Everhart And Jester Return, Alexander Retains, Rivalries Heat Up, Peduto And DeNucci Visit For KSWA 20th Anniversary

February 23, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It was an event 20 years and 282 events in the making for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA). Feuds between old foes heated up as one of the biggest crowds in KSWA history looked on. KSWA Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander fended off a foe he hadn’t battled before, and the one-time VIPs continued one of the most heated feuds in KSWA history. In addition, Allegheny County lawmaker Tom Baker and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto joined Hall of Famer Dominic DeNucci in visiting the KSWA one more time.

Harley T. Morris and The King Del Douglas v. Yinza and Justin Sane

The fans eat it up for Yinza and Sane, not so much for Douglas and Morris. The 5-Star Champion Morris talks strategy with Douglas. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell as Douglas and Morris attack Sane and Yinza from behind. Douglas and Morris confer on the outside. Yinza urges the Krazies on. It’s two minutes in and the veterans are still stalling. Soon, Morris gets behind Yinza but the Pittsburgh Luchadore counters with a head lock. Morris pulls Yinza down from behind and goes for a pitfall. He gets a two count. Morris bails and tags in Douglas. It’s The King who the fans boo next. Sane wrenches the arm and gets an arm bar. Sane drapes Douglas’ arm over the top rope. A “Harley Sucks” chant is next as the The Professional tries to get into the match. Sane tags in Yinza, and then Yinza tags in Sane. Sane goes “old school” on Douglas and drops a big fist onto The King. Yinza is tagged in and he kicks Douglas. Yinza clotheslines The King and hits a splash. There’s a two-count. Yinza chases Morris, who the fans chant “Harley Sucks” again. Yinza splashes Douglas in the corner. Yinza keeps the offense on Douglas and gets a two count. Yinza gets Douglas in a head lock and then Morris attacks him from behind. Morris knocks Sane off of the apron. There’s a suplex on Yinza and a two count. Morris drives a knee into Yinza’s head. Morris has Yinza in an abdominal stretch and Douglas hits him with a flying fist. Douglas clubs Yinza and pins for a two count. The “Yinza” chants elevate until Morris starts pounding him in the head. Morris gets Yinza down and continues the pressure. The Yinza chants start again. Yinza starts fighting back. Yinza Monkey Flips Morris three times, a move he calls the Three Rivers. Yinza gets out of the way but is speared by Morris. Douglas is once again tagged in. Douglas and Yinza collide with a double clothesline. Both Megastars are down and spent at the 13:30 point. Sane is tagged in and so is Douglas. Sane goes to work on both men. Sane goes “old school” on both men. Sane hits the Famouser on Morris. Yinza knocks Douglas down and out of the ring. Sane goes to the top rope for a Frog Splash, but goes after Douglas on the outside. Morris hits a neck breaker on Sane in the center of the ring for the win. 15:04

Turn Back the Clock Match: Sniper v. Nasty Nick Crane

Former friends and tag team champions Sniper and Nasty Nick Crane lock up after a hand shake. Crane gets Sniper in the corner and there’s a clean break in the corner. Sniper gets Crane in the corner and doesn’t provide a clean break. The two old school brawlers trade blows. Crane hip tosses Sniper and keeps him reeling. Sniper recovers and pounds away at Crane. He gets Nick in the middle rope and chokes him with it. Sniper keeps the offense going. Referee Jimmy James asks Nick if he wants to submit and he does not. Crane drops a leg on Sniper’s midsection or lower. Sniper keeps Sniping on Crane. Crane, out of nowhere, rolls up his former tag team championship partner for the win. 5:36. The KSWA Hall of Famer is happy to get the win on the 20th anniversary of the KSWA.

Lucio and Malaki v. Napier and The Jester

The team of Lucio Deveer and Malaki Gage are surprised to see the returning Jester as Mitch Napier’s “mystery” tag team partner. The Jester does a series of cartwheels that the fans love. Gage does the same thing but doesn’t get quite the reception. Gage gets The Jester down onto one knee. The Jester and Gage trade a great deal of offense and actually seem to enjoy each other’s company before Gage starts to reverse knife edge chop the multi time champion. The Jester chops much more ferociously in retaliation. The Jester clotheslines and drop toe holds Gage before tagging in Napier who tosses the Side Show Psycho around with ease. The Jester is back in. He continues the assault on Gage, who then recovers for a flurry of offense on his own. Deveer is tagged back in and he goes to work on The Jester. He keeps him down and dives onto the veteran before tagging in Gage. There’s a double back elbow that keeps The Jester down. Gage side slams The Jester down for a two count. Deveer is tagged back in but the team of Deveer and Gage keep him down. Deveer gets The Jester in a sleeper hold. Gage and Deveer drive The Jester down in the center of the ring and Gage gets a near pitfall. Referee Patrick checks on The Jester, who stands up and kicks Deveer in the head. Napier and Gage are tagged in. Napier goes to work on both Megastars. The fans chant for Napier. They double drop kick Deveer and Gage. Napier leg scissors Gage over and they battle. Gage recovers and kicks Napier in the head. The Jester is flipped over the top rope. Deveer launches Gage over the top rope. Deveer moonsaulted on Napier and The Jester. Deveer and Gage try to drop Napier from the top with a superplex. The Jester tosses them all off. There’s an attempt at pin on everyone as the action is fast and furious for the next few moments. The Jester double clotheslines Gage and Deveer. Napier hits Deveer with the Sioux Falls Slam in 13:27.

