On 6th Anniversary Of Debut, Ray Lyn Main Events In Imperial, Best Bros Earn Title Shot, Scarpone And VIPs Hold On

August 18, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Ray Lyn has been one of the Pittsburgh area’s most traveled wrestlers. She’s been on the East Coast, West Coast, wrestled internationally, and on several professional wrestling television programs. However, she said she would get emotional when it came to wrestling for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) at MJ’s Steel City Saloon, where she once worked. There she took on a rival/friend in Zoey Skye.

In addition, the KSWA 5-Star Championship was on the way, team battled it out for a shot at the tag team championships, regardless of who held the straps. Anthony Alexander battled frequent foe “Rev” Ron Hunt and Yinza faced the King in other action.

Five-Star Championship (Fatal Five Way): Lawless v. Sane v. Morris v. Deveer v. Scarpone (champion)

The bell rings. Morris and Lawless taunts the crowd. Lawless gets out of the ring and leaves Morris alone for the wolves. They toss all but Deveer and Sane out. Lawless jumps back in and tosses Sane over the top rope and goes to work on Deveer. Lucio chops away at Lawless and flips him over his head and across the ring. There’s a two count on Lawless. Morris works on Scarpone on the outside. Morris goes back in and goes to work on Deveer after “The Enigma” dispatched Lawless. Morris chops Deveer and Morris goes behind for a German Suplex. Sane rushes in and breaks up a pin attempt on Deveer by Morris. Lawless takes a seat at ringside. Scarpone, who was injure on the outside, finally cuts back in. He goes to work on Sane and then the Mad Man gets some offense. He goes Old School but Scarpone catches him for a power slam and two count. Lawless is back in. Lawless goes head scissors Scarpone down. Deveer and Morris battle it out in the sand around the ring. A spinning back elbow by Lawless continues offense on Scarpone, who is sent to the outside. Deveer races in and drops Lawless. He goes to the top and misses with a dive from the top rope. Scarpone is back in and he leg scissors Lawless out of the corner. Everyone is done in the center of the ring. There’s a DDT on Morris. There’s a big pile up and then Scarpone drops lawless for the win. 7:45.

Officer Dan Murphy v. Beastman

The Officer makes referee Shawn Patrick check Beastman several times. After the bell rings, Beastman checks the referee, which makes the crowd chuckle. Murphy hustles outside of the ring and then comes back in after riling up the crowd. Beastman bites Murphy’s fingers, which again makes the crowd chuckle. The super-agile Beastman rolls around the ring and then gets into Murphy’s face. Beastman shoves Murphy down but then the Officer gets some shady offense in. That offense is short-lived and Beastman gets Murphy up on the top of the turnbuckle. Then Murphy is on the top rope for some rope jockeying. Murphy gets back in the ring and blasts Beastman. A series of shots has the Stone Age Savage helpless in the corner. Murphy continues the offense with back elbows and then whips the Beastman into the corner. Murphy puts the boots to Beastman and settles him down into another corner. Murphy continues to put the heavy boots into the big man. Patrick gets Murphy off of the cave man. That’s enough for Beastman to get up and into the match again. Murphy gets Beastman into a bear hug. Beastman tries to battle out. Incredibly, Murphy continues the torture and gets Beastman down into a position of submission. Beastman battles out but the two continue to hit each other with exceedingly heavy shots. They collide with a double clothesline and are down for several minutes. Beastman gets the 303-pounder up for a body slam and two count. Murphy rallies and gets Beastman down. Murphy tries for a splash off of the top but slides off. 9:25

