Flash Gets To Another Giant, Faime’s Historic Match Doesn’t End Favorably At Arsenal Park

July 3, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For the better part of a year, Jay Flash has waged a war against the “giants” of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. Whether it be Jack Massacre, T-Rantula or the “Biggest giant of them all,” KSWA Champion Kris Kash, Flash has taken each Megastar to their limit. On Saturday, July 2, Flash took the fight to the first KSWA giant, “Big” Mike Malachi.

Shawn Blanchard (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Lord Zoltan

Mayor Mystery, who comes to the ring with Shawn Blanchard, makes no friends with the Lawrenceville faithful. He calls them “scum.” Lord Zoltan dances through the crowd to Sir Mix A Lot. The bell rings and the long-time foes look to square off. Blanchard may or may not have something concealed on his person. Referee David Fedor checks for any foreign objects but doesn’t find anything. Fedor continues to search and Blanchard continues to hide the object. It’s a minute and a half before the combatants go to lock up but Zoltan fools Blanchard with hand gestures and dance moves. Zoltan stomps on the mat as Blanchard is riled up. The two lock up in a test of strength and Blanchard gains an advantage. Mayor Mystery slides in and hits Zoltan low to continue the advantage. Zoltan starts to fight back and Mystery slides in again. He goes to hit Zoltan low but his Lordship kicks him in the head instead. Mystery then hits Blanchard in the groin. That’s enough for Zoltan to gain and advantage. Lord wrist locks Blanchard and rings his arm enough to get him down. Zoltan continues to row the boat with his arm. Blanchard is able to turn the tide of offense and gain advantage on Zoltan. Mayor Mystery rings Zoltan’s arm over the top rope and Blanchard distracts the referee into fixing the turnbuckle. They do it a second time as Zoltan’s arm is now cramped. Zoltan reverses the move and feeds Blanchard to Mystery. Mystery is rowing like crazy until he realizes his has Blanchard’s arm. Zoltan levels Blanchard with a right hand. Blanchard recoils into the corner and comes out with the foreign object. That’s where Mayor Mystery goes to town on Zoltan’s throat on the outside. Blanchard attacks Zoltan and Mystery chokes Zoltan with the cane. Now Blanchard chokes Zoltan with ring tape. Zoltan is in the ropes and Blanchard has to back off. Blanchard coughs up the illegal object. Zoltan decks Blanchard with it. Blanchard whips Zoltan into the ropes. Zoltan decks Blanchard. Mayor Mystery gets on the apron. Zoltan faces him. The cane is dropped and Fedor picks it up. Zoltan pins Blanchard and gets the win. 7:48

Del Douglas v. The Jester

The Jester immediately goes to work on Douglas by slapping him in the buttocks. Douglas said “not to touch me there.” Jester snap mares Douglas down and fall-away cannonballs him. Douglas gets the upper hand. He chops The Jester and punches him with the “fist that’s banned in 49 out of 50 states.” Douglas suplexes the much-larger Jester to much aplomb. Douglas is in control. Jester ducks a clothesline and the two collide in the center of the ring with a double clothesline. The two get up and trade serious blows. Jester has control. Now Jester slams Douglas and lands a splash. Two count. Douglas gets up and misses a splash. Jester kicks him in the head for the win. 3:29

Tommy Faime v. Mitch Napier

KSWA Owner Tommy Faime, who entered the ring for his first single’s match since April 16, 2005, was confident. He was also the eager to make an early impact. Faime tries to attack Napier but the former 5-Star Champion drops the Owner to the mat. Faime then recovers and drops Mitch down. There’s a bodyslam on Napier and a two count. Faime goes for a submission move on Napier but doesn’t get the desired result. He hits a modified neck breaker on Napier and then tosses Mitch to the outside. Mitch is slow in getting up. There’s a baseball slide that drops Mitch to the grass. Faime follows for a bodyslam. Napier is rolled back in. Perri makes a count and only gets two. Faime tosses Napier in the corner and blasts him with a couple of punches. Napier small packages Faime and gets a two and a half count. Faime is on the outside. Napier goes after him after a few moments. Napier slams Faime’s head into the corner post and rolls him back in. There’s a flying body press on Faime and gets a two count. Napier keeps the offense before getting an ankle lock. Faime gets into the ropes. The action moves outside as Napier continues the onslaught. Faime is rolled back in. Napier tries the Sioux Falls Slam but Faime fights it off. Napier hits some shots. That weakens Faime. Napier is finally able to haul him up and follows with an ankle lock. Faime taps out and Napier is your winner. 6:11

