Scarpone, Bubba & Gregory Retain, VIPs Win Tag Team Gold Again, Sane & Douglas Win, AA Slams Massacre

September 1, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

After an extremely busy and historic August, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned home on a busy Labor Day weekend. The Megastars were all ready for the challenge and the KSWA Championship Committee scheduled four title matches. The VIPs found themselves back in contention for the Commonwealth’s most coveted tag team titles and many other wrestlers found themselves looking for gold.

5-Star Championship: David Lawless v. Sly Scarpone (champion)

Lawless sees an early opening and attacks Scarpone before the bell. Lawless has Scarpone in the ropes early. Lawless keeps the offense going with a series of shots and a clothesline. Scarpone recovers, but Lawless keeps the pressure on by sweeping Scarpone off of the corner post. Lawless steals Scarpone’s headband and keeps the pressure on with strikes, a text book drop kick and a body slam. The fans cheer for Scarpone and he responds with serious offense before Lawless drills him in the eyes. Lawless posts Scarpone in the ropes and taunts the crowd. Scarpone is whipped into the corner but Scarpone blocks the splash with a boot. Scarpone and Lawless meet with a double clothesline. Lawless is hip tossed and body slammed. Scarpone misses with a punch and Lawless drops him down with a side suplex. The neck breaker is next. Scarpone kicks out of two pin attempts. Scarpone will not submit to a sleeper. He battles out and Lawless drops him. Lawless picks Scarpone up and into a front face lock. He prepares for a suplex but Scarpone beats him too it. Scarpone drops Lawless with a bunch and gets a two count. Scarpone has Lawless in a corner for a series of punches to the head. That wasn’t enough as Lawless breaks out, slams Scarpone down and gets a near pin fall. Lawless gets Scarpone in the corner for a punch or two. Scarpone powerslams Lawless out of the corner and nearly retains. They each attempt a whip, and the action is fast. Lawless clips Scarpone’s leg out from underneath him and gets a two count. Lawless picks Scarpone up and drives him down for a pin attempt. Scarpone gets his foot on the ropes. Lawless picks up Scarpone and drops him onto his knee. Lawless goes to the corner post but Scarpone meets him there. They trade offense. Scarpone scoops Lawless up and drives him down for the pin and the win. 9:53

King Del Douglas v. Big Country Matt McGraw

Del Douglas arrives on the scene and McGraw follows wearing a baseball cap instead of his trademark Cowboy hat. Douglas taunts the crowd as soon as the bell rings. McGraw conserves energy. Douglas calls McGraw “Little Country.” Douglas opens with an open-hand slap to McGraw’s face. McGraw quietly retaliates with a stiff clothesline. McGraw powers Douglas into a corner and relaxes the move as expect. McGraw gut wrench suplexes Douglas and posts his Royal Majesty with a couple of over hand chops. McGraw stops a return offense with a couple of nipple twisters. The crowd goes nuts. Douglas follows that up with a shot to McGraw’s lower region. That levels the bigger opponent and Douglas posts McGraw in the ropes. Douglas grabs McGraw low and chops him down. He follows with a pin attempt that ends at two. The fans chant “Country” as Douglas has him in a precarious position. Douglas works on McGraw’s arm and then chokes him with wrist tape. Douglas relents and then goes right back to the move. McGraw has the rope in his hand but referee Shawn Patrick is slow in making Douglas break the hold. Patrick finds the wrist tape and throws it out. Douglas lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states” and gest a near pin fall. McGraw recovers and lands a fall away slam. Douglas kicks up at two. Douglas is positioned for a spear. McGraw misses it and goes hard into the corner post, shoulder-first. The King waits for him to stumble out and lands the Stop It Like Its Hot at 7:00 for the win.

Fatal Four Way: Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane v. Lucio Deveer v. Zak Hunter

The fans are all over Morris in the opening moments and he pushes his opponents. They respond by triple teaming with him punches and splashes in the corner. Morris falls to the outside. The three remaining opponents go for a test of strength. Sane breaks out of the move and drop kicks Deveer and Hunter. Zak falls to the outside. Sane goes “old school” on Deveer but that offensive advantage is short-lived. Deveer drops Sane and then reverse-splashes him for a two-count. Sane is tossed in the corner for a splash and then hard clothesline. Two count on Sane. Deveer punches Morris and brings him into the ring the hard way. Hunter comes back in and takes care of both Deveer and Sane. Hunter gives Deveer a Russian Leg Sweep. Two count follows. Harley and old tag team partner Hunter double team Sane. Morris tries to re-kindle their tag team but that just ends with them dropping Deveer. Morris turns on Hunter and drops him. Morris has Sane down for a two count. Morris hits Sane with a side suplex and he does the same to Deveer. Morris shouts to the crowd that he “doesn’t suck.” They disagree. He drops Hunter. Sane responds with a leg drop on Morris and he goes up for a finishing Frog Splash but he is met there by Deveer. They are met there by Morris. Hunter races in and super plexes all of his opponents. All of the Megastars are down. Referee Jimmy James begins the count. Hunter is the first to his knee and he punches away at Sane. Hunter slams Sane down and goes for a pin but Deveer breaks that up. He drops Hunter down but Morris makes that save. Deveer drops Harley and gets a two-count. Deveer gets Morris on his shoulders but he breaks the move. Deveer drops Morris but Justin Sane Frog Splashes Morris of nowhere for the win. 8:18

