#FanFest15: Bubba To Defend Golden Triangle Championship As The Best Wrestler In the World, While Starr Disagrees

December 5, 2019

In 2019, after a career that now spans close to 25 years, Bubba the Bulldog claims to be “The Best Wrestler in the World.” At the very least, the Golden Triangle Champion may just be one of the most successful title holders in the city of Pittsburgh. Shane Starr, one of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) mainstays, looks forward to leashing the competition.

Bubba has been angered by Starr in recent months, to the tune of the Golden Triangle Champion challenging “The Future” to a match at the biggest event of the year. The challenge came after Bubba defeated J-Ru on November 9 at the Pioneer Hose Company/Brandy Marie Cheer fundraiser. The challenge was measured, as the Bulldog knew Starr was in attendance at the event.

The rivalry really took steam on November 2 at the Sharpsburg VFD 7th Annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament when Bubba defeated Starr in the semi-finals, but lost to Anthony Alexander in the finals. After the final, Bubba interfered in the winning celebration, and found himself tapping out from the Sharpsburg Shooter. That final match was interesting as Bubba was the Megastar who upended Alexander’s run with the Golden Triangle Championship. On September 28, Alexander defeated Bubba, albeit by disqualification.

Previously, Bubba had defeated Zak Hunter at the 26th annual Millvale Days celebration on September 14.

On August 31, Bubba bested the Beast Man at Spirit Hall and Kris Kash at Cribbs Field’s Battle in the Borough II on August 24.

On July 20 at Brawl Under the Homestead Greys Bridge Bubba successfully defended the Golden Triangle Championship against Alexander, lost the Five-Star Championship to Sly Scarpone. The win for Scarpone was a bit of revenge for the Action Star, as Bubba used his Battle Bowl ticket to reclaim the title immediately after losing the strap.

On June 22, at Spirit Hall, Bubba defeated Alexander for the Golden Triangle Championship and for a short while, he dubbed himself “Bubba Two Belts.” At MJ’s Steel City Saloon on May 18, Bubba defended the Five-Star Championship against Harley T. Morris and on May 4, Bubba defeated Starr for the 5-Star championship.

On March 30, at Spirit and the 12th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, Bubba beat Lucio Deveer, Trick McSorley, Nick Crane and Kris Kash in a Gauntlet Match. And in a rare non-title matchup, this time at Pioneer Hose Company for the Pittsburgh Spirit 14U Westwood Girls Fast Pitch and Pioneer Hose Company Fundraiser, Jack Massacre & Mike Malachi defeated T-Rantula & "Big Country" Matt McGraw, BRO Hemoth & Sly Scarpone defeated Mike Malachi, Jack Massacre, Dennis Gregory & Bubba the Bulldog.

On February 16, at Spirit, Bubba hosted an “Open Challenge,” which was accepted by Trick McSorley. The youngster was dispatched in short order, and Bubba reopened the challenge. This time is was answered by Sly Scarpone, who went on to pin Bubba in one of the biggest upsets in recent KSWA history. As Scarpone celebrated, Bubba attacked from behind, cashed in his Battle Bowl chance and reclaimed the 5-Star belt with a pin.

At Battle Bowl XI on January 5, Bubba the Bulldog defeated Zack Hunter and Bubba won the opportunity for the same belt as a result of Battle Bowl.

Meanwhile, Starr had a remarkable year. On October 12, at the Imperial VFD for the West Hills Softball 14 and Under team, Starr came up short in a match against KSWA Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory. Earlier in the month at the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser, Starr defeated Zak Hunter.

On September 29, at All Summr, in the Uptown neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh, the KSWA tag team champions Shawn Blanchard and "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin defeated Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander in a Street Fight. The VIPs also beat Starr and Kris Kash in another title defense, this time during the KSWA’s 15th annual event in Millvale Days. Starr has also defeated former KSWA Heavyweight Champion David Lawless, but lost in another Millvale Days match on the Friday Night against current titleholder Gregory.

At MJ’s Steel City Saloon, Starr and Kris Kash tangled with the Best Bros Around—Mitch Napier and BROhemoth, but ended up on the short end of the stick. On August 10, Starr won the inaugural Tim Moore Memorial Battle Royal at Langley American Legion Post #496. The stipulation there was the winner would receive a shot against Dennis Gregory. Starr was not able to unseat Gregory in the Main Event.

At Brawl Under the Bridge, Starr battled in a Ladder Match that also included "Dr. Devastation Lou Martin, Lawless, Yinza, Kash and then-Brawl Under the Bridge Champion Deveer. Martin walked off with that championship.

The year featured many more wins than losses for Starr.

In February, the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime—defeated Kash and Starr for the KSWA title belts.

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