"Fifth Avenue Street Fight" Closes Out Event, Gregory Retains Against Napier, Cinco De Mayo Wild, Sane And Hornitos Win

September 30, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Sunday afternoon action for Round Corner Cantina at All Summr, a mere half-mile from where the historic Civic/Mellon Arena hosted professional wrestling events for decades, and slightly less than that from the current PPG Paints Arena. Both the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship and tag team championships were defended closer to Pittsburgh’s downtown than ever before.

KSWA Mexican title: Del Douglas v. Joey Hornitos

“He’s Stumbling!” shouts reigning KSWA Mexican Champion Del Douglas as challenger Joey Hornitos staggers into the ring, bottle of beer in hand. The two lock up and then start to run the ropes. Hornitos dives to the outside, leaving Douglas to get winded as Joey waits. A fan gives Douglas a beer. He takes a swig. Joey gets him into an arm wringer and down to the mat. Douglas gets to the ropes. Hornitos goes to the hold once again. Douglas floors Hornitos and drops the fist that’s banned in 49 out of the 50 states. He does not get the pin fall. There’s a leg drop for a two count. An elbow and another two count. Douglas drives some knees into Hornitos’ gut. Douglas boots him and slaps in the Royal Sharpshooter, the Millvale Crab. Hornitos does not give up. Douglas continues the onslaught. Douglas gets some wrist tape and chokes him. This goes on from time to time as the referee is distracted. Douglas grabs Joey in the crotch and chops him. Joey fires back. Douglas is on the top turnbuckle; Joey tosses him off. Hornitos hits the DDT. A diving neck breaker is next for the win. 8:30

Mitch Napier v. Dennis Gregory

The former champion makes his way to the ring and Gregory dances his way in. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both Megastars and calls for the bell. Uncharacteristically, Gregory asks the shake Napier’s hand. He says “you’ll need it” when they lock hands. The bell sounds and the two lock up. The two tussle and exchange technical moves. Gregory gets frustrated and is able to get to the ropes. Napier wants Gregory to get off the ropes. After a moment he does and Gregory takes control with a shoulder block. They lock up again and Napier is able to hip toss Dennis over. Napier gets Gregory from behind and the two each have a difficult time getting significant momentum until Napier drops Gregory outside and drop kicks him to the floor once back in. They tie up again and Gregory is clipped outside again. Napier follows him out this time. Mitch rams his head into the apron, not once but twice. Gregory meets Napier on the turnbuckle and neck breakers him on the hardest part of the ring: the apron. Napier is tied up in the ropes and dumped out by the champion. They go back outside and Dennis rolls Napier back in. Gregory gets him in a rear chin lock and then drops him down. A clothesline on Napier is next. Gregory kicks Napier in the face and drops a leg while Napier is hung out on the bottom rope. Gregory punches Napier in the mush. Gregory is back in. There’s a boot to the throat as Napier is draped over the bottom rope. Gregory is back in for a some more offense. A whip and a missed splash in the corner. Napier gets some offense with a whip and shoulder block. A hip toss and drop kick on Gregory are next. Napier pounds away on Gregory in the corner. Gregory catches Mitch, who fell out of the corner and a whip there. Gregory chokes Napier with nearby caution tape. Gregory takes his time before booting Napier in the back. Gregory picks Napier up and posts him on a corner post. Napier starts to fight out of it. He drops Gregory and lands a flying head butt from the top. Napier climbs to the top once again for a second head butt. Gregory gets a boot up and then follows that with a super kick to the head. Gregory whips Napier into the ropes and taunts the crowd. A lazy count is next and Napier kicks up at two. Gregory grabs his towel and taunts the challenger. Mitch starts to fight out of it. Out of nowhere, Napier lands a drop kick and then hits a body slam. And suplex. The champ is down. The ankle lock is next. Dennis gets to the rope. Napier side suplexes him. Napier climbs for a cross body block. Napier lands in, which knocks Gregory all the way out to the floor. The Wannabe on Napier is next. The winner and still KSWA Champion is Dennis Gregory. 15:31

