Now Might Be Time For The Wall Street Journal Cover Boys To Reign Again

August 15, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When Big Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre surprised the entire wrestling world on May 31, 2014 and joined forces to defeat System Elite for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) tag team championship in front of a Wall Street Journal camera and feature reporter, the sport was changed forever in Pittsburgh.

Never before had a twosome so dominant hit the independent scene in the city. At 660 pounds, the 6’5” Malachi and 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre were a juggernaut to behold. They would steam roll teams and individuals until October 3, 2015 when the “Giant Slayer” Jay Flash began is campaign to dismantle all of the big men in independent wrestling that mattered. Flashed aided his former foe, Mayor Mystery, and the Mercenaries in capturing the most coveted tag team championship in the Commonwealth and beyond.

At 491 days (70 weeks and one day), the team of “Big and Bigger,” “Irish Massacre” and the “Wall Street Cover Boys” was second only in duration to that of Party Gras in the annuals of tag team lore in Pittsburgh. Granted, the team of Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane defended more frequently in their time, but a reign of that length certainly raises a lot of eyebrows.

Since the demise of the championship time in power, it’s interesting to note that they have teamed only once, and that was in an 8-man contest at the Joe Abby tournament this past March. In fact, the lack of tag team gold seems to have benefitted Malachi, who vacations more and has taken a part-time schedule. He has only appeared on six events since losing the tag straps. Massacre has appeared on nine of the 12 events held since the loss.

On November 7 last year at the Marion Ferraro Memorial Tournament, Malachi was supposed to tag with Massacre in a rematch against the Mercenaries, but the Big Irish Bear didn’t show and had to be replaced by The Jester. The team did not upend the tag team champs.

Massacre has defeated the likes of J-Ru and most recently “King” Del Douglas, and won the St. Raphael’s battle royal last November, but he has not defeated Lou Martin in the “Face of Pittsburgh” Challenge and didn’t fare any better in the Fatal Four Way match that included Malachi, Jay Flash and T-Rantula on April 30.

Both Megastars have battled Flash in recent months. Just a few weeks ago at the Sharpburg Slam, Malachi and Flash battled tooth and nail before Massacre tried to stop Jay from blasting Big Mike with a pipe. The referee disqualified Massacre for getting involved. Massacre and Malachi then argued at length after that contest.

A chance to once again capture the KSWA tag team titles might help both men and their careers. It is not too late to derail one of Pittsburgh’s most dominate teams. The opportunity to regain tag team gold might not be better than now for Big and Bigger. The current tag team champions are Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone. The duo is collectively known as Spear Asylum and they’ve counted on Mayor Mystery an awful lot. At Sharpsburg Slam, the manager of champions was sidelined with an ankle injury by an irate Mitch Napier.

While Spear Asylum won the belts without the benefit of Mayor Mystery at ringside, they do count on his tutelage and interference. With that now temporarily gone, this might be an ideal chance for The Wall Street Cover Boys.

Stone and Badfingers are tough customers, no doubt. They have both been champions in the KSWA before and take this run seriously. However, might they have difficulty spearing the 300-pound Malachi or 360-pound Massacre? Could they manhandle this team like they have done others?

Malachi and Massacre would have to get on the right page. They seem at odds periodically on social media and a “blame game” of sorts takes place largely because of miscommunication. Despite all of that, Massacre and Malachi are a popular team and still have the chance to make history as a two-time tag team operation and perhaps assemble a historic campaign.

The team of Big and Bigger have run teams out of the KSWA, and have proven their supremacy over others who claimed to be giants. Along with T-Rantula, the KSWA boasts the finest, most accomplished behemoths anywhere in independent wrestling.

The team has shocked the industry before, and with a victory against Spear Asylum, they could do it again.

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