Golden Triangle Championship: Bubba the Bulldog v. The Beastman

The Stone Age Savage The Beastman is received to a thunderous applause by the Krazies in attendance. Bubba The Bulldog, without the services of Mayor Mystery, constantly tells the referee to have Beastman “back up.” The Krazies shout “Husk” over and over again. Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this one. The bell rings and Bubba, the veteran, steps onto into the corner and its ropes to hide from the challenger. While there, Bubba shouts at the fans. When Beastman goes to the crowd, they cheer for the Savage. Bubba shouts that he isn’t afraid of Beastman. The big man climbs out of the ring and takes his time outside. Beastman goes under the ring and finds his big bone. That’s enough to chase Bubba to the outside. Beastman taunts Bubba from the ring but the referee was also chased to the floor. Both Megastars are back in. Bubba rushes in and the first offense is a headlock. Beastman stands up and lifts Bubba off the ground. Another headlock follows and Beastman shoulder blocks the Golden Triangle Champion down. Bubba goes for Beastman’s wrist. The Savage bites the wrist. Patrick tries to break it up but Beastman bites him too. Beastman chases both men around the ring. Bubba dives off the turnbuckle and ricochets off of the challenger and onto the floor. Bubba steals Beastman’s bone. He distracts the big man enough and tosses it away in the ring. Beastman goes for the bone and Bubba takes offense. Beastman rallies but Bubba pokes him in the eye. Patrick takes the bone out of the ring and that’s enough time to allow Bubba some illegal offense. There are boots to the back while Beastman’s throat is on the bottom rope. Bubba fights out and delivers some shots to a suddenly staggering Beastman. Beastman whips Bubba and goes for a splash in the corner. Bubba moves and Beastman flies over the top and onto the floor. Bubba whips the 400-pounder into the ring steps. Bubba chokes the big man on the floor. Bubba beats the count but Beastman is still outside. The count starts again. Bubba goes back outside and attacks Beastman but the challenger rallies with an elbow and moves of his own. A head butt diverts the Golden Triangle Champion. Beastman goes for a splash on a prone Bubba but he side steps and Beastman takes metal to the mush. Once in the ring, Bubba pounds away at the Beastman. With each blow, the challenger gets stronger. There’s a Stone Age Drop and two count. Incredibly, Bubba kicked up. Beastman powerslams Bubba down and somehow the champion gets a shoulder up. Beastman drops an elbow and goes for the pin. He gets two. Beastman grabs Bubba by the top of the head and slams him down onto the mat. Bubba is in the corner and Beastman misses with a rolling splash in the corner. Bubba makes the cover and with his feet firmly planted in the ropes (to which the referee doesn’t see), Bubba picks up the win. 12:44

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Best Bros Around (champions)

KSWA Owner Bobby O is the Special Guest Referee for this match. Mitch Napier starts off with Shawn Blanchard and the former KSWA 6-time Heavyweight Champion inadvertently chops Martin off the apron to start things off. The VIPs squabble on their side of the ring and Napier gives them a clobbering “Meeting of the Minds.” Martin falls off the apron and Napier hip tosses Blanchard. The challengers are outside and Napier dives onto them. Referee Bobby O counts but the VIPs are able to break the hold. The two legendary champions hug and then Martin kisses Blanchard on the cheek to much aplomb from the crowd. Martin “wants in” and is tagged in as such. Martin wants “BROhemoth” and Napier makes the tag. The VIPs cuddle and then Martin wants the fans to stop chanting for BRO, but they refuse. Martin wants a test of strength. BRO clotheslines and head butts him down. Lou cowers in the corner. The Krazies are defeating in their chants for BRO. BRO bodyslams Martin and then forces him into his corner, where he tags in Napier. Napier shoulder blocks and drop kicks Martin. He forces him out and goes for a pin. Martin pokes at Mitch. Napier responds by swinging Martin in the center of the ring. BRO is tagged back in and goes right after Martin’s left arm. BRO suplexes Martin in the center of the ring. He asks if they want to see Martin “fly.” They do and he suplexes him again. Napier is tagged in. BRO throws Napier onto Martin and he gets a two count. Martin recovers and digs at Napier’s eyes. With the referee distracted, Blanchard attacks Napier on the outside. Martin dives onto Napier in the ropes. Martin picks Napier up and punches him in the gut. Martin keeps the offense going. They taunt BRO and that distracts the referee enough to allow the VIPs more offense. Blanchard chops Napier and follows with a spinebuster. There’s a two count before BRO makes the save. Martin bodyslams Napier and then gets him into a submission move. A side suplex on Napier is next. BRO breaks up the pin attempt again. The ref chases BRO back and that allows the VIPs more offense. Blanchard is in and he puts the pressure on Napier’s shoulders. Napier battles out and gets to BROhemoth; however, Bobby O doesn’t see it. The VIPs double team Napier and clothesline him down. Napier is tied up in the ropes as Martin puts a boot to Lou’s throat. They release Napier and the two collide with a double clothesline. The Krazies are chanting for Mitch. Martin races over and attacks BROhemoth. Blanchard goes low on Napier and Bobby O is outside. While on the outside, Blanchard grabs Bobby Badfinger’s chair and tosses it in the ring. Blanchard pile drives Napier onto a chair in the center of the ring and gets the win. 13:11. The VIPs are once again tag team champions.

