Gregory Answers Alexanders’ Championship Insertion, Scarpone & VIPs Retain

October 13, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory was attacked by Double-A Anthony Alexander recently, thus inserting himself into the title hunt. Gregory waiting until Saturday, October 12 in Imperial to respond and in an emphatic fashion. In addition, the VIPs were challenged by the Best Bros Around, and Sly Scarpone faced not one but two hungry competitors.

Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The “Professional” Harley T. Morris comes to the ring and is followed by his long-time foe, Justin Sane. The two start off with Morris complaining about Sane’s pumpkin-themed shirt. Morris claims that referee Shawn Patrick is biased. Justin starts with a series of roll up three two-counts. Morris dives to the outside to waste some time. It takes a while for him to get back in. Sane paces patiently. Morris misses with a clothesline and Sane grabs his opponent by the arm. Sane climbs the top rope for the “old school” move where he smacks Morris in the appendage. The offense continues as Sane pump-handles the wing to the delight of kids at ringside. Sane goes for the move again, but Morris pushes referee Patrick into the corner, knocking Sane, crotch-first, into the turnbuckle. Morris continues with the offense. There’s a dropkick on a seated Sane and a two-count. Morris drives a knee into a fallen Sane. The crowd chants “Muffin Top” towards the Professional. He is not pleased. Morris sends Sane into the corner. There’s a flying double-knee to his opponent. Sane crumples to the mat. Morris smiles and looks forward to a kick and more offense. He drives an elbow into Sane and picks him up. A reverse back body drop and a series of clotheslines keep Morris reeling. There’s a Famouser. Sane climbs for the Frog Splash. Knees are up and Sane catches them flush. Finisher on Sane for the win. 7:25.

Five Star Championship: Zak Hunter v. Yinza v. Sly Scarpone (champion)

Referee Jimmy James holds up the vaunted 5-Star Championship. The bell rings and the action is underway. All three wrestlers measure each other out. Scarpone tossed Yinza out of a lock up and he calls for Hunter. They do the same and Scarpone tosses Hunter aside. Scarpone is just too powerful in the early going. All three lock up in a Test of Strength. There’s an early stalemate. Yinza is poked in the eye by Hunter. That allows Hunter to slap on a head lock. Yinza recovers and gets another headlock. Soon there’s a clothesline by Hunter on Yinza. Scarpone bodyslams Hunter. Yinza makes the save. Yinza splashes Scarpone in the corner. Yinza monkey flips Scarpone and gets a two-count on the 5-Star Champion. Hunter is back in and he head butts Yinza. Hunter wrings the arm of the Pittsburgh Luchadore as Scarpone climbs back in. Scarpone makes the save from the Russian leg sweep from Hunter on Yinza. Yinza gets Scarpone over with a suplex. Scarpone gets into the ropes on the one-count. Hunter and Yinza double team Scarpone. They toss him over the top rope. Scarpone skins the cat. Hunter dives and falls to the outside. Scarpone picks up Yinza. Hunter shoulder blocks Scarpone down. All three Megastars are down. James starts the count. At 8, all three get to one knee. They start trading blows. Scarpone gets super kicked by Hunter. Hunter and Yinza tangle. Yinza to belly on Hunter. Scarpone breaks that up. Scarpone and Yinza trade blows. Hunter is down. Scarpone gets Yinza up. Yinza breaks it and tosses Scarpone into the corner. Yinza gives the La Lucha dive from the corner. No cover. Hunter is back in. Scarpone gets Hunter up for the F-5 for the win. 7:11

