Alexander Ends “Year Of Gregory,” Bubba And Starr DQ, Sly Retains, VIPs End After Best Bros KSWA Win Gold At FanFest 15

December 8, 2019
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Championship has earned its right as the Commonwealth’s most coveted professional wrestling championship because of the heart and dedication each of its title holders. Shawn Blanchard, the organization’s most accomplished champion, held the title six times over nearly 20 years. Only two other Megastars have held the belt more than once…Lou Martin and Mitch Napier. Anthony Alexander can now be added to that exclusive list.

In addition, the rivalry over the Golden Triangle Championship will continue into the new year, Sly Scarpone lives to see another month as the “most relevant title” in the KSWA, and the Best Bros Around are once again at the top of the competitive mountain.

And the VIPs—professional wrestling most storied and legendary stable—in a shocking turn of events, are seemingly no more.

Yinza v. Del Douglas

The King makes his way to the ring before the Luchadore from the Mexican War Streets. Referee Jimmy James checks out both competitors. The King goes to the ring post in an attempt to gain support. That goes nowhere. Yinza does the same and gets a decidedly different response. Douglas attacks Yinza from behind and the match is on. Yinza hits a cross body block that stops Douglas’ charge. The two lock up and Douglas has Yinza in a headlock. Douglas breaks the momentum and clotheslines Yinza down. Douglas body slams the larger Yinza and the Luchadore is winded. The fans cheer wildly for Yinza. Yinza rebounds and hits an elbow on his opponent. Yinza bounces Douglas’ head on two different turn buckles. Yinza hits a body splash and Yinza rolls Douglas up for a two count. Douglas is spent. Yinza posts Douglas and the Luchadore takes his time before unloading a series of punches to the head. Douglas falls to the mat and James counts to two. Yinza posts Douglas again and whips him across the ring. Yinza lands the La Lucha splash on Douglas. He whips Douglas into the corner and tries the same thing. Douglas raises the knees and breaks the momentum. That’s enough for Douglas to distract the ref and break out the wrist tape to choke Yinza. James doesn’t see the infraction. The distraction is on again and the same shenanigans takes over. James does catch Douglas and he tosses the wrist tape away. Douglas grabs Yinza by the crotch, chops him down and gets a two count. A version of the Millvale Crab is slapped on. Douglas shouts that he is going to unmask Yinza. Yinza gets loose and whips Douglas into the corner and there’s a Monkey Flip into the center of the ring. Yinza punches Douglas and snap mares him over. Yinza hits a flying clothesline on the seated Douglas. He gets a two count. Yinza blocks a couple of punches and does his “Three Rivers” Monkey Flip. The third one lands in a heap for a two count. Yinza tosses Douglas into the ropes where he is caught on the middle rope. He hits the “412” a baseball slide into a kick to the head. Douglas is down. Yinza climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying elbow. The Yinza to Belly is Next for the pin. 11:06

Five Star Championship: Deveer, Gage, Hunter and J-Ru v. Sly Scarpone

The bell rings and the match is underway. Sly can lose the belt without ever being pinned. All five lock up for a Test of Strength. Each man chops each other in the chest before Scarpone dispatches of J Ru and Gage. All four Megastars attack Scarpone and kick him to the outside. Hunter finds himself outside and J-Ru joins them. Inside, Deveer and Gage go after one another. Gage is sent over the top rope on all but Deveer. Deveer tops that by diving on all of them. Inside, Sly is beaten around by Deveer. Deveer clotheslines Scarpone down twice. J-Ru dives on Deveer’s pin attempt. J-Ru lights up Deveer with chops. J-Ru misses with a clothesline. Gage is in control with a series of moves on J-Ru in the corner. He goes for sloppy, one-footed pin on J-Ru. J-Ru recovers and drops Gage. Hunter is in and he drops J-Ru to the outside. Hunter dives onto Gage, driving his head into the mat. There’s a version of a side suplex and one-count on the pin attempt. Scarpone is back in and he bodyslams Hunter. Gage is in and he side suplexes Scarpone onto his knee. Deveer is in for a Death Valley Driver on Gage. A flying swon ton is next from the top rope onto Gage but Hunter breaks that up. Hunter drops Deveer. Scarpone is back in and J-Ru tosses him over the top rope. He skins the Cat and drives J-Ru down for the win. 7:49.

