Beastman Survives KSWA Battle Bowl XII, Remy Levay & "The King" Earn Title Shots; Bubba Taps To Starr, Morris Puts Boots To Sly, AA Retains

January 5, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

There were 30 Megastars in Battle Bowl XII, all with the opportunity to win opportunities at the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) top prizes. The milestone event, in KSWA's 20th year, brought out originals, saw veterans return and new KSWA Megastars dip their toes in Pittsburgh's competitive waters.

In other contests, the KSWA tag team titles were defended, the Five-Star and Golden Triangle Champions changed hands and the richest prize in the Commonwealth--the KSWA Heavyweight Championship--was again on the line.

Also, Pennsylvania's most successful tag team imploded--for good.

Shawn Blanchard v. Yinza

Shawn Blanchard attacks Yinza as soon as he hits the Spirit Hall floor. Yinza is tossed back inside and is immediately on the offense, beating Shawn Blanchard about. Yinza Monkey Flips Blanchard across the ring and is then met with a poke in the eye by the Enforcer. Blanchard distracts the referee and low blows Yinza with a kick. A “Blanchard Sucks” chant rings out. Blanchard punches Yinza in the gut and leaves him crumpled in the corner. Blanchard kicks Yinza in the gut and then follow that up with some more offense. Blanchard threatens to break off Yinza’s arm. Yinza starts punching Blanchard but then is met with a clothesline. Blanchard flexes for the crowd and kisses his bicep. Blanchard goes back to get Yinza. There’s a pinch to Yinza’s trapezius but the Luchadore is able to fight back. Blanchard hits Yinza with the Death Certificate. Blanchard pulls Yinza up and goes for the Death Certificate a second time. He lands it. On the two-count, Blanchard pulls him up again. Blanchard pushes Shawn Patrick and gets disqualified. 6:16

Post-Match: Patrick wrestles a couple of folding chairs off of Blanchard before he gets a chance to use them. Blanchard makes his way back in and hits the Death Certificate on Yinza one more time. Shawn Patrick calls for assistance to help Yinza back to the locker room.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Gage and Deveer v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

Referee Jimmy James check out both teams and its Napier and Deveer who will start things off. They shake hands and Napier is quick to start things off by getting Lucio on the mat. The two trade offensive moves before they tag in their tag team partners. Gage steamrolls BROhemoth before BROhemoth stops that with a huge splash. Napier is tagged in and he drop kicks Gage down. Napier super swings Gage and drops him. BRO is tagged in; he drops Gage and tags in Napier who drops from the top rope and hits a head butt but only gets a two count. Deveer is tagged in and gets offense on Napier. He front-face suplexes Napier down and gets a two count. The challengers use quick, double-team tactics to keep Napier down. Gage drives Napier down and gets a two count before BROhemoth rushes in to make the save. Deveer gets Napier down and gets a two count. Deveer keeps Napier down and in a headlock. Gage laughs incessantly while on the apron. Deveer clotheslines Napier down and gets a two count. Gag is tagged back in. Gage keeps the offense on Napier. Deveer is tagged in and he goes after Napier with another pin attempt and two count. Deveer whips Napier in and two collide with double body blocks. Deveer gets to Gage, Napier to BROhemoth. He cleans both opponents with fast-moving offense. Gage pulls the top rope over and BRO falls to the outside. Napier follows. Deveer launches Gage over the top rope and onto both.

Deveer dives from the top rope onto the champions below. Deveer tosses Napier back in and gets a two count. BRO comes in and makes the save. Deveer punches away at BROhemoth. Gage hits an RKO off the ropes to BRO. Napier hits the Sioux Falls Slam on Deveer but the pin is broken by Gage. BRO catches a flying Gage and hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. 10:35. Post-Match: the 4 Megastars shake hands and leave as friends.

Lou Martin Interview

Lou Martin comes out and shakes hands with the Krazies. He gets the microphone and says that legacy of the VIPs has been destroyed by Shawn Blanchard. He wants answers from this former tag team partner. Shawn Blanchard comes to the ring. Blanchard says that Lou is a great man, husband and father. He says Lou cares about all the Krazies, all the Megastars and everyone...but him. Blanchard says that Martin is not as good a wrestler as he is. And Blanchard says Martin would never beat him. Blanchard kicks Lou in the groin and drops him to the mat.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shane Starr v. Bubba

