Krazies Demand Huge 8-Man Tag, McGraw And Yinza Surge, MV Young Returns With Win For Children's Miracle Network

October 6, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returned to Lower Burrell and New Kensington for a Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser at the Kinloch Volunteer Fire Department. The VIPs showed their collective influence until the very end. Yinza was able to hold off the always unpredictable Joey Quervo and Matt McGraw continued on his competitive charge against King Del Douglas. Hometown boy MV Young, who had his last KSWA match in Lower Burrell two years ago, came back to face another Megastar who excels in hard-hitting matches: Lucio Deveer.

However, the biggest moment of the night came when all of the Krazies in attendance wanted a Main Event-changing 8-Man tag team contest.

Shawn Blanchard v. Mitch Napier

Lou Martin comes to the ring alongside Shawn Blanchard. Napier comes to the ring by himself. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both combatants. Patrick calls for the bell and the match begins. Patrick has to check both men again. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object. Blanchard may or may not conceal the object. The fans are convinced that Blanchard is something wrong is going on. Napier arm drags Blanchard into the corner. They lock up again and Blanchard puts Napier into the ropes. Martin on the outside, drags Napier out and beats on him. KSWA Ambassador Bob Badfingers catches the infraction and sends The Face of Pittsburgh back to the locker room. Now back to being one-on-one, Blanchard gets Napier down onto one knee by leveraging one arm. The fans are solidly behind Napier. Napier breaks out if using technical moves and drops Blanchard down in the center of the ring. Blanchard claims that Napier pulled his tightly-cropped hair. Napier continues to work the arm, wrist and shoulder. Blanchard goes down to one knee. Blanchard refuses to give up. Blanchard fights out to body slam Napier, but the Sioux Falls hero holds onto the arm and rolls out of the maneuver. Blanchard gets to the ropes and forces the break. Blanchard tries to get feeling back into his left arm. Blanchard grabs Napier in a sleeper hold. Blanchard shoulder blocks his way out; however, Napier arm drags Blanchard around the ring. Blanchard cannot believe his current fate. Blanchard gets a boot and then two into the ropes. Napier drops him face-first on the mat. Napier makes the pin attempt but gets two. Napier has Blanchard in the corner for a series of 10 punches to the head. Napier rolls up a punch and delivers it to Blanchard, who collapses into a heap. Blanchard kicks Napier low to break the momentum. Blanchard snap mares Napier into a sleeper hold. Blanchard digs away at Napier. Blanchard pulls Napier’s ears and chops him in the neck. He goes back to the sleeper. Napier elbows him way out but gets planted with a spinebuster. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Blanchard chokes Napier and gets him into the ropes. Blanchard chops Napier hard. He hits him a second time. Blanchard sets him up for a kick into the groin. The referee is distracted and Blanchard kicks Napier right between the goal posts. Out of nowhere, Napier grabs Blanchard into a Sioux Falls Slam for the win. 13:42

King Del Douglas v. Matt McGraw

The King makes his way to the ring in his usual, arrogant style. Big Country Matt McGraw comes to the ring in his usual, powerful, yet humble way. Before the bell even rings, Douglas is all over McGraw, choking him with his royal robe. This goes on for a while before Referee Jimmy James breaks up the shenanigans. Big Country takes over with a clothesline, body slam and fall away slam. McGraw over hand chops Douglas with both hands. There may be a nipple grab, but there is an Irish Whip and splash in the corner. Douglas gets some wrist tape and chokes McGraw in the corner. The referee doesn’t see it. McGraw battles out and kicks Douglas and then suplexes him down in the center of the ring. Douglas waits and rakes Matt’s eyes. Douglas goes for the fist that’s banned in 49 out of 50 States but McGraw catches him and power slams Del down for the win. 3:45

