Best Bros Around Are Once Again The Commonwealth's Top Tag Team, Anthony And Gregory Tell An Epic Tale, Bubba Gets By Kash

August 25, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Verona on a beautiful late Saturday evening. The night featured three matches that would headline any professional wrestling event anywhere with Bubba the Bulldog defending the Golden Triangle Championship against Kris Kash; KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory battling Anthony Alexander; and the VIPs defend the Commonwealth’s most coveted tag team titles against The Best Bros Around. In addition to that, Rev Ron Hunt took on Zak Hunter, T-Rantula took a newcomer to Nacho City and “King” Del Douglas furthered his rivalry with Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore.

Del Douglas v. Yinza

The first match of the evening was a re-match of sorts with King Del Douglas taking on the Pittsburgh Luchadore, Yinza. Douglas was mad from the get-go. The two tried with various success to get the fans before then. The bell begins and the two Megastars circle each other. They lock up and Yinza is the first to literally get an upper hand on the King. Yinza keeps pressure on the wrist as Yinza has complete control. Douglas gets into the ropes and forces a break in the offense. There are no time outs, says the referee. Douglas says its time to take Yinza “to school.” Yinza responds with a clothesline and punches. Yinza splashes Douglas in the corner and follows with a good bulldog. There’s a two count and the two are back on their feet. It’s all Yinza as he pounds Douglas’ head into the various turnbuckles. He gets all four corners. Yinza punches Douglas in the dome 10 times in the corner, but Douglas fights back by jabbing Yinza in the eyes. There’s a one-count as Douglas attempts to pin. Douglas continues to attack Yinza in the various ropes. Douglas chokes Yinza and proceeds to bury knees into his midsection. Yinza is in the corner for a couple of knees. Yinza monkey flips Douglas out of another corner. Douglas goes for the eyes again. Douglas chokes Yinza and attempts to go for his mask. Douglas body slams Yinza and goes for the corner. There is lands the fist that’s banned in “49 out of the 50 states.’ Two count. Douglas goes for the Royal Sharpshooter and Yinza is fighting the pain. He inches his way to the ropes and makes it. Yinza rallies and clotheslines the King down. Both Megastars are spent. Yinza to bell is next. 9:15

Dan Murphy, Harley T. Morris and Zeke Mercer v. Justin Sane, Big Country and T-Rantula

The team of Officer Murphy, Morris and Mercer is an underdog when it comes to the veteran versatility of Sane, McGraw and the Hall of Famer T-Rantula. T-Rantula immediately takes notice of the KSWA newcomer Mercer. Murphy’s official police hat is taken off of his head and tossed into play and at one time stomped on by Justin Sane. Mercer is sent in first against Sane. These two are about the same physical size. Mercer gets Sane into a headlock but Sane is able to break out of what Murphy called a “test book” head lock. McGraw is in and he chops and suplexes Mercer. McGraw misses a splash as Mercer dekes his way out. T-Rantula is then tagged in to go after Mercer. T-Rantula body slams Mercer and picks him up for some demolition. McGraw is back in and he moves the earth with a couple of body slams on Mercer. Sane is tagged back in. Sane suplexes Mercer and kicks out of a pin attempt. Mercer somehow rebounds and gets Sane into his corner. Mercer wisely drops off the apron for a moment to recapture his energy. Morris is tagged in and he and Murphy “make a wish” on Sane’s legs. Murphy clotheslines Sane down and Morris attacks him from the outside. Murphy pins Sane for only two. Morris is in and he keeps the offense on Sane. There’s a two count before Sane is pushed into the opposition’s corner. Mercer and Murphy attack Sane while referee Patrick is distracted by T-Rantula. Morris misses a clothesline but the two long-time foes continue to battle it out. Murphy is tagged in and he side-suplexes Sane. Murphy tags Mercer, who suplexes Sane. There’s a two count on Sane as Mercer hoped for a win in his debut. Mercer continues to battle out. The two run the ropes and collide with a double clothesline. T-Rantula is tagged in. He double headbutts Murphy and Morris and chops the Officer back in the corner. T grabs Murphy’s ever-present whistle and goes to town on Murphy. The crowd loves it. Murphy is chopped out of the ring. There’s a big boot on Morris. Soon it’s only T and Morris in the ring as McGraw and Murphy battle is out on the outside, as do Sane and Mercer. Morris is tossed over the top rope. T goes to the outside and punches Mercer down. T clobbers Mercer with the Nacho Cheese and tosses him in the ring. McGraw spears Mercer and tags in Sane. Frog Splash by Sane for the win. 11:47.

