Gregory And Alexander Teeming For FanFest, Bubba Challenges Starr, VIPs Roll, T-Rantula Teaches Murphy A Lesson In Respect

November 10, 2019
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Brackenridge for a successful fundraiser with more than 300 screaming fans who wanted the Megastars to keep fighting well past curfew.

The upcoming KSWA FanFest card started to take shape with Anthony Alexander continuing to charge against Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog made a distinct challenge toward Shane Starr.

The King Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

The crowd was immediately insane for Justin and against the “King of the World” Del Douglas. Referee Jimmie James prepares each opponent and the bell rings with boos aplenty for the preening King. They explode in support of Justin Sane. Del cannot get the crowd quieted down. The two lock up and Justin goes right for the wrist of the Ruler of the Millvale World. Douglas receives 10 arm wringers before having the arm draped over the top rope. Sane goes right back for the wing. Sane goes “Old School” and drops an elbow on Douglas’ exposed left appendage. Douglas favors a shoulder before going after Sane. He delivers a series of knees into Sane’s belly. Douglas pounds Sane in the back and drives him down. Douglas pulls his opponent up and grabs him by the crotch. A chop drops Sane and a two count follows. Douglas taunts the crowd and pulls Sane up for a big body slam. Douglas goes for the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of 50 states” and he lands it. A two count follows before Sane gets a shoulder up. Douglas gets wrist tape and chokes Sane as the Krazies explode in disapproval. With the referee distracted, Douglas goes for the wrist tape on larynx once again. Referee James discovers the infraction and makes him break the illegal choke hold. Sane is body slammed again. There’s and elbow and two count. Then a kick and leg drop. Two count again before the veteran gets a shoulder up. Douglas punches Sane but he battles back with chops. Douglas is whipped across the ring and splashed by Sane. Sane is still winded. He whips Douglas into the ropes and delivers a leg scissors kick and climbs to the top rope. Douglas gets knees up. Drops it like it’s hot for the win. 9:22.

Malakai Gage and Lucio Deveer v. Mitch Napier and BROhemoth

The team of Lucio Deveer and Malakai Gage make their way to the ring before the uber-popular Best BROs around, BROhemoth and Mitch Napier. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and it’s Napier and Deveer starting out. The two shake hands like the gentlemen they are and the match begins. Deveer gets behind Napier but the former two-KSWA Heavyweight Champion reverses the maneuver. Napier gains control and body slams Deveer before suplexing him. He misses a clothesline and Deveer lands a back slide. The two go to drop kick each other. Napier tags in BRO and Deveer tags in Gage. They shake hands like the gentlemen they are and they miss moves. Gage hits a couple of European upper cuts on BROhemoth but they do nothing to the much-larger Megastar. BRO belly to belly’s Gage and body slams him down. BRO is whipped into Gage in the corner and he covers the Side Show Psycho for only a two count. The kid does a great job in battling the ultra-competitive Napier. Napier tags BRO, swings Gage and watches as his tag team partner Bowser Bombs Gage. The two trade blows in the center of the ring. BRO picks up Gage, tags Napier and he dives head-first onto this opponent. Gage holds onto the ropes as Napier goes for a drop kick. Gage gets to Deveer and the fans approve. He face-first suplexes Napier down and gets only a two count. Gage, surprisingly, is tagged back in. He whips Deveer into Napier and then body slams the Sioux Falls slugger. A sit-down power bomb leads to a two-count on Napier. BROhemoth leads a “Mitch, Mitch, Mitch” chant. Deveer clotheslines Napier and gets a two count. Gage is tagged in once again. Gage picks up Napier and Lucio drops a leg from the middle rope. This leads BROhemoth in. Gage punches Napier and whips him into the corner. Gage flies out of the corner and onto Napier. Deveer is tagged back in. Deveer chops Mitch and then suplexes him across the ring. Two count. The “Mitch” chant rings out again. Napier goes after both opponents out of a whip into the ropes. BROhemoth is tagged back in and the place goes crazy. He splashes both Megastars like crazy and splashes them both. A boot lands Gage for a two count. Deveer rushes in. He Code Breaks BROhemoth and clotheslines him down. Napier is tagged back in and he muscles Deveer cover. Gage bends Napier over his knee and nearly gets the biggest win of his young career. It’s Napier Gage off the ropes and right into the Sioux Falls Slam for the pin and win 11:14

Post-Match: all four Megastars shake hands and leave as friends.

