AA Stands Tall as First Time Memorial Cup Winner, Tag Team Reign Continues for the VIP’s

November 3, 2019
By Ray Neufeld for KSWA Digest

On a spectacular fall evening, over 125 KSWA Krazies descended upon Sharpsburg for the 7th Annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament and Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser for a night of KSWA wrestling.

As usual, the Krazies were fired up in the intimate fire hall setting on the borough’s main street. Interim KSWA Commissioner and current Ambassador Bobby Badfingers and sometime interim Commissioner and the KSWA’s Sultan of Soundology Tim Steiner presided over the event from ringside. Noticeably absent from the festivities were KSWA Owner Bobby O and the ever present Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and usual Master of Ceremonies Trapper Tom Leturgey.

Leturgey was absent due to a prior family commitment. Nick Farrah, making his KSWA debut as ring announcer, did an admirable job filling in for the affable Portage native Trapper Tom.

7 th Annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Re-Cap

Semi-Final Match #1 – The King Del Douglas vs. AA Antony Alexander – Referee: Jimmy James

Despite residing in neighboring Millvale, The King hit the ring demanding respect from the Krazies and forcing James to open the ropes for KSWA royalty. Alexander appeared next, freed from the restraints of current KSWA Champion Dennis Gregory, who apparently was vacationing with his title in Europe. AA and Gregory have a date set KSWA Fan Fest on December 7 th , provided Gregory still holds the title and the Megastars don’t tear each other apart prior to the KSWA’s premier event. The reining Ferraro Cup holder Douglas shrieked as Alexander mounted early offense. Douglas was able to turn the tables briefly, using legal and not so legal tactics. Alexander mounted a comeback and left a huge welt on left side The King’s neck with a big boot. The Hollywood California native was able to hit the Prime Time Cancellation and pin the King, gaining a spot in the tournament finals and eliminating the returning Ferraro Cup winner Douglas from contention.

“Big Country” Matt McGraw & T-Rantula vs. Jack Massacre & Mike Malachi – Referee: Shawn Patrick

The biggest KSWA megastars continued their hard hitting feud in the night’s second match. KSWA Krazies wondered aloud if the ring was reinforced with nearly a half ton of humanity doing battle. After a typically physical match, dominated at times by both the team of McGraw and the KSWA Hall-of- Famer T-Rantula and the former KSWA Tag Team Champions Big and Bigger, the 7-foot tall monster Massacre and the veteran Irish Bruiser Malachi scored the victory. The veteran duo and T-Rantula and his tag-team partner protégé McGraw were not happy with the result. It seems like we haven’t seen the end of the turmoil between this mass of humanity.

Semi-Final Match #2 – Shane Starr vs. Bubba the Bulldog – Referee: Jimmy James

The stakes as always for the tournament competitors, a spot in the Cup final in the night’s Main Event. Sharpsburg’s own Starr was out first with something to prove, as the native has never won the tournament in his hometown. The braggadocios Bubba the Bulldog was next, insulting the “idiot” fans and proclaiming his greatness as customary. Who had the advantage, Starr, using fuel from his partisan backers in the VFD? Or the current KSWA Golden Triangle Champion Bubba, the not so rule-abiding and ever garrulous successful and decorated Western Pennsylvania mat veteran? The Bulldog was adamant that his coveted championship was not on the line during this match. He was also adamant in deriding the Krazies as well. Both Starr and Bubba had early moments of dominance in the high stakes semifinal. Starr fired up the crowd who clapped and stomped along with the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Bubba denigrated the fans in the building, but used his savvy ring tactics to gain advantage over Starr. Starr narrowly missed getting the win several times during the fray. Bubba eventually scored the underhanded win when referee James was distracted. The crowd, disappointed with the result, still buzzed with anticipation knowing the night’s finale would feature Bubba taking on Alexander.

