Big Country And Yinza Earn First Gold, BROhemoth Turns On Napier, Gregory Shines At Langley VFW

May 16, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

For the second day in a row, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) wrestled in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Some of the KSWA’s premier championships were on the line, and friends at the Sheraden neighborhood’s Langley VFW put forth an unparalleled effort for the Krazies. And even though professional wrestling has been away for 15 months, the first day back featured plenty of surprises.

Tim Moore Memorial Battle

Starting out is KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander and Bubba the Bulldog. Anthony immediately goes after the veteran Bubba the Bulldog and flattens him. There’s a series of boots to the gut that has the former Golden Triangle and Tag Team champion reeling. Shane Starr is the third man in the ring. Alexander holds Bubba and Shane lays some punches into Bubba’s gut. The two fan favorites try to toss Bubba over the top but he is able to recover and go to work on both of the opponents. Mitch Napier is out next and he goes right after Anthony. The Krazies chant “Mitch.” Starr clotheslines Napier and then Alexander goes to work with a back elbow, flooring the former two-time KSWA Champion and current tag team title holder. Alexander puts the boots to Bubba, and Starr goes to work on Napier. Bubba kicks Starr in the gut and then Bubba puts a boot to Alexander. Napier goes after Bubba. Bubba fights back. Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, it out next. He goes right after Alexander. Besides Bubba, all of the participants are fan-favorites. Alexander puts a boot on Yinza’s throat. Starr is on Bubba and The Bulldog punches the Golden Triangle Champion. BROhemoth is out next. He goes right after Alexander, who has been eliminated. The action is fast and furious. Yinza fights for his life on the steps. The King Del Douglas is out next. BROhemoth kicks Douglas right in the face. Bubba the Bulldog is eliminated by Shane Starr. The Best Bros Around go after Douglas. Big Country Matt McGraw is the next Megastar out and he goes right after BROhemoth. Yinza follows. Soon it’s BROhemoth and Napier against the Best Bros Around. The King is nearly tossed out by Douglas. All of this time, only two Megastars have been eliminated. BROhemoth has been eliminated. Napier gets tossed too. It's Lou Martin, Yinza and McGraw left. Yinza is all over Martin, as Big Country cheers on the Krazies. Out of nowhere, Dennis Gregory shows up as a surprise entrant and tosses all over the top rope for the victory. The crowd goes insane. 18:12

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Bubba (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Anthony Alexander

Bubba threatens to leave if he is not cheered lovingly. He and Mayor Mystery almost leave before realizing it’s a shot at the Commonwealth’s richest prize! Mayor Mystery is all over Alexander and he is enraged by a “Bubba Sucks” chant. The bell rings and Bubba does a lot to delay locking up with the Keystone State’s most important champion. Bubba, who keeps his locks shorn, complains that Anthony is pulling his hair. Alexander kicks toward Mystery. Alexander locks up with Bubba again and tosses him down. Bubba punches Alexander, but the Champion pushes him down in retaliation. Bubba falls to the outside and the waiting arms of Mayor Mystery. The manager of champions screams at referee Shawn Patrick, who frequently tires of Bubba’s own tactics. Bubba is brought in the hard way. Alexander clotheslines and body slams Bubba. Alexander punches Bubba again and whips him into a corner post and a clothesline. Alexander puts the boots to Bubba while Mystery jaws away on the outside. Bubba goes low on a distracted Alexander. Draped on the middle rope, Bubba goes to work, and then Mayor Mystery on the outside. With the referee distracted by Mystery, Bubba goes to work on Alexander. The referee continues to pay a lot of attention to Mayor Mystery while Bubba uses many short cuts against the champion. Bubba distracts the referee and Mayor Mystery chokes the champion on the outside. Bubba jams Alexander’s privates into the ring post. Mayor Mystery also gets involved. Bubba whips Alexander into the corner post and that moves the ring. Bubba tosses him into the other ring post as well. A third time, Alexander ducks out of the way and out of nowhere hits the Prime-Time Cancellation for the win! 8:23