Bubba gets to the ring and runs down Shane Starr. Starr is introduced and he races out to attack both men, Bubba and Mayor Mystery. On the outside, Bubba gains the upper hand and tosses Starr back in. Bubba has Mayor Mystery’s cane and he beats Starr with it. Bubba berates the fans and continues to assail Starr. The fans chant “You tapped out” toward Bubba. Bubba continues to use Mayor Mystery’s cane as he keeps Starr buried in the corner. The fans chant for Starr but Bubba continues to boot Shane in the gut. Bubba kicks Starr about 30 times. Starr is in a heap on the apron. Starr gets to his feet and out of nowhere, he dropkicks Bubba down. Starr uses the top rope to rake Bubba’s forehead with it. Starr posts Bubba’s leg on the bottom rope and he uses the no-disqualification lack of rules to his benefit. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter but Bubba breaks it up by tossing Shane into the corner post. Starr goes to the outside and Mystery helps roll him back in. Mystery trolls the apron. Bubba digs at Starr and then leads him to Mystery for some offense. Bubba goes for the pin but Starr kicks up at two. Bubba pulls him up kicks him in the head. Bubba looks to the crowd for fan support that doesn’t come. Bubba is slow and methodical in his offense. Starr is pulled up and he punches Bubba in the gut before getting momentum to deliver more. Bubba is in the corner and goes for a double sledge. Starr meets him with an atomic drop. The Sharpshooter Sharpshooter is applied. The ref doesn’t see. Mystery hits the apron. Starr hits Mystery off the apron. Bubba hits the Rock Bottom but only gets a two and a half. Bubba pulls out a chain and wraps it around his fist. He clobbers Star with it. Starr is down. Starr sees stars. Bubba taunts Starr and doesn’t go for the pin. Bubba goes for the Sharpshooter. Starr doesn’t submit, but pulls out of it. Bubba punches Starr down. Starr becomes impervious to Bubba’s punches. Bubba hits Starr low and drives him to the mat. Bubba pulls Starr up and tosses him across the ring. A bulldog is next. Starr hits Bubba with a superkick. Starr pulls Bubba into the middle of the ring for the Sharpshooter. He hooks it in. The fans build in their excitement. After a gallant effort, Bubba taps out and the winner is the new Golden Triangle Champion, Shane Starr! 16:00. Bubba goes to the locker room with the Arena screaming “You Tapped Out!”

Five-Star Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Sly Scarpone (champion)

Referee Jimmy James hands over the 5-Star championship and Scarpone receives a “Sllly Scarrrpoone” chant from the throng. The bell rings and the two veterans circle the ring. They shake hands but Morris pulls Scarpone in for a headlock. He continues to apply pressure to the 5-Star Champion. They get into the ropes and the hold is broken. Morris complains that Scarpone “cheated.” They trade offensive moves and Scarpone gets Morris in a pressure maneuver from behind. Morris is able to reverse the move. Scarpone brings Morris in the hard way. The trade maneuvers where Morris drop kicks Scarpone and Scarpone gets some offense. Morris tosses Scarpone into the corner and nearly splashes the referee; however, Scarpone stops. Morris hits Scarpone in the leg and proceeds to pound away at the 5-Star Champion. He knees Scarpone and Sly complains that his knee is “blown out.” He continues nonetheless. Morris kicks Sly in the thigh and Scarpone kicks The Professional in the head. Morris gets Scarpone in a version of the Sharpshooter, but Scarpone is able to get to the ropes. The hold is broken, but Morris continues to work on the leg. Scarpone kicks Morris into the corner. Scarpone punches Morris and the Professional staggers. A powerslam is next by Sly. Scarpone tries to pick Morris up but he fights it. A Russian leg sweep is next on Scarpone. Morris goes to the top rope. Sly races to the corner and meets him there. Morris kicks Scarpone off of the top rope. He rolls Scarpone up and places his boots directly on the middle rope. He gets the win and is the new 5-Star Champion. 8:44

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Dennis Gregory v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Shawn Patrick has his hands full with these two physical uber-veterans. The bell rings and the match is underway. They lock up and AA forces Gregory into the corner. Double-A breaks the hold cleanly. Gregory gets Alexander in the corner and he drives a series of elbows into the champion’s mush. Gregory continues to put the pressure on Alexander and goes after the champion’s left shoulder. Alexander heaves Gregory into the corner and hits him with a series of overhand punches. Gregory is whipped into a corner and he falls to the outside. Alexander follows that that ends up being a ruse by the challenger. Gregory attacks Double A there. Gregory uses the corner post as a weapon, driving the champion’s arm into the steel. Gregory tosses Alexander back in. Alexander is there with a series of punches that rock the challenger. Gregory is tossed into the corner but he ducks a shoulder block. Alexander hits that hard and Gregory hops to the outside and continues to assault the arm. Gregory continues to hit Alexander with anything and everything. The referee checks on Alexander and he waves off any submission request. Gregory pump-handles Alexander’s arm. Gregory continues to work on Alexander. There’s a splash in the corner but he misses another. Alexander kicks Gregory down with a boot to the head. Alexander, catching his wind, picks up the challenger. Gregory lures Alexander in to a Hell’s Gate submission maneuver. The fans cheer for Double-A. Alexander stretches his legs and muscles the 250-pound Gregory up and breaks the move with a slam to the mat. Both Megastars are slow to get up. Gregory gets to the corner post and pulls on Alexander’s arm as he pulls down in a form of the Dis-Armer. Alexander goes for the Prime-Time Cancelation but Gregory blocks it. Gregory pounds on Alexander and Mayor Mystery, who was “too injured” to show up with Gregory, arrives at ringside. Gregory goes to pin Alexander but that ends at two. Mystery climbs to the apron. Alexander is up and hits the PTC. Mayor Mystery goes to the apron and is dropped down by Alexander. Gregory super kicks Alexander and cheers before the pin attempt. He gets a two count. The two tussle and Mayor Mystery goes to hit Alexander but clobbers Gregory instead. Alexander boots Gregory and hits a DDT. Gregory is posted. Mayor Mystery climbs the apron. Alexander punches Mystery from the apron. Gregory is still down. Alexander is tired. Gregory is up and DDT’s Alexander. Gregory slowly climbs the corner post. Alexander gets to his feet. Gregory goes for the Wannabee but misses. Alexander with the Prime-Time Cancellation for the win and retention. 12:51

