“Slip Mahoney” Durso Was Briefly Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle Champion 10 Years Ago This Month

May 22, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

It was 10 years ago this month that Studio Wrestling legend and Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Hall of Famer Frank Durso was the 13th wrestler to win the organization’s Golden Triangle Championship.

The historic win for the then-74-year KSWA Hall of Famer allowed Durso to represent the city of Pittsburgh, albeit for only a few moments.

On May 7, 2011, KSWA Owner Bobby O entered the ring at the KSWA Arena in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh with the Golden Triangle Championship. Now former Champion Double-A Anthony Alexander had sustained a shoulder injury and he was unable to defend the organization’s second most important singles title (just behind the KSWA Heavyweight Championship that was held at the time by The Latin Assassin). So, the title was officially vacated and previously announced 6-man tag team match was immediately rebooked to determine a new Golden Triangle Champion! An all-star field of the VIPs Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin, Justin Sane, Bobby Badfingers, a very young Jay Flash and Frank Durso were all in the mix. Durso had usually been the VIPs’ advisor and not a steady in-ring competitor. The KSWA Krazies were a buzz with excitement.

The mini-tournament was now set and the bell rung to start the action. Justin Sane and Shawn Blanchard start out. Blanchard hooks up with Justin and tosses him across the ring. Blanchard then backs Justin into the corner before slamming him to the mat. Frank Durso is tagged in. With Justin down, Durso goes for the pin. Justin kicks out.

Lou Martin is tagged in and he peppers Justin Sane with punches then a clothesline. Justin is draped over the middle rope. Shawn Blanchard chokes him from the outside. Referee Jimmy James is distracted throughout the whole process. Blanchard is tagged back in and he hits an impressive standing suplex on Sane. He follows up by dropping two elbows. Lou Martin is tagged in and suplexes Justin. Sane rolls into the corner and Martin lets him up. Martin misses with a clothesline and Sane hits one of his own.

Justin is able to get to Jay Flash who immediately goes on the offense, by body slamming Martin. Flash hits a swon ton on Martin and goes for the pin but Blanchard breaks it up. Flash remains on the offense. Bobby Badfingers is tagged in and he hits heavy fists on Martin. Martin goes down and Badfingers attempts a pin but Martin kicks out at two.

Martin connects on a low blow and Badfingers goes down in a heap. Martin goes for the Figure Four but Badfingers rolls him up and nearly gets a three count. Martin recovers and chokes Badfingers with a tee-shirt. That distracts the referee.

And here is where things took a decided turn: Frank Durso tosses Shawn Blanchard an infamous pair of brass knuckles. Blanchard lays out Badfingers with the weapon. Frank Durso is tagged in and he rolls up Bobby Badfingers for the one, two, three. The winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Frank Durso!

KSWA Owner Bobby O who was at ringside almost immediately says, “no, no, no. This is not how this is going to end,” and he re-starts the match, nullifying Durso's victory. However, the win is an official title change for the KSWA and Durso. The long-time veteran was elated with the victory and his place in history. His record for oldest Megastar to win a championship stands to this very day.

However, the match is restarted and Badfingers rolls up Blanchard in an old school boy maneuver. The bell rings and the winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Bobby Badfingers! Badfingers bolts for the locker room, leaving the VIPs in disbelief. The Krazies couldn’t believe what had just transpired!

It’s interesting to note that Badfingers quickly became the 14th Megastar to become the Golden Triangle Champion. He would hold the strap until December 3 of the same year when he lost to Jay Flash in a match many fans regard as one of the KSWA’s finest of all time.

Durso, sometimes introduced under this Bill Cardille-fueled “Slip Mahoney” moniker, had five matches in the KSWA during his personal renaissance, including one with Dominic DeNucci that’s regarded as wrestling’s record-holder for two oldest competitors in a one-on-one match (Durso was 72 and DeNucci was 77). He had been inducted into the KSWA’s first Hall of Fame Class in 2008 along with his Studio Wrestling roster mate, Joe Abby. Durso passed away on December 7, 2018 at the age of 81.

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