A Prime-Time Shot Fired As Alexander Stomps Back Into Heavyweight Title Scene, Scarpone, Bubba, VIPs Retain

September 29, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Anthony Alexander is a decorated Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) veteran. He is a former KSWA Heavyweight Champion and former three-time Golden Triangle Champion. Earlier this year, he challenged Dennis Gregory for the Commonwealth’s richest prize. Rebuffed by not rejected, Alexander is back. In a big way.

In addition, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin celebrated 20 years as founding members of the VIPs by taking on one of Pittsburgh’s deadliest duos in T-Rantula and “Big Country” Matt McGraw. In addition, Sly Scarpone took on one of his biggest challengers to date in Officer Dan Murphy. And Shane Starr and David Lawless battled to see who is next in line for the Golden Triangle Championship.

King and Joey v. Mitch and BRO

King Douglas and Quervo come to the ring, while Napier comes without BROhemoth. Mitch says that his opponents are responsible for the no-show. Napier says he will go it alone. In essence, Napier is working Douglas alone as Quervo takes a beer ringside. Napier has the early advantage with punches to the head and suplexes, but Douglas turned it around. Suddenly BRO, who is holding his head, comes out of the crowd, late to the match. He makes it to the apron and the fans are behind him. BRO starts the crowd chanting for Mitch and that’s enough. Napier breaks loose and tags in BRO who goes after his opponents. BRO gets Quervo in a side suplex and Napier dives off the top and nearly gets the pin fall. BRO is back in and suplexes Quervo over his head. Bowser Bomb on Quervo is next. Quervo once again kicks out. BRO tags Napier back in and he goes to work on Quervo, pushing him into Del. Douglas goes for a spin as Napier twirls him around the ring. Napier tags in BRO and says “Finish him off.” BRO gives Del the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. 6:32

5-Star Championship: Officer Dan Murphy v. Sly Scarpone (champion)

Officer Dan grabs the house microphone and tells Sly that he an Arnold Schwarzenegger guy, and Scarpone is a box office bust. And he says that he will be the new 5-Star Champion. The two lock up and Murphy pushes Scarpone to the mat. They lock up again and Scarpone pushes the Officer into a corner, and like an Action Hero, doesn’t take a cheap shot. Dan offers a Test of Strength. Sly goes in full-bore and gets Scarpone done to one knee. Then Sly gains advantage, only to get punked. They battle around until Sly knocks him over the top rope and onto the floor. Murphy powers Scarpone into the ring post but that’s not enough to get keep an Action Hero down. Scarpone grabs Murphy and takes him around the ring, allowing fans to slap and punch Murphy in the chest. Murphy is tossed inside but the Officer is angered and takes command. Murphy kicks Sly in the hamstrings and keeps him in the ropes. Scarpone is tossed into a corner for more punishment. Murphy works on Scarpone’s knee and continues to concentrate there for the next few moments. Murphy goes for the roll up and gets a two count. Murphy knees Sly in the knee and then drops an elbow, keeping him down. Sly battles back with elbows to the gut but Murphy uses his size and strength advantage. Out of nowhere, Sly is able to drop Murphy with a side suplex. Both Megastars are spent. They get to their feet and Scarpone hits Murphy with a boot. Murphy catches him out of a powerbomb. Murphy gets Sly into a Boston Crab, but Scarpone gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Referee Shawn Patrick admonishes Murphy for not giving up the move sooner. Scarpone is nearly tossed out of the ring but he skins the cat to get back in. The two trade punches. There’s a power slam by Sly to get a two-count. And another attempt ends at two. Patrick checks both men. Sly boots a charging Murphy in the corner. Sly gives Murphy a powerful flying elbow from the corner and get the win. 9:08

“Big” Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre v. Yinza and Justin Sane

