Alexander Battles A Prehistoric Challenger, Starr, Morris & Best Bros Retain After 15 Months

May 15, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Anthony Alexander returned home to West Deer, PA to celebrate his return to the ring after 585 days as KSWA champion and ended up facing his biggest challenge to date. The 400-plus-pound Beastman surprised the Krazies by attacking the two-time champion. Always a fighting champion, Alexander took a blind-side in stride and challenged the #1 contender for the most coveted title in the Commonwealth.

There were also three our KSWA titles on the line as the organization returned to action after 15 months on the sideline.

King Del Douglas v. Lou Martin

The two long-time rivals each try to get favor from the crowd. It worked for Martin, not so much for Douglas. Douglas gets shot into the ropes and shoulder blocked Martin down. Martin rebounds and gets Douglas in an arm bar and keeps him grounded. Referee Shawn Patrick checks with both combatants. Douglas regroups and buries knees into Martin’s gut. Martin is rattled and there’s a side sweep down for a one count. Martin is in the corner for a Del Douglas chop. And then another. The crowd chants “Burger King” as Douglas body slams Martin down in the center of the ring. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe. Douglas measures and delivers a drop kick. There’s only a one count before Martin gets a shoulder up. Douglas lands the fist and gets a two count. Martin is down and Douglas plays to the crowd. Douglas punches Martin in the head, but Martin battles back. Martin chops Douglas hard three times and then goes for the last of four turnbuckles. The fourth corner-post is met with a double chop. All told The King was clubbed about half a dozen times. A bulldog follows and there’s a one count. Douglas drops an elbow and then a leg from the middle rope. A one count. Douglas and Martin exchange maneuvers. Douglas tries to land his “Drop it Like It’s Hot.” Martin battles back with a Death Certificate. Douglas initially fights him off; however, Martin hits the patented move and scores the win. 7:15

Bobby O comes to the ring and welcomes Double-A Anthony Alexander, a local boy who has become the KSWA Heavyweight Champion two times. Alexander visits with many familiar faces. A loud “Double A” chant rings out as the champion makes it to the ring. He says he doesn’t have an opponent for the evening. Out of nowhere, Beastman rushes the ring and attacks Double-A. The Krazies are in shock, as is Alexander. The two are pulled apart by an emptied locker room. Alexander calls Beastman, “A big fat prehistoric piece of trash!” Alexander asks Bobby O to make the match in the Main Event. Bobby O makes the Main Event official. The Krazies chant for Double-A! Eventually, everyone clears the ring.

KSWA Tag Team Triple Threat Match:

The Good Guys (“Mad Dog” Zak Hunter and Brent Noctus) with Ronnie Starks, Lucio Deveer and Malaki Gage v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier (champions). Napier and Mad Dog Hunter start out, but Hunter wisely tags in the youngster Gage. Deveer is tagged in and he goes right after Napier, but Mitch quickly turns things around. Napier shows off his athleticism. A victory roll for a two count. Gage is tagged in again and he continues the offense with a shoulder block and pin attempt on Napier. That doesn’t go anywhere and Napier drop kicks his nemesis.

BROhemoth is tagged in. He slams Gage into the corner. Napier tries the swing, but Gage successfully fights it off. Napier instead flips Gage into the corner with BROhemoth, who is tagged int. Soon, Napier is knocked to the outside by Noctus and the Good Guys superkick BROhemoth not once but twice. None of the kicks rattle the champion. The offense continues but Gage is able to get BRO into his corner and a tag to Deveer. There’s an elbow from Gage onto BRO and he is not giving up. Deveer keeps BRO down but he tags Napier. Referee Jimmy James doesn’t see it. Hunter tags himself in and Napier is tagged in. He German Suplexes Hunter down. Soon, the Good Guys are in and double-teaming Napier with kicks. Hunter, who tagged Noctus in, is once again tagged in. The Good Guys double team the competition and drop Napier down. Noctus bends Napier’s arms back but the former two-time KSWA Champion will not give up. Hunter is tagged in and he keeps Napier down, and applies a front face lock that keeps Napier grounded. The Mad Dog gator rolls Napier and gets him into their own corner. Noctus is tagged in again. Noctus picks up Hunter and drops him on Napier. A two count follows. Noctus German suplexes Napier and tags in Hunter, who has a dog chain in his hands. Jimmy James wrestles it off of him and Napier drives him into the corner with BROhemoth. A fresh BRO side slams Noctus. Napier is back in and he drops Napier. Magic killer is dropped on Napier. BROhemoth makes the save and drops both Good Guys. BRO is back in and he cleans house against Gage and Deveer. BRO runs post to post, splashing the Good Guys. Gage and Deveer drop BROhemoth and Noctus makes the save. Things have broken down as the Good Guys and Gage and Deveer battle each other. Deveer makes a save on a pin attempt on Hunter. BRO is in and spears Deveer. Napier flying head but on Deveer. BRO shouts “Game Over” and Gage and Noctus are hit with Sioux Falls Slams for the win! 13:55