Grudge Match #2: Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The bell rings and the two long-time rivals circle the squared circle. Morris extends a hand in friendship. Sane hands him a candy cane in friendship. Morris pushes Sane in the face, Justin slaps him in the grill. The two grapple around and Sane applies 10 punches to the head of Morris in the corner. James breaks up the adventure. Justin tries to go “old school” but Morris breaks out of it. The two go around before Morris kicks Sane in the head. Sane is down and James starts the count on Morris for raining blows onto Sane’s head. James counts to two for the pin attempt. The fans chant “Muffin Top” towards Morris. He drives a knee into Sane and gets a two count. The fans chant “Justin. Justin” as Morris applies a version of a neck hold. Sane elbows his way out before nearly rolling him up. Sane drops Morris down and goes “old school” by walking on the top rope. He dives onto Morris, but The Professional catches him. Sane is driven into the corner post and all sorts of illegal tactics are applied. Morris gets Sane in a front face lock and has Sane down. Sane will not give up. Justin gets out of the move and Morris calls for an elbow from the turnbuckle. He climbs the top rope and misses with a big elbow. Both Megastars are down. Sane climbs the top rope but Morris catches him. Sane breaks out of a superplex, and power bombs Morris from the top rope. Sane climbs to the top for the Frog Splash, but somehow, Morris kicks out of it. Sane cannot believe it. He drops the Famouser leg drop. Sane lands a drop kick from the middle rope. Morris gets a boot on the bottom rope. Morris rolls Sane up and holds onto the trunks for a win. 9:17

Special Guest: Bob Backlund is welcomed to the squared circle by KSWA Owner Bobby O. The legendary former two-time world champion spoke passionately about living a clean life and having fun. The 70-year-old fitness fanatic then stood on his head in the center of the ring and stretched his legs to the mat and up again, all to the enthusiastic response from the sold-out crowd.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs vs. The Best Bros Around

Referee Shawn Patrick holds up the KSWA tag team championships. The VIPs attack the Best Bros, forcing the bell. Napier and BROhemoth quickly recover and the VIPs bail. On the apron, Napier tosses them both in the hard way. BRO clotheslines them and it’s Napier and Blanchard. Blanchard is dropped on the top rope for a game of horsey. Napier hip tosses Blanchard around and Martin, who raced in for the interference. Napier tags in BROhemoth, who goes to work on Martin. BRO head butts Martin down and then body slams him. BRO calls for the Bowser Bomb and lands it on the prone Dr. Devastation. The Krazies chant for BRO and he goes for another. He lands it. He doesn’t go for the pin, allowing Martin valuable time for air. Martin is tossed into the corner where Napier is tagged back in. The Giant Swing on Martin is next. Blanchard races in to kick Napier before the pin. Napier suplexes Martin and gets a two count before Martin gets a shoulder up. Napier gets Martin into the corner for a couple of chops. There’s a splash before Martin is tossed into BROhemoth’s corner. BRO side suplexes Martin and Napier lands a flying head butt. Napier picks up Martin, but the only-other two-time KSWA champion tosses Napier into the corner. Blanchard is in and he chops Napier in the corner. BROhemoth tries to get in but the referee stops him. Blanchard lights up Napier. A flying snap mare is next. BROhemoth breaks up the pinfall attempt. Martin is in without the benefit of a tag. The Krazies chant “Garbage Pants.” Martin delivers a right hand into Napier’s gut. The referee is distracted by BROhemoth and double team action happens on Napier. Martin drops a leg. He goes for a sloppy count and Napier gets a shoulder up. There’s a “make a wish” moment on Napier’s legs as Blanchard is back in. Blanchard chops Napier in the shoulders and flips him over. Blanchard gets away at Napier’s face and ears. Blanchard lands a spinebuster on Napier and gets a two count. Blanchard antagonizes BROhemoth and Martin comes in for a series of elbows on Napier. Martin side suplexes Napier down for a two-count. Martin continues the offense on Napier and kicks him in the back as the former multi-time champion tries to fight up. Blanchard is in and he body slams Napier and then drops a knee. A groggy Napier gets to one knee. Blanchard punches him down. Napier recovers and both Megastars land a clothesline. They are both down, nearly motionless. Martin rushes in and attacks BROhemoth. All four men are in the ring. BRO on Blanchard, Martin on Napier. The Best BROs dodge a bullet. Napier gets Martin up for a Sioux Falls Slam for the win. 12:33

Post-Match: Shawn Blanchard brings a folding chair into the ring and sits on it. Martin walks over to him and they have a discussion. Blanchard starts to get heated. Martin tries to calm him down. The two start to shove on another. As they have done dozens of times in the past, the two make up, embrace and Martin plants a smooch on his tag team partner’s cheek. They hold their hands up in pretend victory. All of a sudden, things changed. This time after countless teases, Blanchard attacks his long-time friend, now former VIP tag team partner and confidant. Blanchard follows the blind side with chair shots to the back and a pile driver. It is broken up by the returning referees and KSWA Owner Bobby O before Blanchard eludes everyone and drops Martin on his head a second time. The doctor arrives in the ring and checks on the fallen Martin. He is then helped back to the locker room by the authorities.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shane Starr v. Bubba the Bulldog

