Gregory Definitively Defeats Napier, VIPs Over Old Foes, Sly Gets By Two Opponents, Massive Megastars Collide

October 21, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to its western home of Sheraden and the American Legion Langley Post 496 for the third time in 2019 for a fundraising matinee. The KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory, who was supposed to take part in an Elimination Match, found himself in a hard-fought title defense against former champion Mitch Napier. The KSWA tag team champions, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin took on old foes Anthony Alexander and Justin Sane, and the 5-Star Champion Sly Scarpone once again took on not one but two challengers. In addition, it was a battle of the behemoths between the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre and the unpredictable Beastman.

5-Star Championship: Lawless v. Deveer v. Scarpone

The KSWA 5-Star Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat Match for the second weekend in a row. In the early going, Lawless chops Scarpone to no avail, and then the opponents punch him about before body slams come into play. And then suplexes. Scarpone and Deveer then lay elbow drops on the attorney. He rolls out and Deveer and Scarpone trade blows. Scarpone gorilla presses Deveer. Lawless then pulls the 5-Star Champion to the outside. Deveer back elbows Lawless and then chops him in the corner. Deveer gets him down for a pin fall that ends at two. Deveer hoists him up, Lawless breaks it and side slams him down. Scarpone breaks up the pin attempt. Scarpone tosses Deveer to the outside. Lawless rebounds and drop kicks the 5-Star Champion. Lawless body slams Scarpone and drops a leg. Two count. Deveer is back and kicks Scarpone and misses a splash on Lawless. Deveer pushes Lawless from a superplex attempt. Deveer and Scarpone collide in the corner and both men are down. Soon all three are up and trading blows. They all fall to separate corners. Lawless drives Deveer down on his knee. Two count. Scarpone hoists Lawless, he breaks it into a back breaker. Two count. Lawless hoists Deveer, he breaks out of it and both men fall to the mat. Scarpone tries a Fireman’s Carry into the Death Valley Driver. Two count. Deveer goes up top. Lawless shakes the ropes and his falls onto the top turnbuckle. Fire Man’s Carry into the 5-Star splash for the win. 8:18

Harley T. Morris v. Big Country Matt McGraw

The two long-time KSWA Megastars lock up and McGraw simply tosses Morris aside. McGraw continues to toss Harley around. Morris says he is trying to “focus.” There’s a body slam on the Professional. There’s an over the top double chop on Morris. He is really reeling. It happens again and Morris then tossed, head-first, into a turnbuckle. Morris able to rebound and he attacks McGraw in the neck. Morris chokes McGraw with the ropes. He then stands on his back as McGraw’s neck is on the ropes. Morris gets McGraw into a modified chin lock submission hold and then he breaks it for a leg drop and two count. Morris hits heavy forearms on McGraw but Big Country secures and delivers a Samoan Drop which gives both Megastars time to recover. There’s a boot to the face and a cutter on McGraw for a two count. Morris grabs him by the arm and tries to break McGraw’s massive arm. He keeps McGraw down and goes for a pin that ends at two. McGraw gets angry as Morris climbs to the top rope. McGraw tosses him across the ring and follows with a clothesline. A side suplex sends Morris into a corner. A rolling cannon ball in the corner is next. McGraw makes the cover and gets a two and a half count. McGraw measures Morris. The Professional dodges the spear and McGraw hits the steel hard. McGraw catches Morris for a power slam victory. 8:54

Post-Match: The Professional demands the house microphone. Morris complains that McGraw isn’t “wearing official wrestling boots.” Morris “demands” another match. He issues an Open Challenge. Zak Hunter quickly answers the open challenge. Jimmy James checks Hunter and clears him as “ring ready.” Jimmy James checks Harley T. again and the bell rings. Hunter starts off with punches and chops on his former tag team partner. Hunter peppers Hunter in the skull with shots and a knee when he falls into the corner. Two count on Morris. Hunter grabs a wrist lock and drops him. A two count follows. Morris drives a shoulder into Hunter’s knee. He continues to work on that appendage. He will not submit. There’s a punch to the knee and Hunter is forces into the corner for more offense. Morris kicks Hunter and drives an elbow into the same knee. Morris continues to efficiently work on Hunter’s knee. A single leg Boston Crab follows. Hunter fights out and punches Morris in the jaw. A clothesline follows. Hunter kicks Morris in the stomach and drops him to the mat for the win. 4:15