Lucio Deveer v. Anthony Alexander

Another contest between fan favorites and frequent foes is the showdown between Lucio Deveer and Anthony Alexander. These two Megastars know each other well, and the KSWA Championship Committee loves to see two great wrestlers match up, regardless of where they meet on the fan-on-meter. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two measure each other out. They lock up and Alexander gets a headlock. Deveer pushes him off, but Alexander drops him with a shoulder block. The two trade blows and Alexander lands a flying shoulder block. He body slams Deveer down and goes to work with shots on Lucio’s back. There’s a back elbow and pin attempt on Deveer that ends dramatically at one. Alexander drops Deveer with a punch. There’s a follow up suplex. Alexander teases a pin attempt but gets Deveer in a rear chin lock. In this case, the move is one of respect as Alexander wants to work more with Deveer. Lucio responds with a series of moves that floors AA. There’s a two count. Deveer drops him again for another pin fall attempt that ends at two. Deveer lands an over the top suplex and gets a two count. Deveer picks Alexander up for a shot to the noggin. A whip to the corner follows and two clotheslines, the second drops Alexander for a two count. Deveer picks Alexander up again and drives him into a corner. Alexander bursts out of a whip and clotheslines Deveer down. There’s a two count before Lucio gets a shoulder up. There’s a punch to the head. Alexander works Deveer over and boots him to the head. A roll over and two count follows. Alexander picks up Lucio and tosses him into the ropes. Deveer drives him down with a clothesline. Deveer locks in a sleeper hold. Alexander fights out of it. The fans chant for Double A. Double A breaks out of it and drives Deveer down. Both Megastars are spent. The fans chant louder for Double A. They both get up and trade punches. Alexander gets the upper hand. Deveer gets the boot up. Alexander nearly gets the Prime-Time Cancellation. Deveer code breaks Alexander down. There’s a two count on Double A. Deveer tosses Alexander into the ropes. Alexander hits a spine buster on Deveer, but he gets a shoulder up. Alexander is up. Deveer is in the ropes. Alexander goes to whip him out. Deveer lands the Death Valley Driver and, incredibly, only scores a two and a half count. The fans explode in approval. Deveer signals that he’s “going up top.” He does. Alexander’s fist meets him there. Alexander goes up for the Superplex. He lands it hard in the center of the ring. He makes the cover and Deveer, somehow, gets a shoulder up. Both men struggle to get up and the chants for Double A get louder. Deveer misses with the clothesline. Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation for the win. 10:03. Suddenly, KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory races to the ring superkicks Alexander down. He shouts “my work is done” and leaves, holding the KSWA Championship high in the Imperial sky.

