Rivalries Are Renewed As KSWA Returns To Arsenal Park For Annual Free, Explosive Extravaganza

June 28, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returns to the Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration this coming Saturday, July 2, at Arsenal Park along 40th Street. This is an annual free show for wrestling fans both new and Krazy.

The Golden Triangle Championship is on the line as “The Face of Pittsburgh,” Lou Martin defends the coveted title against former Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr. Martin recently got by “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas for the valuable 10 pounds of gold. Meanwhile, Starr, who lost the tag team belts he held with KSWA Champion Kris Kash, would like to hoist that championship to the Lawrenceville sky once again.

Assuredly an interesting match, Shawn Blanchard is set to take on Lord Zoltan. While diligent KSWA Krazies have seen this match in previous incarnations, it’s exciting to note that Zoltan and Blanchard teamed up as a tag team in Zoltan’s debut. That match took place at the Fireworks celebration on July 3, 2009 as they took on La Lucha and Anthony Alexander. Since that time, Lord Zoltan has cemented his legacy, not only in Western Pennsylvania professional wrestling, but specifically with the KSWA in Pittsburgh.

Another matchup of note will be the one-on-one showdown with former tag team champions “King” Del Douglas and The Jester. Never really “friends,” Douglas had helped shape Jester’s success early on. But now the two duke it out on a regular basis. Douglas has been on a roll as of late, getting opportunities at Kris Kash’s KSWA World Title, but not yet gaining a victory. The Jester continues to look for a tag team partner in which he can cash in his chance at the KSWA tag team championship, but he has also enjoyed success as a single’s wrestler in recent months.

KSWA Owner Tommy Faime is lacing up the wrestling boots after a short hiatus. Faime, a former KSWA World Champion and tag team champ, now takes physical matters into his own hands from time to time. He is stepping into the ring with one of the KSWA’s biggest dogs on Saturday in Mitch Napier. Now a former 5-Star Champion, Napier wasn’t pinned in the three-way dance last month at the Teamster Temple. Napier and Kaida were to wrap up their unprecedented best-of-five tournament but were interrupted by the opportunity-seeking Harley T. Morris. Morris was pinned by Kaida following one of the hardest-fought No Holds Barred match in KSWA history. Now Napier, the Megastar who just wants to fight, is in the ring with the veteran who has seen it all: Tommy Faime.

The returning “Big” Mike Malachi will face off against Joey Quervo in a match of historic disproportion. Quervo, the 5’5”, 155 pound Masked Marvel, faces off against the towering, 6’5”, 293 pound Mike Malachi. A former KSWA Heavyweight Champion, tag team champion and possible one-day Hall of Famer, Malachi has been absent in recent months, but is ready to get back into the hunt for championship gold, whether it be with Jack Massacre for the tag team belts, or after Martin’s Golden Triangle champion, or the big prize, Kash’s World Title.

Justin Sane is set to face Harley T. Morris one more time. The Sane and Morris feud officially ended a number of months ago but the KSWA Championship Committee has faith in both opponents that they will put on a technical and skilled match for the Krazies who make it a point to attend this free event.

More details and perhaps more matches will be finalized later in the week. For Event Information Call 412-726-1762. Card is subject to change.

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