Biggest Millvale Days Battle Royal Scores Rev A 5-Star Opportunity But Scarpone Retains And More

September 15, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) celebrated its 15th King of Millvale Battle Royal with a classic match that featured, arguably, the most athletic group of Megastars to date. The winner of the event scored a shot at the vaunted 5-Star Championship. The afternoon also included a chance for the KSWA’s most decorated wrestler to never hold the Commonwealth’s top prize to win the championship, and two of Pittsburgh’s most successful tag teams fought over the state’s most treasured tag team gold.

King of Millvale Battle Royal

The Battle Royal included a Who’s Who of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh: Lou Martin, Lucio Deveer, The Rev Ron Hunt, Harley T. Morris, Big Country Matt McGraw, Yinza, “The Gavel” David Lawless, King Del Douglas, Mitch Napier, Officer Dan Murphy, BROhemoth, Zak Hunter, Shane Starr and Beastman. Martin the first to go, with the others to follow: BROhemoth, Zak Hunter, Shane Starr, Dan Murphy, David Lawless, Harley T. Morris, Mitch Napier, Yinza, Lucio Deveer, leaving The Rev, Beastman and McGraw. McGraw gets dumped, leaving only The Rev and Beastman. Douglas, who had gone to the locker room, returned ringside to shout encouragement to the Rev. Beastman choke slams Rev. Rev is dumped but holds on before his feet hit the ground. Once back inside, Beastman slams Hunt head first into the mat. Hunt punches him off. Beastman is launched over the top rope and eliminated. Hunt wins and earns a 5-Star opportunity to close the event. 10:44

KSWA tag team championship: VIPs v. Kash and Starr

KSWA owner Bobby O checks the competitors and the match is on. For the 72nd time since 2005, Shawn Blanchard and Kris Kash lock up in a match. Blanchard keeps the pressure on Kash with a wrist lock. The two continue to battle and Kash grabs Blanchard’s wrist and dives from the top rope, while the crowd chants “Break It Off.” Blanchard wants a time out but that’s not allowed. Blanchard tags in Martin and Kash get to Starr. Starr drop kicks Martin and goes to work on him in the corner. There’s a clothesline that drops Martin. Kash dives from the top rope onto Martin’s out-stretched arm. He keeps the offense on Martin. Martin is about to recover and slams Kash down. Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard picks up Kash and chops Kash in the chest. Then a second. Then a third. Kash turns it around and chops Blanchard a third time Then it’s time for Martin. Kash is met with a Spinebuster from Blanchard. A two count. Starr starts a Kash chant as Blanchard has Kash down for a series of grinds and pokes from the six-time former champion. The VIPs switch without benefit of a tag. Martin has Kash down for a two count. Blanchard kicks Kash in the head while he is posted on the middle rope. Blanchard is back in for work on the trapezius. The fans are chanting wildly for Kash. He recovers and finally gets to Starr. Bobby O doesn’t see it, which forces Kash back in for more double-team agony. Martin whips Kash into the corner, where he flips out onto Martin. The fans are deafening as Kash finally gets to Starr. Starr floors both VIPs and Kash dives out onto Blanchard. Inside, Starr gets Martin into the Sharpshooter. A double Brain Buster for the win. 10:20

Justin Sane v. Dennis Gregory

Gregory taunts Sane, who came out to the champion’s ring music and sporting similar sport coat and hat. Referee Jimmy James checks Sane and Justin hoists the KSWA Championship. The bell rings and Gregory goes to work on Justin. Gregory pounds away at Sane and then runs down Millvale once again. Gregory stomps away at the challenger. There’s a two count on Sane. Then there’s another and then another pin attempt. Gregory rolls Sane up again but doesn’t get the pin. Gregory stands over Sane, who struggles to move early on. Gregory grabs a headlock and holds onto the move. Sane whips him off but falls to a shoulder block. Sane misses with a clothesline, but Gregory misses with a move and falls to the outside. Sane immediately tosses him back in and goes “old school” with the wrist lock. Gregory catches him and tosses him across the ring. Sane battles back but Gregory side slams him down. Sane is deposited in a corner. Gregory keeps the pressure on with a Camel Clutch. The fans start chanting for Justin, who flips over Gregory and gets caught again. Gregory stands over top of Sane, who could be seemingly pinned at any time. Sane continues to receive love from the crowd. Gregory grabs Sane into a sleeper hold. Sane’s hand goes down once and twice. Gregory sabotages with a low blow and near pin fall. Sane gets some momentum, gets Gregory down with a leg drop. Sane gets ready for a big elbow from the corner. Next, Sane goes to the top rope for a dive but Gregory catches him with a super kick. The Wannabe is next for the pin. 8:36

