Flash Slays Final Giant, "Ice Machine" Debuts And Sends Faime Reeling, Malachi Bells Massacre

September 11, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In a nearly year-long campaign, Jay Flash was pretty clear about what he wanted. He wanted to take down the biggest Megastars in the professional wrestling industry, just to get his opportunity at the biggest independent champion of them all. After months, he finally did have that opportunity before a ruckus crowd at the Teamster Temple in Pittsburgh. The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Championship was on the line as Flash finally took on Kris Kash, after seven years of co-existence in Pittsburgh.

In addition, KSWA Owner Bobby O introduced a new wrestler that KSWA Owner Tommy Faime claims is an old rival, and one of the federation’s most successful tag teams finally imploded.

Sniper v. T-Rantula

The Johannesburg, South Africa Mercenary Sniper, bails from the ring as soon as T-Rantula arrives for the showdown. Referee David Fedor calls for the bell and the action begins. T gets Sniper in a headlock and then releases the move. Sniper rustles Fedor’s hair and then T does the same to Sniper. Sniper gets some offense on the veteran and lands a bunch of European upper cuts and punches into T-Rantula’s grill. Sniper whips T into the corner and that’s where he goes to work on the giant’s legs. Sniper wraps T’s leg around the ring post and then on the bottom rope. Sniper pulls T out of the corner and he lands on his back. Fedor asks if T wants to submit. He doesn’t. Sniper tires of pulling on the leg and slams his knee on the mat. Sniper asks Fedor to ask T is he wants to give up. He does not. Sniper continues to use the ropes to his advantage by wrapping T’s leg around the middle rope. T gets some offense from the corner. He posts Sniper up for a big over hand chop. Then another. The wild crowd loves those chops. T-Rantula distracts Fedor enough to bury a leg in Sniper’s midsection…or lower. Sniper continues to work on T’s leg on the ring post. T-Rantula pokes Sniper in the forehead with the ringside microphone. Then he pours a beer onto Sniper. T goes back to the commissary get nachos but finds none ready. He makes his way back to the ring but by that time, Fedor counts to 10 and disqualifies T-Rantula by count out. 5:36

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes to the ring along with Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri. Bobby announces that in addition to wrestling journalist Bill Apter and Demolition coming to FanFest on December 3, former NWA, WCW and WWF champion Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be on board. The fans in attendance loved that announcement. Bobby O then went on to say that he was busy with another signing. He announced that the international wrestling sensation “Ice Machine” was joining the KSWA. The masked Ice Machine then came to the ring. With that, KSWA Owner Tommy Faime arrived on the scene, claiming that “Ice Machine” was in fact, Tony Johnson, “The Ice Man.” Bobby O called Faime’s claims “ludacris.” Faime was so upset that he had an opponent already waiting for Ice Machine. That turned out to be “King” Del Douglas.

Ice Machine vs. Del Douglas

The bell rings and the fans chant for Ice Machine. Del cannot get the fans to chant for him. The athletes lock up and Machine pushes Douglas into the corner. It’s all Ice Machine as he drops Douglas down. Douglas gets the advantage and uses the ropes for leverage. The offense goes back and forth as the two wrestlers battle it out. Douglas slams Ice Machine down and the fans chant for him. Machine battles back but Douglas grabs him by the gentlemen parts. He chops Machine down. Douglas gets him the Royal Sharpshooter. Machine gets to the ropes. Douglas had gone for the mask several times. Faime said that taking the mask off would be “worth it” for Douglas. Machine gets Douglas up for an airplane spin. There’s a two count on Douglas. Machine kicks Douglas down, reportedly as an “homage” to Johnson, and gets the three count in 6:25. Post-match, Faime tells Bobby O that he will wrestle Shane Starr for the Golden Triangle Championship later in the evening for that title.

5-Star Championship: The Jester v. Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell)

