Volkoff Returns To Pittsburgh, T-Rantula Comes Home(stead), Ambulance Match Under The Bridge

July 15, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s (KSWA) return to historic Homestead is poised to top last year’s inaugural event (which just happened to be as ruckus as one can get). Not only is an all-time legend scheduled to appear, but someone is leaving in an ambulance.

Nikolai Volkoff, who wrestled a great deal in and around Pittsburgh during his early career as a Mongol, returns to take part in a tag team match that promises to be memorable. Volkoff, who was a WWWF and WWF tag team champion, will join forces with Doink the Clown and another legend in his own right—Lord Zoltan in a “Six Man Special Attraction.” They will match mat wits and wrist locks against “The Mercenaries,” “Nasty” Nick Crane, Sniper and their manager, the “Mayor of Parts Unknown,” Mayor Mystery. The former tag team champions and their manager may not know exactly what they can do against the brute force and experience of Volkoff, the craftiness of Lord Zoltan and the shenanigans of Doink. However, the veteran team will be more fluid (even with Mystery, who has worked matches from time to time), is expected to be up to the challenge.

Last year’s match for the Golden Triangle Championship between “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and challenger Shane Starr was one of the most exciting and thrilling contests of a spectacular 2015. This year, the rematch for the Commonwealth’s second most prestigious title promises to be better. Not only will the action once again spill out into the Homestead night between 6th and 7th streets, into the porta-johns and onto the Mayor, but one of the Megastars will be leaving in an ambulance. KSWA Owner Bobby O made the decision based on the wild popularity of that match and the overall belief by a lot of observers that this is the way the challenge has to be met.

The most coveted prize in Pennsylvania’s entire independent professional wrestling scene is the KSWA World Title and it will be on the line thanks to Owner Tommy Faime. Faime, fed up with the fallout of “Nacho Gate,” has demanded that KSWA Champion Kris Kash will face his most frequent and hard-fought foe, Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard has already started to tout his “7th” KSWA World Title reign. Perhaps prematurely, Blanchard has ramped up the social media hype, despite seemingly burying the hatchet with Kash earlier this year. Meanwhile, Kash has been out of wrestling action since June 18 when he defended the KSWA belt against “King” Del Douglas and took on the Mercenaries alongside Jack Massacre in the same night. Adding drama to the situation is Faime’s ordering of KSWA Head Referee David Fedor call this match. Blanchard and Fedor have gone down an uncommon road following “Nacho Gate.” Blanchard is charged with pulling Fedor in the way of T-Rantula’s high-velocity snack food delivery in June. Blanchard was forced to apologize for the fiasco—and he did—in a way that some observers believed was insincere. This showdown promises to be fraught with issues.

In late-breaking developments, an undisclosed injury sustained on June 18 has shelved Kaida. Unfortunately, the bad turn has forced the KSWA Championship Committee to strip the Afghani Assault Weapon of the 5-Star Championship. The move vacates the championship mere weeks after the unprecedented “Best of Five” tournament between former champion Mitch Napier and Kaida. The KSWA Championship Committee, fully aware of the importance of title defenses during the summer season, has elected to showcase a “Fatal Four-way” to determine a new 5-Star Champion. Napier, along with “The Pride of West Virginia” Harley T. Morris (with David Marbell), Justin Sane and “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas will battle it out under the bridge. Napier is the “Man Looking For a Fight,” gets a chance to tangle with Morris, who inserted himself into the final match of the Best of Five series, the long-time veterans Sane and Atlas. Atlas’ return to the squared circle after another prolonged absence has not been the most victorious, but a win here would re-establish the Megastar as a power player. And of course, Justin Sane seems to pick up his game anytime a championship is on the line.

In a hard-hitting contest that’s bound to be a match to watch is the contest for the KSWA tag team championship. The new champs, “Spear Asylum” will take on one of the KSWA’s most unique combinations. Former tag team champion Jack Massacre will team with former tag team champion The Latin Assassin to challenge Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone, along with Mayor Mystery. The KSWA tag champions are eager to create a legacy, while the pairing of Massacre and Assassin is looking to regain one of their own. While unorthodox, the teaming of Massacre and Assassin appears to be intriguing. Both Megastars have had success with multiple tag team partners, and the picking could be ripe in Homestead.

Wrestling fans in Homestead and neighboring Munhall have actually been clamoring to see Pittsburgh’s Iconic Giant, T-Rantula in their hometowns, and they have it. T-Rantula, who along with Eugene Palermo, Lanny Frattare and Baron Mikel Sciculuna, entered the KSWA/Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame earlier this year, will take on “King” Del Douglas in one-on-one action. T-Rantula, who continues to hail from this area of suburban Pittsburgh, is excited about potentially bringing “Nacho City” under the Homestead Gray’s Bridge. Douglas, who has had mixed success against KSWA giants, promises that no nachos—or cheese—will disrupt his royal features. What will the nearly 7-foot tall, 350-pound T-Rantula have to say about that?

“Giant Slayer” Jay Flash, who injured his ribs during his match at Arsenal Park in June, says he will be ready for any opponent in Homestead, and that includes the debuting Paul Jordane. Jordane is a grappler from Maryland who has held various regional titles. At press-time Jordane had not responded to inquiries about his debut in the KSWA, but he has spent time in Florida as well as Harrisburg. He seems to match up well with Flash, who is one of the KSWA’s most physical and athletically-gifted wrestlers. This match might end up being a favorite for fans of high-flying physicality.

Brawl Under The Bridge II is sponsored by Blue Dust Gastropub, Flying Dog beer, Yuengling, Zero Fossil energy outfitters, Craft Pittsburgh, Ink Division Printing, Allegheny Together Community Life Committee, Troegs Independent Brewing, and Munhall Area Prehospital Services. Bell time is at 7:00 p.m. All tickets are $5 each. There will be an abundance of food trucks, craft beer and family fun in the World’s First and Only 100% Solar Powered Pro Wrestling Event. For more information, visit Bluedustpgh.com kswa.net or call 412-726-1762. Card is subject to change.

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