KSWA Hall Of Fame Has "Big" Addition, Morris Holds On, Alexander And Starr Get By Bubba And Gregory

February 9, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

In what has quickly become a popular stop for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA), the group returned to Brackenridge for the Pittsburgh Spirit 14U Westwood Girls Fast Pitch and Pioneer Hose Company Fundraiser. The bustling crowd saw seven competitive matches and witnessed a beloved member of their community become the latest addition to the KSWA Hall of Fame.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Big Country Matt McGraw

The Bruiser and Big Country take turns going to the crowd for a response. They get difference responses, as one might imagine. Big Country locks up with and tosses The Cleveland export. They circle the ring and the same thing happens again as The Bruiser is tossed aside. The two trade shots before McGraw clotheslines The Bruiser into the corner. Then there’s a body slam on The Bruiser. The Clevelander doesn’t want any of that. A body slam wanted by the crowd shakes the floor of the Pioneer Volunteer fire department. There’s an elbow drop on the Bruiser and a chop to the chest and a splash in the corner. A side slam is next. The pin is stopped at two when the Bruiser gets a shoulder up. McGraw gives the Bruiser a wedgie. There’s a clothesline that floors the opponent. McGraw jaws with referee Jimmy James. There’s a kick to the stomach and a suplex by the big Imperial native. A big leg drop is next. Surprisingly, there’s a shoulder up at one for the Bruiser. A Samoan drop on the Bruiser is next. McGraw gets hit low by the Bruiser. This gives the Cleveland expert a chance to catch his breath. He goes after McGraw’s left ham string. The Bruiser keeps McGraw down. The Bruiser shows more fight than expect. A cross body block is next and a boot to McGraw’s head by the resilient Bruiser. Another cross-body block is caught, and a power slam ends the Bruiser’s night. 7:12

Joey Quervo v. Malaki Gage

The Drunken Luchadore Joey Quervo waits and Malaki Gage jumps up and down along the ropes. Quervo tries to find solace with Referee Shawn Patrick. Quervo, the veteran, quickly jumps in with a wrist lock and has his youthful opponent at a quick disadvantage. Gage gets Quervo into a headlock and then a wrist lock of his own. Gage whips off the ropes and shoulder blocks Quervo down. However, the long-time veteran turns the tables. Then the two trade arm and wrist bars, as well as head locks. Quervo fights out of a head lock and slaps one of his own on the Side Show Psycho. Gage gets Quervo down and goes for a pin but only gets two. Gage gets Quervo and drops him with a side suplex. Gage gets Quervo in the corner and jumps impressively out of another before delivering elbows that drop the veteran. Gage suplexes Quervo and then goes to the top rope. He misses with a cannonball as Quervo slides out of the way. Quervo punches and DDT’s Gage in the center of the ring. Quervo climbs to the middle rope and misses with the flying neck breaker. Gage grabs the opportunity to drop Quervo down in the center of the ring and get the pin. 7:00

Post-Match: Gage re-enters the ring and shakes Quervo’s hand.

Remy Lavey v. Lucio Deveer

Lavey attacks Deveer before the bell rings. The two battle each other before Deveer drops Levay with a side suplex and nearly gets a pin fall. Deveer drops him a second time and nearly gets another three count. There’s a dive onto Levay and another attempt at a pin. Deveer keeps the offense on Levay until Remy drops to the outside. Deveer dives on Levay. Once inside, Levay starts to get some offense and drops Deveer down for a pin attempt. That ends at two. Levay double sledges Deveer down and drives his head into a turnbuckle. Deveer fights back against more offense but Levay drills him with a strong clothesline. A two count. The two like-sized combatants go around and round here. Deveer rolls Levay up and gets a near pin fall. Levay gets Deveer in a sleeper hold but the Enigma is able to break out of it. Levay super kicks Deveer down and gets only two. There’s a splash and a two count. Levay gathers his thoughts and climbs the corner post. The two trade shots until Deveer drives Levay down with a flying neck breaker. A spinning 5-Five is next. Levay kicks out. Deveer goes for a German Suplex but Levay fights it and clotheslines Deveer down. There’s another two and a half count. A Death Valley Driver does not finish Lavey as he gets a shoulder up. Lucio goes to the top rope. Lavey pushes James into the ropes and that knocks Deveer off the top rope. A modified fireman’s carry stunner is next. That finishes off Deveer. 7:23

