T-Rantula Becomes The New "King" In Millvale, Starr Holds Off Douglas Again, Morris Retains Against Napier At Millvale Day Two

September 17, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For the second day in a row, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Golden Triangle Championship was on the line as Shane Starr defended against an opponent in his hometown, the "King of Millvale," Del Douglas. The afternoon was nearly a highlight for his Highness. Almost. The 5-Star Championship was defended against the man who held in last. The hard-hitting Harley T. Morris (with David Marbell in his corner), faced off against one of the hardest-hitting strikers in the KSWA, in Mitch Napier. Party Gras took on their greatest foes, and the Millvale Battle Royal ended up being one for the ages.

The VIPs v. Party Gras

The VIPs come to the ring first and then Party Gras spend the next 6 minutes dancing their way to the ring. Lou Martin challenges Justin Sane to a dance contest. The dance off is an exhibition of futility on both ends before Martin simply clotheslines Justin Sane. That’s enough to start the match. Martin has Sane’s arm until Martin pokes him in the eye. That’s enough for Sane to get an advantage and tag in Lord Zoltan. Zoltan and Blanchard, who is tagged in, wage a war of finger wrestling. Martin comes in and drops a leg on Blanchard’s hand by accident. Sane is back in for his usual display of arm bars and wrist locks, including going “old school” off the top rope. Sane wrings the arm and tags in Zoltan. Zoltan goes to work on the arm. He wrings it 10 times before tagging in Justin Sane. Sane continues the submission-style action before Blanchard mule kicks him in the gut, or lower. Zoltan is tagged in and he gets Blanchard down, and then Martin. Party Gras then row boats the VIPs. Justin Sane suplexes Martin. Martin might bite Sane to get out of the move. Martin side slams Sane. Fedor counts to one before Sane gets his hand on the bottom rope. Martin punches and elbows Sane while in the ropes. Blanchard is tagged in. He continues to work on Sane with punches and kicks. Blanchard picks Sane up and pinches his trapezius muscles. Justin is forced down to the mat, but Sane fights back. He tags Zoltan, who goes to work on Blanchard. Fedor says he didn’t see the tag. Martin is back in and he clotheslines Sane. There’s a big leg drop. There’s a two-count on Sane. Martin levels him with a closed fist. Blanchard uses the top rope as a weapon on Justin’s throat. Zoltan tries to interfere, but Fedor breaks it up. A double clothesline follows in the center of the ring. Sane tags Zoltan and soon Zoltan is in the ring against both VIPs. All four are in. Zoltan on Blanchard, Sane on Martin in the corners. The VIPs are whipped together, and rolled up by both members of Party Gras for the victory. 9:33

Tommy Faime and Kris Kash

The bell rings and the match begins. Kash ties up with Faime, who uses his immense size advantage to manhandle and suplex Kash. There’s a suplex from the corner. One count is recorded 47 seconds into the match. Faime, who has lost a massive amount of weight in recent months, is a former KSWA World Champion. Faime drops Kash and then whips him into the ropes. Kris flips him over and gets a one-count. There’s a two count as Faime rolls Kash over. It’s still all Faime. There’s a sit down power bomb. Two count on Kash. There’s a big leg drop on Kash. Faime tosses Kash through the middle ropes and onto the floor. Kash gets to the apron. Faime suplexes him in the hard way. Kash is whipped into the corner and he comes out onto Faime. That’s enough for the former champion to get some advantage. He whips Faime into the corner and then tilt a whirl drop kicks Faime. There’s a two count on Faime. Kash goes to the top rope and cross body blocks Faime. There’s a front face lock and whip into the ropes. A drop kick levels Faime. Faime blocks a move. Kash rolls Faime up in a small package for a two count. The Megastars are spent. Kash wobbles to go after Faime in the corner. They trade corners and Faime rolls him up in a small package. Two count. Out of nowhere there’s a Whisper in the Wind and a three count. Kris Kash is your winner! 6:00

The Spear Asylum and Mike Malachi v. The Jester, T-Rantula and Jack Massacre

Jack Massacre starts off against Bobby Badfingers. Badfingers, who is no small athlete, runs at Massacre and continually bounces off of him. T-Rantula is tagged in and duo double suplexes Badfingers. T-Rantula chops Badfingers in the chest. Then there’s a clothesline that drops Badfingers. The Jester is in next and he keeps the pressure on Badfingers on the mat. The Jester chops Badfingers and clotheslines him down. He keeps the pressure on before tagging in Massacre, who stands on Badfinger’s chest. Malachi shouts from the apron for the referee to stop it. Soon, everyone is in the ring. Malachi double noggin knocks Massacre and The Jester. T-Rantula is tagged in right after Stone. T suplexes Stone. There’s a two count. Malachi gets in and breaks up the pin attempt with a kick. Jester is in for a fall away cannon ball. Jester front face locks Stone and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Stone blocks it. Jester is the bad guy’s corner for some offense. They go to work on Jester. First Malachi and then Stone. Stone gets a rear choke hold on Jester. He will not submit. Stone gets him down for a two count. Stone snap mares him next, then levels with a running back elbow. The Spear Asylum pancakes Jester next. Badfingers pins for a two count. Fedor breaks it up. Badfingers chokes The Jester. Malachi is back in. Malachi and Badfingers back elbow Jester down again. Malachi bodyslams Jester next. Malachi bends Jester’s arms back next. Malachi drives Jester down again and he tags Stone. Stone picks him up for a European Upper Cut. Stone with another shot. He misses with a clothesline and then Stone and Jester collide with double clotheslines. Jester crawls back to Massacre, Stone to Badfingers. Jack head butts Badfingers down. The Windy City Brawler is slapped and suplexed. Badfingers bails to the outside. That’s where T Rantula hits him on the outside with an order of nachos. The fight falls to the outside for some of the combatants. Massacre powerbombs Badfingers on the inside. Jester hits the Frog Splash and the trio get the duke. 10:11

