BREAKING NEWS: Blanchard Must Pay For "Cheese Gate" Snack Assault On Key Official

June 21, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

It was announced on Monday that the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Championship Committee will fine and potentially suspend former 6-time World Champion Shawn Blanchard following a controversial move Saturday Night.

Blanchard was in a hard-hitting match with T-Rantula when the 2016 KSWA Hall of Famer left the ring for a plate of nachos with cheese. As is customary for the 26-year wrestling veteran, he takes his opponent to "Nacho City" and plasters the warm, tasty treat smack dab in their face. The move has taken on its own life in western Pennsylvania wrestling and is very exciting to long time fans, but not with opponents.

Toward the end of what would be the contest, T-Rantula fetched a fans' nachos at ringside. He entered the ring and planned to smack Blanchard. A sly veteran in his own right, Blanchard pulled KSWA Head Referee David Fedor into the line of fire.

Fedor was leveled to the mat and rose with a face full of nacho cheese. Blinded by the assault, Fedor called for a double disqualification, admonishing T-Rantula for the illegal substance and Blanchard for the dastardly move.

Luckily, Fedor was able to finish out the night with no additional problems. Members of the KSWA Championship Committee placed a call to Fedor on Sunday as he spent time with his young son, Griffin. The KSWA Championship Committee congratulated Fedor for his manhood in finishing out the night as "the leader he is." It's also believed that the Championship Committee took care of Fedor's dry cleaning bill and increased his event pay by an undisclosed sum.

In addition, the KSWA Championship Committee announced that Blanchard was fined an undisclosed amount because of this latest action. An unidentified source also claims that Blanchard is under increased scrutiny and may face suspension over this latest incident.

Blanchard would not comment on any of these reports.

If there's more to this story, you will read it at KSWA Digest.

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