Harley T. Morris v. Malachi Gage

The Side Show Psycho Malachi Gage laughs away as the bell rings. Gage claps and that infuriates Morris, who as “The Professional,” has no interest in tomfoolery. Gage gets Morris down and nearly gets a pin fall. Gage gets Morris in a head scissors and nearly gets a pin fall. The two trade moves and Gage side slams him down for a two. Gage goes to the top but Morris meets him there. Gage goes crotch-first on to the turnbuckle. Now Harley is in command as he drop kicks Gage and nearly gets a pin fall. Harley dives onto Gage in the ropes and drops a big elbow on his opponent. Two count is next. Gage gets some offense with a huge chop and suplex. Two count on Morris. There’s a side suplex and two count. Gage battles Morris and clotheslines him and hits a fall away drop kick. The two collide in the corner and Gage is dumped onto the apron. He hits a dive from the apron. Morris gets his boot onto the rope. Morris catches a boot and hits the back stabber. Morris makes the cover and gets a two count. Harley hits a big boot but Gage catches him. Morris drives Gage’s head with a snap mare driver into the mat for the win. 8:26

Jack Massacre v. Matt McGraw

Two giants of the KSWA roster lock up and Massacre tosses McGraw into the corner. Big Country is taken aback by the power of Massacre. Massacre uses the rope to his advantage and chokes him. Massacre sends shock waves through Uptown with two huge chops to McGraw’s chest. After more Jack offense, Matt dodges a splash and gets some punches and a splash in of his own. McGraw, a former boxer, peppers Massacre in the gut. McGraw tries to clothesline Massacre and does little by stagger the big man. A clothesline from the top floors the 7-footer. Jack rolls to the outside. McGraw follows. Jack gets back in. When McGraw rolls in, Massacre puts the boots and a knee into him. Massacre body slams McGraw. Jack then ties him up and pulls his arms back into a submission move. That leads to nothing but a pin fall attempt. McGraw tries to fight up. Massacre simply drops him down. Jack hits McGraw with a big forearm. Massacre grabs McGraw by the leg and extends that limb. Massacre misses with a splash. McGraw drops Massacre and peppers him with rights in the corner. Massacre whips him out of the corner and into another. A big boot is next. A power slam on McGraw is next. 8:30

Cinco de Mayhem

BROhemoth, Zak Hunter, David Lawless, Lucio Deveer and Beastman all enter the ring. Lawless taunts the crowd and the remaining opponents take care of him. Beastman even bites him in the butt. Lawless, now on the outside, fights with Hunter. Lawless and Hunter pull Beastman out. Lawless, now back in, dumps Deveer to the outside. Beastman power slams Lawless and then goes after Hunter. Deveer fights Beastman and then soon, it’s Deveer, Hunter and Lawless. Beastman simply fights out of it. He elbows Lawless and knocks others down. A body slam of Deveer is next. BROhemoth body slams Lawless. Beastman body slams Deveer. Beastman chops Deveer and invites BROhemoth to come in and take his shots. On the outside, Beastman chases Hunter, who is able to use the corner post to drop the big man. BROhemoth is dropped out and Deveer and Hunter double team Lawless with a suplex. Deveer hits Hunter with a back elbow. The two Megastars trade offense and then enter into sort of a stalemate before Beastman double clotheslines them. Beastman splashes Lawless and gets a two count. Now BROhemoth and Beastman trade right hands in the center of the ring. Then they trade forearms. Then head butts. BRO goes to one knee and then gets one of his own from Beastman. All five Megastars are spent. Beastman hits BROhemoth with a huge cross body block for a two count. Lawless flies onto the scene and kicks Beastman. Hunter and Deveer follow with their own offense. Each Megastar attempt to pin Beastman. Hunter, Deveer and Lawless trade shots. They drop BROhemoth and try to get a pin. Lawless and Hunter all double side Russian leg sweep on Deveer. Now on their knees, all five punch, chop and elbow each other. They all gang up on Beastman, shrugs them off. Hunter attempts pins on BROhemoth, Lawless and Deveer. He tries all of his opponents again, this time getting two on Beastman. Deveer is up and puts boots to Lawless and Hunter. Deveer hits a cross body block on Deveer and Lawless. Deveer Death Valley Drivers Lawless but BROhemoth goes to pin Deveer. Beastman breaks that up. Lawless drives Hunter down. Deveer hits Lawless with a back stabber. The action is fast and furious. Hunter gets tossed out by Beastman. Deveer swon tons Beastman, who was dropped by BROhemoth. BROhemoth hits Deveer with the F-5 for the win. 16:32

