#FanFest15: While There May Not Be Titles On The Line, Yinza And Douglas Look To Settle Score

December 3, 2019

Some professional wrestling rivalries develop and end sooner rather than later. Then there are the clashes that take months, if not years, to resolve. The battles between Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore and “King Del Douglas have really resonated over the past few months. Yinza has had an up-and-down year, sometimes getting opportunities at championship gold. While he hasn’t earned any hardware, Yinza remains high on the KSWA Championship Committee’s radar. That being noted, he still has a hard time with “The King.”

Despite being a dishonest nobleman, Del Douglas has always earned the Krazies’ respect. On May 4, Yinza defeated "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin, "The King" Del Douglas, "Big Country" Matt McGraw & Joey Quervo in a Cinco de Mayhem Street Fight. That was the first time in 2019 that the Megastars met.

They have continued to battle over the hectic 24-event schedule. Yinza defeated Douglas in a May at MJ’s Steel City Saloon, and in Arsenal Park on June 29. Yinza again defeated the egotistical “King” at the KSWA return to MJ’s in August, as well as a showdown in Verona. The men met again in October in Sheraden and the results were the same for Yinza. In addition, Yinza has continue to receive tag team, Five Star and tag team championship opportunities over the months.

"The King" Del Douglas won The John "Baldy" McGrane Sr. Memorial Battle Royal at Arsenal Park and had some success in tag team competition alongside “Rev” Ron Hunt. He has scored single’s contest wins against “Big Country” Matt McGraw and Joey Quervo and lost the KSWA’s Mexican Championship to Joey Hornitos. “The King” was not able to retain the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament, instead losing that title in the first round to eventual winner Anthony Alexander. Douglas, who is one of the very few Megastars to have participated in all 24 KSWA events in 2019, has also recorded a win over Justin Sane.

And even though Douglas has not won matches against Yinza, he remains a thorn in the popular Luchadore’s side. The KSWA Championship Committee hopes that the rivalry will conclude at FanFest.

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