Jack Massacre v. The Beastman

The 7-Foot Tall Jack Massacre faces off with The Beastman. The bell rings and The Beastman throws himself down in the center of the ring. Beastman tries to bodyslam Massacre but that doesn’t end well with The Beastman crumpling down in the center of the ring. The two trade big blows and Beastman cannot bodyslam Massacre. Massacre gets Beastman in the ropes and keeps with the offense. Massacre tosses Beastman into the corner and he falls so hard and heavy in the ring that the structure moves six inches. Beastman cannot get going. Massacre catches the super heavyweight’s flying cross body block and super slams him down but only gets a two count. Massacre gets Beastman in a bear hug. He nearly gets the submission, but the Beastman fights out of it. Massacre body slams the Beastman. Massacre says “I am the big man.” He gets a two count. The Beastman fights back and slams his own head into the turnbuckle. Massacre catches Beastman’s foot and proceeds to kick Massacre down. Massacre is in the corner for a series of punches to the head, but Massacre tosses Beastman off. He tries for the pitfall but gets only two. Massacre shouts “It’s over” and goes to powerslam Beastman but he fights it off. The Beastman returns the favor and body slams the 7-footer. Beastman reverse splashes Massacre in the corner. Two count on Massacre. Beastman readies for Massacre and clamps him in the head with the claw. Massacre swats it away. Massacre catches The Beastman’s boot. Beastman claws Massacre and slams him into the mat for the win. 9:49

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes to the ring to announce the recipients of the Bill Cardille Legacy Award (Lawrenceville United) and the Fans of the Year, Mike Shannon, Lee McGlaughlin and Dominic DeAngelo. Bobby O also welcomed “birthday boy” Bobby Badfingers into the ring. It was there that Bobby O also notified Badfingers that he was the 36th and newest inductee into the KSWA Hall of Fame, Class of 2020. Right after that, Shawn Blanchard arrived to insult Bobby O and Badfingers and say that no one in the locker room could fight him. Then, Lou Martin arrived on the scene.

A melee ensues and Bobby O says the two former friends could fight. Bobby O calls for the bell. Blanchard pokes Martin in the eyes and takes control of the action. Martin is in the corner. Blanchard chokes Martin with his neck tie. Blanchard whips Martin into the corner but Martin recovers for a series of shots. Martin tears Blanchard’s $500 dress shirt to tatters. Martin takes Blanchard’s tie and chokes him with it. Martin drops a leg on Blanchard but only gets a one count. Martin smashes Blanchard’s head into the turnbuckle a number of times. Martin chokes Blanchard and referee Patrick lets as much leniency was possible. The two find their way outside. The two battle outside for a while. Blanchard is tossed out and Martin is on the outside for the ten count. The winner by count-out: Shawn Blanchard. 4:14. Blanchard high tails it after the match.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru v. Shane Starr (champion)

Referee Jimmy James both combatants and holds up the city’s top title. Shane Starr shouts, “Call for the bell” and laughs. The bell rings and the action begins. J-Ru gets in Starr’s face and punches it. J-Ru continues to battle Ru. He misses with a clothesline and the two lock up. J-Ru grabs Starr in a wrist lock and drives Starr down for a couple of near pin falls. Both end at two. The Krazies are solidly behind Starr. Starr gets some offense and grabs J-Ru by the wrist. He Ru in a headlock. The two trade offensive moves. Jimmy James slaps the mat twice. J-Ru gets up and preens to the crowd. He gets nowhere. Starr on the other hand, gets a much better response. Starr hip tosses J Ru to the outside. Starr uses J-Ru’s suspenders against him, slapping them against the bare flesh. J-Ru tries to get away from Starr but he drop kicks the challenger. Starr is whipped into the corner. J-Ru clotheslines him with a splash. J-Ru clotheslines Starr down and gets a two count. Out of nowhere, Starr tries for the Sharpshooter. J-Ru fights him off. Starr is tossed in the corner. Out of nowhere, Starr slaps on the Sharpshooter for the victory. 8:10

Post-Match: Shane Starr took command of the microphone and gave J-Ru props for being in the very first KSWA match on February 18, 2020 at Peabody High School.

Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog v. Matt McGraw and T-Rantula

The teams settle in after a long diatribe from Mayor Mystery (and Bubba the Bulldog who called their opponents “Collateral Damage) and a beer fest from T-Rantula and Big Country in the crowd. Shawn Patrick tests all our combatants for illegal objects and the match begins. Bubba starts off with T-Rantula. The two long-time veterans look to lock up and do. T immediately tosses Bubba to the mat. T tosses Bubba around and kicks him in the face, down to the mat. There’s a two count. Big Country is in and he pounds away at the former Golden Triangle Champion. There’s a two count. The fans chant for McGraw. McGraw splashes Bubba in the corner and hip tosses him around. McGraw chops away at Bubba and T-Rantula uses the tag rope to choke Bubba. Dennis Gregory is tagged in and he immediately goes to work on T-Rantula. T holds him close and maybe even chokes his opponent. T chops Gregory in the corner. Then there’s another chop in another corner. T calls for “one more time,” but instead throws him over the top rope. Gregory “skins the cat” back in, insults T and gets dumped to the outside. T takes on Bubba Country. Bubba takes time to catch his breath before dropping McGraw down and into a friendly corner. Gregory is back in and he keeps McGraw down in a submission move. Gregory drops onto McGraw and taunts T-Rantula into the ring. Bubba and Gregory double team McGraw in the corner while the referee is distracted by T-Rantula. The “Team Don’t Care” duo whip each other into a prone McGraw. T makes a save. Gregory tags Bubba back in. Bubba pounds away on McGraw. T comes into the ring with a beer in his hand. He clobbers Bubba with it. Patrick doesn’t see a thing. Bubba and McGraw clothesline one another in the center of the ring. T is tagged in by McGraw. He goes to work on both men. Gregory is tossed outside. Bubba is bodyslammed in the center of the ring. Gregory grabs a chair on the outside. Gregory hits McGraw with the chair on the outside. All four men are outside. Bubba ducks and misses Nacho City. Gregory hits T with the chair. He is on the inside. Bubba waits and hits a Rock Bottom and gets the win over T-Rantula. 12:37

Post-Match: Bubba clubs the referee down. Bubba kicks T-Rantula and chokes him. Dennis Gregory kicks the Hall of Famer in the groin. Even after that, T-Rantula took the microphone to say he would get revenge on Bubba and Gregory.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Edric Everhart v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The two athletes make their way to the ring and receive vastly different responses from the crow. Both are ready to go. Jimmy James checks both combatants and the match launches. Anthony grabs Edric in a headlock and then runs the ropes. There’s a big shoulder block in which Everhart doesn’t fall. He asks for a second one and he does it to the same result. Everhart wants a third. Edric charges with a clothesline and misses. Double A flies into the night sky and drives him down with a shoulder. They fall to the outside and it’s a combination of fighting and flight. Double-A drives Everhart’s head into the apron. There’s a punch to the head. They remain on the outside for a while before Alexander tosses Everhart back in. Everhart goes low on Alexander and sends him to a corner. A boot to the throat follows. The fans almost unanimously shout “No One Likes You” clearly and impactfully toward Everhart. Edric whips Anthony hard into the corner and down to the mat. Alexander wants to continue. Alexander starts to fight back from one knee. He gets to his feet and he swings away at Everhart. A clothesline turns Double-A in half. He nearly gets a pitfall but that ends at two. Double A sits up and the fans chant loudly toward him. Everhart slaps in a sleeper hold. Double A tries valiantly to fight it off. The fans shout “Double A” loud enough for people to hear on Butler Street. Everhart gets Double A down and nearly gets a history-altering three count. Double A leaps up and hits Everhart with a devastating Spinebuster. Double A gets to his feet. He clotheslines Everhart down three times. There’s a big boot to the head and a cover. It’s a two and three quarters count. Double A jumps up and says “It’s Over.” He waits for Everhart to get up. Edric fights the Prime-Time Cancellation and drops him with a superkick. Two and three quarters count again. Alexander hits a DDT out of nowhere. Both Megastars are spent. There’s a two count before Everhart gets a shoulder up. Alexander gets to his feet. Everhart is posted into a corner post. Alexander hits a couple of fists. Everhart kicks him away. Everhart hits a flying, reverse cutter from the corner post. Both men are down. Double A kicks up emphatically at two and rolls onto his side. The fans chant for “Double A” again. Everhart is up first and he goes back to the corner post. Alexander catches a boot. He hits a PTC on Everhart, who was diving from the corner post. 11:56

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