Five-Star Championship: Mitch Napier v. Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell)

Harley T. Morris takes his time getting ready as the beautiful Millvale Day churns into the second hour of KSWA action. Morris attacks Napier and the bell is called to ring. Marbell, with a chain in hand, attacks Napier on the ropes. That only angers Napier who hits Morris with two huge German suplexes. Napier posts Morris in the corner and drops him down onto the mat hard. Napier ties Morris up next for a two count. Napier with an arm submission that turns into a suplex. Morris, in a seated position, is drop kicked next. Two count. Morris is whipped into the corner. He kicks Napier on the way out. There’s a kick to Napier that reels the Sioux Falls Warrior. Morris lands a German suplex of his own. There’s a two count on Napier. Morris picks up Napier next and posts him in the corner. There’s a double knee to the back and another one. There’s a two count. Napier got his shoulder up. Marbell chokes Napier from the outside. Napier grabs Morris’ leg and turns it into an ankle lock. Morris fights out of it and clotheslines him down next. Two count. Napier gets his shoulder up again. Morris knees Napier in the back and slaps on a submission. Morris gets Napier down for a pin attempt but it breaks up at two. There’s a knee into the back of Napier’s head. Morris seems to favor a knee as he climbs the top rope. That gives Napier enough time to rebound. There’s a ring-moving super plex off the top. Both Megastars are down. The two wrestlers get on their knees and start punching away at one another. Morris is met with Napier’s over the top suplex. There’s a huge German suplex that leads to a two count. Napier splashes Morris and then again. He goes for another but Morris moves. Napier gets caught up in the corner and Morris drop kicks him. Morris then gets the chain from Marbell and distracts the ref. Napier has the ankle lock. Morris punches Napier in the head while holding the chain around his fist. There’s a three count and Harley T. Morris is still your 5-Star Champion. 9:10

Sniper v. Joey Quervo

Sniper immediately goes to work on the Drunken Luchadore. There’s a massive clothesline that levels Quervo for a quick two count. Sniper then suplexes Quervo for another two count. Quervo tries to battle back but is met with a poke to the eye. Sniper gets Quervo in the ropes and rides him as the rope bounces up and down. There’s a bodyslam and leg drop. A two count follows. Sniper picks up Quervo next as kids at ringside call for the Mercenary to take his mask off. Out of nowhere, Quervo gets some offense and hits Sniper with a stunner. Quervo climbs to the top but Sniper falls into the ropes and Quervo lands, crotch first, onto the ring post. Sniper busts him to the mat and gets the three count. 3:27

Golden Triangle Championship: Del Douglas v. Shane Starr

The bell rings and the corner of Sedgwick and Grant explodes in a chant of “Dairy Queen!” Starr goes in the corner and Douglas races in and lands a Razor’s Edge from the corner and nearly gets a very quick pinfall, but Starr is able to get his shoulder up in time. Douglas gets Starr from behind and continues to gets some great offense. He knees Starr down and nearly gets another pinfall. Douglas picks him up and wrenches in a headlock. Douglas chops Starr in the corner. Then Douglas grabs the crotch and back hand slaps Starr down. Two count. Starr is reeling. Douglas bodyslams Starr next. He misses a clothesline and Starr drops him down with one of his own. Starr works on the leg. The kids at ringside are chanting against for Starr. Starr wrenches Douglas into a submission move. He tries to get him into a Sharpshooter, but Douglas fights out of it. Douglas employs his own Sharpshooter but Starr fights out of it and gets to the rope. The Dairy Queen chants are loud again. Douglas punches Starr down. The two get up and trade punches. Starr gets Douglas in the corner. He whips him across and lands a splash. The fans are loud for Starr. Starr misses a clothesline. Starr dives over the top rope and sunset flips Douglas down. The Sharpsburg Sharpshooter is next and Starr retains! 7:33

The Millvale Battle Royal

All of the previous Megastars, now including L.A. Gold, enter the ring. There are chops and slaps a plenty, in an attempt to loosen guys up. The action is fast and furious. Shawn Blanchard is the first one to be eliminated. Tommy Faime was not far behind. Kris Kash was next. The Battle Royal expert, L.A. Gold, was heaved over the top rope next. “The Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin was tossed next. Shane Starr, the Golden Triangle Champion, was then tossed. Lord Zoltan, making a rare Battle Royal appearance outside of Battle Bowl, had been teetering on the top rope in the corner. He was next to be eliminated. Sniper was next to feel the rush of air as he passed over the top rope and onto the concrete below. Mitch Napier was next. Mike Malachi was able to get Jack Massacre over and the Irish Bear was the next to go over the top. That leaves Del Douglas and T-Rantula. Douglas attacked his old nemesis with chops but they didn’t resonate with the KSWA Hall of Famer. T-Rantula was able to gain momentum and then he tossed Douglas over the top. The winner of the Battle Royal, and defacto “King of Millvale,” T-Rantula!

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