#FanFest15: Champion Gregory Is KSWA Digest "Megastar Of The Year", Set To Defend On Pittsburgh's Grandest Stage

December 1, 2019
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Dennis Gregory has been the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Championship since FanFest, 2018. As we steam toward FanFest/Toy Drive next Saturday, December 7, Gregory has defended his ultimate Keystone championship 18 times (a total that appears to be without peer in 2019).

With that distinction, and despite extraordinary campaigns from the VIPs, Bubba the Bulldog, BROhemoth and others, Gregory has been tapped the KSWA Digest “Megastar of the Year.”

Gregory has defended the KSWA Heavyweight Championship throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania on a pace that rivals former champion Mitch Napier’s second run.

Gregory has defeated Napier a number of times, dispatched most-former champion “The Gavel” David Lawless, In February, Gregory bested BROhemoth, and other respected Megastars such as J-Ru and Kris Kash.

The KSWA Champion has defeated unique challengers like the 400-pound “Stone Age Savage” that is The Beastman, including a huge match at Brawl Under the Bridge 5, and another important match in Sheraden at the Langley American Legion Post #496 against Shane Starr.

In a powerhouse matchup, Gregory faced off and defeated one of the Megastars closest to his own size in The Prime-Time Player and former KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander at Cribbs Field in Battle of the Borough II in Verona, PA. On August 31, the KSWA returned to Spirit Hall with Gregory defending against Pittsburgh’s neighborhood masked luchadore, Yinza. The successful defense was his 11th in eight months.

Gregory defeated Shane Starr in the 15th annual Millvale Days Celebration, in front of that event’s largest Friday night crowd. The next day, Gregory dominated a resurgent Justin Sane the very next day.

In late September, Gregory successfully defended against multi-time champion Harley T. Morris, and the next day against a game Napier. Shane Starr, Napier and most recently, Zak Hunter, all had opportunities at the KSWA’s top prize.

During the second-half of the year, Gregory set his sites on one of the only Megastars he hasn’t definitively pinned in Anthony Alexander.

Anthony Alexander has wrestled 26 times in the KSWA’s 24 events leading up to FanFest. That’s a number, like Gregory’s, without peer in the calendar year. With 20 victories, Alexander’s tally is larger than the champion’s 18. Alexander has suffered singles match losses against only two Megastars, Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog.

Alexander entered the year as the Golden Triangle Champion, and lost it to Bubba in his ninth match of the campaign. He hasn’t reclaimed the city’s top wrestling prize; however, Alexander did defeat Bubba in Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament finals in November.

Gregory had attacked Alexander prior to that, and Alexander made the FanFest challenge October 12 in Imperial.

Now the match is set for KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive. This match has routinely been the Main Event of the evening, with the KSWA Championship defense topping Nick Aldis’ successful defense of the NWA World title against Shawn Blanchard one year ago.

Gregory has been an unbelievable talent since he arrived in the KSWA a few years ago, one of the Independent industry’s most decorated veterans. His time in Pittsburgh has been extremely successful and fruitful for the disco-dancing phenom.

Meanwhile, Alexander continues an inspirational climb that has watched him serve as one of the KSWA’s most famed fan-favorites who turned his back on so many. He reigned as a member of the VIPs until injury made his second-guess his in-ring career. That left him in a story that has not yet been completely told, to stay away from Pittsburgh professional wrestling for six years. When he returned, Alexander hasn’t missed a step. This highlighted opportunity is a chance for Alexander to return to the top of Pennsylvania’s sporting mountain top.

Two of the industry’s hardest-working, most driven, passionate and skilled athletes will tangle over one of the most storied titles in the Commonwealth’s history and it happens in less than a week.

KSWA FanFest is Saturday, December 6 at Spirit Hall, 242 51st Street in the city of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. Doors open at 6 p.m. and bell is at 7 p.m. Front row tickets are sold out and general admission are going fast. Card is subject to change.

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