Bubba complains that he is going to leave unless the fans stop chanting “Bubba Sucks.” They chant even louder. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the match begins. The two veterans go toe to toe before Bubba lands a surprise forearm. Starr battles back and clotheslines the Golden Triangle Champion down. Starr lands a drop kick and instead of going for a cover, he punches Bubba over and over again in the forehead. Bubba is posted in the corner and Starr punches him in the gut. There’s a one-handed standing suplex. Starr goes to splash Bubba but he moves. The applies the Rock Bottom and scores a quick three count, but Patrick immediately notices that Bubba had both feet on the bottom rope for leverage. The match continues. Bubba chokes Starr and has him down. Bubba preens to the crowd. Bubba delivers elbows into the back of his head. Bubba has a front face lock that may actually be a choke. Patrick makes him break the hold. Mayor Mystery circles the ring. Bubba is on the matt, but he swings punches upward. Starr delivers a kick that keeps Bubba down. Bubba goes low on Starr. Bubba is back up on his feet. He delivers a series of punches to Starr. Starr blocks a kick, holds onto Bubba’s boot and is hit with a kick from the other foot. Bubba puts his boot on Starr’s throat. Bubba pulls Starr up by the locks. Bubba jumps on Starr in the ropes. Bubba slips up and Starr goes to apply the Sharpshooter, but Bubba pokes him in the eyes to stop that. Bubba loosens wrist tape and chokes Starr while in the corner. Mayor Mystery delivers a cane to Starr’s throat. Bubba whips Starr in the ropes. Starr stops in the center of the ring and delivers a back elbow, dropping the Golden Triangle Champ. Then there are a few kicks and Bubba is tossed into the corner. And then shoulder-first into another. Patrick goes to count Bubba out, but he gets a shoulder up. Bubba is up, and so is Starr. They trade blows. Bubba punches Starr and the two go at it. Both men punch each other and they go down. Bubba rushes Starr and Shane pulls to top rope down and he spills over. They battle on the floor below. Patrick reminds the combatants that the belt can’t change hands on the outside. Starr and Bubba brawl. Bubba whips Starr into the ring post. That gives him a breather. At the count of six, Bubba is back in. Starr is still on the outside. At nine and 7/8th, Starr rolls back in. Bubba whips Starr into the corner post. Bubba clotheslines Starr, Starr hits Bubba with a super kick. The Krazies explode with a “Make Him Tap” and he does. Starr celebrates. Patrick was distracted by Mayor Mystery. Bubba has Mayor Mystery’s cane. He hits Starr with it. Bubba gets Starr in the Sharpshooter and Starr is in the ropes. 13:55

Loser must leave KSWA T-Rantula and McGraw v. Massacre and Malachi

Big Mike Malachi and Big Country Matt McGraw start out. Malachi gets the upper hand, but that ends as McGraw breaks that momentum. Malachi is body slammed down and he scoots to the outside. They go to lock up again, but Malachi boots McGraw in the stomach instead. Malachi double sledge hammers McGraw and tags in Massacre. Referee Jimmy James is distracted as Massacre uses his boot on McGraw’s throat. Malachi is tagged in and he goes to work on McGraw, sometimes in the ropes. Malachi tosses McGraw into the corner and he taunts T-Rantula. Malachi grazes McGraw’s eyes over the top rope. Massacre is tagged back in and he stands on McGraw’s back. There’s a back elbow on McGraw and a two count. T-Rantula races in to try to stop the pin. James chases him off. Malachi has McGraw stomach-first on the mat for a rear neck hold. McGraw gets to T-Rantula, but the referee doesn’t see it. The former KSWA tag team champions double team McGraw in their corner. Massacre overhand chops McGraw and Massacre chokes him. Massacre clotheslines McGraw down. Two count. T races in to break up the momentum. Malachi sneaks back in and he goes after McGraw. Malachi side suplexes Big Country. There’s a two count and McGraw’s shoulder is up. T is in again and chicks Malachi in the back of the head. Massacre races in without the benefit of a tag and he stretches McGraw with a rear chin lock. McGraw makes it to the ropes. James makes Massacre break the hold. Massacre gets McGraw into their corner and Malachi is in. Malachi pulls McGraw up by the beard. T chants for Country. Malachi suplexes McGraw. Malachi once again suplexes McGraw in the center of the ring. The team of Big and Bigger come in and double suplex McGraw. He kicks up at two…miraculously. Massacre pulls McGraw up. He goes low and crawls over the T-Rantula. He attacks both of his opponents. T chokes Massacre in full view of the referee. T-Rantula kicks Massacre low. T-Rantula picks up Massacre and posts him in the corner for a big overhand chop. He lands another huge blow. T clotheslines Massacre down and nearly gets a three count. Malachi prowls on the apron, getting the referee’s attention. There’s another pin of Massacre that ends at two. T kicks Massacre down. He makes the tag to Malachi, who is hesitant. He sneaks in and pokes T in the eye. T is whipped into the corner; Malachi follows with a double sledge. Massacre chokes T while the referee is distracted by McGraw on the other side of the ring. T is able to pull Malachi up. T lines up Malachi for a chop to the chest. He lands one more. He calls for another. Malachi crawls away from the corner. Massacre is in and he hits T. Malachi chops away at T-Rantula in the corner but T fights out. The two giants battle. T hits Malachi with a big boot to the head. T makes the cover and Malachi gets a shoulder up. T-Rantula chokes Malachi. T puts the boots on Malachi. T tags in McGraw. He goes to the top rope and jumps with a big splash. He rolls Malachi over but Massacre makes the save. Malachi crawls into a corner. McGraw cannonballs Malachi in the corner and tags in T-Rantula. On the inside, T and Massacre battle. Malachi is back in. He goes after both opponents with a big sledge. T falls over the top rope onto the concrete. Malachi goes to the other side and grabs a steel chair. He slides it to Massacre. The referee blocks that move. Massacre stands on McGraw’s head. Malachi chokes McGraw. T-Rantula clubs Malachi with a steel chair. Big Mike is down. Inside, Massacre sees and goes after T Rantula. T clubs Massacre. Malachi grabs nachos and takes T-Rantula to Nacho City. Malachi hits the Malachi Crunch on T-Rantula. He celebrates. Out of nowhere, T-Rantula rolls up Malachi and gets the win. 20:49. “Big” Mike Malachi is forced to leave the KSWA.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander v. Dennis Gregory

