. Alexander responds with an anger never seen in the KSWA before. The crowd erupts in “Double A” chants. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both men. Alexander tosses Bubba aside off of their initial lock up. They lock up again and Alexander gets the challenger in a head lock. He drops Bubba down. Alexander drops him with a clothesline. Alexander flies off the ropes and shoulder blocks Bubba to the outside. Bubba checks his back and climbs onto the apron. Alexander brings him in the hard way. He administers some punches to the head and then hits a back elbow. There’s a two count before Bubba gets a shoulder up. Alexander slams his head into the turnbuckle. Alexander gets him into the corner for a series of punches to the head. An 11th has Bubba fall face-first onto the mat. Bubba is then bodyslammed. Alexander asks the crowd if he should do it again and he does. Bubba is motionless. Alexander circles before pulling up the Golden Triangle Champion. The fans chant for Alexander in large numbers. Alexander clotheslines Bubba in the corner. He misses with a splash in the corner and spills out onto the apron. Bubba follows and wraps Alexander’s arm around the corner post. On the outside, Bubba slams Alexander’s head into a sponsor table. Referee Shawn Patrick tries to stop Bubba from using wrist tape to choke Alexander. Allowing for leeway, Patrick allows it. Bubba takes Alexander into the capacity. There’s plenty of heads slamming on tables in the distance. At one point, Bubba picks up a chair and Anthony hits him in the head with one. The action is heavy on the outside. Once back inside, Alexander is ready. Bubba is in the corner. Bubba is whipped in the corner and Double A follows with a splash and punches. Somehow, Bubba jumps on AA’s back for a sleeper. They fall into the referee. Gregory races out and superkicks Alexander. Bubba hits the side slam for the win. 11:44.

Double-A rushes back and hits Bubba with a Prime-Time Cancellation. Bobby O announces that Bubba will defend the 5-Star Championship against former champion Sly Scarpone. Right. Now.

5-Star Championship: Sly Scarpone v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion)

Scarpone hits the ring and nearly pins Bubba. After some offense, he gets a two and a half count again on the 5-Star Champion. Scarpone hits a superplex and nearly scores the win. The two battle it out in the center of the ring. Scarpone gets a series of near pinfalls before finally dropping him down for the three count. 2:46. The winner and new 5-Star Champion is Sly Scarpone!

Tag Team: Malachi and Massacre v. McGraw and T-Rantula

The former KSWA Tag Team Champions come to the ring and then the team of McGraw and T-Rantula arrive on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Referee Jimmy James checks McGraw and T-Rantula while Massacre and Malachi chill on the outside. The four giants shove each other and try to intimidate one another; however, the veterans all don’t do that. Malachi and McGraw start off and Malachi suplexes McGraw. Malachi applies a front face lock and Country tries to dig out of it. Massacre is tagged in. He takes of McGraw’s biker vest and clobbers him with it. He then chokes him with it. Massacre enters and they double clothesline line McGraw with the vest. Malachi gets McGraw in a rear chin lock but McGraw won’t submit. Malachi cross body blocks McGraw from the middle rope. T comes in and breaks up the pin attempt. Massacre tries to pin again but only gets two. Malachi is back in and he drops an elbow on McGraw. Malachi goes for a wrist lock and tags in Massacre. Massacre, a lefty, lays in a big left hand onto McGraw’s skull. Malachi is tagged back in. He taunts T-Rantula and goes to work on McGraw with Massacre. McGraw continues to absorb punishment from Malachi. Out of nowhere, McGraw clothesline Malachi and tags in T-Rantula. T-Rantula knocks Malachi down and goes after Massacre on the apron. Malachi is in the corner, where T follows for a good old-fashioned butt spanking. Malachi tries to hide in the ropes. Malachi distracts T enough to knee him in the gut. Malachi pounds away at T-Rantula in the corner. Malachi rakes T’s eyes over the top rope. Massacre punches T-Rantula in the cranium as the referee is distracted. Massacre chokes and head butts the iconic T-Rantula. T is busted open in the exchange. The assault goes on too long for McGraw, who races in to save a bloodied T Rantula. T is tossed in the corner. He hops out and Malachi body slams him. Massacre races in to make the pin but T kicks out as McGraw rushes in. Massacre pounds away at T and splashes him in a corner. The duo drape T-Rantula’s neck over the top rope. T staggers as Malachi pounces. Malachi whips him into a corner where T follows with a knee to the jaw. He makes his tag to McGraw. McGraw slams Malachi and flies with a splash from the middle turnbuckle. Massacre rushes in to help. Malachi mistakenly goes to T-Rantula’s corner for a tag. Soon, Malachi is in. McGraw battles Malachi in the corner where T hoists him up. McGraw slugs away on Malachi. Massacre rushes in. T chops Malachi dead in the chest. T rams Malachi’s crotch into the ring post from the outside. McGraw pulls Malachi in. Massacre is on his apron, T Rantula on his. McGraw body slams Malachi and gets a two count. McGraw forgoes the tag. Malachi low blows McGraw and slams him down. He goes for a pin but T-Rantula rushes in. The crowd chants for “T” as he front-face-locks Malachi. Massacre is on the outside. McGraw gives T nachos. He blasts Malachi with it. McGraw spears Malachi. T hits Massacre with a chair and the win is recorded! 15:45

