"King Of The World" Returns Home, Sane And Alexander Continue Ascent, VIPs Get By McGraw & Yinza, Gregory Reigns Over Starr

September 13, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

After 14 previous years, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has created many memories along Grant Street in Millvale. A King was first crowned, championships have changed hands, and the Krazies have enjoyed their time with Pittsburgh’s official professional wrestling promotion. On Friday, the Megastars returned to once again to their home north of the Allegheny River from Lawrenceville.

Harley T. Morris v. Zak Hunter

The bell rings and Harley T. Morris taunts the crowd. Zak Hunter is ready for the action but the two know each other very well and take their time getting ready to tangle. Morris gets Hunter in a wrist lock and applies pressure well. The two tussle and Morris is soon in the corner for a series of chops. Morris is moved to another corner and chopped. Hunter whips Morris into the ropes and connects with a back elbow. A splash in the corner is next and a two count. Referee Jimmy James checks on both opponents and the action continues. Hunter misses with a splash and Morris is able to get some offense, some of which is assisted by the middle rope. A back-elbow floors Hunter. Morris keeps the offense humming. Hunter is posted in the corner for some chops and a splash. Hunter falls to the center of the ring. Hunter hits Morris with a side suplex but misses with a splash. A superkick from Morris follows. A two count is next. Morris boasts among the crowd and then gets Hunter up for a move. He counters and floors Morris. The crowd is strongly behind Hunter. He floors Morris and hits him with a forearm and suplex. There’s a two count. Hunter asks for the crowd’s support and he gets it. Hunter gets Morris in a move but they break out of each other’s moves. Morris drops Hunter and gets the win. 8:49

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Yinza and Big Country Matt McGraw

The Krazies, new and veteran, are all about the Pittsburgh Luchadore and Big Country. The VIPs play Rock Paper Scissors to start things off ad Blanchard is chosen to start with Yinza. Blanchard spends a lot of time mouthing off to the crowd and Yinza gets frustrated. Yinza forces Blanchard into a corner and the Enforcer simply slaps Yinza away. They lock up again and Blanchard forces Yinza into Martin. Yinza ducks a chop and Martin falls to the asphalt, feet first. The two VIPs hug it out once Martin is back on the apron. Yinza double noggin knocks the VIPs and sends them to the floor. Blanchard tags Martin in and he goes round-and-round with Yinza. Yinza tags in McGraw, who body slams Martin, not once but twice. Incredibly there is a third body slam. There’s a two count. Yinza clotheslines and splashes Martin. There’s a two count by Blanchard is in to break up the pin. McGraw gets Martin into the corner. He whips Yinza into Martin, splashes himself and gets down on all fours so Yinza can gain height and momentum for a punch. McGraw misses with another splash and that’s all that’s need for Martin to gain an advantage. Blanchard is tagged in and he keeps the offense on McGraw. However, Big Country lands a clothesline. Yinza is back in for a leg drop. Blanchard digs at the face and mask of Yinza. Martin puts a boot to Yinza while the referee is distracted. Blanchard gives Yinza a standing suplex and a knee to the chest. The VIPs double team Yinza and distract the referee. Martin puts a boot to Yinza and then forces him on the ropes for more offense. Yinza tries to fight back on Martin. Martin gets to Blanchard and soon all four Megastars are in the ring. Blanchard clotheslines Martin by accident and Yinza hits Blanchard with a Yinza to Belly. The referee is distracted and doesn’t see the pin. Martin hits Yinza with the Death Certificate for the win. 11:00

King Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

Both long-time veteran Megastars try to get the crowd behind them, but they are decidedly behind Sane and against “King of the World” Del Douglas. The two spend a lot of time preening and checking each other out. They lock up and Sane gets immediate control over Douglas via the wrist. Sane pump handles Douglas’ arm 10 times in honor of Lord Zoltan, his long-time tag team partner who is in attendance. Sane goes “old school” on the top rope as the kids in the audience shout for Justin to “break it off.” Douglas gets some offense by poking Justin in the eye. Douglas whips Sane into the ropes and delivers a series of knees to his long-time opponent. Douglas body slams Sane next. Douglas drops the fist “that’s banned in 49 out of 50 states.” Douglas makes the pin but Sane kicks up at two. Douglas keeps the offense on Sane and then slaps in the Royal Sharpshooter. Sane refuses to give up. Douglas holds onto the move for a while before he is distracted by fans at ringside. Douglas grabs Sane by the crotch and drops him down for a two count. Sane turns his attention to the vocal crowd once again. Douglas keeps the offense going with a version of the Cobra Clutch, aided by wrist tape. Douglas is caught by the referee and he proceeds to punch away at Sane. Douglas is proud of himself but Sane comes back with chops. The crowd distracts Douglas and he temporarily goes out there. Once back in, Sane drops a leg and Sane goes for the Frog Splash. Sane lands it and scores the win at 8:00