Del Douglas v. Yinza

The bell rings and Del Douglas is all over the place, posing and rousing up the crowd. Yinza gets some early offense and Douglas is reeling. Yinza calls The King an “old man” and he takes umbrage. Yinza whips Douglas into the ropes and drops him with a clothesline. Yinza has Douglas in his clutches and chops him in the chest. Douglas is whipped into a corner and hit with a body splash. There’s a bulldog on Douglas and a two count. Yinza keeps it up on Douglas. Yinza punches Douglas in the head with a series of right hands. Douglas goes low to break up the offense. That’s enough for Douglas to take over. He has Yinza in the ropes for a series of offensive moves. Yinza is down and is hit with the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Douglas drops an elbow on Yinza and then another. Two count then on Yinza. Douglas chokes Yinza with wrist tape. Yinza lays in some sledge shots on Yinza. Yinza climbs up the corner post. Douglas whips him into the corner but Yinza monkey flips Douglas out. Douglas recovers and drops Yinza down. The Royal Sharpshooter is next on Yinza. The Luchadore can’t get to the ropes. Yinza fights off the offense and doesn’t submit. Douglas pulls him out but Yinza gets to the ropes. The ref makes Douglas break the hold. They trade blows in the center of the ring. Yinza hits Douglas with a series of shots, including a clothesline and a face-first suplex. Yinza dives on Douglas, La Lucha style but Douglas kicks up. Douglas is whipped hard into the corner post and Yinza gets ready to pounce. There’s a big elbow from the top rope. The Yinza to belly is next for the win. 10:08.

KSWA tag team championship: The VIPs (w) Mayor Mystery v. T-Rantula and Big Country Matt McGraw

KSWA Owner Bobby O, who was out to make announcements about upcoming events, makes himself the special guest referee for this contest. Inexplicably, Mayor Mystery arrives on the scene with the VIPs. One fan calls the VIPs “Shake and Bake.” The match is made a “NO DQ, falls count anywhere on the grounds” match. This is a daunting task for the champions, who face one of the industry’s all-time “No DQ” champions, T-Rantula. McGraw, a rare competitor much larger than Blanchard, pushes the VIP into the ropes. There Lou Martin pets Blanchard’s head. Blanchard, the 20-year-veteran, is able to gets McGraw down with an arm bar and tags in Martin. Martin adds leverage and a bite onto McGraw’s elbow. McGraw is able to get some offense on Martin and suplexes him down. That’s enough to get him into the corner to tag in T-Rantula. T chops Blanchard and McGraw chops Martin with both hands. Martin and McGraw are on the outside and Blanchard and T on the inside. T chops Blanchard on the outside and Martin goes to work on McGraw with a plastic chair and then a wooden chair. T and Blanchard are somewhere on the property and Mayor Mystery rains cane blows on McGraw. Martin is slammed face-first into the ring steps. Martin is seated in the front row by McGraw and chopped over and over again. T pours beer on Blanchard and busts cans over his head. McGraw hits Martin with a wooden chair. Blanchard chops T in the chest with chops. Martin clobbers McGraw with a beach umbrella and Blanchard shows off a beet-red chest as his pounds away at T-Rantula. Blanchard hits T with a garbage can. Blanchard is slammed face-first into a table. The battle wages on away from the ring. Martin staggers back to the ring, then is followed by McGraw and T-Rantula. T grabs the nachos. Lou ducked, T hit McGraw and Blanchard clobbered T-Rantula with the chair. Martin is in the ring and Death Certificates McGraw in the center of the ring for the win. 15:55

Tag Team: Best Bros Around v. Kash and Starr

The winners of this match get a shot at the VIP’s tag team championship next week in Verona. All four Megastars shake hands to start off the contest. Shawn Patrick checks on the wrestlers and calls for the bell. Shane Starr gets Mitch Napier from behind and wrestles him down. Napier does the same to keep Starr down. The two trade offensive maneuvers and collide with a dual cross body block. BROhemoth is in and so is Kash. The fans chant “BRO” and Starr urges them to stop it. Kash over hand chops BROhemoth until the big guy catches the arm and drops Kash to the mat. There’s a head butt to Kash. BRO gets to his corner and tags in Napier, who shoulder blocks Kash. Napier keeps the offense on until he tags in BROhemoth. BRO drops Kash and calls for the “Bowser Bomb.” He lands it. He calls for another but the veteran Kash rolls out of the way and tags Starr. BRO gets to Napier and the two former KSWA Champions go at it. They are evenly matched and battle it out into the corner before Starr gets the upper hand and suplex. Napier blocks it and lands one of his own. Napier goes for the ankle lock and Starr is able to get out of it. He gets Napier into a move leading to the Sharpshooter, but Napier battles enough for Starr to tag Kash instead. Kash dives with both legs onto Napier and continues the offense. Napier is down in the corner. Kash goes to pin Napier but only gets a two count. Napier drop kicks Kash in the mush. Napier is slow to get up. He gets to BROhemoth and tags in his Best BRO. BRO picks up Kash for a standing suplex and lands it. Kash fights out of another suplex attempt and drop kicks BROhemoth into the corner where Napier is tagged in. Napier suplexes Kash over and gets a two count. Napier can’t side suplex Kash but Kash is able to do just that to Mitch. Patrick checks as both Megastars have a hard time getting up. BROhemoth is tagged in and so is Starr. BRO catches Starr and hits him with a slam. He gets to Napier who drop kicks Starr around the ring. Kash is tagged in and he drops Napier. It’s German Suplex time for Napier on Kash. Kash kicks up at two on a pin attempt. The two collide in the center of the ring. Napier chops Kash and then Kris flips over onto Napier from the corner. Kash hits Napier with the Whisper in the Wind. Kash goes to the top rope, BROhemoth meets him there and the two brawl. In the ring, Napier hits Kash with the Sioux Falls Salm from the top rope for the win. 10:49. The Best BROs around get a shot at the KSWA tag team titles in Verona next week.