The Jester comes to the ring, still clutching his Battle Bowl opportunity for the tag team titles. Harley T. Morris arrives to the ring with David Marbell not far behind. It’s interesting to note that both Marbell and Morris wore suits as they arrived at the KSWA event Saturday night. The bell rings and the frequent foes circle the ring as a way to check each other out. Jester grabs Morris from behind but the 5-Star champion breaks the hold. Morris grabs Jester but the one-time 5-Star champion has an 80-pound weight advantage and is able to use it to gain control. Jester slaps Morris’ behind but that angers the 5-Star Champion enough allow him some momentum. Jester gets back control with clotheslines that level the champion. Jester goes to the top for a splash but Marbell jumps to the apron. That’s enough of a distraction to allow Morris a chance to get up and knock The Jester down to the floor below. The count is on with the Jester on the outside. He gets in quick enough to be met with an attack from Morris. Morris back elbows him down. Two count. Morris brings down elbows on the seated Jester. A leg drop follows. A pin attempt ends at two. The two youngsters battle it out. Morris lands a punch onto Jester. Two count as Jester gets the shoulder up. Morris keeps the attack on The Jester. He goes for a pin and gets two. Morris gets Jester in a sleeper hold. Jester battles out the best he can. Morris misses a clothesline. Jester follows up with a series of chops to the chest. Back elbow. Super kick on The Jester. Two and a half count. Morris goes to the top rope. He calls for the elbow and in epic fashion, misses as Jester rolls out of the way. Both Megastars are spent at the 8:00 mark. Jester clotheslines and bodyslams his opponent. Then there’s a fall away running cannonball. Two and three quarter count on Morris. A spinning kick from The Jester. The Jester goes to the corner once again. Without notice, Spear Asylum rushes in and pushes The Jester from the top. The bell is immediately rung as the attack on The Jester continues. The attack is punctuated when Bobby Badfingers spears The Jester. They tell him “good luck” in finding a partner for the tag team championship belt. 9:02.

VIPs Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin v. Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre

Big Mike Malachi slams Shawn Blanchard right off the get go. Blanchard retreats into Martin’s awaiting embrace. Martin is tagged in and Malachi slams him. When he retreats into Blanchard’s corner, he finds the Enforcer talking to fans at ringside. As a result, Martin buries his face in Blanchard’s backside. That turns out to be more than awkward. Once composed, Martin gets Malachi in a headlock. Malachi breaks that and knocks Martin down with a shoulder block. The VIPs go to the outside. Blanchard comes in and is met by Massacre for the first time. There’s a test of strength completely controlled by the 7-foot-tall Massacre. Massacre steps on Blanchard’s hands and posts him in the corner. Martin comes in and Massacre stacks his opponents. Malachi dives on both of them and they fall together in a weird, charged position. Malachi comes back in and Blanchard gets enough offense to suplex him down. Martin antagonizes Massacre and slaps him in the face. The VIPs continue their assault on Malachi as Massacre is prohibited from coming in. Martin is tagged in and he continues the work on Malachi’s leg. There’s a knee and elbow. The attack continues as Massacre is forced to try to keep things at bay. Martin is on the outside and he rakes Malachi’s leg over the corner post. Massacre chases Martin away. Fedor chases Massacre back. With that distraction, Blanchard continues the attack on the outside. No tag was officially made. Blanchard puts in the Figure Four. Blanchard continues to put the pressure on the submission move. Massacre comes in, Fedor chases him out. The VIPs once again change positions without the benefit of a tag. Martin sinks in a rear chin lock. Malachi, who has taken a boat load of beating, gets up and smashes Martin into the corner. He tags Massacre, who goes after Martin with a suplex and other high-powered moves. Martin rakes Massacre’s eyes. Massacre backs into the corner and tags in Malachi. Malachi grabs the ring bell and smashes Massacre in the side of the head with it. Massacre never saw it coming. Malachi continues the attack on Massacre as the crowd was silenced. The fans in attendance are stunned as Fedor first calls for a disqualification. He then, under pressure from Malachi, counts the pin on Massacre by Martin. The winners by pinfall, the VIPs in 11:30.

KSWA Tag Team Titles: Party Gras v. Spear Asylum

Referee David Fedor, who has done yeoman’s work this evening of KSWA action, tries to gain control of the match before it gets started. Party Gras swipes the tag belts and put it on the shoulder of fan Josh DiNino, who sang the National Anthem on the outset of the evening. The bell rings and the teams trade posing in the corner for applause. Zoltan starts off with Stone and punches him in the nose. Badfingers is tagged in at the 3:41 mark and hardly any action has occurred. Zoltan pushes Stone into the waiting clutches of Justin Sane for a bite on the nose. That’s enough to get Badfingers down. Stone comes in. He is knocked down and Party Gras rows their legs like boat oars. Justin Sane pulls Badfingers out of the corner and Party Gras trades partners. First, Zoltan and then Sane. Sane drops a leg on Badfingers’ midsection and then trades partners. Zoltan threatens to kick Badfingers in the midsection or lower. Then he does it. Badfingers does corral Sane once he is back inside the ring. He drops Sane down and is able to tag in Stone. Stone goes to work on Sane. Fedor chases Zoltan away from the ring. Two count is recorded by Stone. Sane is up and wobbly. Sane elbows Stone in the midsection. Stone drills Sane into the mat. Stone buries a knee into Sane’s midsection. Badfingers is tagged in and he distracts Zoltan enough to get him barred from coming in. The Spear Asylum goes to work on Sane in the corner. There’s a double suplex on Sane. Sane recovers enough to miss a clothesline. There’s a double clothesline and both Megastars are down. Sane gets to his knees. Badfingers almost goes to Zoltan’s corner. Sane tags Zoltan. Badfingers tags Stone. Zoltan double noggin knocks the Spear Asylum. Zoltan on Badfingers, Sane on Stone. The champions are smashed together in the center of the ring. Sane misses with the Frogsplash. Zoltan is dispatched at ringside. Badfingers spears Sane in the center of the ring and the Spear Asylum retains the KSWA tag belts at 11:48. Zoltan chases Spear Asylum away post-match.

