Flash, Starr Retain, Machine Ices “Face,” Pittsburgh’s Largest Tag Team Dwarfs “Bigger” At Millvale Day One

September 17, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Millvale Community Days for the 11th year and the battle of the biggest men in Independent wrestling continued to wage an even more furious battle. Jay Flash was successful in his first title defense, Shane Starr kept his “Highness” at bay, and Ice Machine looked good borrowing Tony Johnson’s Ice kick for another victory.

Morris and Marbell v. The Jester and Mitch Napier

The wrestlers from the foothills of West Virginia, David Marbell and the 5-Star Champion Harley T. Morris do not endear themselves to the fans of Millvale. The bell rings and The Jester starts out with Marbell. Marbell orders the referee to get The Jester off of him before contact is made. Marbell hides in the corner but then comes out and is smacked in the buttocks by The Jester. Then the Jester tries to challenge Marbell to a Test of Strength. Instead, the combatants end up dancing before the Jester slaps him and then sends him to the mat with a toe hold. Marbell tags in the 5-Star Champion and The Jester tags in Mitch Napier immediately afterwards. Morris and Napier have actually tangled in technical fashion many times before. Mitch ends up with the early success, running Morris from corner to corner and then into The Jester’s boot. Jester is tagged in again and he arm bars Morris down. Mitch is tagged in again. Napier prowls, allowing Morris time to get up. The two lock up and Napier pushes his opponent into the corner, where he breaks up the hold. They lock up again and Napier pushes him in the corner again. Again, Napier lets him off. Morris kicks Napier in the gut and goes for some offense but that just fires up the Sioux Falls, Iowa native. Morris rebounds and gets some action on Napier. There’s a boot to the side of the face that drops Napier. Jester tries to come in but is met by referee Fedor. A forearm shiver keeps Napier down for a two count. A tag is made and the West Virginia duo pound on Napier. Marbell, who was tagged in for the double team, is tagged right back out. Morris gets two knees in Napier’s back and misses with a clothesline. The following action involves a double clothesline. Napier gets to The Jester. Jester cleans house. He body slams Morris while Marbell is on the apron. Morris goes for the sunset flip. Jester blocks it. Napier gets into the ring. Morris gets a chain. He misses. Napier lands a huge Sioux Falls Slam on Morris. Jester lands a Frog Splash for the win. 9:15.

Shawn Blanchard v Kris Kash

Fedor calls for the bell and Kash gets the crowd revved up. Blanchard prepares, perhaps with an illegal object in his palm. Fedor can’t find anything, despite constant alerts from the crowd. The two lock up and Blanchard pushes Kash across the ring. Kash rebounds and goes for a wrist lock. He goes to the top rope and tosses Blanchard across the canvas. Blanchard argues that Kash pulled his hair, although the hairdo is styled cropped tight. Blanchard gets Kash down for a submission move but that doesn’t make the former KSWA Champion submit. Blanchard continues the all-out assault, even when Kash is safely in the ropes. Blanchard gets Kash in the corner for chops. Kash retaliates. Blanchard stumbles out of the corner and onto his face. There’s a one-count from Fedor. Kash drop kicks Blanchard in the mush for another one-count. Blanchard counters with a poke to the eye. Blanchard rams Kash’s head into the corner post. Blanchard then drops Kash over the top rope. Blanchard lands a huge spinebuster in the center of the ring. Two count from Fedor on Kash. Blanchard can’t keep Kash’s shoulders down. Blanchard kicks Kash in the midsection. Blanchard pulls Kash out of the ropes and flat onto his back. Blanchard drops Kash over his knee twice. Two count. Blanchard pulls Kash up and delivers some punches to the head. Kash is whipped into the corner and he flips out onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are down. Fedor counts to six before Kash sits up. Blanchard is up and meets Kash in the middle of the ring. Kash kicks him square in the gut. Twist of Fate follows and Kash is your victor between frequent foes and former KSWA Champions. 7:10

Golden Triangle Championship: Del Douglas v. Shane Starr

The Krazies are firmly behind Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr and not so much behind “The King of Millvale” Del Douglas. The bell rings and Shane Starr circles the ring, across from Douglas. Starr pushes Douglas into the corner. Douglas gets Starr in the corner and punches him in the bread basket. The very familiar “Dairy Queen” chant for the King of Millvale is started. Starr gets a hold of Douglas’ wrist and whips his arm. Douglas is dropped down for a series of knees that shake up Douglas. However, the veteran is able to battle out of it and drops Starr from the corner. Douglas gets Starr in the corner and uses the ropes against him. Douglas punches Starr in the midsection, despite Fedor’s warnings. Douglas drops Starr for a one-count. Douglas lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states” and gets a two count. Starr tries to battle back but Starr rebuffs that move. Douglas pulls him down by the hair. It’s all Douglas then as he whips Starr into the ropes and for a knee to the belly. The Royal Sharpshooter is next. Starr fights and gets to the ropes. Douglas is furious. Fedor is distracted and Douglas chokes Starr. Douglas gets a two count and then Fedor sees Douglas choke Starr. Both Fedor and Douglas ask the ringside fans for help. Starr is whipped into the ropes and met with a drop kick. His Highness gets his white boot on the middle rope. Starr gives a standing suplex. Douglas gets his shoulder up at 2 and 5/8th. Douglas gets into the corner. Starr goes for a shoulder block but Douglas dodges it. Starr hits the ring post and falls out onto the concrete. Douglas goes to drop Starr like it’s hot. Starr reverses the move, drops Douglas to the mat and quickly slaps on the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. It doesn’t take long for Douglas to tap out and Starr is credited with the victory! 7:12