Yinza gets the crowd started with a clap and he is ready to start off against either team member of Big and Bigger. Referee Bobby O starts the ring by calling for the bell and they lock up. Yinza gets the wrist lock first. Yinza has some momentum until Malachi pokes Yinza in the eye. They lock up again and this time Malachi has the upper hand. There’s an arm bar and then Yinza goes for more momentum, but the veteran Malachi grabs him in a headlock. Malachi gets Yinza in a corner and he takes cheap shots. Malachi whips him across the ring and Yinza is able to get the 300-pounder over into a small package for a near pin fall. Yinza hits Malachi with a series of hip tosses and gets only a one-count on the pin attempt. Justin Sane is tagged in. He keeps Malachi down for a two count. There’s a leg drop on Malachi and two count. Sane controls Malachi and gets him into his corner. Yinza is tagged back in. Yinza continues to work on the arm, wrist and shoulder. Yinza shoulder blocks Malachi and gets him down. A splash is next. Sane is tagged and he splashes Malachi. Sane grabs Malachi’s arm and climbs the rope to go “old school.” He finishes the move and tags in Yinza. The two fan favorites try to suplex Malachi, but the veteran double suplexes the men. Malachi’s power has long been under-appreciated. Malachi makes it to his corner and that’s where the giant is tagged in. He goes to work on both men. He chops Yinza and whips him into a corner. A splash is next. Massacre chops Yinza. Massacre suplexes the Luchadore and head butts him to follow. Yinza falls to the outside. Sane follows him there and they catch a breather. They both try to take on Massacre but are met with overwhelming power. Both of his opponents are down. Massacre picks up Yinza by one leg. Yinza shouts “where am I?” He gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Massacre simply looms as Sane is tagged back in. Justin isn’t crazy, he runs around the big man until he decides to go right at him with punches to an unflinching chest. Malachi kicks him in the back. Massacre picks up Sane and simply slams him down in the center of the ring. There’s a double elbow from Big and Bigger and Sane is down. Malachi steps on Sane’s chest as the ref is distracted. Massacre comes in without a tag and chokes Sane as Bobby O admonishes. Massacre fish hooks Sane in the face. Yinza chants for Justin. Malachi chokes Sane in the corner as the ref is distracted. Massacre puts a boot into Sane’s throat as the ref is distracted. Sane is choked by the rope while the ref is distracted. Massacre tags in Malachi and he goes right after Sane. Malachi side suplexes for former multi-time champion. Malachi, a former KSWA Heavyweight Champion in his own right, grinds away at Sane. Massacre chops away at Sane in the corner. Sane staggers around as Yinza reaches from across the ring. Sane tags Yinza but the referee doesn’t see it. That’s enough to allow Big and Bigger more double team opportunities. The Earth moved as Massacre planted Sane with a suplex. Sane somehow makes it to his corner and tags in Yinza. He goes after both men but they are simply too powerful. There’s a double choke slam on Yinza for the convincing victory. on 16:32

Golden Triangle Championship: Bubba the Bulldog (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Anthony Alexander

Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone to run down Anthony Alexander and charges that the former Golden Triangle Champion isn’t worthy of a rematch. Before a lock up, Alexander kicks Bubba in the gut. That allows him the advantage to drive Bubba’s head into the corner posts. The Krazies are solidly behind Double-A. Anthony whips Bubba into the ropes and drops him with a back elbow. Bubba shakes out the cob webs. Alexander bodyslams him not once, but twice. Double-A drills Bubba with a punch to the head and an Atomic Drop. Alexander gets Bubba into the corner for a series of punches to the head. Anthony gets the Bulldog down for a pin attempt but only gets two. Bubba pokes AA in the eyes. Mayor Mystery goes to work on Anthony in the corner as referee Shawn Patrick is distracted by Bubba. Bubba digs at Anthony’s eyes as the referee is distracted. Bubba clotheslines Alexander in the center of the ring. Bubba gets Alexander in a rear chin lock. He elbows Alexander on the top of the head. Bubba goes back to the rear chin lock and Bubba lets go. There’s a big elbow on Anthony and he kicks up at two. Bubba whips Anthony in the ropes and clotheslines him down in proper authority. Bubba punches away at Alexander and whips him across the ring and into the corner where he hits hard. Alexander is slow in getting up. Bubba cups his ears to hear the cheers. Bubba hits Alexander with a bulldog and gets two. Double A reverses the momentum and front spine busters Bubba down in the center of the ring. Double A starts to rile up. He is met with a punch but that doesn’t do anything. Soon, they are trading punches and Alexander hits a side suplex. Double A lowers a strap on his singlet. Mayor Mystery hits Alexander in the back with a cane in front of the referee. Patrick calls for the bell and stops the match. The winner by disqualification, Anthony Alexander. Bubba is still the Golden Triangle Champion. 9:15

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs (champions) v. Matt McGraw and T-Rantula