Rev Ron Hunt v. Anthony Alexander

Both of these Megastars are looking for a good showing, what with FanFest season a lot closer than many think. The crowd chants for “Double A” right off the bat. Hunt can’t get the same love from the crowd. Hunt keeps bailing outside, including into one front-row seat. Alexander gets Hunt in a head lock. Alexander threatens to rip his head off. Hunt hip tosses Alexander around. Hunt gets Double-A down for some work on the arm; however, Alexander is able to get up. Hunt gets some serious shots in on Alexander and gets a boot in his throat. The fans chant for Double-A. Double A gets Hunt into the corner, The Rev kicks him in the head, but Alexander gets him down. Alexander punches Hunt and whips him into the ropes and into a back elbow. Alexander body slams Hunt down in the center of the ring. Alexander keeps the offense on Hunt. Then, Hunt is able to rally and puts Alexander in the ropes. He continues to steal Alexander’s wind. There’s a punch to Alexander’s mush. Hunt keeps the action heavy on Alexander’s back. Hunt kicks Alexander down and gives him a neck breaker to keep the former Golden Triangle Champion down. Hunt runs the ropes and then promptly gets Alexander in a sleeper hold. He pressures Alexander down. Ref Jimmy James checks Alexander’s hand. On the third drop, Alexander fights to keep it up. The fans react favorably. Alexander, now in a front face lock, battles out. Alexander hits Hunt for a clothesline and then almost launches him out of the ring. There’s a big boot and pin attempt that ends at two. They fight off each other’s whip attempts and Hunt pokes Anthony in the eye. He drops Alexander and gets a two count on the pin attempt. Alexander hits Hunt with a huge spine buster and the fans are going crazy for him. Both Megastars are spent. James counts to seven before they both get to their feet. They trade punches. Hunt chokes Alexander in the ropes. Alexander clotheslines over the top rope. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere for the win. 12:03.

Zoey Skye v. Ray Lyn

Before the match got underway, Ray Lyn offers a beer to Zoey Skye. “Welcome to my home town,” Ray Lyn explains. Zoey answers by saying she “doesn’t drink.” Ray Lyn takes the beer off of her friend and then is hit with a hip toss. The action quickly moves to the outside. Zoey and Ray Lyn battle each other throughout the crowd. Ray Lyn stuns Zoey in the MJ’s Steel City Saloon sand outside the ring. Zoey regains action and rolls Ray Lyn in. There’s a pin attempt but Ray Lyn kicks up. The two continue to battle with pin attempts, punches and Ray Lyn’s call for more beer. Ray Lyn is seated in the front row and Zoey threatens a beer. They kick each other and Ray Lyn hits a modified Lou Thesz Press on Zoey for a pin attempt. Ray Lyn hits a good drop kick on her opponent and gets a two count. Zoey drops Ray Lyn with a back breaker. Zoey tries to rally the crowd, which is distinctly behind Ray Lyn. Ray Lyn hits a super plex in the center of the ring, but they are both down. Ray Lyn battles out and kicks Zoey directly in the head. There’s a pin attempt. Zoey hits a Code Breaker on Ray Lyn but Zoey battles out. Ray Lyn hits a RKO for the win. 8:50

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