Golden Triangle Championship: Tommy Faime v. Shane Starr

Shane Starr wants to tie up with Tommy Faime but the KSWA Owner is preoccupied with Tony Johnson, who is fired, and in Florida. Faime, the veteran, distracts Starr enough to scoop slam him in the center of the ring. Faime hip tosses Starr and then tosses the Golden Triangle Champion to the outside. Starr comes back in and is immediately grounded by a pull of the hair. Body slam. Leg drop. Tommy Faime, who hasn’t wrestled often in a decade, gets a one-count on the Golden Triangle Champion. Faime, the much larger athlete, rains blows on the back of Starr’s head. Starr rolls him over and into the Sharpshooter. Faime is saved by getting to the bottom rope. That breaks the hold. Faime is now in the corner. Starr drags him out. Starr continues to work on the leg. He asks the crowd if he should break it off. They say he should. He does his best to ground Faime. Faime, however, is able to get a fist up into Starr’s grill. Faime is wobbly getting up. Starr drop kicks him down. There’s another drop kick and sends Faime into the corner post. Starr posts Faime up into the corner for a super plex. Faime shoves him off. Starr goes back again and is kicked in the face. Faime drops a knee on Starr. He goes for the cover but Starr kicks out at two. Faime goes again and gets a two count. Faime sets Starr up for the Power Bomb. Starr slides out of it. Starr kicks Faime in the gut and slaps on the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter for the duke in 7:17.

KSWA World Title Match: Jay Flash v. Kris Kash

At 10:01 p.m. EST, 9/10/16, the bell rings for a match to determine the KSWA World Title. Flash tosses Kash across the ring not once, but twice. Flash dances to his own drum. The two lock up. Flash shoulder blocks Kash down. Kash lands a big drop kick and then a second one. The two exchange offensive moves. Kash chops Flash and then Flash chops Kash. Kash lands a leg scissors on Flash and nearly gets a pin. The two trade offense. Flash tosses Kash over the top rope and onto the floor below. The action brawls to the outside. Flash goes for a move on the outside but Kash meets him with a big clothesline. Kash then dives on top of Flash on the outside. Fedor dives back in to start the double count out. Kash is the first one to peak his head up. He and Flash trade blows on the outside. Flash gets back in and immediately baseball slide kicks him. The count out continues. Flash rolls Kash back in as he can’t win the belt on the outside or by count out. Flash rolls him in and up for a Buckle Bomb into the corner. The momentum carries the KSWA Champion over the top rope and in a stunning heap, to the floor below. Flash goes to the outside and administers punishment with heavy blows to Kash’s chest. Kash is tossed back inside for a leg scissors that keep the champion down. Kash sits up and rains punches onto Flash’s head. Kash is tossed into the corner and he flips out onto Flash. Both Megastars are down. Kash makes a cover but only gets a two count. Kash favors his left elbow as Flash gets to his feet. Flash kicks Kash in the head and chest. Flash posts Kash in the middle ropes. Flash dives over the top and onto Kash. Two count. The two warriors get up and trade blows with fists and forearms. Flash whips Kash into the corner and lands a spine buster. Kash is down in the center of the ring. Flash goes to the top rope for a cannonball but Kash kicks him in the head again in a spectacular move. Kash goes up again and is pushed down. Kash leg scissor spins Flash from the top rope. Flash goes for a kick. Kash blocks it. Twist of Fate. Kash goes to the top. He lands the dive on Flash. Flash rolls to the outside to bide time. Kash rolls to the outside after him. Kash goes back inside and Flash superkicks him down. Flash makes the cover and gets the win at 13:30. Tommy Faime comes to the ring post-match to celebrate with his hand-picked, chosen champion.

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