The Krazies Make It Possible: Some Of My Thoughts On KSWA's 20th Anniversary

February 23, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It’s time to celebrate the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and its 20th anniversary.

Twenty years since the very first event, where J-Ru opened the first match at Peabody High School.

From Double-A Anthony Alexander to Larry Zbyszko, the KSWA has been the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh.

From Bloomfield to Sheraden to the foundation in Lawrenceville, the KSWA is the longest-running professional wrestling promotion in the city of Pittsburgh’s rich history.

From Mercer County to Westmoreland County and all throughout Allegheny County--the VFD to the KSWA Arena--the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance—and owner Bobby O--has provided a tradition for the Krazies.

In 20 years, only 15 men have held the most prestigious Heavyweight Championship in the Commonwealth. From Skippy Hawk, Shawn Blanchard, Tommy Faime, Mike Malachi, Lou Martin, La Lucha, Ali Kaida, The Latin Assassin, Shane Starr, Kris Kash, Jay Flash, Mitch Napier, David Lawless, Dennis Gregory and Anthony Alexander.

So exclusive is this club that Shawn Blanchard has won the title six times, Lou Martin, Mitch Napier and Anthony Alexander twice.

The Golden Triangle Championship is the city of Pittsburgh’s premier trophy. Bubba the Bulldog, King Del Douglas and Justin Sane are among those who have represented the country’s most livable city.

Tag Team Champions have helped define the KSWA. From The Best Bros Around to Party Gras, Big and Bigger, Party Gras and the VIPs, tag team championships have long been among the most coveted matches on any card.

From The Action Hero Sly Scarpone to Lord Zoltan, the KSWA has presented professional wrestling for nearly 300 events.

When Millvale Days wanted to showcase their town after Hurricane Ivan, the borough turned to the KSWA and there has been a 15-year tradition. When Big Bully Busick fought valiantly against Cancer, the KSWA Krazies were there for him.

The KSWA has helped in the fight against cancer, drop-kicked diabetes, and raised money for various VFD’s, community groups and others, the Krazies were there.

In recent years, the KSWA and the Homestead Brawl Under The Bridge have entertained thousands. Bill Eadie has cried there. James J. Dillon has cried there. And T-Rantula’s thunderous Harley Davidson drove Homestead Mayor Betty Esper there.

The KSWA Hall of Fame has inducted international legends, as well as home-grown heroes and heroines. From Dominic DeNucci and Bruno Sammartino to Brian Hilldebrand and Frank Durso, all who make a difference are recognized. From Donna Christiantello and Angie Minelli to Bucky and Eugene Palermo, family has mattered in the KSWA.

From Aldis to Blanchard, Backlund to The Animal, KSWA FanFest has emerged as the pinnacle of end of the season Holiday events. The Civil Air Patrol escorts Jim Duggan to the ring and the Krazies serenade the hero with the National Anthem. The Krazies have assisted countless children with Allegheny County with their toy drive donations.

It’s nearly impossible to capsulate the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s first 20 years. It’s the sound that the Krazies made when La Lucha won the belt and watched Kris Kash dive from the sky. The Main Event of Raelynn and Zoey Sky. The excitement Yinza brings to the ring and jeers that cascade for Mayor Mystery.

For 20 years its been the KSWA and Pittsburgh professional wrestling the Way You Like It.

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