Redemption On the Minds Of Several Megastars As Battle In The Borough II Takes Shape This Saturday

August 20, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It’s a unique opportunity for the Best Bros Around as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) tag team championships are on the line in BROhemoth’s home town for Battle In The Borough 2.

BROhemoth and Mitch Napier, aka The Best Bros Around, look to redeem the loss of the Commonwealth’s most coveted tag team championships to the VIPs—Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard—in Sheraden two weeks ago. Just last weekend, the Best Bros defeated Kris Kash and Shane Starr to secure this opportunity at tag team gold. Meanwhile, the VIPs defeated T-Rantula and “Big Country” Matt McGraw in a no-disqualification street fight at MJ’s Steel City Saloon. The VIPs have secured their place as the most successful tag team champions in the city of Pittsburgh’s history, and they have the chance to add to their legacy this coming Saturday in Verona.

At last year’s Battle in the Borough, Lou Martin lost to BROhemoth in an Ambulance Match, so the VIPs are looking for a way to even the odds against Verona’s favorite son.

The KSWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dennis Gregory, is back in action and defending the Commonwealth’s Most Prestigious Title against a challenger who has held the belt before, Double-A Anthony Alexander. The former Golden Triangle Champion has found himself in a rivalry with Gregory, the Golden Triangle Champion Bubba the Bulldog, as well as their manager, Mayor Mystery. Alexander has a chance to recapture the KSWA Heavyweight Championship for the first time in a decade. And Battle in the Borough 2 might be that opportunity. To his credit, Gregory has successfully defended against all comers, most recently former champion Shane Starr in Sheraden two weeks ago.

In one of the largest six-man tag teams recorded in KSWA history, “Big” Mike Malachi and the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre team with Officer Dan Murphy (a total combined weight of 956 pounds) to take on T-Rantula, “Big Country” Matt McGraw and Justin Sane (total combined weight of 814 pounds). Former tag team champions Malachi and Massacre have been looking to get back to the top of the tag team ranks for a while, and teaming with the powerhouse Murphy gives them confidence; however, T-Rantula and McGraw have been impressing and Justin Sane has never looked better. The matchup with be between a bunch of Megastars who love to brawl. The heavy hitting will be on display Saturday night.

The Golden Triangle Champion Bubba the Bulldog defends against Kris Kash. Much like Alexander, Kash has not held this particular championship since 2009. Bubba has claimed himself to be the “Best Wrestler in the World” and his success ratio has proven him largely correct. The always-popular Kash, who received chants that overtook Mitch Napier and BROhemoth’s in Imperial this past weekend, might just be ready to recapture championship gold. Always quick and durable, Kash has added resilience to his resume in recent years. Bubba the Bulldog is one of the quickest and most physical Megastars on the roster, and Kash is also on that list. Expect a fast-moving and sometimes high-flying arsenal.

In a match the KSWA Championship Committee booked for insight, Harley T. Morris will take on "The Rev" Ron Hunt. Neither of these wrestlers are fan favorites, but they are young and hungry. Morris has tasted some KSWA Championship gold and Hunt has made his intentions known. He is ready for championship hardware, whether it be of individual accomplishment, or of the tag team variety with “King” Del Douglas. In recent months Morris has increased his strength, fitness and professionalism. Both of these Megastars routinely arrive at the arena dressed for success and that has piqued the interest of the KSWA Championship Committee. The outcome of this intense contest will also add to future planning and match making.

A rematch is scheduled for Saturday as the Pittsburgh Luchadore, Yinza, takes on “King” Del Douglas in one-on-one competition. The two just faced off in Imperial with Yinza getting the well-earned duke, so Douglas is assuredly looking for his own brand of revenge. Both Megastars are promised pivotal matches in FanFest season, but impressing will continue to be on the minds of Yinza and Douglas. Both Megastars are now veterans. Douglas has had scores of championship scores, and Yinza continues to look for his first taste of gold. Matches such as this get athletes in position in which those opportunities occur.

Battle in the Borough 2 is presented by the Lower Valley Athletic Foundation Verona Parks & Recreation Board. There is a special bell time of 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 24. The event will be held at Cribbs Field, 700-744 2nd Street, Verona, PA 15147. All tickets are $10. For more information, please call 412-726-1762. The card is subject to change.

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