Zak Hunter v. Shane Starr

Hunter and Starr don’t have any issues; however, this is a good contest between fan favorites. Starr gets Hunter down and gets in the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Hunter is able to roll out of it and is able to get his own momentum with a back elbow and clothesline. Hunter misses a splash and Starr whips him across the ring. A drop kick on Hunter is next. Hunter is placed in another corner and Starr punches away, and then body slams him in the center of the ring. There’s only a one-count for Referee Shawn Patrick to record. A standing suplex is next on Hunter. Hunter dodges a splash and plasters Starr with a forearm and a kick to the head. There’s a two-count before Starr gets a shoulder up. Hunter punches Starr in the head and then follows with a second. Shawn Patrick counts one. Hunter snap mares Starr and then clotheslines his seated opponent. There’s a two-count and Starr kicks up. Hunter tries to silence the crowd but that doesn’t work. They are behind Starr. There’s a suplex on the former KSWA Champion. A two-count is next. Starr rolls Hunter up, gets two and then is super kicked down. Starr is pinned for a two count. Hunter punches with a stiff right hand. Hunter kicks away. Hunter gets Starr in a sleeper and then when Starr tries to stand, slams him back down. The Sleeper is in. Starr is falling. One hand slap on the mat. Two hand slaps. The third falls short of the canvas. Starr fights back but Hunter pulls Starr down by the hair and keeps him down. A leg-drop lands another two count. Starr fights out and shoulder blocks Hunter into the corner. Starr meets him at the top for a superplex. Hunter battles out of it. Starr plummets to the mat. Hunter drops a big elbow and gets two. Starr rolls on the mat. Hunter sets up for a superkick. They miss with a couple of moves and land a big double clothesline in the center of the ring. Starr is up and clotheslines Hunter around. They trade blows. There’s a double arm under hook that turns into a flip. Starr gets a two-count on Hunter. They continue to battle and Hunter hits Starr with his own finishing move. Two count. Hunter is up and ready. Starr grabs him and drops Hunter with a side suplex for the win. 9:14

Harley T. Morris v. Anthony Alexander

“The Professional” hits the ring and then so does “Double-A.” Harley T. Morris awaits his opponent, who greets the fans at ringside. The Krazies are solidly behind Alexander. Morris acts professionally, stands in the corner and taunts the fans. The bell rings and Morris continues to jaw at the paying customers. Alexander drops him and Harley bounces into the ropes. Morris stops to take some push ups in the ring. Morris attacks from behind and Alexander simply spins him out of the hip lock and into the ropes. There’s some deep knee bends and jumping jacks by Morris. Morris goads Alexander into a Test of Strength, but Alexander takes control. There’s a leg sweep by Morris that drops Double-A. Alexander meets Morris with a stiff right and hand. Morris is reeling. There’s a whip into the rope, a back elbow, another shot and a body slam. A right hand drops The Professional. And then another. Morris’ head is tossed into the turnbuckle. There’s a whip into the corner and a clothesline out of it. There’s a count of two. Alexander is not finished with the fists to Morris’s skull. Morris catches a big boot and drops Alexander down. Morris quickly moves to working on Alexander’s left knee. Morris drapes Alexander’s leg on the bottom rope and then ties him up with a version of the Figure Four leg lock. Alexander gets a hand on the bottom rope. Morris puts the boots to Alexander’s leg and drops his leg on Double-A’s. The fans start chanting loudly for Double-A. He breaks out of the move, but The Professional sees an opening and kicks him right back into the knee. There’s an elbow on the knee and another. Morris goes for a traditional Figure Four but Alexander kicks him into the corner. Double A gets some momentum, but Morris goes back to work on the leg. Alexander can’t boot Morris as his left knee crumples underneath him. Morris misses with a dive, and Alexander out of nowhere, hits a Prime-Time Cancellation for the win. 9:01

Joey Quervo v. Yinza

Joey Quervo comes to the ring with a beer in hand. He downs it inside the squared circle before Yinza makes his way to the squared circle. The bell rings and Quervo is down on one knee in the corner. Quervo dry heaves his way to a fireman’s helmet, but both Shawn Patrick and Yinza stop him from hurling. They lock up and Yinza breaks the hold. Quervo stands there and falls flat on his face. Yinza goes for the pin, which ends at two. Quervo rests in the corner as Patrick checks on him. Yinza grabs a wrist and tosses Quevro in the ropes. A hip toss leads to a pin attempt. A monkey flip sends Quervo into a heap. Another pin attempt ends at two as Joey instinctively gets a kick up. Yinza hanks away at Quervo’s arm. Quervo pokes Yinza in the eye. Yinza questions aloud how Quervo could even see his eyes. Quervo is whipped into the corner and he collapses. Yinza pins and gets a two count. There’s a big elbow from Yinza and a two count again. Yinza hip tosses Quervo but comes up empty on a leg drop. Quervo kicks Yinza in the knee and the Pittsburgh Luchadore goes to the outside as a way of catching his breath. Quervo goes to work on Yinza’s leg. Quervo takes a breather but Yinza gets one of his own and floors the Drunken Luchadore. Yinza picks him up and Quervo gets some momentum, and drops the Pittsburgh Luchadore with a DDT. Quervo misses a dive from the corner and Yinza gets him on his shoulders for a submission move. Quervo will not give up. A Yinza to Belly is next for the victory. 8:23. Post-Match, one Luchadore helps the other up. They leave as friends.