K.S.W.A. Tag Team Title Match – K.S.W.A. Tag Team Champions – Shawn Blanchard & “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin vs. YINZA & Joey Quervo – Referee: Shawn Patrick

The night’s only championship match featured the dreaded champions, the VIP’s, and masked crowd favorites Yinza and Quervo. The teetering Quervo and the ever popular Pittsburgh Luchadore arrived in traditional fashion. Joey, the current KSWA Mexican Champion, with his ever present bottle of cerveza in hand. And the black & gold clad Yinza, customarily slapping hand and greeting the Krazies on his way to the squared circle. Out next, were the always dour yet confident and highly successful duo of Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. Blanchard, scowling and insulting his was to the ring seemingly unhappy as usual. Non-casual observers think the multi-time champion Enforcer seems happiest when unhappy, as this usually means he will take out his frustrations on his opponents. Martin, the equally successful Megastar, primped and postured his way to the ring. With his mirror, Martin proclaimed his handsomeness and popularity as the “Face of Pittsburgh” to any fan willing to listen. Even those Krazies that disagreed were subjected to the Doctor’s arrogant proclamations. Say what you want about their egos and tactics, there is no denying that Martin and Blanchard are among the best at what they do, and are mostly deserving of the tag team straps that they wear. The seemingly inebriated Quervo saw his chest reddened by several hard chops from Blanchard. Martin and Yinza, who still have long running animus, tore at each other with furious familiarity. Yinza nearly scored several pin falls during a thumb war confrontation with Martin. One wonders if a three count was scored thumb on top of thumb, if Hall-of-Famer Patrick and the KSWA Championship Committed would count the pin fall and award the tag team championships to Yinza and Quervo. Martin averted embarrassment, but took the brunt of the onrushing Blanchard when Yinza rolled out of the way. At times, the communication between the long successful VIP’s seemed off, but the orange and black always seem to have each other’s back and end up embracing. Despite a valiant effort, the two masked Megastars Quervo and Yinza were defeated by Blanchard and Martin after several moments of subterfuge and a double team Doomsday Device for the win. Despite leaving with the KSWA Tag Team Championship still in hand, the 6-time champions “Dr. Devastation” and the Enforcer was still surly and both let the fans in attendance know of their displeasure.

Mitch Napier & BROhemoth vs. Zak Hunter & Lucio Deveer – Referee: Shawn Patrick

The Best Bros Around held and lost the KSWA Tag Team Championships during 2019. Mitch Napier and BROhemoth seemed determined to avenge their loss to the reigning VIP’s. A win for Hunter and Deveer would immediately cement the duo as challengers and contenders for the tag team titles. The Enigma and Hunter along with Napier and BRO proceeded to clash in a mutually respectful yet physical confrontation to finish atop the chase of the VIP’s. The tattooed Hunter and the face-painted Deveer worked very well together, despite not being regular tag team partners. The ever smiling and athletic Napier and his always intense monster of a partner had their usual chemistry working. The combination of Hunter and Deveer nearly won the match with some great teamwork, but the Best Bros remained determined. In the end, Napier’s strength and athleticism combined with the bruising style of Brohemoth were too much for the upstarts to handle. Napier and Brohemoth defeated their opponents with tandem finishing moves, and the Best Bros Around remain hot on the trails of the KSWA Tag Team Champions, the VIP’s.

Harley T. Morris vs. Justin Sane – Referee: Jimmy James

The next chapter in this ongoing dance was next. “The Professional” from the Business District in West Virginia and his long-tenured rival Sane locked up once again. The two Megastars have engaged in an intense rivalry throughout the year, and this match was no different. Just like the results between Morris and Sane, the ebb and flow of the rivalry was mimicked by the ebb and flow of the match, Morris, confident and talkative, nearly defeated Sane several times. The rejuvenated Sane, who like the persistent commercial bunny takes a licking and keeps on ticking, responded in kind on Morris. In the end, Sane emerged victorious as an unhappy Morris reminded fans of his professionalism on the way back to the locker room as Sane celebrated on the ring ropes after having his hand raised by James in victory. Time will tell if this is the final episode between HTM and Justin Sane.