Battle Bowl XII

La Lucha v. Biker Al starts things off. The fans are excited to see both Megastars. Biker Al spends more time running down the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Biker Al starts off by attacking La Lucha but then the former KSWA Champion dives on him three times from the corner. The top came from the top rope. The third Megastar in is KSWA Hall of Famer Nasty Nick Crane. He goes right after Biker Al. He and La Lucha celebrate before going at Al more. Mayor Mystery is announced next. La Lucha is tossed over by Biker Al. Crane goes after his former manager, Mayor Mystery, with a series of punches. Mystery is eliminated. Big Country Matt McGraw arrives next. Crane tries to eliminate Al in the corner. McGraw puts the boots to Al before steaming rolling him in the corner. BROhemoth is next and he comes in like a house a fire. He attacks all before Crane can get in. McGraw runs in and splashes BRO in the corner. Del Douglas is next. He is tossed across the ring by BROhemoth. McGraw drops him next. Stan Squatch is next. The Jungle Boogie dancer makes his way to the ring. He chops BROhemoth and Big Country and goes for Biker Al. Stan and Sam Squatch. The attack Del Douglas. The Squatches smash into Douglas. Malaki Gage is in. Jimmy Vegas is next and he tosses both Squatches over the top rope. Lou Martin is next. He races in and goes right for Biker Al. He, Vegas, and McGraw all toss Biker Al. Brent Noctus is next. Vegas punches away at Gage. Martin kicks Noctus. Sly Scarpone is next. He is in and goes right for BROhemoth. McGraw and Douglas go after Crane. Crane is sent out next. Ice Man Tony Johnson returns and is out next! Sly Scarpone is eliminated. Super Ginger is out next and he goes after Gage and tosses him to the floor. Johnson and Martin take turns beating on the King Del Douglas. Douglas slides out. McGraw is eliminated. Super Ginger is gone. Bubba the Bulldog is next. Douglas slides back in. He goes right after Johnson. BROhemoth is eliminated. Harley T. Morris is out next. Vegas tosses Bubba across the ring. Vegas and Bubba double clothesline Johnson. The Beastman is out next. Everyone bounces off of the Stone Age Savage. Beastman fights off everyone. Shane Starr is number 20. Bubba digs away at Starr. Vegas and Bubba go after The Beastman. Sniper, a former KSWA tag team champion, is next out. Beastman chases Sniper out of the ring before he even gets there. Remy Levay returns to the KSWA next. Sniper is in the ring and he goes after Johnson. Levay goes into the ring as Beastman wears La Lucha’s Mexican hat. T-Rantula is out next and he goes after everyone, including the like-sized Beastman! Beastman won’t that go unanswered and he attacks T-Rantula. Mitch Napier is next. Jimmy Vegas is eliminated. Tony Johnson is out next. Number 25, Zak Hunter is out next. Shane Starr is eliminated. The ring is filled with Megastars. The Latin Assassin is #26. Bubba the Bulldog is eliminated. The Krazies chant for Latin. He goes right after Sniper and dumps him over the top rope. Lucio Deveer is out next at #27. J-Ru is out next and he goes after anyone he can. Noctus is eliminated. Yinza is Number 29. Latin is eliminated. T-Rantula is eliminated. Hunter and Yinza are next. Gregory is out and Number 30. Deveer is out next. Only seven Megastars remain when Gregory is announced: Gregory, Beastman, Levay, Douglas, Martin, Morris and Napier. Martin is tossed over by Beastman. Beastman stinkfaces Napier and Morris in the corner. Gregory hoists Douglas and dumps him over, but The King slides back in with both feet not hitting the floor. The rest of the field drop kicks Beastman. Beastman falls on Douglas in the center of the ring. Levay nearly dumps Napier but Mitch holds onto the rope. Gregory goes after Napier with a jawbreaker. Gregory and Napier are eliminated. That leaves the final three. Beastman attacks both Douglas and Levay. The double team Beastman in the ropes. Beastman launches himself in a crossbody block on both men. Beastman squashes Douglas in the corner. Levay super kicks Beastman but has little avail. Douglas DDT’s Beastman. Levay is up. He punches and kicks Beastman. A flying sling blade by Levay on Beastman. Douglas shouts to get Beastman up. Levay and Douglas start striking each other. Beastman rushes and clotheslines both Megastars over for the win. 44:00 minutes.

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