Tag team Lawless and Order v. the Best Bros Around

The bell rings and it’s Napier v. Lawless. Lawless gets Napier down and into a leg scissors, before Mitch gets out of it. Lawless shoulder blocks Napier but Mitch fights back with a bodyslam and near pin fall. Lawless hip tosses Napier and gets a near pin fall. Lawless drops Napier again and gets another pin fall attempt. Lawless and Napier trade moves and Lawless eventually finds solace in the corner with Murphy. The fans chant for BRO and he is tagged in. The two big, power men in the match are in. BRO and Murphy run the ropes and BRO clotheslines Murphy down. Napier is tagged back in and he is whipped into the Officer. Napier dives onto Murphy, who was slammed down by BROhemoth. BRO is back in and he whips Napier into Murphy. Murphy gets offense and gets Napier down for a two count. An elbow is next onto Napier. Murphy gut wrench suplexes Napier. Lawless is back in and he drops Napier onto his knee. Napier is seated and Lawless runs the ropes, only stopping to slap in the sleeper. The fans chant for Napier and he whips Lawless down. Lawless side suplexes Napier. Murphy carries Napier and then drops him down. Lawless and Order kick Napier in their corner. Lawless suplexes Napier and drops a leg. Ross makes the two count. Murphy attacks BROhemoth. Napier is whipped into the corner my Lawless. Lawless tags Murphy and the fans chant for Napier. BRO breaks up the pin fall attempt and Ross sends him to his corner. Ross admonishes BRO is in and he double splashes Lawless and Order. BRO suplexes Beastman. Napier head butts Lawless. Murphy breaks the pin fall. BRO is dumped to the apron. Napier hoists Lawless for a Sioux Falls Slam, BROhemoth picks up Murphy for a World’s Strongest Slam and Lawless and Order are pinned. 12:06

Golden Triangle Championship: Zak Hunter v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion)

Bubba hip tosses Hunter and immediately proclaims himself to be the best ever. The two lock up again and Bubba hip tosses him again. Hunter responds with a series of bodyslams on Bubba. Bubba bails to the outside. Once back inside, Hunter gets offense including a clothesline. Jimmy James counts to two. Hunter goes to work on Bubba by wrenches his arm. Another pin fall attempt ends at two. Bubba recovers and meets Hunter with a series of punches to the head. Bubba gets Hunter in the corner. Bubba poses. Hunter recovers and tries to block a kick to the head. It doesn’t work. Bubba forces Hunter into the corner. Bubba whips Hunter into the corner. Bubba bulldogs Hunter after a clothesline. There’s a two count. Bubba taunts the crowd and misses with a clothesline. Bubba falls to the outside. Hunter follows. The two battle on the outside. Hunter goes to the top rope. Bubba staggers inside. Bubba catches him and hits the Rock Bottom 9:53

Anthony Alexander v. Harley T. Morris

The two take their times measuring one another. The lock up and Alexander gets the early advantage with a wrist lock and arm bar. Alexander shoulder blocks Morris but the West Virginian pokes AA in the eye. It doesn’t take as Alexander floors him a number of times. Alexander hits Morris with some punches from the top turnbuckle. Morris hits Alexander with a back breaker out of nowhere and nearly gets a pin fall. Morris continues to go to work on Alexander’s back. Morris pins Alexander but only gets two. Morris continues the pressure on Alexander and he gets a shoulder up during the next pin fall attempt. A side suplex on Alexander is next. Two count. Morris gets Alexander in a headlock. AA breaks out. Morris slaps Alexander in the ears and belly to belly suplexes AA for a two count. Morris snap mares Alexander down. Alexander will not submit for a camel clutch. Morris breaks the hold and punches and kicks at Alexander’s back. Morris goes for a pin and gets two. Morris lays in the knees onto Alexander’s back. Morris goes to the corner and is met by Alexander. Alexander lays in a series of punches. Alexander hits a superplex on Morris. Both Megastars are down. The competitors are on their knees and they trade punches. Alexander whips Morris into the ropes and drops him with clotheslines and a big boot. There’s a two count on Morris. Both men are up. Alexander tries for a bodyslam. Morris blocks it. The two tussle. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. 10:24

Five Star Championship: The Rev Ron Hunt v. Sly Scarpone (champion)

The bell rings and the two competitors circle the ropes. Hunt bails to the outside but gets back inside to start the contest. Scarpone hip tosses the challenger and then tries for a back slide for the pin but only gets a two count. They lock up and Sly shoulder blocks the Rev down. Incredibly, Sly gorilla presses the Rev. The two go outside and Sly wraps The Rev up in a predicament that allows for the fans to chop The Rev in the chest. The Rev bounces off of the ropes and hits a version of the Prime-Time Cancellation on Hunt. At one-point Hunt rams Scarpone’s crotch into a corner post. Sly is down for the pin attempt but Hunt only gets two. Sly fights back and Hunt goes for a side suplex into a knee. Two count on the 5-Star Champion. Hunt has Scarpone in a headlock sleeper hold. Sly will not submit. Hunt hits Scarpone with a neck breaker and only gets two. Hunt can’t believe that wasn’t three. Hunt jams Scarpone’s chin into his shoulder. Scarpone is in the corner. Hunt goes for a monkey flip but Scarpone blocks in and posts Hunt on the top turnbuckle. Scarpone suplexes The Rev. Both Megastars are down. The two get to their feet and trade blows. Scarpone body slams Hunt. King Douglas returns to the ring and shouts encouragement to Hunt. Douglas gets to the apron. Scarpone drops him from that post. Hunt clotheslines Scarpone down. There’s a knee to the gut. Scarpone gets him up for the F-5 for the win. 10:27

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