Starr Wins Battle Royal, But Can't Upset Gregory, VIPs Add To Their Legendary Legacy With Tag Team Title Win

August 12, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Pre-Match – Tim Moore was a former member of the American Legion. He was also a 20+ year Air Force veteran who served tours of duty in Iraq. The inaugural Ove-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal was named in his honor. The winner of the match not only received the Tim Moore trophy but was also awarded a title shot vs. the KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory in the main event later that evening.

Tim Moore Memorial Battle Royal – 19 Megastars participated, with the Beastman not only trying to eat the middle rope - he also tried to eat the Tim Moore Memorial Trophy. The Final Five in order of elimination:

5) Zak Hunter

4) Beastman

3) Justin Sane

2) Mike Malachi

1) Shane Starr eliminated Malachi at (10:08) by hanging onto the top rope as both competitors were hung up after battling for a few minutes.

Post Match – KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory came to the ring apparently to congratulate Starr for winning the Battle Royal. As the two shook hands, Gregory sneak attacked Starr with the belt and beat on his opponent for a while before grabbing the microphone to berate not on Starr but the KSWA Krazies in attendance as well.

YINZA defeated The Cleveland Bruiser in a Grudge with the belly-to-belly suplex at (8:19)

Kris Kash defeated “The Enigma” Lucio Deveer with Whisper in the Wind at (8:18). After the match, the two competitors shook hands and embraced and Deveer held Kash’s hand high gracefully after his loss.

Pre-Match: KSWA Owner Bobby O and acting commissioner Bobby Badfingers entered the ring. Badfingers wondered what was in the bag that Bobby O asked him to carry around all day. O suggested it may be $10,000 in cash and Badfingers began to leave the ring with the bag in tow. Bobby O admitted it wasn’t money but a surprise for the Krazies and the Megastars in advance of the

KSWA’s upcoming 20th anniversary. Bobby O then informed the challengers the VIP’s, the champions the Best Bros. around and senior KSWA official Shawn Patrick that the winners of the next match would not be holding the current tag team title belts, that those belts were being retired. Badfingers was instructed to open the bag which contained new KSWA Tag Team Championship belts which would be awarded at the conclusion of the next match.

KSWA Tag Team Championship Match – While senior KSWA official checked on the health of Bro Hemoth, who was tossed outside of the ring through the ropes by “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard, Blanchard surprised Mitch Napier from behind, and then pile drove Napier into the mat. “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin, who was recovering from Napier’s Olympic Slam, was pulled on top of Napier and after Patrick counted to three at the (15:00) mark, the VIP’s were once again KSWA Tag Team Champions.

T-Rantula & "Big Country" Matt McGraw defeated "The King" Del Douglas & "The Rev" Ron Hunt in (9:12) after McGraw speared Hunt. Hunt made his way to the ring dressed in jeans, a vest and a cowboy hat and proceeded to run down his opponents prior to the bell. This match was a chest slap party as both the King and The Rev took numerous blows to the chest from both McGraw and T-Rantula. McGraw was frequently double teamed by Thy Kingdom Come before being able to tag his partner. After all 4 Megastars brawled; Hunt went to Nacho City and then was deposited back into the ring by T-Rantula before being speared by McGraw.

Anthony Alexander defeated Harley T. Morris with the RKO at (8:45). Alexander had the early advantage using his strength and size before Morris mounted a counterattack by working over Alexander/s left arm. Alexander fought back and surprised Morris with his finisher for the victory.

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory retained his title by defeating Shane Starr at (10:38). Starr came to the ring holding the Tim Moore Memorial Trophy which he won earlier in the evening. Gregory danced his way to the match with his usual bravado and swagger. After each competitor scored near falls on two counts early in the match, Gregory took control. The champion pounded away at Starr legally and illegally, stopping several times to admire his work and berate the crowd. But Gregory could only score several two counts on the stubborn Starr. Starr was able to gain an advantage on Gregory but could not quite finish off the champion to regain the belt that he once held. As Shawn Patrick removed a chair that Gregory brought into the ring, the champion belted the challenger in the head with the memorial trophy and then finished off Starr with the Wannabe off the top rope to hold on to his championship

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