Every Megastar Is A Suspect: An Investigation Into BROhemoth’s Attacker

March 3, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

[This is a special assignment for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance]

Not since America wanted to know “Who Shot J.R.” has a cliffhanger been so enthralled an audience than “Who attacked BROhemoth.”

In the moments following Battle Bowl XII on January 4, Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Owner Bobby O was set to interview Tag Team Champion Mitch Napier. Napier said that he wanted his partner alongside for his take on the issues, but they were interrupted when referees Jimmy James and Shawn Patrick raced onto the scene, from the locker room, for help. Just a few feet inside, BROhemoth was laid out, unconscious, from what is believed to be a sneak attack.

The room, moments earlier, had been a hub of activity. Some 30 Megastars had taken part in the annual game-changing over the top rope battle royal. Other wrestlers were also part of the KSWA’s inaugural event of its record-breaking 20th year.

No one appeared to be around BROhemoth when the ambush happened, but not many hadn’t been just a short time earlier. The attacker(s) was prepared as no surveillance video is available. All witnesses were gone. The wrestling ring (which both Megastars helped disassemble and removal) had been packed away and prepared for shipping. It’s believed that most of the roster had already received permission from Bobby O to leave.

No reason for the surprise attack has been found. What is the motive? What could the fiend want? Tag Team Gold? Is the person(s) jealous of BROhemoth’s massive appeal with the Krazies?

The attack was so brutal that the tag team champion’s shoulder was injured and doctors put him on the shelf.

Since that time, Bobby O has initiated a series of questions pointed toward any and all KSWA Megastars, as well as executives and staffers. And during the KSWA’s 20th anniversary spectacular on February 22, BROhemoth returned to the ring during intermission and demanded an answer from the owner. Bobby O turned his investigation into a crusade for justice.

Among Bobby O’s first targets for query was “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and subsequently Shawn Blanchard. The two long-time VIPs were six-time KSWA tag team champions and the wrestlers defeated by the Best Bros Around for the Commonwealth’s most coveted tag team titles. As a result of that loss, and twenty years of partnership, the VIPs imploded at the conclusion of 2019. However, it was Bobby O’s belief that the ending of the Blanchard/Martin team could have been a ruse all along.

Bobby O later grilled Blanchard, Five-Star Champion Harley T. Morris and “King” Del Douglas before the Pioneer VFD fundraiser on February 8. The always-irritable Blanchard answered questions but shooed away the owner. Afterward, ruled out Martin and Blanchard as suspects.

Justin Sane was quizzed and quickly eliminated from misgiving. In recent vintage, Sane has become more popular and successful in the ring. Always a tag team powerhouse, Sane has found more victories as a singles competitor and his Party Gras days are now long in the past.

According to Bobby O, everyone has been studied including unlikely Megastars such as Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore. A famous friend of both BROhemoth and Napier, Yinza’s involvement seems questionable. As of this investigation, Yinza has not captured KSWA gold; however, he has earned his spot as one of Pittsburgh professional wrestling’s most popular athletes. The focus of many video features (and one of his shirts was worn by a roller-blader and by a rap impresario), Yinza has done well in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and knows that he will get many opportunities for titles the old-fashioned way…through hard work.

Even other popular stars have note avoided the spotlight.

Beastman won Battle Bowl and with it, a chance at the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship sometime in the calendar year. It’s unlikely that the Stone Age Savage would want too much on championship plate.

Remy Levay earned an opportunity at the Golden Triangle Championship and Douglas a contract for the 5-Star Championship. Like Beastman, those Megastars have opportunities for individual gold, and Douglas is still embroiled with Yinza and Martin rivalries.

Established teams like former tag team champions Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory have to be among the top competitors, and possible enemies. The duo were tag team champions and held gold independently. Now they have been re-teamed and appear poised for another journey. Along with Mayor Mystery, “Team Don’t Care” were both in attendance in January and don’t have alibies.

Friends of the Best Bros are the budding team of “The Enigma” Lucio Deveer and “The Side Show Psycho” Malaki Gage. Deveer and Gage challenged for the KSWA’s top tag team prize in January and have tussled with BROhemoth and Napier before. Since his time began in the KSWA, the veteran Deveer has battled all comers, and won the valuable Brawl Under the Bridge championship as the result of an action-packed ladder match. And since his debut, the youngster Gage has impressed with his in-ring abilities. This team is looking to climb the KSWA ladder and progressing in the right way.

Five-Star Champion Harley T. Morris sat at the bar when Bobby O asked Blanchard about his whereabouts during the attack. Morris quietly tied his boots and prepared to defend his title. He has valiantly taken on all challengers for that belt, yet previously pursued tag team gold. That being noted, Morris hasn’t had a consistent tag partner since his Team 12 Gauge cohort Zak Hunter. Bobby O has gone on record as saying he believes Morris had nothing to do with the attack.