Jack Massacre v. The Beastman

Both behemoths make it to the ring. The fans chant “Husk” for the rolling Beastman. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two, who weigh nearly 800 combined, start. Beastman immediately rolls out of the ring and grabs a fan’s nacho chip. He climbs back in and the two giants lock up. A kid at ringside yells that Beastman “stole my dad’s food,” so the 400-pound Stone Age Savage goes to the food stand and grabs a mustard container and gives it to the kid to large applause and laughter. Beastman dances and then dances with referee Patrick. The two big men go for a Test of Strength. Massacre is the first to kick his opponent in the gut. That does nothing. Beastman does the same thing. There are traded chops and punches. They trade big moves and Beastman is in the ropes as Jack puts a knee into his back. Massacre gets offense and then so does Beastman. Massacre gets Beastman in a gigantic bear hug. That wears down the Savage. But the hold is broken and Massacre continues on the assault. He gets another bear hug. Beastman asks for the crowd’s support. Massacre choke slams the Beastman and goes for the cover. He gets a shoulder up. Massacre cannot believe it. Massacre dives from the middle turnbuckle and Beastman gets a leg up and into Jack’s mush. Beastman lays in a back elbow. There’s a big elbow and chops. Beastman hits a big cross body block and gets a two count on Massacre. Beastman goes for a claw. The two trade big blows. There’s a claw-assisted slam. Massacre hits Beastman with Beastman’s bone. The referee doesn’t see it. Beastman goes down, Massacre makes the cover and the win. 10:34

Del Douglas v. Yinza

The always-impatient Del Douglas is fired-up as Yinza hits the ring. The crowd is solidly behind Yinza. The bell rings and the two Megastars circle one another in the ring. Douglas shoots Yinza out of a headlock, but the Luchadore is all over the King with a cross body block that ends in a two count. A snap mare and clothesline are next. Two count on Douglas. Yinza drives Douglas’ head from corner post to corner post. Yinza posts Douglas in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Douglas falls on the mat and rolls out onto the floor. Douglas calls for a time out but the count out continues. Douglas calls for a Test of Strength with the Luchadore. They lock up and Douglas gets an initial advantage. Yinza monkey flips him over three times and goes for the pin. He gets a two count. Yinza argues with Jimmy James as the match continues. There are shoulder blocks into Douglas’ midsection. Yinza misses with a splash. Douglas the opportunity to go to work on the Luchadore. There’s an elbow and pin attempt, but Yinza gets his boot on the rope. A body slam on Yinza is next. Douglas goes for the fist that’s banned out of 49 of the 50 states and lands it. It gets a two count. Douglas goes for Yinza’s mask. Douglas whips Yinza into the ropes, but holds on to boot him in the gut. The Millvale Crab is next. The fans shout for Yinza in a deafening manner. Yinza gets to the bottom rope. Douglas breaks the hold. Douglas keeps hammering Yinza and then rams his head into the four corners. Yinza shakes it off, boots Douglas and goes for the Yinza to Belly for the win. 8:42