Lucio Deveer v. MV Young

Lucio Deveer arrives the fan favorite. The Lower Burrell master of Strong style, MV Young comes ready to fight. Young gets Lucio in a headlock but that doesn’t last long. The two trade moves and Young kicks his opponent down. The two trade moves and near pin falls. Deveer drop kicks Young down and into the corner. Deveer back elbows him down and gets a two count. Deveer punches away at Young in front of his home town. There’s a suplex that resonates. A two count on Young. Another pin fall and two count. There’s a dive on Young and another two count. Young blasts back and Deveer kicks him in the chest. There’s a chop and big clothesline on Young. Another two count. Both Megastars excel with this type of match. Young comes back with a flurry of chops and punches. Deveer is whipped in the corner but he explodes out on Young, dropping him on his neck. Young fights back and so does Deveer. Young hits Deveer with a German suplex and a pin attempt. Deveer is too close to the ropes. Deveer fights out of it. Young catches out of it and drops Deveer on his head from the corner post. A Missile drop kick by Young onto Deveer. MV kicks Deveer and goes for a pin. There’s a two count. Young goes to the corner post once again. Young misses with of a dive but they proceed to kick each other repeatedly. A Death Valley Driver doesn’t do it as Young kicks out. They trade big forearms, punches and more. Deveer drops him and somehow, Young gets a shoulder up. Deveer goes to the top rope. Deveer misses a dive. Young wheel kicks Deveer and gets the win. 7:56

Lou Martin v. BROhemoth

The opponents make their way to the ring and referee Shawn Patrick checks both men. The bell rings and both men check each other out. The reaction for BROhemoth is deafening. The 20,000-megapixel Level 4 gamer tosses Martin across the ring. Martin wants the fans to chant “Lou.” Instead, they chant “BRO!” BROhemoth tosses Martin into the corner. Martin wants a time out in the corner. Patrick tells him there are no time outs. BRO catches Martin and waits a few seconds before body slamming and Bowser Bombing the VIP. BRO thunderously suplexes Martin in the center of the ring. A second Bowser Bomb comes up empty. Martin, the 20-year-veteran, puts the boots and a leg to BROhemoth. He goes for a pin and only gets two. Martin posts BRO in the ropes and dives on him there. Martin woops it up as BRO is in pain. Martin sets BRO up in the corner and splashes him. There’s a right hand to the gut. BRO splashes Lou and German Suplexes him across the ring and into a corner. BRO hips Martin into the ropes and drops him with a clothesline. Martin fights out of a body slam but BRO clobbers him. King Del Douglas and Shawn Blanchard make it ringside. Del tosses in a chair. Lou uses it to bash BRO. Lou gets the win. 6:07 Harley T. and Del Douglas join in on the beatdown. Napier, Starr and Alexander make the save. The fans go insane asking for an 8-Man tag team match. Ambassador Bob Badfingers and Kommissioner Joe Perri agree to call for a bonus, 8-man tag!

Eight Man Tag: Martin, Blanchard, Morris & Douglas v. Alexander, BROhemoth, Napier & Starr

Lou Martin and Anthony Alexander start off. Martin challenges Alexander to a test of strength. Instead, he bails. Alexander suplexes Martin over his head, and does the same to Morris and Douglas. Blanchard wants no part of the beat down. Alexander tosses Martin out again. Alexander grabs Harley and tosses him out again. The King comes back for seconds and he is tossed out onto the floor as well. Blanchard rushes in, and then just like that, he rushes out. Martin is back in and Alexander tags in Starr. He drop kicks Martin and gets a two-count on Martin. Martin is tossed into the opposition’s corner. Napier is tagged. He swings Martin a dozen times. BRO is tagged in and he holds Martin as Napier drives onto him. A Bowser Bomb onto Martin is next. BRO gets Martin into the corner. Napier is tagged in. BRO tosses his partner, shoulder-first, into Martin. Napier ties Lou up. Morris races in and Napier goes to swing Morris but he tags Blanchard who comes in and stops the offense. Blanchard gets Napier into his corner and they beat away as the referee is distracted. Morris is tagged in and he drops a leg onto Napier. Douglas is tagged in for an elbow and pin attempt. Two count. The Krazies chant for Mitch. Morris in and he swings Napier a couple of times before collapsing. Napier gets out of it and tags in Starr. Morris kicks Starr square in the head. There’s a spear attempt that ended sideways. Napier stomps his foot on the apron. Blanchard and Alexander are tagged in. There’s a boot onto Blanchard. Morris breaks up the pin. All 8-Megastars are in the ring. Starr stuns Martin. Napier side suplexes Morris down. BROhemoth choke slams Douglas. Alexander Prime Time Cancels Blanchard for the win. 8:49

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