It’s interesting to note that Zak Hunter and his tag team partner in developmental territories, Brent Noctus, participated in Battle Bowl. Hunter and Noctus become “The Good Guys” in other regions and have earned tag team success. Hunter broke into the KSWA alongside his then-tag team partner BROhemoth in an opportunity against then-tag team champions T-Rantula and The Jester. The Big Game Hunters were in the KSWA ring a handful of times before ambitions took them elsewhere. Hunter and Noctus might be looking for that same kind of KSWA-centric chance. Or perhaps they haven’t been promised anything, and that’s why they took the shoot at BROhemoth. Hunter, at one time a frequent KSWA contributor, has not been on the past few events, and neither has Noctus. Might they be hiding in the shadows? Hunter is a very smart Megastar and might very well look to get back into championship contention in a spectacular way.

A number of contenders could have come from Battle Bowl. Even a former player, a former champion like Biker Al has to be considered. At one time a major cog in the KSWA, Biker Al appears at Battle Bowl and scant few cards as the years roll by. Older and wiser, the veteran cheat cannot be ignored.

Bobby O has considered legends like La Lucha. A former tag team champion and one of the most popular KSWA heavyweight champions in history, La Lucha is a looked-up-to trail blazer. Might he and Joey Quervo look to regain top of the card status?

“Nasty” Nick Crane, the KSWA Hall of Famer, took part in Battle Bowl. He also took on old tag team partner Sniper at the KSWA’s 20th anniversary event. The Mercenaries are former KSWA tag team champions who split when Crane was pinned during a “Loser Leaves the KSWA” FanFest match. Time has elapsed and Crane did make a surprise return at last year’s Joe Abby Memorial Tournament in a Gauntlet against Bubba the Bulldog. This investigation has determined that Crane has not filed full-time return paperwork and, in fact, has a cordial working relationship with Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee. Likewise, Sniper has made spot appearances like Battle Bowl and the anniversary event and there’s nothing stopping him from futures matches. Bobby O has not ruled Sniper, nor Mayor Mystery, out of the equation.

Big Country Matt McGraw and his frequent tag team partner T-Rantula have also been questioned. Bobby O believes that the popular duo has been taking care of their own business, but he also realizes that both wrestlers enjoy the cache’ involved with championships. T-Rantula, the iconic Hall of Famer and former tag team champion, would like to regain that position someday. And McGraw has not yet tasted a KSWA championship. As a result, they are not entirely cleared of suspicion.

Battle Bowl saw the debut of Jimmy Vegas. Vegas fared well in Battle Bowl but did not secure a championship opportunity. A veteran of many years in Western Pennsylvania, Vegas had not once stepped into the KSWA ring. What would be a more impactful surprise than to attack a sitting champion? Although Vegas is long-time friends with Mayor Mystery, Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory, he does not have a natural tag team partner at the moment. It’s unsure if and when Vegas will return.

“Ice Man” Tony Johnson returned at Battle Bowl and like Vegas, impressed but did not secure a championship contract. For years Johnson has been a stalwart inside the KSWA’s squared circle. He has won Joe Abby Memorial Tournaments as was a Jr. Heavyweight Champion before that title because the 5-Star. A long time ago, was fired by then-KSWA co-owner Tommy Faime. Since that time, Johnson has had great success in regional promotions. Battle Bowl was the opportunity to return home to the KSWA. Johnson did not secure a Battle Bowl contract, but his appearance means that the Tommy Faime era is long gone. Johnson at one time a favorite to win the KSWA Heavyweight Championship and equally thought of in the tag team division. One of the KSWA’s premier all-around athletes, Johnson is a spectacular wrestler. At the moment, like Vegas, he doesn’t have a partner (or a return date). Might that be a diversion? Former KSWA Heavyweight Champion Jay Flash was not at Battle Bowl. The two came up together and were once a formidable duo. But then their friendship exploded and more recently, Flash disappeared. Conspiratorial, but unlikely. Bobby O has kept Johnson on the list, albeit admittedly in a very low position.

Sly Scarpone has been conspicuous by his absence. The former 5-Star Champion lost the technical-wrestling belt at FanFest and appeared at Battle Bowl, but has not wrestled in Pittsburgh since. Word is the Action Hero is nursing an injury. Like many Megastars, Scarpone is not guaranteed a spot, but his likeability and success has made him a fan favorite. Always one to pursue championships, Scarpone could come back with a new attitude and goals. Bobby O has kept a constant eye on Scarpone.

The search for BROhemoth’s attacker has been an exhaustive adventure for KSWA Owner Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee. This journalistic endeavor continues. BROhemoth has demanded an answer by Saturday, March 21 for the Joy Abby Memorial Tournament. Bobby O has promised an update at that time.

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