KSWA World Tag Team Championship: VIPs v. Sane and Alexander

The six-time KSWA tag team champions go head to head with old foes Justin Sane and Anthony Alexander. Blanchard is to start off with Sane. The two have faced each other dozens of time in the 19-years of KSWA history. Blanchard gets Sane in a headlock. Blanchard slaps him in the bald plate a number of times. The two run the ropes with Sane bailing about a dozen times in. Martin gets off the apron to stop Blanchard, who is gassed. Blanchard needs to gain his composure. Sane goes in but Blanchard gets out of a wrist lock. Blanchard feeds Sane’s arm into Martin. Martin pumps it. Blanchard does it again with Sane. Martin pumps away as referee Bobby O tends to Alexander. Sane switches things up and Martin pumps away on Blanchard’s arm. There are 20 times before Martin realizes it, thanks to Alexander and Sane meeting them on the outside. Blanchard tags Martin. Martin wants Alexander. Sane tags in the big guy and the two legendary foes face off. Martin taunts a Test of Strength. Alexander grabs one hand and forces it to the mat for a stomp. There’s a punch to Martin’s face. A back elbow continues to have Martin reeling. Alexander scoops him up. Martin is tossed over the top onto the floor. Blanchard feeds him back in. There’s a big boot and Martin is down. Two count on Martin before Blanchard musses Bobby O’s hair. Sane is tagged in. He suplexes Martin and goes for a pin. That’s only one. Sane boots Martin and whips him into the ropes. A Famouser and two count. Blanchard is tagged in and he gets offense on Sane. The VIPs double team Sane as Alexander is stopped from interfering. Bobby O has his hands full with Alexander as Sane goes to work on Martin. Sane is choked in the middle rope. Martin kicks him low. The tag is made to Blanchard. Blanchard kicks at Sane. There’s a double clothesline on Sane. Martin is back in. Del Douglas is out to cheer on the VIPs. Alexander is spilled to the outside. Douglas attacks him, which only angers the big man. Alexander chases him off. Blanchard spine busters Sane. The Doomsday Device is next on Sane for the win. 10:34

Post-Match: Alexander returns to chase off the VIPs who were kicking Sane while he was down.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Dennis Gregory and Mitch Napier

Two of the toughest and most technical KSWA Megastars currently on the roster lock up. Napier makes a change and gets Gregory into the corner post. He doesn’t know how that happened. Gregory powers Napier into another corner and follows that up with a firm first to the jaw. Napier gets him into a wrist lock, but Gregory knees his way out of that maneuver. Gregory gets Napier in a headlock. Napier reverses it. He fights Napier down and into a leg scissors. Napier battles out and gets him into a modified Boston Crab. Napier continues the assault and gets Gregory down. Napier keeps control with a headlock. Gregory goes for the back of Napier’s knee to ease some of the pressure. The two continue to grapple, and Gregory kicks him in the head. Napier rallies and punches Gregory in the head. A flying head scissors gets Gregory down. Gregory recovers for a Russian Leg Sweep. Napier gets caught with a back elbow. Gregory then chokes for the former two-time KSWA Champion. Napier is sent over the top rope. He lands on the apron. Gregory kicks him to the floor. Gregory rolls Napier back in. He jams Napier’s throat into the bottom rope. Gregory lands a rear chin lock on the challenger. Then that morphs into a sleeper. Napier whips Gregory into a corner, he dives over top and tries to dive onto Napier but misses. Napier goes for Gregory’s leg. Gregory reaches for the ropes and Napier breaks the hold. Napier slams Gregory’s head into the corner post. Napier meets him there for a superplex. Gregory fights him off and a crotch shot to with the top rope falls Napier to the mat. Gregory adds insult to injury with a kick to the groin. Gregory slams Napier on the top rope and then DDT’s him from the top rope. Napier kicks up at two and a half. Gregory goes for a scoop slam; Napier rolls him up for a two count. An atomic drop is next. Napier is tosses into the corner post. Gregory hoists Napier up onto a shoulder and drives him into the corner post. Napier is tied to the Tree of Woe and pulled back from the outside. Gregory lays in a fist and goes for the Sleeper. A Russian Leg Sweep goes to a two count. Gregory climbs to the middle rope. He misses a leg drop. Napier clotheslines him down and drop kicks the Champion into the corner. Napier shoulders and flips Gregory out. A body slam on Gregory is next. Napier gut wrench suplexes Gregory onto the mat. Napier climbs to the top and hits a cross body. Gregory catches him and whips him into the ropes. The Wannabee is next for the retention victory. 12:11

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