KSWA tag team championship: Matt McGraw and Yinza v. BROhemoth and Mitch Napier

The Best Bros Around were tossed out of the Tim Moore Memorial Battle Royal by the challengers, Yinza and McGraw. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and Yinza and Napier start out, with a handshake of respect. Napier tosses Yinza down and gets him into a headlock. Yinza gets out of the maneuver and gets Mitch into one of his own. Napier rolls Yinza over and gets a two count. And then he does it again. Yinza gets out of the move and clotheslines Napier, who is seated on the mat. McGraw chops, clotheslines and whips Napier across the ring. Napier is down, Yinza is tagged in and he gets a two count on Napier. McGraw is tagged back in and he slams Napier down. Yinza is tagged in and he drops a flying elbow on Napier. Yinza buries a shoulder into Napier’s midsection and tosses him across the ring and into the corner. Napier is really taking a beating. Yinza tries for a monkey flip but Napier jumps out of it and tags in BROhemoth for the first time. He goes after McGraw with fists and then shoulders him down. There’s a two count on McGraw after a mammoth elbow from BROhemoth. BROhemoth shouts at McGraw, who punches him in the gut. There’s a big clothesline on BROhemoth by McGraw but that doesn’t phase him. BRO does knock McGraw down and positions him in the corner. There’s a big splash in the corner. BRO misses with a splash and that’s enough for McGraw to get to Yinza for a tag. BRO absorbs a barrage of punches but then takes command with a big clothesline on Yinza. Napier is tagged in and he lands a Sioux Falls Slam on Yinza. Napier gets Yinza into an ankle lock. Yinza pushes out of it, and lands Napier right into BROhemoth on the apron. Napier falls back and is rolled up for a surprise win. The winners and new KSWA tag team champions…Yinza and Big Country Matt McGraw! 8:12

BROhemoth waits in the ring with Napier. He puts his hand out for Napier. BROhemoth turns a thumbs up to a thumbs down and he clotheslines Napier and then slams him down in the center of the ring. BRO says Napier “made him do this.” He lands an 5-F on his now former tag team partner!

Del Douglas v. Lou Martin

VIP Shawn Blanchard goes to the ring with Del Douglas. Martin comes to the ring and celebrates with the Krazies. The fans are much more in-tuned with Martin. Douglas does attack Martin while his back is turned. Douglas gets Martin in the corner for a chop. Douglas removes Martin’s t-shirt and chokes him with it. The t-shirt is discarded by the referee, but Blanchard gets it and chokes Martin in the corner. The referee is distracted and Blanchard apparently hands an object to Douglas. He clubs Martin down but only gets a one-count. There’s a two count on Martin. The kids at ringside shout “cheater” over and over again toward Martin. Douglas body slams Martin. He climbs into the corner post and receives some chops from Douglas. Douglas grabs Martin by the crotch and chops him down. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe and the referee is distracted as Blanchard. Douglas measures and delivers a drop kick. Douglas jumps from the middle rope and lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” The crowd chants “Garbage Pants” toward Martin. Martin gets up and clotheslines Douglas with two shots that are heard across Sheraden. The two trade blows until Martin side slams Douglas down for a two count. Martin picks Douglas up and lands a clothesline and leg drop. He gets only a two count. Martin climbs to the middle rope and drops a leg. Blanchard pulls Martin’s leg to stop the count. Martin’s overhand chops to Douglas’ chest rings out throughout the area. Martin goes to all four corner and chops The King. There’s a bull dog from Martin and two count. The two veteran Megastars get to their feet and Douglas grabs Martin and hits his “Drop It Like It’s Hot” for the victory!

Golden Triangle Championship: Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Shane Starr (champion)

The bell rings and the two long-time rivals circle the ring. Mayor Mystery prowls the northeast quadrant of the squared circle. They go to lock up when Gregory delivers a knee to the gut. That’s enough to shake the Golden Triangle Champion. Gregory applies a headlock and a “Let’s Go Shane” chant shouts into the late afternoon sky. Gregory clamps on a rear back lock. Gregory knocks Starr down with a shoulder block. Starr attempts to leap frog the challenger, but Gregory double-knees Star in the lower quadrant. Starr falls to the outside. Starr is tossed back in. Gregory shows off his impressive biceps. Gregory keeps Starr grounded and pulls both arms back in a submission move. He follows that up with a series of overhand strikes to the chest. Gregory gets Starr in a bear hug and then positions him in the middle rope. The referee is distracted and Mayor Mystery goes to work on Starr in the ropes. Gregory looks at his recently-won Timmy Moore Memorial trophy. The Krazies chant for Shane. He tries to get out Gregory’s clutches, but the challenger pulls his hair and drops him to the mat. Starr gets up and starts to fight back; however, Gregory slaps on an abdominal stretch. Mayor Mystery uses his case for leverage as Gregory pulls on the Golden Triangle Champion. Referee Patrick sees none of the shenanigans on the outside. The finally sees and breaks up the Mayor Mystery hold. Shane hip-tosses Gregory and starts to get a series of moves on Gregory. The referee is distracted, Gregory picks up a random pinata that was at ringside and tries to toss it at Starr. He misses. Starr dashes over, grabs Gregory and drives him to the mat with a spinning sidewalk slam for the retention victory! 8:07

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