Big Mike Malachi v. Anthony Alexander

Two of the longest-tenured and largest Megastars line up for this match. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the two Megastars, each with a KSWA Heavyweight Championship on their resumes, are ready for action. The fans chant “Leprechaun” toward Malachi, but he explains that those creatures are short, while he is a man of impressive stature. The action starts with Alexander getting Malachi down. The Irish Bear complains about the take down and calls Alexander a “cheater.” Alexander gets Malachi in a head lock, but he shoulder blocks the big man down. Alexander stops a hip toss and flips Malachi with one of his own. Malachi bails to the outside and Alexander takes the opportunity to catch his own breath. Malachi is slow getting back into the ring. They lock up but Malachi is able to get a boot into Alexander’s eyes. Malachi buries his shoulder into Alexander and the ref makes him get out of the corner. Malachi tosses Alexander into another corner post and gets him into a Camel Clutch. Alexander gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Malachi drops a leg on Alexander who is tied up in the middle rope. A boot from Malachi is next. Referee James keeps telling Malachi, a long-time veteran, that choking in prohibited. James then warns Big Mike about fists. A side suplex on Alexander is next and a two count. Malachi is now standing on Alexander’s hands. Malachi keeps attacking Alexander in the corner, which breaks the rules. A massive, gut-wrench suplex is next. Two count by Jimmy James. A sleeper hold on Alexander is next but the Prime-Time Player starts to break out of it. Malachi counters with a clothesline. Malachi latches on the sleeper hold again. Double-A starts to break out of it with elbows to the get. There’s a flying clothesline on Malachi. Both Megastars are down. The double count starts. There’s movement at five. Alexander gets to his feet at 8, Malachi is next. The two trade blows. Alexander hits a big boot. Alexander punches and then body slams the 300-pound Malachi. However, the efforts don’t fall flat on Alexander. The two trade moves and the Prime-Time Cancellation out of nowhere plants Malachi for the win. 12:11

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shane Starr v. Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery)

Gregory dances, Mayor Mystery taunts the crowd and Shane Starr takes it all in. The bell ring and the two veterans measure each other. After a long time inside the ring, they lock up. The crowd is already invested. Gregory pushes Starr into the ropes and doesn’t immediately break the hold. That riles up the fans. Starr grabs Gregory by the leg and forces him into the corner. Starr is pushed into a corner post and slapped. The two go nose to nose in the center of the ring and Gregory simply pokes Starr in the eye. That’s enough to get a big advantage. Starr battles back with a series of clotheslines. Mayor Mystery grabs Starr’s leg, which is enough to break up some offense. Starr nearly tosses Gregory over the top rope but he fights the move and gets back in. He immediately gets some offense on Starr. Gregory pulls Starr’s hair. Mystery attacks Starr on the outside. Mystery distracts the referee and Gregory chokes Starr. The fans go insane as Mayor Mystery attacks Starr from the outside. With the referee distracted, Mayor Mystery goes to work on Starr. Mystery tosses a chain to Gregory in the ring. Starr knocks Mystery down. Gregory attacks Starr, goes back into the ring and then back out to toss the challenger back in. Starr is on all fours in the ring while Gregory is on the outside. Starr blocks a punch and hits some of his own. Starr clobbers Gregory in the corners and delivers a drop kick. Starr goes for a count but that ends at two. Both men attempt suplexes on each other, but Gregory DDTs Starr down instead. The fans are chanting for Shane. Gregory keeps the offense on Gregory. There’s a near pin fall. Starr rolls Gregory up for a two count. Gregory, perhaps in desperation, tosses Starr onto the top rope. Gregory goes for a pin but he’s too close to the ropes. Starr gets a shoulder up. Gregory stands up and pulls Starr up by the hair. Starr tries to get the Sharpsburg Shooter. He gets it in. Mystery enters the rings. Mystery hits Starr in the face with powder. That breaks the hold. A blinded Starr gets Mystery in the Sharpshooter. Mystery hits Starr with his cane while the referee is distracted. The Wannabe from the corner is next. 14:09

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