Lou Martin v. Ice Machine

Kommissioner Joe Perri enters the ring to tell Martin that according to Tommy Faime, he is the special referee for this match. Lou Martin isn’t happy about that, and is angered by reception Ice Machine gets from the crowd. Martin attacks Ice Machine from behind. Martin’s attack on Ice Machine goes on for a while, as he whips Machine into the corner and he punches and kicks the International Wrestling Megastar. Martin attacks Machine repeatedly, while claiming that Machine is “Ice Man” Tony Johnson, an argument that both Machine and Johnson deny. Martin jumps onto Ice Machine’s back while he is positioned in the ropes. Machine levels Martin with a huge European Upper Cut and a drop kick. There’s a two count as Machine has Martin down. Machine gets to the top rope and dives off, screaming “Machine!” He hits Martin but that momentum is short-lived. Martin has Machine in the ropes for a procession of gouges to the face. The two trade offensive moves until Martin goes for a suplex. That’s blocked by the Machine. Ice Machine suplexes Martin and kicks him in the back twice. There’s a leg drop by The Machine, then a knee drop. Two count from Perri on Martin. The two Megastars are spent. Machine lands a European Upper Cut and then posts Martin to the top of a corner post. Ice Machine hits Martin with a huge superplex from the top corner post. Martin is slow to get up. Machine hits a massive Ice Machine Kick to Martin’s face. One, two and three. Martin is down and Ice Machine is your victor! 6:35

KSWA World Title Match: Justin Sane v. Jay Flash

Justin Sane makes his way to the ring for the biggest match of his 2016 season. Jay Flash, the brand-new, KSWA World Champion (featured in the New Pittsburgh Courier and 1wrestling.com just this week for his win), is next. Referee David Fedor calls for the bell. The two lock up and Sane shoves Flash into the ropes. He breaks the hold after Fedor admonishes him. Flash pushes Sane into the corner, but slaps his opponent in the face instead of breaking the hold cleanly. Flash berates the ringside throng before locking up again. Sane takes a hold of Flash’s wrist, ala his mentor Lord Zoltan. He is able to drape Flash’s arm over the top rope and follows that with a drop onto the concrete. Sane then gets back in the ring and walks “old school” on the top rope. He lands a fist onto Flash and the KSWA Champion bails to the outside. Flash prowls the intersection of Sedgwick Avenue before duking Sane. Flash tosses Sane into the corner. He distracts the ref long enough to choke Sane with wrist tape. Fedor grabs the tape off of Sane. Flash tosses Sane into the ring via the ropes. Two count on the long-time veteran Sane. Sane is nestled in the ropes and Flash goes to the apron. He flips over the top rope, bring Sane down hard to the mat. Flash then jumps over the top rope and lands both feet on Sane’s midsection. Two count is next. Flash gets Sane into a rear choke hold. Sane is able to get his boot onto the bottom rope, which breaks the hold. Sane fights back with a punch to the gut. The two combatants trade chops in the center of the ring. Flash is whipped into the corner. Sane follows with a splash. Flash is face down on the mat. Sane climbs to the top rope. Flash battles up and meets Sane on the top rope. Sane fights him off. Sane lands a move that drives Flash’s face into the mat. Two count. Flash picks up the KSWA belt. Fedor rips the title out of his hands. Sane goes for a scissor kick but misses. Flash hits him with an incredible superkick and Flash retains the gold. 9:05

Big Mike Malachi and Sniper vs. T-Rantula and Jack Massacre

At a total combined weight of 730 pounds, the team of T-Rantula and Jack Massacre even dwarfs the popular KSWA Tag Team Championship duo of Malachi and Massacre, who famously clocked in a 660 pounds during their incredible run. Malachi first wants Massacre but once he is in the ring, he bails to tag Sniper. The two veterans lock up and Massacre successfully pushes Sniper into the corner. Massacre overhand chops Sniper in the chest. Massacre gets Sniper in the corner and then tags in T-Rantula. The duo quickly and easily double suplexes Sniper. Sniper is in T-Rantula’s clutches for a series of punches to the head. Sniper gets T into the ropes. He tags in Malachi, who goes to work on T-Rantula. Malachi dives onto T-Rantula and the ring buckles. T is able to battle out and chop Malachi. At the 3:40 mark, Massacre is able to finally get his hands on his former tag team partner. There’s a two count on Malachi. Massacre bends Malachi’s arms back and buries his knee in the Irish Bear’s back. Massacre chops Malachi and tags in T-Rantula. The two behemoths trade blows. T Rantula knees Malachi down. Massacre enters the ring over the top rope, as is usual. Malachi makes the tag to Sniper. He goes to work on Massacre by burying his shoulder into his midsection. Massacre battles back with a series of skull-crushing headbutts. T-Rantula is tagged in and he puts a boot to Sniper’s throat. He breaks up the hold at four and then immediately goes after it again. Massacre argues that T-Rantula has “until five” to break the hold. T taunts Malachi. T-Rantula tags Massacre, who whips Sniper into the ropes for clothesline. Sniper is drilled into the corner of Massacre and T-Rantula. Sniper battles out of the offense and actually drives T to the mat with a series of kicks. There’s a leg drop. T-Rantula battles out and nearly gets a pinfall. With Sniper on the mat and T-Rantula on the outside, Malachi taunts Massacre, who climbs back to the apron and waits for a tag. Sniper rolls out and into the waiting arms of Malachi. Massacre prowls and Sniper falls back out again. Malachi and Sniper converge on the outside. T Rantula goes for an order of nachos. He misses Malachi and clobbers Sniper with the tasty treat. T tosses Sniper into the ring. That’s where Massacre waits and hits him with a power bomb for the win! 11:00

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