Bobby O and Mike Malachi

KSWA Owner Bobby comes to the ring to thank the crowd. He then asks “Big” Mike Malachi to come to the ring. The now-retired KSWA Megastar comes to the ring and Bobby O acknowledges that Malachi is one of the primary reasons why this fundraiser exists. Bobby then says that Malachi is a great coach, husband and father to his family. And then one last thing, Bobby announces that that “Big” Mike Malachi is the first inductee to the KSWA Hall of Fame, Class of 2020 and he is the 35th member overall for Independent professional wrestling’s longest-running and most impactful ceremony. Malachi, who was visibly emotional with the announcement, will be inducted as part of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament on Saturday, March 21 at Spirit Hall.

Shawn Blanchard v. Yinza

The two combatants make their way to the ring and are checked by referee Shawn Patrick. The bell rings and the two are ready to go. Yinza gets the crowd fired up and Blanchard tells the fans to “stop clapping.” The fans start a chant and gets Yinza ready for action. Yinza attempts lure Blanchard in for a Test of Strength but he ends up punking the former 6-time KSWA Champion. Blanchard pulls Yinza’s hair and tosses him to the mat. Blanchard gets Yinza into a head lock and turns the pressure. Yinza elbows he way out of it. He hip tosses Blanchard down not once but twice. There’s a big splash in the corner. There’s a monkey flip out of the corner. Blanchard is slow in getting up. Yinza does the La Lucha splash out of the corner. He goes from the second rope this time. That allows the veteran Blanchard to get both knees up and into Yinza’s falling gut. Blanchard kicks Yinza low. That allows the founding member of the VIPs to kick the Luchadore in the forehead. He then gets Yinza into a rear chin lock. The Krazies start chanting for Yinza. The chant only gets louder. The Luchadore reacts to the chants Yinza elbows his way out of the chin lock and right into a Spinebuster and two count. Blanchard whips Yinza into the corner and buries a shoulder. Blanchard goes for a running tackle. Yinza avoids it and rolls Blanchard up for the win. 8:30. Yinza turns his back on Blanchard and gets attacked. Blanchard DDTs Yinza down in the center of the ring. Blanchard gets a chair from ringside and plans to use it before Lou Martin races in to make the save. Yinza turns around and is surprised to see Martin. Hesitant because of their past, Yinza takes his leave. He asks Martin if he brought the chair in and leaves.

Del Douglas v. Lou Martin

The two long-time KSWA veterans lock up. The King Del Douglas takes early advantage and body slams the now-former VIP to the mat. He grabs him by the crotch and chops Martin down. Douglas whips Martin into the corner and clothesline him there. Martin is tied up in the Tree of Woe and drop kicked down by the villainous Douglas. He uses his boot on Martin’s throat. He keeps Martin reeling in the early moments of this contest. Douglas knees Martin in the gut and keeps the booting fresh. Martin is slammed and Douglas goes for the fist from the top rope. Martin rolls out of the way and goes to work on Douglas. He clotheslines Douglas from pillar to post. Martin excitedly goes back to work on Douglas. He lowers a strap and clubs the pale white Douglas dead in the chest. He hits him a second time. Martin rope a dopes and clubs Douglas twice more before The King high tails it to the floor. The “Dairy Queen” chant bounces off all the walls. Martin clubs him in the chest and follows to the outside. Douglas is tossed back in. There’s a boot to Douglas’ head. Martin kisses Douglas on the cheek before dropping him with an elbow. A pin attempt ends at two. Douglas hits Martin low and drops him face-first onto the mat. Douglas applies a rear chin lock on the former two-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Douglas continues to apply pressure on Martin by choking him with wrist tape. The fans chant “cheater” toward Douglas. Out of nowhere, the Death Certificate is hit, and Douglas is pinned at 9:04.