Bobby O talks to the Krazies. Bobby O thanks all of the sponsors and gives an update regarding the slate of upcoming events.

Golden Triangle Championship: Kris Kash v. Bubba the Bulldog (w/Mayor Mystery)

Bubba tries to bail but Kash goes after him and brings him back in. The bell rings and Bubba sucker punches Kash. There’s a splash on the challenger and he goes for a second splash. That misses and Kash takes charge by slamming his head into a couple of turnbuckles. Mayor Mystery argues with Jimmy James and the action isn’t fair. Bubba goes to the outside. Kash goes to dive on Bubba but he is met with a right hand first. Bubba shouts that he’s “The Best in the World” as Mayor Mystery jabbers away at ringside. Kash continues to get beat down by Bubba. Mayor Mystery chokes the challenger as Bubba argues with the referee. There’s a two-count on Kash. Bubba suplexes Kash and takes several verbal shots at the crowd. Bubba digs at Kash’s eyes and Mayor Mystery chokes him with wrist tape. Kash is tossed in the corner and turned upside down/inside out with a clothesline. A pin attempt that ends at two follows. Bubba pulls Kash up by the hair. Kash is whipped in a corner and bulldogged out. Two count as Kash kicks up. Kash is whipped in the corner and he flips out onto Bubba. Kash gets some offense with a clothesline and drop kick. There’s a tilt a whirl drop kick in the corner and Bubba is on the outside. He dives out onto both Mayor Mystery and the Golden Triangle Champion. The crowd loves it. The countdown begins. It gets to six before Kash gets back out and back out after Bubba. Kash knocks Mystery and Bubba’s heads together and Bubba is rolled back in. Kash dives but Bubba catches him. A rock bottom is next for the victory and retention. Bubba wins in 8:20

Rev. Ron Hunt v. Zak Hunter

Rev Ron Hunt runs down the Verona crowd and Zak Hunter comes out to great support from the crowd. Each Megastar puts each other’s ring jacket on, taunting the other. Hunt, threatened by Hunter wearing his jacket, folds up the clothes and puts in the center of the ring. Hunter stomps on Hunt’s jacket and that enrages the Rev. Hunt shoulder blocks Hunter down and then boots him. Hunter fights back and punches Hunt repeatedly. Hunter clotheslines Hunt over the top rope and into the grass below. Hunter chases Hunt and chops the Savior in the chest. Hunter continues to chase Hunt around and chops him again. Hunter tosses Hunt back in and prepares for his next move. Hunter back elbows Hunt down in the corner. The Hunter knees Hunt in the chops. Hunt tosses Hunter in the corner. Hunt guesses correctly by diving outside while Hunter gets momentum. Hunt then drives Hunter’s legs into the ring post from the outside. Hunt punches Hunter. Hunt answers with a flurry of activity and drops Hunter down. He gets a two count. Hunt gets Hunter in the ropes for some choking punishment. Hunter misses some offensive moves from Hunt but lands a sunset flip. The Rev answers and drives his opponent down. Hunt snap mares Hunter down. Hunt runs the ropes and then drops a sleeper hold on Hunter. Referee Jimmy James checks Hunter’s hand and it drops twice before Hunter fights out of the hold. He drops Hunt down and goes for a corner. Hunt meets him there and drops a Code Breaker on Hunter from the corner. He gets a two-count. A kid at ringside calls Hunt “Mr. Glitter.” Hunt picks up Hunter and drives him in the corner. Hunter misses some Hunt offense and the two trade blows. Hunt flies all over the ring and drops him opponent with a kick to the head. Hunter responds with a big clothesline. Both Megastars are spent. The fans are behind Hunter as the count gets to seven before the Megastars trade punches. The kid at ringside shouts “Night, Night Mr. Sparkles” as Hunter clobbers Hunt. Hunter drops Hunt with a clothesline. Hunter shouts that “its all over.” Hunt pokes and kicks Hunter and rolls him up but only gets two. The two battle together and Hunter breaks a move and drops Hunt in the center of the ring and gets the three count. 11:28

