Cardille's Influence Undeniable At Last Professional Wrestling Event

July 24, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

A grueling Ambulance Match saw the end of Lou Martin’s “Face of Pittsburgh” Challenges. Harley T. Morris made the most out of an opportunity following an injury to Kaida. Nikolai Volkoff, who once called Pittsburgh home, made the most of his homecoming. Jay Flash faced another giant, while the Spear Asylum dealt with their own. Thus was the most fantastic Brawl Under The Bridge yet.

The evening began with a 10-bell salute to the late “Chilly” Bill Cardille, who passed away this week in Pittsburgh at the age of 87.

5-Star Championship: Morris v. Sane v. Napier v. Atlas

The match begins with Morris being chased from the ring. Napier and Atlas double clothesline Sane and Morris hustles back in to attack Napier. Soon all four Megastars are intertwined with wrist locks. Sane falls from the top rope before he could land a serious move. However, that’s enough for Napier to get Sane and Atlas in the corner for a superplex on the veteran KSWA Megastars. Napier gets Atlas in an ankle lock. Morris kicks him in the head to break it up. Morris takes control and nearly gets a pin on Sane. Napier flying body blocks Morris and gets a two count. The near pin falls are fast and furious for a moment. Morris nearly gets Napier down for the three count. Morris tries to double DDT Atlas and Sane but they suplex him instead. Napier standing suplexes Sane. Morris kicks Napier but Mitch catches the foot and grabs an ankle lock. Morris gets into the corner. Atlas stinkfaces someone at some point. Morris goes to the top rope, with the ring clear of everyone but Atlas. Sane scissor kicks Morris after the big elbow onto Atlas. Mitch Sioux Falls slams Sane and gets him into the ankle lock before Atlas slaps the sleeper hold on Mitch. Morris missile drop kicks the Megastars and they fall from the ring. Sane is back in and is subject to a DDT. The winner and new 5-Star Champion is Harley T. Morris! 7:05

Jay Flash v. Paul Jordane

Jay Flash arrives to the ring along with KSWA Owner Tommy Faime. Flash is met by the imposing giant from Iron City, Georgia, Paul Jordane. Jordane is ready for Flash, while Flash continues with the brash actions that have kept him atop of the heap in the Pittsburgh wrestling. The bell rings thanks to the returning referee Shawn Patrick and the two wrestlers are simply feeling each other out. Flash bails to the outside. Flash scoots and avoids for more than a minute. Jordane follows him to the outside. At 1:52 the first offense is registered when Jordane smashes Flash with a European Uppercut. Flash, however, goes on the offensive. At one point, Jordane simply stands up with Flash on his back and tosses him to the mat. Flash falls to the outside and once again gains an advantage over Jordane. The overflow crowd chants “You suck,” as Flash takes the underhanded tactics to Jordane. Faime distracts the referee as Flash dives onto Jordane. When the pin attempt is registered, Jordane tosses Flash halfway across the ring. Flash continues to dig and gouge at Jordane. The much bigger Jordane is in the ropes but gets out to apply some punishment on Flash. Jordane is in the corner and Flash chops him. The chop is met on a well-defined chest that hurts Flash’s hand. He hits him again, but Jordane retaliates with a chop that levels Flash. But that doesn’t last long as Flash has Jordane wrapped up in the ropes. There’s a two count on Jordane. Flash misses with a superkick. Jordane hits a shoulder splash. Then he misses a follow up. Flash has Jordane pinned in a leg scissors. Jordane rolls that up into a pin attempt. He tosses Flash around. At one point, Faime tosses Flash nun chucks. Patrick sees them. Flash tosses them to Jordane. Patrick tells him that’s no good. Patrick gets the weapon, tosses it to KSWA Kommissioner Joe Perri at ringside and Flash blasts Jordane with a kick to the head. The winner at 8:42 is Jay Flash.

Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard

KSWA Owner Bobby O tells Shawn Blanchard that all of his fines will be rescinded if he apologizes for abusing referee David Fedor. Blanchard refuses. Bobby O says the match is no a non-title matchup. KSWA Owner Tommy Faime arrives to say that he has a Brawl Under The Bridge title that will be defended tonight instead. The bell rings and the match is started by referee David Fedor. Fedor had check both combatants but does it again as Blanchard appears to hid something. Time ticks away as Fedor checks Blanchard again and again, only to find nothing. Blanchard and Kash lock up at the 1:38 mark and Blanchard tosses him across the ring and asks “Who’s the Man?” Kash races in and gets Blanchard in a wrist lock. Kash goes to the top rope and proceeds to toss Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard gets Kash in the corner for chops. Kash reverses the offense and hits Blanchard with his own. Blanchard tries to toss Kash to the outside, but Kash catches himself in the ropes instead. Kash tries some offense but that is equalized by Blanchard’s belly to belly suplex. There’s only a one count as Kash is able to get his shoulder up. Blanchard, in anger, pushes Fedor but the Head Referee does not disqualify him. Blanchard is still on the attack as he digs at Kash in the ropes. Blanchard pulls Kash out of the ropes. Bobby O, who is still at ringside, chops at the mat. The Krazies chant loudly for Kash. Blanchard whips him into the ropes and into a back elbow. Two count. Blanchard chops Kash to the mat. Blanchard buries his shoulder into Kash and whips him into the corner. Kash flies out and onto Blanchard. Kash hits Blanchard with a chin buster and the former 6-time champ falls to the outside. Kash dives onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are on the outside. Kash and Blanchard light each other up with big chops to the chest. Kash rallies back and tosses Blanchard back into the ring. Kash goes to the top rope but is caught by Blanchard. Kash is situated on the top turnbuckle. Blanchard lands a huge superplex. There’s a two count as Kash gets his shoulder up in time. Kash hits Blanchard with a Whisper in the Wind and lands the victory. 9:48. Post-match: Blanchard gets into Fedor’s face and he pushes the referee. Fedor, fed up with Blanchard’s bullying, bounces off the ropes and pushes Blanchard down. The former champion is shocked by the move. Fedor points to his bow tie and blue shirt. He tells Blanchard that he is an officially and shouldn’t be messed with in such a manner. Fedor takes off and leaves Blanchard shocked in the ring.

6-Man Tag Match: The Mercenaries and Mayor Mystery v. Doink the Clown, Lord Zoltan and Nikolai Volkoff

The shenanigans start early as Doink hits his opponents with a squirt gun. The bell rings when the Mercenaries attack Doink. Volkoff comes in and lays waste to the foreigners. Lord Zoltan is tagged in and he goes to work on Sniper’s wrist. Doink is tagged in and he does more of the same to the South African. Zoltan is tagged back in again and he continues the high-pressure assault on Sniper. Crane is tagged in and he goes to work on Zoltan. Crane feeds Zoltan’s arm to Mystery, who pump handles it. More of the same ensues as he does it to Zoltan again. Zoltan then reverses the measure and puts Crane into the pump handle. That soon breaks up but not before Zoltan can tag in Doink the Clown. Doink gets Crane down on the mat and into a submission move. Crane is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Zoltan has Crane down and Sniper comes in. He is knocked down. Volkoff comes in and they row boat the Mercenaries’ legs. Volkoff kicks Crane in the midsection and tosses him into the ropes. Volkoff tosses Crane into the corner and tags in Doink, who then is assaulted by Sniper. Crane comes back in and they attack Doink. Doink is tossed down and chocked. Patrick breaks it up at four. Doink is then attacked by Mayor Mystery on the apron. Two count on Doink by Crane. The Mercenaries miss a double clothesline on Doink but the prankster hits him with his own. Both Volkoff and Zoltan make their way into the ring. Now six men are in. The Mercenaries and Mystery are tossed in together. Volkoff rolls over Mystery and gets the pin! 8:32.