KSWA World Tag Team Championships VIPs v. Best Bros Around

Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin arrive to the ring, and then do BROhemoth and Mitch Napier. The Special Guest Referee is KSWA Owner Bobby O. Shawn Blanchard wants the fans to stop cheering for Napier and BROhemoth. They applaud even more. The bell rings and the match starts. It’s Blanchard versus Napier. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object on his person. Bobby O can’t find it during several routine checks. Fans ringside shout directions toward the referee but he finds nothing. After nearly two and a half minutes. Blanchard and Napier lock up. Blanchard head locks Napier and shoulder blocks him down. The two run the ropes and Napier dives out. Blanchard continues to run like crazy until Martin jumps from the apron and tells him to stop. Blanchard is winded. Blanchard regains composure and Martin rubs his championship shoulders. The two embrace and Martin slaps Blanchard on the behind. Blanchard gets Napier in the ropes, held by Martin. Napier dives out of a chop that hits Martin and sends him to the floor. The VIPs talk and Blanchard puts Napier in the same position. Napier ducks the punch. Martin stops him and Napier double noggin knocks them to the floor. Referee Bobby O calls two before Blanchard gets a hand under the bottom rope. Blanchard gets back in and grabs Napier by the wrist. He pressures the former two-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Blanchard gets Napier in his corner where Martin waits for a pump handle. Blanchard grabs Napier again and works the left arm. He taunts BROhemoth. Martin pump handles Napier again. Blanchard grabs Napier. Napier mixes things up and Blanchard is put into Martin’s arm for up to 20 arm pumps. Napier and BROhemoth point out Martin’s mistake. BRO falls and there’s a two count. BROhemoth is tagged back in. So does Martin. BRO is sent into the corner and Martin and BROhemoth get into a thump war. Bobby O counts the thump being down. Blanchard races in to drop a leg and BRO moves. That allows a leg drop on Martin. BRO takes command and body slams Martin down. BROhemoth calls for and lands a Bowser Bomb. He gets one on Martin. Napier is tagged. There’s a side slam and head butt from Napier. Two count on the former two-time KSWA Champion. An Atomic Drop is next on Martin. Napier takes Martin for a swing. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Napier picks Martin up and chops and kicks away. Napier climbs the turnbuckle and punches away at Martin’s head. There’s a bulldog on Martin and Bobby O counts to two. Napier tags in BROhemoth and he goes to work on Martin. There’s a bodyslam on Martin. Martin is hoisted up and whipped into a corner. A big splash is next and a fall away slam. Napier is tagged in and he goes after Martin. Martin goes low on Napier and tags in Blanchard, who chops on Napier’s shoulders. Blanchard gouges and digs at Napier’s face. Bobby O admonishes Blanchard each time. Blanchard complains that there are “two many rules in Imperial.” A chop drops Napier. Blanchard kicks him next and soon all four men are in the ring. Bobby O sends BROhemoth back. Martin dives on Napier who is posted in the ropes. Napier is dropped with a clothesline and a side suplex. There’s a two count and Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard digs away at Napier and Bobby O is caught in the offense. He gets poked in the eye. Blanchard uses an illegal object on Napier. Blanchard punches away at Napier and misses with a clothesline. There’s a double clothesline and both Megastars are down. Blanchard makes it to his corner and tags in Martin. He’s in and BRO is in. Bobby O doesn’t acknowledge a tag. All four are in. The best Bros Around get Martin down. Napier makes the cover. Blanchard dives off and makes the save. BRO is sent out. Martin makes the cover and gets the win. 18:02.

Joey Quervo v. Kris Kash

The two long-time KSWA Megastars meet in the ring for the first time in a very long time. The fans appreciate the high-flying Kris Kash. Joey Quervo arrives pickled. The bell rings and Quervo rushes to the outside, perhaps none too ready for a lock up. Quervo quickly gets Kash down and then he goes to work on the former KSWA Champion. Kash gets a head lock and drops Quervo. Kash whips Quervo across the ropes and hits him with a big splash. There’s a kick to Quervo and Joey is tossed out. Kash runs and dives over the top rope onto Quervo. The fans cheer that move. Kash rams Quervo’s head into the apron. Kash picks him up and whips Quervo into the ropes. Joey clotheslines Kash down. Quervo slowly makes the cover and that ends at one. Quervo suplexes Kash and that rattles Kris. There’s a leg drop and two count on Kash. Kash tries to rally the crowd and they follow. Kash punches Quervo in the gut. The two tussle and Kash goes for the bulldog. Quervo, in a rare display of strength, tosses Kash out. The two meet on the outside for a trade of chops. They both roll back in. Quervo tries to power bomb Kash, but instead drops him with an inverted back breaker. Quervo climbs to the top turnbuckle. He misses with a dive. Kash boots him and Whisper in the Wind. One two and three for the win. 6:11

