Davenport Joins Badfingers And Malachi For KSWA Hall Of Fame, Class of 2020

December 2, 2020
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Most years, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) makes a “surprise” addition to its Hall of Fame each March. This year, the surprise was that the Hall of Fame ceremonies wouldn’t be held. But all along, KSWA Owner Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee had decided all along that long-time videographer Tom Davenport was going to join the already-announced Bobby Badfingers and “Big” Mike Malachi for the Class of 2020. Davenport has been attending KSWA events since 2004 when he was invited by friends Tommy Faime and The Latin Assassin. Videotaping was a hobby and he asked to record KSWA action. He has served as the KSWA’s official videographer ever since. A true professional, Davenport oftentimes leaves his day job and arrives just before the KSWA’s first bell without any fanfare. Even though he is part of the KSWA staff, Davenport is known to pay for his own ticket at fundraisers. He’s been a member of the KSWA family for more than 15 years and 200-plus events. When he doesn’t give away videos from his hand-held camera, Davenport sells them for a less-than-marketplace price tag. His generosity is legendary in the KSWA locker room and with the Championship Committee. Davenport is also a KSWA historian who shares trivia and insight with the Megastars. But his penchant for trivia doesn’t end there. He is an expert on classic television trivia and music. Long-time friend, KSWA Hall of Famer and former Heavyweight Champion Tommy Faime recently told the New Pittsburgh Courier: “Tom’s probably the nicest man I’ve ever met. He is quiet, but very funny. He always checks in on his friends to make sure they are doing ok. He sends challenging and random questions which is a great way to stay connected and let you know he’s there if you need him, even if he doesn’t say it. He’s just an all-around good guy. He’s also a really dedicated, hard-working and loyal man. He’s worked at King’s Family Restaurant for more than 20 years and he rarely ever takes a sick day. He’s even walked 8-10 miles to or from work when he’s had car trouble.” The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce that former KSWA Heavyweight Champion “Big” Mike Malachi, multi-time champion Bobby Badfingers and videographer Tom Davenport make up the KSWA Hall of Fame Class of 2020. Badfingers and Malachi will be on hand at the Toy Drive at Gino Brother’s in Sharpsburg on Saturday, December 5 to meet fans.

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