Five Star Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The new 5-Star Champion Harley T. Morris has a different challenge with Justin Sane this time. It’s the first defense of the vaunted 5-Star Championship against his frequent foe. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match begins. The two slowly circle the inside of the ring. Morris tries to tell the crowd, and Sane, that he is a Professional. It’s more than a minute into the match and the two have not locked up. Morris takes an opportunity to chop block Sane down from behind. He pounds Sane’s head into the turnbuckle. Sane rebounds and gets Morris on the ropes with high-impact moves. Sane walks the top rope and lands a shot from the top. Morris whips off the ropes and punches Justin in the end, dropping him to the canvas. Morris continues to work on the target. Morris locks in a submission move on Sane’s knee, but the long-time KSWA veteran will not submit. Morris continues to pound away at the knee. Sane screams in agony but he won’t give up. Morris asks Sane if he has “had enough.” Morris slaps in the Figure Four leg lock and Sane screams but won’t give up. Morris grabs the bottom rope and uses it for leverage. He does this several times before James sees it. He kicks Morris’ hand off the bottom rope and Sane reverses the leg lock. Justin gets the advantage and drops a leg over Morris’ head. Sane climbs the top rope for the Shock Therapy. However, Morris meets him there. Sane pushes him off and lands the Frog Splash. Justin makes the cover but Morris gets him boot on the bottom rope before the three count. Morris falls to the outside and Sane follows. Morris is tossed back in he hits Sane low before rolling him up for the win. 9:55

Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory v. Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

Dennis Gregory commands the house microphone and undresses the crowd, which includes VIPs from the 911 Airbase. After his lengthy tirade, the music hits for Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander. The crowd goes nuts. The Team Don’t Care attack Starr and Alexander from behind, forcing the bell. They toss the champions to the outside. Gregory slams Alexander into the corner post and Bubba attacks Starr before rolling him back in. Bubba goes to work on the KSWA Champion and Gregory attacks Starr. Alexander is tossed into the corner post and Starr gets Bubba into the Sharpshooter, only to have that broken up by Alexander. Bubba goes low on Alexander right after Gregory is tossed outside. Starr and Alexander are down. Bubba measures Starr with a stomp. Gregory and Alexander find their corners. Starr rebounds and attacks Bubba but is poked in the eye. Bubba rakes Starr’s head over the top rope. Gregory uses the ropes on Starr. Alexander tries to make the save but he is stopped by Patrick. Mayor Mystery trolls on the outside. A “Mr. Peanut” chant is directed at Mayor Mystery. Gregory punches away at Starr. Gregory stops him from making the tag to Alexander. Gregory keeps Starr close to the mat. Starr delivers an elbow or two. Gregory tosses him to the canvas, using his hair for leverage. Gregory taunts Alexander but the referee gets in the way. Bubba attacks Starr. Starr fights out of it. Bubba clotheslines Starr down. Gregory tags in Bubba for any legal follow ups. Starr starts to fight out of it. He goes for the Sharpshooter but Bubba punches his way out of it. Bubba is in control. He tosses Starr into the corner with Gregory. Bubba knocks Alexander off the apron. Alexander tries to rush in, but the referee stops him again. Starr catches Bubba’s leg but Bubba kicks Starr down. Alexander is taunted again. Bubba picks Starr up by the hair. Gregory is tagged in. Gregory is tossed into Starr. Bubba is tossed into Starr and a bulldog is applied. Gregory with a leg drop and a two count before Starr gets a shoulder up. Starr tries to battle out of Gregory’s submission move. The tag is made to Double A, but the referee doesn’t see it. He forces the KSWA Champion back to the apron. The fans scream in disbelief. Gregory poses for the crowd. Bubba is tagged in. He flaunts before dropping an elbow. There’s a two count. Starr ducks a clothesline attempt from Bubba and the two collide. They are down in the center of the ring. Starr gets to Alexander. Bubba gets to Gregory. Alexander cleans the ring of both men. The referee says Bubba did not make the tag and that Gregory just stormed the ring. That’s why his pin attempt didn’t count. The championship double back elbow Bubba. Starr is dumped. Bubba drops AA. Starr races in and hits the Sharpshooter on Bubba. Bubba immediately taps. The winners are Starr and Alexander in 11:45. The Krazies shout “You Tapped” toward Bubba.

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