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander v. Dennis Gregory

Dennis Gregory is accompanied not only by Mayor Mystery, but the Golden Triangle Champion Bubba the Bulldog. Dennis taunts Anthony but that doesn’t intimidate Anthony. Alexander pushes Gregory in the corner and then after more posturing, they lock up. Gregory has Alexander in a headlock. Gregory attempts to shoulder drop Alexander but that doesn’t drop the big man. The two trade punches but Gregory breaks that up with a poke to the eye. Alexander answers with a boot to the mush. Alexander has Gregory in the corner. There are 10 big punches to the head. Gregory is shaking cob webs out of his head. Alexander will not let up. Gregory avoids Alexander and then drops him with a firm right hand. Mayor Mystery and Bubba take liberties while the referee is distracted by Gregory. There are more distractions and Bubba chokes Alexander on the outside with ring tape. Often, Mayor Mystery beats Alexander with the cane. Gregory puts the boots to Alexander. Gregory shouts that its “time to rip his head off.” Alexander will not submit. Kids at ringside are deafening with their “Double A” shouts. Gregory punches away at Alexander. The referee has a difficult time keeping Gregory off of Alexander. When that isn’t the case Mayor Mystery works him over with the cane, or Bubba is prowling nearby. There’s an elbow by Gregory and Alexander nearly hits the Prime-Time Cancellation. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits Gregory with a Spinebuster. The resulting shrills shake Verona. The two get to their feet and battle it out. Alexander is rattled in the corner. Gregory lands an elbow. Alexander rallies but Gregory drops Alexander with a neck breaker. Gregory gets to the middle rope. Alexander hits him with a Prime-Time Cancellation after the drop. Mayor Mystery and Bubba get in the ring and that distracts Alexander enough for Denny to land a kick to the head. They hit each other with punches. Alexander bodyslams Gregory down and gets a two-and-three-quarters count. The kids shout “Mr. Peanut” toward Mystery. Alexander posts Gregory. Mystery is in. He gets a Spinebuster. Bubba is in and he hits Alexander with Mystery’s cane. Alexander stumbles into the Wannabe for Gregory’s win. 11:23

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs (champions) v. Best Bros Around

This is a no-disqualification "Ambulance Match" where the winners toss both opponents into a waiting ambulance. The fans are shouting “Garbage Pants” at Lou Martin before the bell begins. The bell rings and Shawn Blanchard starts off against Mitch Napier. This one-on-one is historic in its own right. Mitch is forced into Martin on the apron. Blanchard goes to hit Napier; Mitch ducks and Martin is knocked off the apron. Napier is pushed into Martin again. This time, Blanchard taunts BROhemoth, who whips Blanchard into Martin. The two VIPs fall to the grass outside. The VIPs need to “get it together” according to Martin. They hug and get back into the ring. Blanchard calls Napier “Bucco” and the two start battling it out. Napier is handed to Blanchard on the apron who “pump handles” Napier a couple of times. Martin taunts BROhemoth and attacks Napier. Napier is fed to Blanchard again. The third time, it’s Martin fed to Blanchard for a series of pump handles. Blanchard pumps away, hurting Martin’s arm until Napier and BROhemoth stand on each side of Blanchard, thus alerting him to his repeated mistake. Blanchard lets go of Martin and he falls to the mat. Napier swings Martin and a Bowser Bomb on Martin is next. BROhemoth picks up Martin and body slams him hard in the center of the ring. BRO asks the crowd if they want another Bowser Bomb. Blanchard stops that by grabbing BROhemoth’s ankle. Martin is on BROhemoth and Blanchard trades blows with Napier on the outside. Martin elbows BROhemoth, who answers with an elbow to the head. Blanchard picks up a table that BROhemoth and Napier brought to the ring. BRO hoists the table and posts it in a corner. BRO kicks Martin and suplexes him over his head and across the ring. He asks if fans want to see Martin go through the table. Martin is tossed onto the table. Blanchard gets in and attacks BROhemoth and whips him toward the table. Martin dives out of the way and BROhemoth goes through the table. The action remains fast and furious for the next few moments. The action falls to the outside. The VIPs get BROhemoth into the ambulance and nearly get Napier before they fight out. The action remains outside the ring for the rest of the match. BRO and Blanchard brawl near the emergency vehicle while Martin and Napier fight further up the football field. At one-point Napier swings Martin again, this time around the 15-yard line. The battle rages on when they get near the open ambulance. Martin is tossed in and then Blanchard. The Best BROs Around shut the double doors and win back the KSWA World Tag Team Championship! 16:24

Post-match, dozens of Verona youth rush into the ring and celebrate with Napier and Verona’s own BROhemoth.

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