Tournament Final: Bubba the Bulldog vs. AA Anthony Alexander – Referee: Bobby O

Conspicuous by his absence throughout the evening, the finely coiffed Bobby O made his way to the ring amidst the serenading ‘O’s” from the Krazies. The well know socialite and philanthropist keeps a busy schedule and an earlier charity fund raiser overlapped with the SVFD fundraiser. Undaunted, Bobby O made travel arrangements that allowed him to arrive in Sharpsburg in time to officiate the main event. Bubba the Bulldog, hurting from his earlier encounter with Shane Starr, limped his way into the ring while also favoring his back. The Prime Time Player, who defeated the reigning cup holder Del Douglas to start the night’s event, showed less wear and tear on his way to the ring. AA made a second young Krazy happy by gifting a second set of sunglasses while high fiving and fist bumping his way to the tournament final. Bubba stubbornly told Farrah to let the “idiots” that his prestigious KSWA Golden Triangle Championship was not being defended in this match. Alternating chants of “Bubba Sucks’ and ‘Double A” echoed throughout the fire hall. At one point, Bubba expressed his displeasure with a face-to-face discussion with several KSWA Krazies. Each Megastar would score near pin falls in this contest. Alexander took advantage of the bruised and battered Bubba early. Body slams, back elbows and several big right hands, declared as open palm strikes by AA, gave him the early advantage. Alexander, an outstanding baseball player in his youth, notched a grand slam by bouncing Bubba’s head off each of the four turnbuckles. During his attack, Alexander charged at the Bulldog, who was apparently at least partially playing possum. Bubba moved and Alexander’s left shoulder met the ring post.

The veteran Bubba pounced and began pounding AA’s left arm and shoulder with punches, kicks and elbows, with several warnings nearly reaching the five-count in the corners. The Golden Triangle Champion was relentless in his attack. He wrenched Alexander’s arm over the ropes, he slammed his shoulder on the ring apron. Bubba grabbed a folding chair with the intent of sending Alexander to the hospital with a severely damaged left arm. The Bulldog was dissuaded from the attack by threat of disqualification by Bobby O. Bubba, thinking that enough punishment had been inflicted AA’s muscular appendage, rolled Alexander back into the ring and went for the kill. The Bulldog, showing some MMA experience, locked the Prime Time Player up in an arm bar submission. AA writhed in pain as Bubba wrenched up the pressure on his left shoulder. The pained Alexander refuse to submit when asked several times and he also avoided a pin fall after several two counts when the pain forced both of his shoulders to the mat. An obviously frustrated Bulldog the raked the eyes of Alexander in front of Bobby O who forced Bubba to break the submission hold after the illegal tactic. Bubba, thinking victory was near, touted his greatness to those in attendance. He was able to snag a recovering Alexander and apply his finishing move. A premature celebration would cost Bubba. With his arms raised, Bubba again taunted the crowd. AA quickly shook of the effects and showing cat like quickness, he landed the Prime Time Cancellation on the Bulldog to capture his first Mario Ferraro Sr. Tournament championship. Post match, while Bubba lay exhausted and embarrassed in the ring, Alexander was presented the Memorial Cup trophy by Grace Ferarro, wife of the late Mario Sr. and Kayla Ondo, his granddaughter. The celebration was too much for Bubba, who reached down from the ring and snatched to trophy from AA’s triumphantly, raised hand. Bubba first proclaimed himself as the rightful winner and then threatened to smash the trophy on the ground. Fortunately, Sharpsburg’s favorite son was nearby to foil the plot. Shane Starr hit the ring behind Bubba, who was focused on an angry Alexander ascending the ringside steps. As he turned around, the Bulldog was met by a strong right hand to the chin from Starr. The trophy bounced towards the ring apron, but was saved from damage by a quick reacting KSWA Krazy. Starr then placed the beaten down and beleaguered Bubba into the sharp shooter. An exhausted Bubba frantically pounded the mat before Starr released the hold.

Bubba quickly turned tail and scurried away as the Mario Ferraro Sr. Cup trophy was returned to Alexander while he and Starr celebrated with the excited Krazies. The night ended as order was once again restored in the KSWA universe.

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