Joey Quervo v. Bob Atlas

Joey signs an autograph for a little while on his way to the ring. This may have never happened before. Atlas goes to work on Quervo with punches and chops. Atlas has Quervo down for the stink face. Quervo falls to the outside. Puniverse flexes. Once back inside Atlas suplexes Quervo. Atlas whips Quervo into the corner and is hit with a reverse splash. Quervo falls to his knees and punks Atlas to come in. That’s where Quervo hits him low. Quervo suplexes Atlas. Two count. Quervo goes to hit Atlas low. The ref is distracted and that’s exactly what Quervo does. There’s a DDT on Atlas. Quervo goes up and hits a flying, reverse stunner for the win. Quervo staggers as Atlas makes his way to the back. 3:44

Lou Martin v. Shane Starr

KSWA Owner Bobby O grabs the microphone and says that he is going to be the referee for this matchup. David Fedor takes a breather and Bobby O shows off the Golden Triangle Championship. The bell rings and Starr forces Martin into the corner. Starr breaks the hold and circles the ring. They lock up again and Martin posts Starr in the corner. Martin grabs Starr by the hair and forces him to the mat. Once in the ropes, Starr is subject to a Martin splash. Martin puts Starr in the corner and snap mares him after some punches. Starr is down and Martin applies a lazy count. He only gets two. Martin pulls Starr’s hair and keeps him down. Starr rallies and Krazies love it. Starr floors Martin with a clothesline. He follows that up with a series of kicks to the hamstring. Starr has Martin down for more punishment. Starr gets Martin in the corner. There he spears some shoulder blocks. A third one misses as Martin is able to get out of the way. Martin kicks Starr in the head from the apron. Starr is on the outside and the count out is started. Bobby O gets to seven before Starr gets back in. Martin side slams Starr next for a two count. Martin misses with a big leg drop from the top rope. Starr recovers and goes for the pin. Martin grabs the ropes during the count. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Martin rolls out of it. Martin tosses Starr by the hair. There’s a leg drop from Martin. Starr’s leg is under the ropes. Martin picks up Starr but the Future fights back. Starr posts Martin in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Starr hits him with a clothesline. There’s a two and a half count on Martin. Starr wants fan participation. Starr goes to the top to land a super plex. He does. Starr goes for the cover. There’s a two and a half count on Martin. Starr goes for his signature move and lands it. There’s only a two count. Starr picks him up. Martin slides out of it and kicks Starr in the gut. He hits a Death Certificate and gets the win! 7:48

Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The foes start off with an old fashion pose in the corner contest. Justin gets the most reaction from the crowd. The opponents lock up and Sane quickly gains control. He drops Morris’ arm over the top rope and then Sane goes for the Old School jump onto the arm from the top rope. Morris gets Sane into the corner and that’s where Marbell is. He chokes Justin enough to have him weakened. Morris posts Sane into the ropes and Fedor is distracted. Marbell goes to work on Sane once again. There’s a two count on Sane. Morris then drops him again for another two count. Marbell drops Sane but Justin kicks up out of a Sioux Falls Slam. Justin runs the ropes, knocks Morris down and then suplexes him. Sane gets to one knee and Morris falls into a corner. Sane splashes Morris after a whip. Morris regains some offense and gets Justin in the corner. Sane fights out of the move and power bombs him from the top. Morris kicks out at two from that incredible move. Marbell hits Sane with powder. That doesn’t get Justin by much. Morris goes in for the kill but Sane moves. He clobbers Marbell. Sane kicks Morris in the back. That drops the Pride of West Virginia. Sane frog splashes from the top for the win! 6:38

Mike Malachi v. Jay Flash

Malachi, the first Giant of the KSWA, is out first. Jay Flash, the self-professed Giant Slayer, is out next. The bell rings as Jay Flash attacks Malachi. Flash gets the upper hand on Malachi by keeping the pressure on while on the ropes and then in the corner. Referee Fedor has a tough time keeping Flash off of Malachi. Malachi, whooped, is in the corner. Flash drop kicks him while there. There’s a two count on Malachi and then two more as Flash continues to keep the pressure on. Malachi is down and Flash has the pressure on his throat. Malachi has rarely been put through the wringer like this. Malachi, with Flash on his back, tries to gets to his feet, but Flash goes for a sleeper instead. Malachi nearly succumbs before coming to life. Flash clotheslines him before Malachi can get to his feet. Flash continues to elbow Malachi and keep him grounded. Flash applies a submission hold that keeps Malachi on his stomach. Flash breaks the hold and gets into the corner. Malachi is slow getting to his feet. Malachi misses Flash with a splash. Flash misses with a kick. Flash is dropped down and Malachi puts a boot on Flash’s throat. Malachi will not stop choking Flash. After the five count, Referee David Fedor calls for the disqualification. The winner at 7:00 by disqualification is Jay Flash. Malachi isn’t happy with the decision so he attacks Fedor after the match. A miffed Malachi leaves the KSWA Head Referee in a ringside heap. 8:11

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