The Giant Slayer Goes For The Biggest Megastar Of Them All: It’s Kash v. Flash

September 6, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For almost a year, Jay Flash has been antagonizing the biggest, most fearsome wrestlers in Pittsburgh wrestling. Whether it be “Big” Mike Malachi, Jack Massacre or T-Rantula, Flash has taken on, and in some ways, bested, the largest men in Independent wrestling. He even recently defeated the athletic and imposing Paul Jordane, a 6’7”, 265 star of the south.

Flash has battled all of those warriors, but the South Beach Soldier’s recent mission has been clear: he wants a shot against the “Biggest Giant of Them All,” KSWA Champion Kris Kash.

Kash’s reign as the most important single’s champion in the Commonwealth has been successful. Since winning the title at last year’s FanFest (in which he also captured one-half of the KSWA tag team championship in an unprecedented move), Kash has been an active champion.

In January, Kash and tag team partner Shane Starr successfully defended the tag belts against Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard. In February, Kash defended against former champion Shawn Blanchard after participating in a six-man match earlier in the evening.

In March, Kash successfully defended against frequent foe Del Douglas on the night of KSWA’s 200th event.

In April, Kash and Starr successfully defended against Mayor Mystery’s new team of Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone. But after that match, Starr was speared by Badfingers, thus cementing the “Spear Asylum” into tag team prominence. The KSWA Championship Committee quickly allowed the Lost Boys to defend once against Badfingers and Stone. Nearly one month later, the Spear Asylum upset Starr and Kash, thus becoming the new KSWA champions. The win was ever-so-sweet for Badfingers after coming so close to tag team gold with J-Ru last year. And for Stone, it was his first title in Pittsburgh since June, 2010 when he and Ric Rumsky lost to, you guessed it: Kash and Starr. Interestingly enough, this is Stone’s fourth tag team title reign (with three different partners: Badfingers, twice with Rumsky and once with Biker Al eight years ago).

In June, Kash defended again against Douglas, and was forced to wrestle The Mercenaries with a tag team partner of his choosing. With Starr away, that partner was the 7-foot giant Jack Massacre. Kash and Jack ended up winning that contest.

In July, Kash won the inaugural “Brawl Under The Bridge” title against Blanchard.

In August, Kash defeated Lou Martin in Sharpsburg and this past September 3, Kash defeated Badfingers in a match that was supposed to take place earlier this year in Beechview. However, rain cancelled that opportunity. Luckily for Badfingers at least, Kash held onto the belt long enough to have the opportunity.

Five successful single’s title defenses have been waged, with Homestead’s “Brawl” turning into an additional belt. Kash has also taken part in tag team matches on the same cards, performing yeoman’s work for the Championship Committee.

Flash, meanwhile, has defeated Massacre by count out in one-on-one competition in January. He also eliminated Massacre and T-Rantula simultaneously from Battle Bowl.

The next meeting ended with Flash winning by DQ against Massacre.

In March, Flash, KSWA Owner Tommy Faime, and the Spear Asylum defeated Shane Starr, Jack Massacre, Mike Malachi & "Iceman" Tony Johnson to win the Joe Abby Memorial Trophy.

In April, Flash was on the losing end of a match in which 1,188 pounds of humanity was in the ring for a Fatal Four way. Flash, T-Rantula, Massacre and Malachi filled the ring with brute force, determination and power. In that contest a mix-up between Big and Bigger ended up with T-Rantula getting the victory.

In May, Flash defeated Malachi and the next month, Flash dispatched Justin Sane (one of the rare less-formidable physical specimens he’s wrestled in the past year). Sane did, however, give him a run for his money.

In July, Flash bested Malachi, this time by DQ.

Later in July, Flash bested Jordane, who was visiting the region from his home port of Atlanta. The match was one of the most athletic and physical Flash has wrested in since his legendary matches with “Ice Man” Tony Johnson.

Then in Sharpsburg, Flash once again defeated Malachi by disqualification. This time it was Jack Massacre who interfered in the match, on Malachi’s behalf. The tag team partner protection backfired and got the Irish Bear disqualified. That latest development just drove a larger chasm in the recent disagreements from one of the most successful tag teams in KSWA history.

It was a year ago August 22 in which a giant had a clean victory over Flash. That was when T-Rantula re-entered the scene and bulldozed Flash.

Now with both Kash and Flash riding streaks of success, the KSWA Championship Committee has decided the official kickoff to FanFest is the most ideal time and place to sign this Match of the Year candidate.

The fans have wanted the blowout for some time now. They have reached out to the KSWA Championship Committee and Flash himself has pursued the dream. Kash, who has never backed down from the challenge, has simply had to fulfill contractual obligations before he could move forward.

Now is the time for Flash v. Kash.

Also on the card, the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin—will take on Jack Massacre and Big Mike Malachi in tag team competition.

In another massive tag team match-up, the KSWA tag team championship will be on the line as Spear Asylum takes on Party Gras—Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane—for the richest tag team prize in the land.

Harley T. Morris defends the 5-Star Championship against former titleholder The Jester.

Many other Megastars, including T-Rantula, Sniper and others are scheduled to compete.

That and much, much more this Saturday night, at the Teamster Temple, 4701 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids and $15 for the best seat in the house: The Mezzanine. Call 412-726-1762 for tickets and more information. Card is subject to change.

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