Del Douglas and Jack Massacre v. T-Rantula and Matt McGraw

The bell rings and the King matches up with hometown favorite Matt McGraw. McGraw pushes Douglas in the corner and chops him on the chest. The two lock up again and McGraw clotheslines Douglas down. McGraw punches away at Douglas’ gut. There’s a rolling splash on Douglas in the corner. Douglas shouts “Come on Little Country, you’re nothing!” The offense on Douglas continues with a Samoan drop and slow cover. That ends at two as the veteran gets his shoulder up. There’s a double chop on Douglas. McGraw follows that up with the “Purple Nurple” and hip toss across the ring. T-Rantula is in next and he delivers huge chops on Douglas and a big boot. T drops Douglas with a big clubbing forearm. T takes advantage by kicking Douglas in the royal crowns. T-Rantula body slams Douglas. He tags in McGraw who comes in and they whip Douglas into the ropes for a double back elbow. McGraw taunts Massacre and pulls The King up for a body slam. There’s going to be another. Douglas accidently tries to go for T but realizes his mistake with a shriek. Douglas is able to get to Massacre, who comes in for a big chop and clothesline. There are follow up boots. Two count on McGraw. There’s a half-crab on McGraw and Douglas is tagged back in. Douglas dives on McGraw. Douglas gets some revenge by working on McGraw. He’s pushed into the corner with Massacre. The twosome goes to work on McGraw and choke him with wrist tape in the process. A head butt is next by Massacre on McGraw. Douglas shouts encouragement on the outside. Massacre splashes on McGraw from the corner. T rushes in, Massacre sits up and the giant kicks McGraw in the ribs. Douglas dives in and onto McGraw and then out again. Massacre pushes McGraw into a corner and whips him across to another. McGraw gets out of the way and Massacre gets to Douglas. McGraw power slams Douglas but doesn’t go for the pin. Douglas is tossed out. T follows Douglas and hits The King into the post. T-Rantula goes to Nacho City on Douglas on the outside. He clobbers Douglas and whips him back in. McGraw sends Massacre to the outside. McGraw hits a spear on Douglas and registers the win. 10:11

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shane Starr v. Dennis Gregory

Gregory, the “consummate survivor,” comes to the ring to Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit from 1979. Gregory makes his way full of sass. Shane Starr waits. Referee Jimmy James immediately finds a pair of scissors in Gregory’s boot and sends it ringside. The bell rings and the two evenly-matched Megastars lock up. They trade power, but Gregory sends Starr into the corner. The two combatants trade arm bars and rear lock ups. This goes on for a series of moves. Gregory knocks Starr down and walks on his back. Gregory notices the challenger’s upper hand he dives to the outside. Starr misses with a clothesline. Gregory pokes him in the eye, rake the back, stomp the toe and clothesline. Then the gloating. Gregory lands a big right hand pulls Starr up. Starr recovers and smashes Gregory’s head into the turnbuckle. A clothesline drops the Champion, who dives to the outside. Gregory claims that Starr is cheating. Gregory pick Starr up and drives him into the apron. Then the gloating. Starr is whipped into the post. Referee James counts to seven before Starr is tossed back in. Gregory jumps on Starr’s back and then the rear chin lock. An Abdominal Stretch on Starr is next. “No” shouts the referee, as Starr doesn’t submit. Starr fights back with a hip toss. Gregory recovers and once again synchs in the Abdominal Stretch. Starr gets to the ropes. Gregory side slams Starr down for two. Another rear chin lock. Starr gets to the rope. Gregory gets hit with a right hand. There is a go behind and one count. Gregory latches in the Boston Crab. Starr will not give in. Starr fights for the bottom rope. He gets there. Gregory drops an elbow on Starr’s back. Gregory climbs to the top rope. He misses the Wannabee. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter. Gregory fights out of it. The Champ tries to catch his breath. “That’s my Championship,” he declares. Gregory clotheslines Starr in the corner. A second means a boot to the head. Gregory lands a superkick. Gregory grabs for the scissors. Starr will not submit. Gregory exposes the top turnbuckle. Starr fights out. Gregory spears Starr and both men are down. Gregory gets to the ropes. Referee James counts to five and Gregory is up. He and Starr trade blows. Starr lands a series of right hands and two clotheslines. An elbow drops the Champion. Gregory is staggered. Gregory rolls Starr up for a stunning two count. Gregory grabs the ring bear. James spots the infraction. Starr takes a shot into the turnbuckle. Starr staggers out and into the Wannabee. 11:31. Gregory retains.

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