Anthony Alexander arrives with the support of the KSWA Krazies. Gregory dances his way to the ring along with Mayor Mystery. The two similar-sized veterans go nose to nose. They push each other and Gregory is the first to lay a punch. They trade a number of shots, until Gregory gains an advantage. Then AA instantly rebounds and gets the upper hand. Gregory rolls Alexander down and then kicks him in the grill. Anthony makes it to the ropes, breaking the momentum. Gregory punches away at the challenger. Alexander battles back, until Gregory tosses him to the outside. Alexander attempts to power bomb Gregory on the outside, but instead the two end up trading blows. Both men are down on the outside. Referee Shawn Patrick starts the count. KSWA Owner Bobby O races out and says that the match cannot end on a count out. Gregory is the first in. Mayor Mystery comes in with a steel chair. He positions it in the corner. Alexander is back in. Gregory kicks Anthony in the head. Gregory continues the assault. Gregory forearms Alexander down. Climbs the middle rope and delivers a double ax handle on Alexander. Gregory punches Alexander, but he responds with a whip into the rope and a spinebuster on Gregory. The Champion makes it into the ropes. Alexander pulls him out for a punch to the head. Alexander is whipped into the corner with the chair. There’s offense out of that. Alexander drops Gregory with a boot to the head. The fans chant in unison for Alexander. Gregory drop toe holds Alexander to go into the chair. Shawn Patrick declares that Mayor Mystery must leave ringside or Gregory vacates the title. Bobby O arrives and makes Gregory return to the ring. Gregory tosses a chair into the ring. And then another. And another. Once inside, Gregory meets him with a fist and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Alexander scoop slams Gregory down. Mayor Mystery defies orders, rushes to the ring and is hit with a spinebuster. Bubba the Bulldog races in. Alexander hits him with a Prime-Time Cancellation. They face off again and they trade heavy blows. A PTC on Gregory. At 2 and 7/8, Gregory gets a shoulder up. Anthony stands up and the engages the crowd. AA punches Gregory and whips him across the ring. Alexander lands a neck breaker. Gregory scurries to the corner. Gregory hits the Wannabe. Alexander kicks up at two and the last possible second. Gregory picks up the Heavyweight Title. Alexander meets him off the top rope with a boot and DDT. Gregory kicks up at two and three quarters. Gregory crawl up. Mystery is pushed off the apron by Patrick. Gregory hits Alexander with the title and Alexander kicks up. The Fans are on their feet. Bubba is on the apron. Gregory has the belt. Bubba holds Alexander until Starr races in to drop Bubba. They fight off. Alexander hits Gregory with a spear. Alexander goes to boot Gregory but the champion ducks and Alexander kicks Patrick down. Gregory hits Alexander with a chair in the back. The fans are beside themselves. There’s another huge shot with the chair to Alexander’s back. The Krazies chant for Double A. A third chair shot drops the challenger to the mat. Gregory stands around. Gregory picks up the belt and drops. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits Gregory with the Prime-Time Cancellation. With Patrick down, Bobby O races in and makes the count. The winner and new KSWA Champion is Anthony Alexander! 12:49

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