T-Rantula v. Officer Dan Murphy

Officer Dan stretches at ringside as the icon Hall of Famer T-Rantula makes his way to the ring. Murphy “checks” the referee and playfully slaps Referee Jimmy James in the jaw. The bell rings and T-Rantula waits. T readies for his opponent by mocking his maneuvers. T is backed into a corner and he breaks as instructed. They lock up again and again, Murphy pushes T back into a corner, but this this he breaks the hold. Next, T pushes Dan into the corner and chops him in the chest with a thud that could be felt at ringside. They lock up and T gets him from behind. Murphy pushes him into the corner. Murphy takes off his T shirt and T chops him hard in the corner. Another has the Officer of the law reeling. Murphy breaks a chop attempt and muscles T himself. Murphy clotheslines and kicks T down in the corner. He buries his head into the massive Megastar. There’s another kick to the gut. T is slow in getting up. Murphy is as aggressive as he has ever been. He chokes T in the middle rope and buries a knee into his back. Murphy punches T and gets him into the corner for a series of punches to the head. T hits Murphy with an Atomic Drop, but he rallies. An elbow and a cover. T kicks up at two. Murphy gets T-Rantula in a sleeper hold. Dan really clamps it in. T can barely get out of it, but he does. T hits Murphy low to get out of it. T chokes Dan in the corner. T unloads with two massive chops to the chest. Murphy finds temporary solace on the outside. Then he goes to Nacho City. Dan is down. The Krazies explode. Somehow, Dan finds offense on the way back in, but not for long. T choke slams him for the win. 7:11

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs (champions) v. Yinza and Big Country

The 6-time KSWA Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring against a deafening array of boos. Yinza and McGraw arrive to Yinza’s new music. The VIPs attack their opponents before the bell rings. When it does, the champions scoot to the outside. The VIPs recoup on the outside as Yinza and Country try to decide who starts. It’s Yinza and Blanchard. Blanchard threatens to leave, the crowd shouts louder. He threatens to stay and wrestle, the raise the noise level louder. They start out and Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object. The Krazies certainly think so. Referee Shawn Patrick does see anything. They finally lock up, 4:18 after the bell began. Yinza is pushed into Martin’s clutches, Blanchard tries to chop him but Yinza gets out of the way and he chops Martin. The two VIPs embraces, with Martin embracing low on the anatomy. The VIPs try again this time with a punch. Blanchard stops and Yinza double noggin knocks them down. Yinza drop kicks Blanchard and the VIPs hug again. Blanchard gets the upper hand on Yinza by wrist locking the Luchadore. Blanchard gets Yinza into his corner, where Martin pump handles his arm. Blanchard continues to work on the arm and he loads Martin up again. He pump-handles. Yinza turns the maneuver over, and Martin pump handles Blanchard. Yinza and McGraw meet them on the outside and Martin realizes that he has been doing it to Blanchard all along. Martin comes in and kisses Blanchard lovingly on the wing. Martin taunts McGraw with the double bicep pose. McGraw is tagged in and Martin meets him with a Test of Strength. McGraw punches Lou down and body slams him in the center of the ring. Yinza is tagged back in and he snap mares Martin. Yinza clotheslines Martin and McGraw delivers a big leg drop. A fall away slam is next on Martin. McGraw splashes Martin. Yinza was tagged in and he delivers a big elbow from the top. There are three monkey flips that Yinza calls “The Three Rivers.” Martin is out on his back. McGraw climbs to the top rope but takes too long. Almost. He clotheslines Martin. Blanchard grabs McGraw’s leg on the pin attempt, breaking up the procedure. McGraw double chest slaps Martin and tags in Yinza who splashes him in the corner. Martin goes low on Yinza but he gets to Blanchard, who comes in and attacks Yinza. There’s a back elbow and a pin attempt that ends at two. Blanchard gets Yinza in a sleeper. The fans cheer for Yinza. Blanchard uses the illegal object he had earlier to pepper Yinza in the masked face and neck. There’s a punch to the head as the referee is distracted by Martin. Blanchard continues to chop away. Martin is in, without the benefit of a legal tag. Patrick does realize the difference. Blanchard attacks Yinza from the floor. The attacks continue. Martin clotheslines him next. Martin whips Yinza into the corner and they meet with a double clothesline. The fans cheer for Yinza. Blanchard is tagged in and he knocks McGraw off the apron. They battle on the outside. Blanchard grabs Yinza on the inside and delivers a piledriver for the win. 15:50.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru v. Bubba the Bulldog (champion) with Mayor Mystery

Mayor Mystery grabs the house microphone and runs down J-Ru and Brackenridge. He demands that the fans stand and cheer Bubba the Bulldog. They do not. He insults the fire fighters. Bubba gets very little respect from the Krazies in Brackenridge. A “Bubba Sucks” chant rings out. The two combatants start out and Bubba slaps the taste out of J-Ru’s mouth. He recovers. They lock up and J-Ru bends Bubba’s arm behind his back and then grabs him in a headlock. The challenger arm drags the champion to the floor. J-Ru threatens to jump over the top rope onto Bubba and Mayor Mystery below. The offense remains in J-Ru’s favor and Bubba once again finds himself on the outside. Bubba gets onto the apron and in a tangle with the referee and challenger, J-Ru is poked in the eye. Then, Bubba goes low on J-Ru to keep the challenger at bay. Bubba grinds away at J-Ru’s eye. Bubba kicks J-Ru in the forehead. Mayor Mystery has the referee distracted and Bubba, which a loaded fist, punches J-Ru in the forehead. Bubba continues the assault with a foreign object. Mayor Mystery once again hands Bubba something. This time it’s a pair of pliers and he digs into J-Ru’s beak. Bubba takes Mayor Mystery’s briefcase. J-Ru kicks it out of his hand. The contents include a small baby doll. J-Ru gets momentary offense but Bubba pokes him in the eye. J-Ru falls into a corner. Mayor Mystery is there with a fist full of powder. That blinds J-Ru further. A Rock Bottom is next for Bubba’s win. 8:11

Post-Match: Bubba grabs the house microphone to complain about Shane Starr making his “tap out” during an altercation last week during the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament. The fans shouted “you tapped out” in unimaginable volume. Then Bubba, knowing full well that Shane Starr was not in attendance, challenged him to a fight. Then he challenged the Sharpsburg Shooter to a match at FanFest. Fans will have to pay attention as to Shane Starr’s answer, if he answers at all.