5-Star Championship Harley T. Morris (champion) v. Big Country Matt McGraw

Referee Shawn Patrick holds the belt up in the cloudless West Deer sky and they call for the bell. The two lock up and Country tosses Morris to the mat. Harley professionally asks the ref to check the corner pads. They are okay. Morris gets behind McGraw but the 304-pounder tosses Morris aside with ease. Morris clotheslines Big Country but that doesn’t budge the big guy. Another shot and Morris wring his wrist out. McGraw drops the 5-Star Champion down. Morris is able to regroup. Morris keeps the offense on Big Country. With McGraw down, Morris argues with the crowd. Morris continues to work on the arm of Big Country. Country regains offense and blasts away at the champion. McGraw scoops up Morris and side slams him down for a two-count. McGraw falls into a Famouser but only gets a two count. Morris grabs the title and Shawn Patrick tries to wrestle it away. Patrick is knocked down, Morris clobbers McGraw with the belt and gets the win. 8:37.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Yinza

The Cleveland Bruiser doesn’t make many friends by wiping his butt with a dirty Terrible Towel and stomps on the testament to Pittsburgh pride. As Yinza turns his back on his opponent, The Bruiser goes to work on the fan favorite. Yinza hip tosses and clotheslines the orange and black masked Megastar. Referee Jimmy James counts the Bruiser but he’s back in but Yinza is able to splash and get a two count on the Bruiser. There are several shoulder shots to the corner. Yinza punches The Bruiser 10 times on the head in the corner and then there’s a Pittsburgh Press to knock The Clevelander down. The Bruiser is whipped into the corner but he rallies to drop Yinza in the center of the ring. Bruiser knees Yinza in the gut and keeps him down in the center of the ring. There’s a submission move but Yinza says no. And a second time the Luchadore refuses to give up. Yinza battles out and whips the Bruiser into the night time sky. Yinza European upper cuts Bruiser and then hits a monkey flip (he’s dubbed the Pittsburgh Plunge) and short clothesline. That sets up the Yinza to belly. Yinza gets the win in 6:00 minutes.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru v. Shane Starr (champion)

Referee Jimmy James checks out both men. The bell rings. J-Ru complains about the overwhelming response to the Krazies. The men lock up and J-Ru is forced into the corner. J-Ru complains that Shane Starr pulled his hair. He did not. They lock up again and Starr gets J-Ru into a wrist lock. He drops J-Ru down and continues the offense until J-Ru bails to the outside. J-Ru argues with fans at ringside. He taunts Starr to the point that the Golden Triangle Champion goes after the challenger. The veteran lures Starr in for a sneak attack. J-Ru grabs Starr by the hair and pulls him into the corner. Starr ducked a running punch and Starr side swiped J Ru and hit a standing suplex for a two count. J-Ru rallies and chokes Starr in the center of the ring. J-Ru uses the top rope as a weapon to choke Starr. The champion falls to the mat and there’s a two count. J-Ru tosses Starr in the corner and kicks him about the head and shoulders. There’s an elbow. “Good night, Irene,” J-Ru shouts as he pins Starr for a two. Starr quickly rolls J-Ru up and nearly gets a pin out of nowhere. J-Ru jumps up and clotheslines Starr down for a two count. J-Ru keeps the offense on Starr. The Golden Triangle Champion recovers and drops J-Ru, but the challenger gets to the ropes. J-Ru kicks Starr. Starr goes down and J-Ru stomps on the champion’s extremities Ronnie Garvin style. Starr is able to get up and get some offense of his own. Starr is able to land his swinging side suplex for the retention victory. 8:58.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Beastman v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

It’s noted that this match is not Beastman’s Battle Bowl contract from 2020. Alexander challenged Beastman for this contest. The bell rings and Beastman jumps down to all fours. That disarms Alexander; however, Beastman doesn’t pursue that plan of attack. Double-A backs up but then the two veterans face off. Beastman drops Alexander down. The champion gets up and lands Beastman in a headlock. A frustrated Beastman breaks out of the move and immediately goes for his dog bone. Referee Shawn Patrick intervenes. Alexander boots Beastman in the gut and follows up with a wrist lock. Beastman clobbers Alexander down. There’s a big elbow drop from the challenger and a pin attempt that ends at two. Beastman kicks the champion in the head. Beastman pulls him up just to deliver a head butt. At this point, Beastman is having his way with Alexander. Alexander is whipped into the corner and the entire ring shakes. Beastman keeps the pressure on with headbutts and other power moves. Beastman goes for his bone again, and Patrick fights him off again. Beastman chokes the champion. Alexander is about to battle back and punches and kicks the challenger. Beastman clobbers Alexander, gets him down and covers for a two count. The two continue to take turns with the offense. Alexander attempts to body slam the 400-pounder, but that doesn’t work. Instead, Beastman is able fall-away slam the champion. Alexander kicks up at two. Alexander is able to battle back. He hits a flying clothesline from the second rope and collects only a two count. They both hit big moves, and the other kicks out of pin attempts. Both eventually get slow just getting up from the mat. Beastman fights off the finishing Prime Time Cancellation. Beastman lands a rolling cannonball in the corner. Alexander kicks up at two. It’s amazing that Alexander is able to continue after the heavy-hitting assault. Alexander fights off Beastman and lands the match-ending Prime Time Cancellation in 12:27.

The fans go crazy for Anthony Alexander as the historic evening comes to an end.

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