Jack Massacre v. Anthony Alexander

Jack Massacre starts things off with a dominant toss Alexander across the ring. And then a second one. Then a powerful set of moves that includes a whip into the corner that moves the ring six inches. Massacre pulls Anthony out and goes for a quick pin. That ends at two. It’s still all Massacre as he whips the former Golden Triangle Champion across the ring with impunity. Massacre puts Alexander in the bottom rope and the Prime-Time Player remains dazed. Massacre rakes his opponents’ eyes over the top rope. Massacre suplexes Double-A and gets a near pin fall at two. Massacre digs his knee into Anthony’s back and grabs him by the chin. Double A fights back with fists but Massacre drops him with a massive clothesline. Two count. Double A will not submit to a submission move. Anthony charges but ricochets off of Massacre’s torso. Massacre pulls at one leg and Alexander will not submit. Anthony gets to the bottom rope and Massacre releases the hold. Double A has not got any offense of note in the first 6 minutes of this contest. Massacre digs his boot into Alexander’s throat. Referee Jimmy James tells Massacre to “quit choking” Alexander. The 7-footer body slams Alexander in the center of the ring. Again, Massacre puts a knee to Alexander’s back. Double A fights back. Alexander hits Massacre with two clotheslines and the big guy doesn’t budge. A flying clothesline from the middle rope down the big man. Alexander rallies. Alexander scoop slams Massacre and drops him down. The two tussle. Out of nowhere, Alexander lands a Prime-Time Cancellation for the win. 8:35

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Yinza v. Dennis Gregory

Referee Shawn Patrick checks out both competitors and Gregory commands the crowd’s attention. The bell rings and Yinza almost immediately pins the KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Yinza is on fire with offense out of the gate. Gregory stops that moment with a spear and boots to the fallen masked hero. Gregory slows things down by putting a pressure hold on Yinza. Gregory’s knee to the back is next. Gregory keeps the offense on as Yinza loses his breath. There’s a knee to the Luchadore’s gut and back breaker to keep the challenger on the mat. Gregory mounts the challenger and chokes him. There’s a pin attempt but that ends with a shoulder up. Yinza gets to his feet and tries to fight back. Yinza is whipped into the corner and powerslammed down. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Gregory works on Yinza’s legs as the crowd shouts encouragement for the challenger. Gregory keeps the pressure up on Yinza until he simply tires. Gregory jumps on the Luchadore’s back. Gregory puts one boot on Yinza’s chest for a pin attempt. That rallies the challenger. There’s a knee to Yinza’s midsection. There’s an abdominal stretch. Yinza rolls out of a move and drops Gregory onto the mat. There’s a snap mare and clothesline to a seated Gregory. Yinza puts a couple of shoulders into Gregory and DDT’s him in the center of the ring. Yinza is close to a victory here, but the Luchadore is spent. Both men are slow to get to their feet. Gregory gets to the corner and Yinza kicks him with some boots. There’s a whip into the corner and Gregory breaks out of the monkey flip attempt. Gregory responds by super kicking his opponent down in the center of the ring. Gregory puts a move sleeper hold on Yinza. The fans begin to chant for the challenger. They get to their feet. Gregory tosses Yinza down and gets a two count. Gregory argues with the referee before pulling Yinza up. Yinza rallies to drop Gregory. There’s a big elbow off the top rope onto Gregory and a two count. Yinza is to his feet. He tries the La Lucha drop but misses. The Wannabe is next for the champion’s retention. 9:28.

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