Harley T. Morris v. Anthony Alexander

The crowd instantly launches into a “Double-A” chant. Harley asks the crowd to “shut up.” They don’t. The two lock up and Harley muscles his way into a move that is immediately countered by Alexander. He shoulder blocks Harley down and back elbows him to the mat. There’s a big body slam and Morris hides amongst the bottom rope. Alexander boots Morris and punches him to the mat. A body slam follows to the fans’ delight. A two count follows. Harley is very hesitant about getting back into the ring. Morris continues to find comfort amongst the ropes. Alexander gets Morris into a test of strength and bends him backwards to the mat. He then forces The Professional into the corner. Morris avoids a shoulder in the corner. Double A goes shoulder-first into another corner. Harley keeps Anthony down and drops a knee into his arm. Morris continues to grind away at the former Golden Triangle Champion. Double A battles back but Morris drives him down and wastes a few valuable seconds before making the cover. There’s a leg drop on Alexander’s out-stretched arm. Double A goes for the Prime-Time Cancellation but Morris catches him and drives a boot into Alexander’s arm. He keeps the pressure up; however, he has a They penchant to keep wasting time against The Number One Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. The fans chant for Double A as Morris jumps on his back. Alexander drops back to break up the hold. Double A back elbow Morris down and gives him a big boot. He immediately makes the cover and gets a two count before The Professional gets a shoulder up. Double A goes for the PTC and its’ broken up again. The two try to kick one another, but out of nowhere, Alexander lands the Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. 8:23.

Zak Hunter v. Dennis Gregory

Referee Shawn Patrick checks the combatants. Mayor Mystery won’t leave the ring right away. Uncharacteristically, Dennis Gregory shakes Zak Hunter’s hand before the match begins. Gregory pumps himself up and is ready for action. Gregory measures his challenger and pushes him in the corner. Gregory keeps grabbing his always-present hand towel because he claims that Hunter is “wet like Hunter tries to catch his breath. Gregory punches away at Hunter and twists him into a pretzel. The fans cheer in support for Hunter, who gets out of the hold and bends Gregory’s arm behind him. Gregory, the veteran, is able to get Hunter into a nearly identical tie-up. Hunter fights out and punches away and back elbow Gregory. Hunter gets Gregory down and into a corner. Hunter stalks the champion and tries to suplex him. Gregory muscles out of it and kicks Hunter in the back of the leg. Gregory preens for the crowd, wasting valuable time. Hunter gets some offense and Gregory rushes to the outside. Hunter follows. Mayor Mystery stops Hunter from climbing in and Gregory lands a leg drop from the second rope. Gregory chops Hunter from behind but soon the two Megastars are back up on their feet. Hunter is whipped into a corner. Gregory splashes them there. Gregory catches Hunter, who was trying a cross body block. Gregory pounds away and gets Hunter on the mat. Gregory knees Hunter in the back of the leg. He rolls into Mayor Mystery who hits him with a cane. A single leg Boston Crab is next. Mayor Mystery pulls the bottom rope away from Hunter. Soon, Gregory pulls Hunter onto the other side of the ring, where Mayor Mystery pokes away with his cane. Gregory drops all of his body weight on Zak’s leg. Mystery follows that up with a poke with the cane. Gregory punches away at Hunter and Zak fights back. Hunter is whipped into corner and he kicks Gregory in the mush. Zak jumps from the second rope and is met with Gregory’s superkick boot. Hunter falls to the outside where Mystery and his cane await. The two are outside. Gregory goes for a superplex onto the ringside table but Hunter fights back. Instead, Hunter superplexes Gregory inside. It takes a few moments but both men get up and trade blows in the center of the ring. Hunter gets an upper hand. He clotheslines Gregory down twice, but Gregory won’t stay down. Patrick skins the cat and hits Hunter with a ringside wrench. On the outside, Shawn Patrick had dispatched of Mayor Mystery with a punch to the jaw. The wannabe is next on Hunter. He retains. 14:33.

Post-Match: Gregory continues to attack Hunter and sets him with a wooden chair on the neck. He and Mayor Mystery pound away until, out from the locker room, Anthony Alexander rushes. He knocks Gregory out of the way and turns his attention on Mystery. Gregory rebounds and hits Anthony with a low blow. The two fight until the locker rooms empty. Both Megastars rush through the mass of humanity to go after one another. All of the other Megastars have a difficult time keeping them away from one another as the crowd screams “Let them fight!” in unison. The men ultimately leave one another, the Main Event of the region’s biggest event—KSWA FanFest—mere weeks away.

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