TLC Match: Martin v. Yinza v. Lawless v. Starr v. Kash v. Deveer (champion)

The match begins with all of the Megastars in complete chaos. Yinza, Starr and Kash chase out Martin, Deveer and Lawless. They all grab ladders and immediately go for the belt. The opponents rush in and stop them. Now, they try to do it. They all climb the ladders and blast each other. They all fall to the mat. It’s Lawless and Yinza in the ring. Lawless drop kicks Yinza and climbs a ladder. He jumps off and misses a leg drop. Yinza monkey flips Lawless out of the corner and onto the floor. Yinza climbs up but Martin meets him for a Death Certificate. Yinza is tossed out. Starr rushes in and pounds Martin into the ladder. Deveer is in to challenge Starr. Deveer chops Starr. Deveer throws Starr into the ladder and hits a clothesline. Starr is out. Deveer grabs the ladder but it’s broken. Kash is in to dispatch Deveer. Lawless is next and he tosses Kash off the ladder. Kash is tossed to the outside. All six men are now on the outside. Lawless hits Kash with a soda. Martin tosses Starr into the corner post. There’s pure mayhem under the Bridge. Starr hits Martin with a chair. Kash tosses Lawless into a table. Deveer and Lawless battle. Yinza catches a right hand from Starr. Chairs and people are tossed everywhere. Lawless has Kash in the ring. Lawless prepares a ladder. Starr hits Lawless with a side slam. Deveer kicks Starr and hits him with an Enigmatic slam. Yinza hits Deveer with a Yinza to belly. Martin has a ladder on his shoulders and he clobbers everyone around until Yinza drop kicks him. Kash is in and sets up a ladder. He climbs it and Lawless meets him with a power bomb. Lawless climbs the ladder and Deveer meets him. Deveer head butts Lawless off. Martin pushes Deveer off the ladder. Yinza tries to set Starr up on a table. Yinza hits Starr with an elbow from the top of the ladder. Deveer is in and suplexes Kash onto a ladder. Deveer climbs the top rope. Deveer swon ton bombs Kash from the top rope, while Kash is still on a ladder. Deveer sets up a ladder. Martin meets him there for a lashing. A Yinza chant breaks out. Martin is posted in a corner, as so is Yinza. Lawless hits Kash with a spinning neck breaker. Lawless posts a ladder on two chairs. Yinza meets him with some offense. He kicks Lawless in the corner. Martin arrives with a chair. Martin waffles Lawless and then Yinza with chairs. Kash hits Martin with one. Kash and Starr rearrange furniture in the ring. Kash and Starr gives Martin a 3D onto a table. Starr sets up a ladder. Yinza throws one in. Lawless climbs back in. Kash and Starr meet at the top of the ladder. They are tossed off by Yinza and Lawless. Yinza and Lawless climb. Martin pulls Yinza down and over the top rope and onto the apron. Martin and Lawless climb. Martin pushes Lawless off and into the previously arranged ladder on chair. Martin unlocks the belt and wins Brawl Under the Bridge 5. 18:45

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