Del Douglas v. T-Rantula

Del Douglas believes that T-Rantula will not arrive for the match because he doesn’t immediately arrive after his introduction. Suddenly, the Bridge explodes in roaring noise as T-Rantula rides a motorcycle to the ring. After that stunning introduction, the bell rings and the combatants go for a test of strength. After a false start, they try again and T drives Douglas to the mat. Douglas is then pushed into the corner. That’s where he is met with a series of chops. Douglas is tossed across the ring and into another for a series of over the hand chops that are stunning. Douglas goes low a couple of times to back T-Rantula into the corner for chops. Douglas whips T into the corner but that offense doesn’t last long. T suplexes Douglas down and follows that up with a clothesline. Douglas is down, and T-Rantula pretty much has his way with him. On the outside, T hits Douglas with a couple of the loudest, biggest chops of all time. Then it’s Nacho City as T Rantula hits Douglas with a high velocity, tasty treat. Douglas is back in the ring and at the mercy of T Rantula. T hits him with two closed fists and follows that up with a boot to the back of the head. T Rantula kicks Douglas and hits a choke slam for the win! 8:05

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Massacre and Latin v. Spear Asylum

Latin and Jack Massacre make their way to the ring. Both Megastars have been tag team champions before and hope to regain their spot on the top of the tag team market as soon as possible. That is a tall order, considering they are facing Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone, the Spear Asylum. Along with Mayor Mystery, the new tag team champions hope to stay champions for longer than Party Gras’ record-breaking 75 week reign. The match begins with Massacre knocking Badfingers down repeatedly with strong right hands to the forehead. Badfingers falls to the center of the ring. Mayor Mystery is bewildered at ringside. Stone is somehow tagged in and they double team Massacre, but the giant isn’t taking that. He clobbers them both with a double clothesline. Latin is tagged in and he runs right into Badfingers. Those veteran wrestlers battle it out. Latin lands Badfingers with a superplex. He goes for a pin on Badfingers, but Stone breaks it up. Massacre splashes and bulldogs Badfingers. Badfingers is in the ropes when Patrick tries to make the count. There’s a big right hand on Badfingers by Massacre. Latin is tagged in and they make a wish with Badfinger’s legs. Latin rolls him over and gets a two count. Badfingers gets Latin into the corner and the Spear Asylum goes to work on the Assassin. They double team Latin until Massacre comes in to make the save. Patrick pushes him back and that’s enough for Stone to continue his assault on Latin. Stone continues the assault before tagging in Badfingers. The Spear Asylum double suplexes Latin. Badfingers is back in and he goes to work on Latin with a rear chin hold. He breaks that up and the offense continues. Mayor Mystery gets involved when Latin is tossed into the ropes. Latin avoids a clothesline and lays out Badfingers with a Flying Lariat. Massacre is tagged in and he clotheslines Badfingers down. Stone rushes in. Massacre grabs them both and hits a humongous double suplex on the champions. Latin gets the crowd involved with a barrage of claps. Massacre tosses Badfingers into the corner. Massacre goes for a splash but Patrick is mashed instead. Meanwhile, Latin hits Badfingers with a Flying Lariat and goes for the pin, but there’s no referee. Stone goes to work on Massacre on the outside with a chair. Latin goes to the top rope. Mystery clobbers him down with the cane. Badfingers hits the spear and rolls Patrick over for the pin. The winners and still tag team champions are the Spear Asylum. 8:38

Golden Triangle Championship Match: Loser Leaves In An Ambulance: Shane Starr v. Lou Martin

At 9: 24 p.m. the match is officially started. The emergency vehicle was backed in and the ruckus crowd was ready for a rematch of last year’s Street Fight. KSWA Owner Bobby O arrived on the scene with challenger Shane Starr. KSWA Owner Tommy Faime was ringside with Lou Martin. Both referees—David Fedor and Shawn Patrick were in attendance. The bell rings and the two frequent foes lock up. The offense goes back and forth for a long time as both Megastars really know one another. The punches have meaning and the chops are fierce. The action spills outside and Martin clobbers Starr with a cardboard garbage can. Later on, Martin puts the same garbage can over Starr’s head. Martin then proceeds to pepper it like Pirate Sean Rodriguez in a home Wild Card game. The fight made its way to near the ambulance but the no one was going in. The fight was reminiscent of the Street Fight last year, but no one made their way into the port a john this year. The action briefly made its way into the ring before just as quickly going to the other side of the alley between sixth and seventh. Starr tried to drive Martin through a table but the wood didn’t break. A second time, the Golden Triangle Champion went through the furniture. Once back ringside, Martin was hoping mad and battle raged more. Before long the action made its way toward the ambulance again. This time when the combatants traded shots, Starr got the upper hand and tossed Martin into the wagon. The winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Shane Starr! The emergency vehicle drove off into the Homestead night with Lou Martin in the back. 11:48

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