Rev Ron Hunt v. Justin Sane

The Rev makes his way to the ring after Justin and admonishes the crowd for being there. The bell rings and the match begins. Hunt immediately bails to the outside. Hunt gets Sane into a headlock. Hunt and Sane collide with shoulders and fall to the mat. Hunt gets Sane in another headlock and drops him to the mat. Sane recovers and gets The Rev in a headlock. Hunt drops Sane, hops around and slaps Justin right in the face. Sane rebounds and gets Rev in a wrist lock. Sane pump handles Hunt about 10 times and grabs him again. This time, Sane drops his arm over the top rope. Sane grabs his arm and goes “old school” on the top rope. He lands on Hunt’s arm, sending him to the outside. Hunt sits on a fan’s lap and then is chased around by Justin. Hunt is back in and misses Sane. Justin grabs him by the arm and twists it behind Hunt. Sane misses Hunt, who dives outside. He grabs Justin’s legs and wraps them around the corner post. Hunt pounds on Sane’s leg. Hunt makes a cover and gets two. Hunt gets up and pounds on Justin’s back. Sane is pulled up. Hunt knees him and makes a sloppy cover, only getting a two count. Hunt drives a knee into Sane’s back. Hunt runs the ropes, stops abruptly and locks in a sleeper hold on Sane. Sane battles back and drop kicks Hunt down. Sane climbs to the top rope. Hunt meets him there, and makes him fall crotch-first onto the top turnbuckle. Sane head scissors Hunt down in the center of the ring. Hunt picks up Sane and drives him down, only to get a two count. Hunt picks him up again. Sane breaks it and kicks Hunt down. Sane to the top turnbuckle for the Frog Splash and the win. 11:00

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Prime-Time Players 2.0

Lou Martin is handsome. He exclaimed that to be true. The bell rings and the match begins. Blanchard ties Starr up and Blanchard goes for a chop. Starr evades it and Martin is chopped. That drops the VIP. The two line up again. Blanchard goes to punch Starr. He moves out of the way. Martin stops the punch and Starr double noggin knocks them. Both VIPs are down onto the floor. Blanchard is back in and he grabs Starr by the hand. He taunts Double-A, who races in. Blanchard gets Starr down on one knee and works the challenger into his corner. Blanchard taunts Alexander again and the VIPs once again double team Starr in the corner. A third time it happens. This time, Blanchard is pump handled over the top rope by Martin. Starr and Alexander race out to stare, point and laugh. Alexander is tagged in. Martin is tagged in and he goes after Alexander. Martin wants the Test of Strength. Instead Martin punches Alexander. That fires up the big man and he goes on the attack. Alexander body slams Martin and tags in Starr. Martin recovers and boots Starr. The tag is made to Blanchard. Blanchard chops Starr in the trapezius muscles. He continues the assault and Starr is down. Bobby O catches Blanchard with an illegal object. Bobby O calls for a 5th Avenue Street Fight and all heck breaks loose. Starr dumps out a garbage can that carries a bunch of thumb tacks. There’s a drum in the can and Starr hits him with it. There’s a cow bell and rope. Blanchard hits Alexander with it. Blanchard uses nun chucks he found on Alexander. And a hockey stick. Starr and Martin join Blanchard and Alexander on the outside. Martin peppers Starr with a strap used in previous strap matches. Alexander and Blanchard trade punches. Martin posts Starr on a table. Alexander hits Blanchard with the discarded strap. Martin and Starr go through the Hornitos sign. Martin climbs on top of an ice machine and dives on Starr. Alexander puts a garbage can on Blanchard’s head and kicks him there. Martin dives on the top of the ice machine, putting Starr through a table. Blanchard hits Alexander in the rump with a plunger. Blanchard chops the staggering Starr. Martin does the same. The VIPs take turns plastering Starr. Starr superkicks Martin. Starr chops Blanchard. Martin slugs Starr in the gut while held by Blanchard. Starr is rolled back in by Martin. Martin chokes Starr with a mannequin leg. Starr battles back and gets Martin ready for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Blanchard races in, breaks it up and Spinebusters Starr. Martin hits the Death Certificate for the win. 18:00.

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