The VIPs, celebrating 20 years as a team, make their way to the ring. T-Rantula brings a chair with him and Matt McGraw. McGraw bowls Blanchard over in the early moments of the match. McGraw body slammed Blanchard to huge effect. Then another, the Enforcer is rocked. Blanchard, the 20-year-veteran, poked McGraw in the eye to gain advantage. Martin is tagged in. T-Rantula claims that Martin’s elbow pad was loaded. With McGraw in their corner, the VIPs go to work. Martin dives on McGraw and then bites him in the head. Blanchard is tagged in and he goes to work on the big man. There are chops to the trapezius muscles and punches to the head. McGraw gets a boot up and drops Blanchard. T-Rantula is in to drop Blanchard and then Martin from the apron. Blanchard is reeling. T gets Blanchard in the corner for chops to the chest. Martin comes in and he gets some. He chops Martin and Blanchard and Martin and Blanchard again, over and over. T boots Blanchard down and tags in McGraw. McGraw is tagged in and he “makes a wish” with T using Blanchard’s legs. T-Rantula gets Blanchard in a rear chin lock. Out of nowhere, Blanchard hits McGraw with a spinebuster. Blanchard grabs one of McGraw’s legs to keep him from crawling to T, and Blanchard tags Martin, who comes in and goes to work on Big Country. Martin clotheslines McGraw down and then digs at his throat. Martin clotheslines McGraw down again and drops a leg. Blanchard is tagged back in and he goes after T in the corner. That’s enough to distract the referee. The VIPs pound away on McGraw. Blanchard is in for a series of punches on T-Rantula who jumped in to make the save. Martin brawls with McGraw on the outside. Blanchard clotheslines T-Rantula over the top rope and onto the floor below. Blanchard punches away at T-Rantula and McGraw attacks Martin. Referee O is outside. T tosses Blanchard into the ring post. T goes to gets some nachos. McGraw gets the nachos when Martin ducks. McGraw is tossed in and Martin follows for a Death Certificate. The VIPs win. 11:20

Number One Contenders Match for the Golden Triangle Championship: Lawless v. Starr

The Gavel, David Lawless taunts the crowd even before the match begins. Shane Starr waits patiently. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell to start the match. Kids at ringside chant for Starr. The two lock up and Lawless breaks the hold to flex his muscles. Starr does the same and gets a better response from the crowd. Lawless shoulder blocks Starr down and flexes some more. “That’s Flawless” he shouts. Lawless knocks him down again. Starr responds with hip tosses and a back elbow down. He tosses Lawless head-first into ring posts. Starr hoists Lawless up for a suplex and goes for the cover. He gets two. Lawless whips Starr into the corner, Starr hits him with a boot. Lawless flips Starr over in the center of the ring. A big suplex onto Starr is next. One count. Lawless digs at Starr. Lawless follow with a neck breaker and a leg drop. Two count. Lawless gets Starr in a headlock. Starr hits Lawless with elbows and connects with a perfect drop kick. Lawless snap mares Starr down and locks in a sleeper hold. Starr gets to one knee and starts to pound away at Lawless. Lawless is small packaged and Starr gets a two count. Lawless responds by dropping Starr and going for a pin, but Starr gets to the ropes. Lawless gets Starr in the corner for a punch to the head. A super plex from the corner is being set up. Starr fights back. Starr tosses Lawless to the mat. Starr drop kicks him down. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Starr punches away but misses a splash in the corner. Lawless drops Starr on a knee and gets a two count. Starr dives out of a splash attempt. A big superkick is hit. Lawless kicks out at two. Lawless and Starr battle for advantage. Starr picks up Lawless and hits him with the Shining Wizard for the win. 11:00

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Dennis Gregory (champion)

Referee Bobby O holds up the championship to the crowd and calls for the bell. Gregory and Morris lock up. Dennis breaks the hold for a series of punches. Gregory locks in a headlock and gets Morris down to one knee. Morris breaks the hold and gets Gregory into a head lock of his own. Gregory shoulder blocks Morris down hard. The two tangle and try to get some momentum until Gregory pokes Morris in the eye. There’s a drop kick and shots to keep Dennis reeling. Morris drops a leg and gets a two-count. Morris punches Gregory and goes for a dive. Gregory shoots Morris into the night’s sky and out of the ring. That’s Mayor Mystery territory. He pounds away. Gregory follows for some offense. Gregory pounds away on the outside as referee and KSWA Owner Bobby O allows for leeway. Morris is tossed in at seven. Gregory pulls Morris in and among the ropes. Gregory slowly gets to Morris and applies pressure. Gregory picks Morris up and tosses him into the corner. Morris hops out of a splash and lands a cross body block. Morris rolls Gregory up not once, but twice, nearly getting pin falls. Morris shoulders Gregory and sunset flips him. Gregory pops up and superkicks Morris in the head. There’s a two count on Morris, described as an “arrogant cover.” Gregory pounds away at Morris in the center of the ring. Gregory pounces on Morris and then taunts the crowd. There’s a boot to Morris and another shot to keep Morris down. Morris knees Gregory to keep him away. There’s a standing drop kick that floors Morris. Both Megastars are slow in getting up. Harley punches away and shoulder blocks Gregory. A drop kicks sends the Champion into the corner. Morris hits Gregory down with a version of the DDT/neck breaker. Mayor Mystery attacks Morris, who falls into a Wannabe for the win. 9:46

Post-Match: Anthony Alexander sneaks in and his Gregory with the Prime-Time Cancellation. He choke-slams Mystery next and then leaves to the utter enjoyment of the Krazies.

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